Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 654

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[654] Air of Life (3)

“La Enemy?”

Sirone couldn’t understand how the man in front of her knew about Ra Enemy.

No, most of all, aren’t you saying that you met a person you haven’t met yet?

“How do you know that?”

Every time Chagall flicked his upper body, Lian unknowingly flinched.

‘It’s an undisputed strong man.’

Chagall, one of the world’s 100 most dangerous people.

His hometown is the kingdom of Merchen in the western Mediterranean, and he was born as an illegitimate child in a beautiful tourist destination like a fairy tale.

Some killers are emasculated from birth, but Chagall was an acquired killer.

“Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff.”

What he senses from Sirone through his sense of smell is not the smell molecule, but the perfume of the incident.

Just as a specific smell recalls the memory of a specific event, Chagall could feel the nostalgia of the event itself.

That also meant that Chagall had already met La Enemy more than once.

And perhaps, if Chagall’s memory is correct, he killed La Enemie more than seven times.

If Chagall’s memory is correct.

“Where is La Enemy?”

The already muddy voice echoed through the tunnels of the underground waterways, creating a more eerie feeling.

“I don’t know. We came at the request of Mr. Brooks.”

It was a dirty life that made me feel like I didn’t even want to get involved regardless of the level of skill.


Since being hired 3 months ago, he has worked as if he was trapped in an underground waterway, eliminating numerous sub-species.

It was a pleasure for Chagall, but he still did not like delivering Brooks’ letter.

The reason he was hired anyway is because there is evidence of La Enemy in Baska.

Chagall erased the request from his mind.

“If you don’t want to tell me, I have no choice but to ask you directly.”


The air in the canal, which I thought was full of life, rapidly expanded and stabbed with thousands of blades.


The left and right bobbing movements gradually quickened, and then both arms disappeared as if they had been amputated.

At the sound of a boom and the air shaking, Sirone and Lian kicked off the ground at the same time and came down the stairs.

bang! As the sound exploded, Chagall’s two daggers struck Lian’s straight sword vertically.

‘are you okay. only hold on… … .’

Just as he thought so, the air trembled again, and numerous blades spread in afterimages rushed in from all directions.


Blood splattered from his arms and legs, but Lian didn’t mind and swung his big sword wide.

Chagall bounced back like a rubber ball at the sword attack that controlled the entire radius of the canal.

‘That guy doesn’t smell.’

As she turned around like a ghost and passed Lian, Sirone equipped herself with magic, preparing to fight.

The moment when you get a strange feeling that you can see his upper body bobbing left and right even in the blink of an eye.

Rian approached in an instant and blocked Sirone’s way.

A roaring sound echoed through the canal, and Chagall’s eyes flickered for a moment in bewilderment.


Chagall’s sense of smell was activated again in response to an impossible reaction that could only be called quick.

‘An event experienced somewhere.’

The memory of the time I killed Ra Enemy came to mind.

“Sirone, go up.”

To be considered a mere mercenary, Lian chose to send Sirone because his murderous disposition was too murky.

“but… … .”

“are you okay. Request comes first.”

Sirone, aware of Lian’s skills, met Chagall’s eyes over her shoulder.

Will he be able to break through that human and get out of the canal?


As Sirone moved to the side, Chagall’s gaze moved exactly the same as Sirone’s movement.

Afterwards, her body melted like smoke, and Chagall’s dagger stabbed Sirone between the eyebrows.


However, the dagger only cut through the air in vain, and there was no trace of Sirone.

Shirone, who escaped in the opposite direction with the fire of Buddha statue, broke down the iron gate of the waterway with a photon cannon and climbed up.

Until then, Chagall was just staring at Sirone, unable to organize his thoughts.

Lian slung the great sword over his shoulder and said.

“Now, shall we stick together in earnest?”

If there was no need to protect Sirone, it would be the same as releasing the shackles of accidents for Rian.

“haha. Kkkkkkkkk.”

Chagall shrugged and laughed.

It is still unknown, but it was clear that they had had the same experience as himself in some way.

“I’ll kill you step by step.”

No matter where Sirone fled, she could always find her and slaughter her with her own sense of smell.

“Why don’t you kill me first before doing that bluff?”


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Chagall’s laughter stopped.

A serial killer who has committed four-digit murders, there is only one criterion for distinguishing humans.

kill or not

And at this moment, Chagall defined a human named Lian through that one criterion.

“You die.”

As soon as Chagall’s figure disappeared, Lian grabbed the great sword with both hands and threw himself away.

A tremendous crash shook the canal.

* * *

‘hurry! hurry!’

After entering the mansion, Sirone made full use of Kuzen’s metabolism to quickly search the mansion.

A considerable number of guards stood guard, but the security inside the mansion was not very tight.

It must have been because the man she met on the waterway was guarding the only way to enter the mansion.

‘He’s also an odd guy. Who are you?’

That’s how much Lian was worried about.

‘Where are you?’

If you expand the spirit zone, you can feel people without entering the room, but the mansion was so big and had hundreds of rooms.

I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

As Sirone ran down the hallway by the window, the guard dogs patrolling outside all turned around and started barking.


You can avoid people’s eyes, but you can’t avoid a dog’s sense of smell.

Especially since I had met a man sniffing like a dog on the canal, I felt more disturbed.

“It’s an intruder! find!”

