Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 656

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[656] Air of Life (5)

There are no causes, only effects.

That’s Hexa.


Rufist rested his chin on his chin and was lost in thought.

It is unknown whether Anchal, who investigated Estas with Sirone, kept his promise to share information, but he had already come across the report on Hexa through the ‘Holy War’.

If Sirone was Hexa, he would become Ra Enemy’s nemesis, so there’s no way he wouldn’t have contacted her.

“And Chagall smelled it.”

Brooks couldn’t understand.

“What the hell are you talking about? What is the case, and who is La Enemy?”

Rufist stood up instead of answering.

“good. Going to see Venice now. Guide me.”

“wait a minute. Isn’t this too much? Even if you are the president of the association, it will be difficult if you just ask someone to give you something.”

Radum was Tormia’s biggest nuisance, and Venice was the head of the biggest force there.

“Give me the amount and I’ll match it.”

Brooks laughed.

“You look too shallow. I am also a businesswoman by definition. I know that the amount of money that I can see is a pittance, no matter how much it is.”

From the beginning, I had never imagined the amount of money in Venice’s value.

“Urgent. If you have something to say, do it quickly.”

As expected, Lufist was able to communicate, but that is why miscellaneous words did not work.

“You said you were shutting down Radum earlier.”

Brooks asked with a straight face.

“It did.”

“I want to manage.”


“Anyway, if the terrorist organization is wiped out, a separate management department will have to be established in the kingdom. If you designate ‘Brooks Mercenary Broker’ as a private partner, we will provide the mercenaries needed to manage the sub-species.”

If you can monopolize Radum, a different level of business will open.

Rian recalled that Sirone had bought all the information cards from the Silverling branch.

‘Whatever you see, it’s a small amount of money.’

Same goes for swords.

What is more terrifying than the visible sword is the numerous possibilities it contains.

If you think about it like that, Ra Enemy was a sword aimed at the world.

“Okay, Radum is exclusively owned by Brooks Mercenary Brokers.”

“The deal is done.”

Brooks gulped down his drink and headed for the door.

“Let’s go. I will guide you.”

Venezia was imprisoned in the punishment room in the basement of the mansion.

There was not even a torch hanging in the room, which was about 1 pyeong, and she was sitting on a shabby wooden chair.

‘This woman is a three-brained woman.’

When he heard it, he thought of a monster with three heads, and he was quite nervous.

However, the pupils were blue with no whites, and a jewel in the form of a drop of water was embedded in the forehead as a body organ, not as a decoration.

“Is this the head of Spectrum, Venice?”

The corner of her mouth went up slightly at Lufist’s question.

“You are Luffist.”

This was the first time Lufist remembered seeing Venice face to face.

both said at the same time.

“How do you know me?”

Rufist kept his mouth shut, and Venezia continued.

“is it so. This is short-term predictive ability. It is about analyzing the present based on the past and predicting the future.”

It was the reason why he was able to unite numerous terrorist organizations and protect sub-species from the kingdom.

Ryan asked.

“Anyway, is it possible to predict the next word?”

“That’s because you have a human mindset. What I analyze is time, not events. Because the past and the present can be distinguished, the present and the future can also be distinguished.”

Rufist asked.

“When did you know I was coming here?”

“By your standards, it was one minute ago.”

“Then you know why I’m here.”

“To figure out La Enemie’s intentions.”

“Have you met him?”

Venice frowned.

“What a vague question. If you could be sure of that, you wouldn’t have locked me up yourself.”

Sirone came out.

“Is it true that La Enemy only exists as an incident?”

Venezia put on a blank expression.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Ariane Sirone… … .”

“no. Since when have you been here?”

Rufist’s eyes twinkled.


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“Did you not foresee?”

Sirone’s statue of Buddha destroys time and provides a perfectly open future.

It was only natural that the three-brained brain couldn’t recognize it.

“The reason I came here is you.”

“No, I… … .”

Rufist interrupted Sirone.

“Please explain to me. What are you up to?”

“There is probably no one in this world who understands Ra’s intentions correctly.”

Venezia pointed to her head.

“Three brains have three brains that perceive the past, present, and future separately. I think I am imprinting a special experience on many people called now. Of course it actually happened. But that event only exists ‘in the past’.”

“It is a reality that has already passed.”

“yes. Humans living in the flow of time are indistinguishable. But my brain structure is different. In my brain, which recognizes my past, La Enemy remains clear. But in our current brain, we can’t get any information. The biggest problem, though, is that the brain of the future is predictive. Do you know what this means?”

Sirone said.

“It means there is no present.”

“Exactly. From the point of view of the three brains, the fact that the past changes the future without analyzing the present means that I have no choice. It means that nothing in this world can be changed according to our will.”

Human will is the exclusive property of the present.

Therefore, if humanity is deprived of the present, everything in this world has no choice but to move according to the will of Ra.

Also, this was the reason Yoga persuaded Miro even at the cost of her own life.

