Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 659

[659] Mercenary Recruitment (3)

People passing by in the street fell flat on the ground as huge flames burst out of the building of the Silverling Headquarters.

“damn! what’s the matter?”

The people hit by the brick shrapnel frowned and threw themselves away.

If there had been an explosion in another place, it would have been a mess, but since it was an area where guilds were gathered, the disturbance was not as great as expected.

There were cases where armed conflicts occurred due to quarrels between forces, and that is why people quickly evacuated and did not intend to take any special measures.

On the other hand, the inside of the guild was a mess.

While the smell of burning wood and stones lingered, the guild members came out one by one from under the table to check the results.

“Uh-oh… … !”

Hellfire’s mighty firepower pushed all objects within a radius of 10 meters to the outside, and Lian had already flung himself into the corner.

Only Sirone stood in the place where the fire had passed.

Since no one was watching the moment of the explosion, it was impossible to tell whether it was dodged or blocked.

‘Is it using the principle of light?’

Aakman recalled the information he had read to greet Sirone.

I can’t even guess how this is possible, but rumors are circulating that I even cheated 2,000 times with my ability to manipulate time in the graduation exam.

‘Is this a gift from God?’

As an unofficial 4th-class wizard, he was confident that he would not be easily defeated by anyone, but the resentment of having been compared with the talent of a certified wizard for the rest of his life was still not washed away.

“It is dangerous. Is it really necessary to do this?”

Judging from the power of Hellfire, it was cast to die.

“It’s a rookie-like idea. this is not a school All verifications conducted in the guild are real battles.”

“Why are you validating me?”

Aakman did not hide his feelings any longer.

“Because I don’t understand. Probably the other guild members as well.”

Aakman took out a red crystal ball with trapped flames from his bosom.

“Isn’t the reason you’re not giving up because you have something the guild needs? If you refuse to be notarized or master, prove your skills. Then I’ll give you what you want.”

Sirone’s eyes finally became serious.

At the same time as Aakman’s offensive spirit zone stabbed like dozens of spears, Sirone cast teleportation.

Teleporting between complex structures inside a building is extremely dangerous, but at the level of the two of them, it was a restriction that they didn’t have to worry about anymore.

‘It’s quite the way.’

Sirone’s movement was certainly excellent, but Aakman’s management could not be ignored either.

“Shall we start in earnest?”

As Arkman lifted his two legs back as if luring Sirone, the light chip on the back door fell off and the door opened wide.

When Sirone arrived at the vacant lot behind the building, Arkman was waiting ready for battle.

“A robe of fire and a prison of fire.”

Aakman held out a crystal ball and explained the magic weapon.

“The flame robe boosts flame-type magic power by 200%. And this crystal ball… … .”

A whirlpool of flames swirled around Aakman, and a 4-meter-long snake made of fire at 1,000 degrees Celsius flicked its tongue of flame and looked down at Sirone.

“It traps the spirit of fire in its form.”

Aakman’s Fire Snake rushed at Sirone and swelled his body.

The flames, which had grown more than four times in size, attacked Sirone, and the second and third flames rushed in, enveloping the place where Sirone was.

All the guild members arrived at the clearing and watched the battle as twelve snakes chased Sirone through the function of the crystal ball.

It wasn’t a particularly complex battery, but the Fire Strike’s firepower, which was demonstrated through unofficial 4th-level mental power, was terrifying, and even if it borrowed the power of magic weapons, the ability to freely manipulate 12 flames was certainly excellent.

‘This is an unofficial level 4 skill.’

In terms of numerical abilities alone, it exceeds the flu of a similar fighting style.

Also, in terms of experience, there was definitely a part that overwhelms Sirone.

‘The function itself is simple. But it’s fast and accurate.’

If firepower and speed were supported, there would be no magic more effective in setting someone on fire.

When it became clear that Sirone was on the defensive, the guild members cheered as if they had waited.

“As expected, Master! You’re acting like an ivory tower candidate, so you’re at a loss, aren’t you?”

“Annihilation of bandits? That’s something even a Master can do!”

Like Aakman, the guild members seemed to have doubts about their qualifications, but they weren’t wrong, so Lian just kept silent.

‘You’re a wizard who focuses on one skill. If we don’t find a special solution, the thieves’ level won’t be able to handle it.’

Con shouted at Lian as if he had won.

“hey! How about drying it now? If you do this, your friend might become a whole roast.”

Ryan snorted.

Ackman acknowledged that he was an excellent wizard, but considering Sirone’s inaction he saw in the graduation exam, there was something else that bothered him.

“It is definitely different from school. It must be difficult, Sirone.”

Con, not understanding Rian’s true intentions, burst into laughter.

“Did you know that now? Even now… … .”

“Because it’s not two thousand times.”


Ryan turned to Con.

“I’m looking for a way to win without killing you.”

It was an absurd statement from the listener’s point of view, but Aakman felt Lian’s words with his skin.

‘Why aren’t they attacking?’

Five minutes had already passed since the battle started, but Sirone hadn’t cast any attack magic.

‘It’s a headache.’

Although Sirone devised many strategies, none of the magic she possessed was a skill that could not avoid fatal wounds.

