Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 658

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[658] Mercenary Recruitment (2)

“Captain, you are wrong.”

Chagall, who escaped from the flashback, chanted toward the night sky.

He is an acquired murderer.

Maybe that’s why today, the starless sky looked even sadder.

When his hand, which had put down the magic knife, brushed up his body, a new, sharpened dagger was clutched before he knew it.

A unique weapon of a rapid-fire sword with 23 blades overlapping in the form of a shell.

La Enemy’s face shimmered like an illusion in his eyes as he gazed at the tree ten meters away.

As he swung his arm vertically, one of the dagger’s shells dislodged and lodged into the tree with a thump.

It was exactly the point between the eyebrows of La Enemie.

When he raised his swinging arm again, another shell popped out and went right into the shell embedded in the tree.

puck! puck! puck! puck!

The blade flew away with each swing of the hand, and finally the arm began to reciprocate beyond sight.

Pupper puck! Pupper puck!

The blades fired with rapid fire overlapped in the same spot, shaking the tree, and when Chagall, who had fired all 22 blades, threw the dagger for the last time, it pierced the trunk with a popping sound.

The combined dagger fell to the floor, just like when it was first thrown, and the tree that pierced through the center fell sideways with a twisting sound.

“The captain said you were wrong.”

Chagall is an acquired murderer.

And he was the evil of evil.

* * *

the next morning.

After leaving the inn, Sirone took the request form with Brooks’ seal and entered the street where guilds were concentrated.

Since morning, countless people have been coming and going, and all of them are experts who have honed their special skills.

“It is also the capital. It cannot be compared to local guilds.”

Wizards, swordsmen, travelers, alchemists, blacksmiths, and many other guild headquarters were raising the number of floors as if they were competing.

“It’s a good thing for us. Because I don’t have a lot of time.”

Even if it took a month to save the 20 mercenaries that Rufist requested, one by one, it wasn’t enough.

“The word ‘take care of yourself’ means to match the number of people, but if possible, I want to organize it with the elite.”

Radum, who had not been able to use his hands even in the kingdom, was a mission that could not guarantee his life.

Even in the worst situation, the cut-off for the mercenaries was to a level where one body could remain healthy.

“Once you’ve been commissioned, you have to finish it.”

Sirone and Lian, who headed to the Silver Ring Guild’s head office, didn’t talk as if they had promised.

Someone was tailing them.

Traveling through numerous dangerous areas and overcoming life and death over and over again, human nerves become as sensitive as cats.

Lian recognized several disparate gazes among the many gazes, and confirmed the existence of the follower, with Sirone invoking Elysion maintaining a certain distance and matching speed.

“Who is it?”

“well. If the rumors of subduing the thieves spread, it could be anyone.”

Ryan didn’t disturb his movements, only turned his gaze to the side.

“Should I catch it?”

“no. I’m not going to take action in a crowded place. Neither do we. There’s an Ultima system anyway, so there’s no surprise.”

Elysion had no boundaries in the Spirit Zone, so even if the opponent was Joner, he wouldn’t have noticed.

With uneasy eyes tied to their tails, the two arrived at the headquarters of the Silverling Guild and looked up at the top of the six-story building.

It wasn’t comparable to the Magic Association, but it had an overwhelming taste, befitting the 3 major guilds of the kingdom.

“Let’s go in.”

As Sirone was walking towards the entrance, Lian’s eyebrows twitched and her head jerked.


Two people with hoods covering their faces were running through the crowd.

‘Could it be here?’

In an unexpected situation, Sirone was on alert and Lian grabbed the handle of the great sword.

“Now! Start!”

‘Sheesh! Is it an assassination tool?’

With the intention of slashing it before taking it out, the guild door burst open at the same time as Lian pulled out the great sword.

“welcome! A new member of the Silverling Guild!”

A beautiful manager from the guild knelt down on one knee and held out a bouquet of flowers, while two stout men quickly scattered left and right to spread a banner.

While Sirone made an absurd expression after confirming the phrase ‘Arian Sirone Silverling Guild Ceremony’, those who followed them took out paper firecrackers and set them off.

There was a popping sound, and the colorful paper fluttered, and Lian’s great straight sword stopped before slicing through the torso of the two.


The hood came off as the wizard, who realized it belatedly, thumped his ass on the floor.

It was a young face.

A girl of the same age who had been following him hurriedly helped him.

“are you okay?”

“huh? Ahaha! of course! My foot slipped!”

It was a surprise welcome, but Sirone’s sword, Lian, was only displeased.

“What are you?”

The boy got up and shook Lian’s hand.

“You are surprised. sorry. My name is Tyler, a wizard from the Silverling Guild.”

“I’m Elsa.”

Following Tyler, Elsa smiled brightly and bowed her head, but her nerves, which were already on edge, did not calm down easily.


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“Sirone, let’s go inside. No fuss.”


Sirone crossed the guild’s threshold without showing emotion.

There were well over 20 people sitting at their tables, and all of them were keen in their prayers.

It was unknown how many public figures were mixed, but it was like a group of people who had crossed the line.

“now! I am Arian Sirone, a rookie who miraculously appeared in the Silver Ring Guild!”

When Michela, the manager of the Silverling Guild headquarters, induced cheers, applause was heard from several tables.

From the guild’s point of view, Sirone is a great fish that cannot be taken away by anyone, but to them, it was like a good-willed competitor, so there was no soul in the claps of their hands.

“You are doing too much. Jealousy among guild members is not good.”

The wizards looked back nervously at the sound they heard from the stairs.