The emergency bell rang in the mansion and the footsteps of numerous guards were heard.

Shirone, who went around the 2nd floor in an instant, immediately went up to the 3rd floor, and one bodyguard found his feet.

“It’s the third floor! chase!”

The schema masters quickly closed the distance, but Sirone also spotted the person at the end of the hallway.

‘Two people?’

Sirone’s spirit zones were so entangled that if they were a little less sensitive, they wouldn’t have noticed.

“Protect the boss!”

In the hallway on the other side, bodyguards came out.

Arriving at the door while avoiding the enemies attacking from both sides across the hallway, Sirone broke the door with her body before the sword fell.

Unlike the hallway, the bright light first filled the field of view.

As Sirone rolled on the floor and regained her balance, the bodyguards stood in front of the door with weapons.

“What’s the fuss?”

When Sirone heard the sound coming from the bed, she turned to see a man in his mid-40s coming down from the bed naked.

A blonde beauty was sitting on the bed, covered with a blanket.

Brooks turned to her, clicked her tongue, and put on her gown.

“What are you?”

Sirone stared at the man with a short beard to the tip of his chin and was lost in thought.

You could just say that you came to deliver the letter, but I couldn’t readily hand it to you because it was in front of my subordinates.

“Uh, hey, that… … .”


When the woman sitting on the bed asked with a surprised expression, Brooks turned around with a puzzled expression.

“what? Did you have another lover?”

The woman didn’t answer and got off the bed with a blanket covering her body.

“Sirone! You really are a sirone! Don’t you remember me?”

Sirone, who studied her face for a while, also pointed at her with a surprised expression.

“uh? then that… … .”

“okay! Arya! Aria you saved!”

Tessya Aria.

She was an open-minded woman who happened to ride in the same carriage half a year ago when Sirone joined the Magic Association.

It was memorable because he personally rescued her when the Black Revolutionary Corps committed a terror attack at the Gold Tower.

‘But why are you here?’

I heard that there were two lovers at the time, but the relationship between the young and beautiful Aria and the middle-aged Brooks was somehow strange.

Brooks asked.

“Since when do you know each other?”

“Oh, don’t you know Sirone? It’s a very famous magic mountain now. There was a terrorist incident in the past, he was the one who saved me then.”


Having made up his mind, Brooks gave his men a chin and pretended to leave.

The door was closed and only three people were left, but Sirone, who knew the contents of the letter, still could not reveal the purpose of coming here.

“So, what brought you here? It doesn’t look like Arya has any business.”

“I came because of a request from the Silverling Guild.”

“letter? Give it to me.”

Even though Aria was by her side, Brooks did not hold back, and Sirone finally handed over the letter in her arms.

After reading the contents, Brooks clicked his tongue, and Arya asked as if she already knew.

“Is that the girl? She met in the province.”

“You said you were pregnant. If you don’t come down quickly, they will sue you.”

Arya laughed.

“Oh, so be careful. Too bad. The turbulent life of a bachelor also ends today.”

The letter was from Brooks’s lover, and it was written that she was pregnant from their reunion a few months earlier.

Aria’s boldness to laugh even knowing that fact was unusual, and Brooks was thinking the same thing.

‘aria… … .’

As the daughter of a first-class diplomat in the Kingdom of Tormia, she is also a talented person who has passed the Diplomatic Examination.

It is true that we met with the feeling that we were playing with each other, thinking that it was an aristocratic lady playing with fire.

But now it was rather confusing.

It occurred to me that maybe Brooks wasn’t playing with Arya, but the other way around.

‘She’s a woman I don’t want to miss.’

With the letter in his pocket, Brooks asked Sirone.

“Then why are you making such a fuss? If I had told Chagall, I would have brought him quietly.”

Sirone suddenly realized and shouted.

“Oh right! Ryan!”

* * *

If someone had been in an underground waterway, they would have covered their ears and screamed at the eardrum-shattering sound of the impact.

The two shadows roamed the complicated maze-like path, intertwined like a gale.

Defense and attack were almost sensational, and as time passed, the scars on Lian’s body increased.

Smille. Smille.

The original hallucinations were heard and the wounds began to regenerate, but whenever this happened, Lian felt the same weight of discomfort as death.


Chagall was also aware of the displeasure.

A huge straight sword and two daggers.

If a battle is to be fought at close range, Chagall should have the upper hand in response.

However, Lian’s behavior, ignoring inertia, was different from any enemy Chagall had ever dealt with.

‘then… … !’

Chagall’s eyes twinkled as he removed his hand from the dagger.

Another dagger came out of the hand that had returned to his back, and a total of four daggers flew towards Lian at the same time.

‘Is this possible?’

Even during the battle between life and death, questions arose, but there was no time to find answers, and Lian took a step towards death.


Sparks flew as the metal collided with each other, and their shadows shimmered like monsters on the canal walls.

And the two averted their eyes, realizing that there was another shadow in that fleeting flash.


What I could see in front of me were dozens of blades, and they pierced the center of the gap where Lian and Chagall retreated and crashed into the wall.


The blade disappeared as soon as the wall was knocked down, revealing that it was magic and not a real sword.

“Someone said… … .”

The unknown owner of the shadow approached with the sound of water.

“There was a giant.”

“you are… … ?”

A pale-looking man with a torn scar on the right side of his mouth.

It was Lufist, the president of the Tormia Magic Association.


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