“All I can do is to lock myself in so that I won’t be used by Ra. But Radum’s other comrades can’t. They are doing causation on events that obviously existed. In reality, they are moving according to Ra’s design, but they think they are judging by their own will.”

“What is happening in Radum?”

“Subversion of the system.”

Venezia said with a sad expression.

“The Resistance will fight for freedom. I have contacted many comrades called. It may have injected hints into some, anger into others, and hope into others. When all of them are united by the will of Ra, the kingdom of Tormia will be reestablished as a subhuman nation.”

Sirone bit his lip.

“How could that be… … .”

The reason why the ivory tower, which did not move even in the war against heaven, is looking for Ra Enemy became clear.

It is the air called

The air that permeates human life.

“Remember. All who come into contact with Ra will eventually operate under Ra’s special design.”

“Now I understand.”

Rufist turned to Sirone and asked.

“Have you ever gotten information about La Enemy?”

“yes. Stop by the guild and get an information card… … .”

“Then it would be easy. The Association also obtained a lot of information. But none of them had anything in common.”

“I did too. Some say they are blind, some say they are deaf.”

“okay. But that’s not the problem. All informants tracked by the association are either dead or missing. Twelve of them are suicides.”

“You mean you killed yourself?”

As soon as Sirone exhaled, he shook his head.

“No, I can’t say that.”

“okay. It must be Ra’s design. I don’t know how it led to suicide, but it affected me in some way… … .”

Suddenly realizing, Lufist turned to Brooks.

“Where is Chagall now?”

At the same time as the question, the screams of the guards were heard from the first floor of the mansion.

Realizing that the screams that rushed in like a localized shower stopped in an instant, Brooks, realizing that he was in a rush, ran up the stairs, followed by Lufist.

“Sirone, stop La Enemy.”

Venezia said to Sirone who was about to turn around.

“He is the tragedy of humanity. There are very few people who can criticize the case of Ra with the human brain.”

It was a difficult job unless it was a moderate car.

“But you are the one who has escaped the bonds of cause and effect. find a way If you don’t make it, the world will be headed for ruin.”

Nodding briefly, Sirone took Lian up to the first floor.

The case had already been closed, and numerous corpses were scattered on the floor.

Brooks stomped on the ground and spat.

“shit. It took less than 3 seconds to kill 23 people.”

If the screams were all of the will, it would not be an exaggeration, and above all, they were strong men who could not be compared to the thieves.

‘Is this Chagall’s true skill?’

Rian examined the bodies and confirmed that they were the killer’s fingerprints.

All of them had been stabbed, and blood was spraying from the holes at higher than normal pressures.

“Is the bleeding condition strange?”

“It’s the proprietary paper of the rapid-fire sword.”

Rufist leaned against the wall and approached the fallen corpse.

When I slowly put my hand out where the blood was spurting out, I finally saw the translucent blade.

“Is that his weapon?”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it. As you can see, the weapon Chagall uses is a dagger with dozens of overlapping thin shells. It’s a structure where the shell falls out every time you stab it. In this way, even if the muscle tightens the moment the dagger gets stuck, it’s easier to put in a series attack because only the kernel comes out leaving the shell behind. However, the fear of this thin-film blade is different.”

Rufist stuck out the tip of the sharp shell.

“There is a hole in the tip of the blade. Therefore, enormous bleeding occurs due to the difference in pressure at the moment of penetration. Fatal wounds anywhere. Of course, through schema’s ability, some bleeding can be caught, but… … .”

Rufist threw the shell and pointed at the corpse.

“There is no countermeasure if you get stabbed like this.”

Lian looked at the corpse bleeding from dozens of holes.

In particular, three shells were embedded in a triangular shape on the side of the heart.

‘The rapid-fire sword Chagall.’

The next time we meet, we’ll have to forget about the battle in the canal.

Sirone asked.

“Why did he leave? Is this also Ra’s design?”

“Perhaps. Chagall is a headache. A typical psychopath would have been easy to catch, but he’s an acquired killer. Just because you follow the methodology of evil doesn’t mean you can be called one of the 100 most dangerous people in the world. You must have a thorough philosophy.”

“So you’re saying that Chagall isn’t evil?”

“Of course not.”

Rufist nodded meekly.

“He is the evil of evil.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, this has been decided. Radum shuts down.”

Brooks said.

“but… … It is impossible to supply mercenaries right now because the subordinates have been wiped out.”

However, it was impossible to use the Magic Association staff.

“Unofficially. That would be the way to deal with Radum.”

Having made a decision, Lufist turned to Sirone.

“Sirone, let’s make a deal with the Association. If you help me with this, I will consider myself indebted to you.”

In terms of skill alone, it was a better decision than the association staff.

“great. What can I help you with?”

Since I was planning to investigate Radum anyway, our interests coincided.

“Form a mercenary force of about 20 people and transfer them to Brooks’ side. Everything necessary for that is covered by the association.”

As Lufist headed towards the front door, Sirone quickly asked back.

“What kind of people do you pack up with?”

“You are the captain.”

Rufist went outside and closed the door.

“You do it yourself.”


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