A long-haired man wearing a bat-like black robe with flames embroidered on the hem was walking down.

It was Master Arkman of the Silverling Guild.

“Master, before talking about jealousy, shouldn’t we be fair?”

The hairy giant, never seen as a wizard, grumbled.

A message had already come from the Kentra branch, and the information about the destruction of the five thieves had also arrived at dawn through Austin. It wasn’t only

“is it so! Let’s say you admit your skills! But how long do you think a mage who has even been nominated for the Ivory Tower will be in our guild? In the end, they only beat betrayal or incite trouble!”

Trust is something that can only be done on an equal footing.

As for the relationship between the guild and Sirone, the guild had nothing to give to Sirone and had too much to gain.

“Hey, Rookie! answer me! Can you really do your best for the Silverling Guild? Can you fight with a sense of belonging and responsibility?”

The hairy boy pointed and shouted.

If you were a guild level veteran, you would be a distant senior to the rookie, but some wizards noticed Sirone.

Sirone did not intend to stay in the guild for long, and as the silence continued, the hairy hair hit the table.

“Look at that! You can’t say anything! It’s just a funny show! I can’t accept it.”

Ackman called the hairy boy to pack his things and leave.

“Con, today is a place to welcome new students. As a senior, it is polite to keep your seat.”

“joy! What is courtesy! Soon anyway… … .”

“Shut up and sit down.”

Kon shook his shoulders at the blatant killing, then quietly returned to his seat and sat down.

‘It’s stupid.’

How could the guild master not know that Sirone could not be captured?

‘If we send Sirone away like this… … .’

The competing guilds War Wagon and Blood Rose will try to capture Sirone by any means necessary.

The war wagons are warlike, so they are pushed out of power, and the Blood Roses, which are mostly female wizards, are excellent at beauty.

What Silver Ring could put forward was financial power, but at the level of an ivory tower candidate, there was a sense of being pushed behind.

“sorry. I apologize on behalf of the guild members for their rudeness.”

“no. are you okay. It is not wrong.”

Ackman nodded at his candid remark and called Sirone to a place where everyone could see.

“Okay then, let’s start the welcome ceremony.”

While each of his emotions intersected, he knelt in front of Sirone and bowed his head.

“Please become the new master of the Silver Ring Guild.”

Conn’s eyes widened.

“master! why?”

In an incident that broke common sense, the guild members finally realized the seriousness of the situation and became agitated.

Who is Arkman?

He was the pride of the Silverling Guild, who had risen to the unofficial 4th level as a flame mage, and was a person recognized by the wizarding community just by name.

The only person in the guild who knew Aakman’s true intentions was manager Michela.

‘With the utmost courtesy. That’s the primary strategy.’

Even if you are an ivory tower candidate, you cannot adjust your rookie grade at the discretion of the master.

The only way is to be promoted to master.

Of course, this was the first time in the history of the guild, so the effect would be excellent.

‘If you accept that you will become a master, you just have to go through the verification process. If you don’t accept… … .’

Con asked again.

“Master, are you serious? It is unprecedented.”

“There is no precedent for an ivory tower candidate to join.”

With that, all objections are gone.

However, all Sirone wanted was to cooperate with the guild and quickly build a 20-member mercenary.

“I don’t like it.”

There was life in the eyes of the guild members.

The reason he desperately climbs from rookie to senior to veteran is because he dreams of becoming a guild master.

It is not an opportunity given to everyone, but the dream of such success was the driving force for their lives.

‘Is it not worth worrying about?’

If it was Sirone, he would receive the same offer even if he went to another guild, so he had the possibility of refusal in mind, but it was honestly shocking that he responded immediately.

“Then what about notarization? I will not join any other wizard guild within the kingdom of Tormia.”

Calculatedly, there was no reason why Sirone should accept it.

“I don’t want to.”

“You F*cking bastard! After all, you’re going to betray me!”

Ackman reached out to dry the guild members, and stood up and spoke to the manager.

“Mikela, turn off the magic control device.”

If he couldn’t catch it no matter what, it would be natural to give up, but he still had things to check.

“Sirone, Yugi has turned the tide, but there is a point that as a guild master cannot yield. Even if it’s a simple choice for you, it’s life for us. If you go to another guild, dozens of guild members will suffer enormous losses. It just needs to be notarized.”

“I don’t want to compromise more than trust. There will be no resignation without a specific reason. However, notary or master positions are not accepted. That’s all I can offer.”

When Aarkman sent a signal, Michela swallowed and lowered the magic control switch.

‘Qualification to receive the title of a star.’

Could it be that Aakman did not dream of the highest honor of a wizard?

‘To a boy only twenty years old… … .’

Besides the problem of feeding the guild members, there was something burning in his heart.

It was a personal aspiration, a once-in-a-lifetime challenge for someone who had risen to an unofficial 4th level wizard.

‘I want to know, what kind of difference there is.’

As Aarkman opened the spirit zone, the flame embroidered on the hem of the robe swayed as if it were alive.

‘Mado Arms. Is it an option for fire magic?’

It was clear that it would not be a commonly available equipment if it was used by the Master of the 3 guilds.

“Sirone, shall I?”

“no it’s okay.”

Ackman, whose pride was wounded by the conversation between the two, raised flames from under his feet.

“Then, despite the rudeness… … .”

“Master, can’t you really be here… … .”

Before Kon could finish his words, the Hellfire that was wrapped around the Ark flew forward.

“You did it!”

Surprised, the guild members ducked under the table, and the guild’s main gate exploded with a bang along with the wall.


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