However, it is not an opponent that can be subdued with auxiliary magic such as Shining Impact or Shining Chain.

‘I won’t be this tired.’

If there was no point in wasting time, there was no choice but to push it out with firepower.


Although he did not reveal his thoughts, Aakman’s empirical intuition sensed the change in Sirone.

‘Is this a start? Come and see.’

Just before the 12 snakes completely cut off the bow, Sirone jumped out through the flames.

‘That’s it again.’

Although the 1 second of the past and the future is expanded into reality, the riot of fire is not a perfect avoidance in that it cannot control events that are earlier than 1 second in the past or 1 second later in the future.

‘It has to end here.’

Shirone, who erased all her thoughts and jumped into the sky, cast a photon cannon.

I could feel the power just by the concave depression of the place Aarkman avoided.

‘Yes, but if it doesn’t fit, that’s fine.’

While manipulating the Fire Snake, avoid the opponent’s attack with excellent evasion skills.

A single attack did not work for Aakman, who had won numerous victories with this tactic.

“then… … .”

Sirone gritted his teeth and fired the photon cannon continuously.

‘Can I avoid this too?’

As the flash of light rushed in like a beam of light, Arkman moved flexibly like a mudfish and took a big detour around the clearing.

Meanwhile, Fire Strike flew up into the sky and continued to torment Sirone endlessly.

‘Was it only this much?’

Ackman’s pride was restored to the fact that he was no different from the wizards he had dealt with so far.

‘No, it’s definitely a good lumber. so that… … .’

The institution called the ivory tower was just a reputation.

‘I am strong!’

Aakman’s eyes flashed open, and twelve snakes attacked Sirone at the same time.

Quantum Super Position – 300 stacks.

And the number of the pouring flashes increased so much that even Spirit Zone’s synesthesia could not be counted.

“what… … !”

People closed their eyes tightly at the roar that shook the earth, and vibrations like an earthquake came through the ground.

Only Rian watched with one eye closed in the flash of light.

‘As expected, the solution is a firepower demonstration.’

It was clear that the power was controlled, but the number of photon cannons fired by 300 sirones aroused fear just by looking at them.

“Oh, Master… … .”

In the clear reality, the photon cannon pounded the ground and the rising dust covered Ackman.

‘Can I avoid this?’

Although he was pouring magic without being harsh, Elysion was accurately capturing the location of Aakman.

The physical impact was instant death, so even a single photon cannon did not reach Aakman’s body.

‘It kills the spirit!’

As the roar of the battering, which he thought could not be faster than this, accelerated further, even the shouts of the guild members were buried.

It was only when the number of Fire Snakes began to decrease that they noticed the change, as they were stomping around in a situation where they could not even approach.

7 pieces. 6 pieces.

The fact that the snakes of flame that had been roaming the air as if they had lost their sight were disappearing one by one meant that Aakman’s mind was being consumed by fear.


Aakman had no choice but to crouch in the dust, unable to see an inch ahead.

My eardrums seemed to burst at the roar I heard from close by, and the vibrations of the ground were transmitted through my bones.

I couldn’t even tell if I was being buried in the ground or if my body had already been crushed.

I feel like a bug trapped in a barrel that someone shakes like crazy.

“It decreases.”

Lian counted the number of fire snakes.

Three. Two, finally, even the last remaining snake disappeared in a blur.

The Spirit Zone was broken by the psychological shock.

Although Sirone stopped bombing, it was not long before the guild members suffering from tinnitus realized the fact.

Huge dust blown away by the wind fell like blood while floating like a cloud and covered other buildings.

“this… … what?”

Everyone trembled at the frightening sight.

An endless pit was dug in the center of the clearing, and only Ark was crouching on the narrow ground as if a single pillar had been erected.

Landing 20 meters away from him, Sirone sighed.

‘I’m quite tired.’

If it was an angel’s punishment, it would have been a scenery that would have been created in an instant, but this time, it was a situation where there was no choice but to fight with restrictions on oneself.

“master! are you okay?”

Manager Michela shouted, but Aakman, who was deaf, was still motionless.

However, like an unofficial 4th class wizard, his mental recovery was quite fast, and when he finally stopped feeling the vibrations, he slowly raised his head.

Aakman’s face, which had been mesmerized by the grotesque sight, gradually turned into sadness.

‘I see. A star is… … .’

It is not about competing for superiority on a human level.

‘There is no comparison target itself.’

It wasn’t a matter of who was faster or who was stronger, it was a matter of three arms, five eyes, or wings.

“I lost.”

It was Sirone, not herself, who was worthy of being an ivory tower candidate.

“The guild said it wanted something. We will cooperate unconditionally.”

Still, because he had face, Aakman cast fly magic and jumped over the pit even when his legs were shaking.

“There is one thing I want to ask the guild for.”

Since Rufist’s instructions hadn’t even started yet, I was about to get to the point, but I heard applause from the building.

“Ho-ho-ho! It was a great match. It seems that the 10-year-old congestion is alleviating.”

The impressions of the guild members looking back toward the back gate were crumpled at once.

“Why are those unlucky things here?”

The two masters of the Kingdom’s three major wizard guilds, War Wagon and Blood Rose, stood laughing.


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