Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 651

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[651] The way they live (4)

The woman’s face, wearing cloth-like clothes, combined with the cold of winter, looked really bad.

“are you okay? Come in at once.”

When Sirone suggested, the woman nodded obediently and moved on to the carriage.

“Hmm, anyway, the young ones… … .”

Austin grumbled, putting out the fire in his hand.

There were scars here and there, but the woman was voluptuous and her face was quite beautiful.

It was enough to be a target for thieves, but the problem was that it was also good for fooling the eyes of young blood like Sirone and Lian.

“thank you. really… … I was so scared.”

As Sirone boarded the carriage, a woman came close to him, grabbed him by the arm, and shed tears.

“You would be surprised to find out what happened to me. Thieves have me… … .”

Sirone patted her back.

“You don’t have to tell me. What I would like to ask is… … .”

“Wait, Sirone.”

said Lian outside the carriage.

“I hope this woman doesn’t sit next to you. Of course, if you agree.”

It’s natural to help someone in crisis, but when it comes to protecting Sirone, he couldn’t yield anything.

Realizing the cold attitudes of Austin and Lian, the woman grabbed the arm of Sirone, who was the only one who treated her kindly, even tighter.

“Sit across from me. After all, the wagon is wide.”

“Ah yes.”

When Sirone remembered what Austin had said, the woman moved toward the wall and sat down facing the two of them.


Even while gently untangling their clothes and caressing their sore skin, Sirone and Lian didn’t even pretend to be embarrassed.

‘Are these men? Isn’t it normal to pretend that you can’t win if you push me this hard?’

If he had doubts, he wouldn’t have let him get on the carriage from the beginning, so it was correct to say that he was wary.

‘Well, even though he’s young, he’s a fairly strong wizard.’

It was only after the carriage had left with the driver’s side window open that Sirone asked what was going on.

The woman, who introduced herself as Marie, confessed that she was caught by bandits on her way to a trip with friends in the capital city.

“How many are there?”

“I do not know. But there will be more than 100 of them.”

Austin jerked his head.

“what? 100 people?”

If the scale exceeded one hundred units, it was a fairly powerful organization among bandits.

Above all, it was most likely that the unit had wizards.

“Where are they now?”

The woman pointed to the side of the wagon.

“If you don’t know they ran away yet, they will be over the mountain. Because I rode straight down the mountain.”

‘I’ll meet you on the way.’

Detours are the best course of action, but like a veteran, Austin was cautious.

“What are you going to do? If we want to avoid the bandits, we must decide now.”

Sirone asked Marie.

“Maybe they don’t know they ran away?”

“A lot of people were caught besides me. And my friends too… … .”

Seeing Marie burst into tears, Sirone was lost in thought for a moment.

Will you avoid battle or save the hostages?

“Let’s go like this. I need to rescue the captives first.”


Marie’s eyes widened.

No matter how powerful a mage was, it didn’t make sense to attack a unit of over 100 with only 3 people.

“We have to save Marie’s friends as well. Do not worry. I’m not going to take Marie away.”

“Oh, no. It’s about saving friends… … .”

The reason for Marie’s surprise was something else, but she hurriedly changed her posture and revealed a conscientious appearance.

“Do not worry. I will definitely save my friends.”

It occurred to me that it was you guys who should be worrying, not the friends who didn’t exist, but there was no tension on Sirone’s face.

‘Are you really that strong? younger than me… … .’

Marie stared at the profile of Sirone, who turned her head through the window.

* * *

On the ridge of the Underground Mountains, 89 members of the notorious Red Blade bandits were camped out in the capital.

“Why aren’t you here? Are you doing it right?”


A messenger arrived on horseback.

“Arian Sirone’s carriage is approaching the coalition!”

Cold Park, the leader of the Red Blade thieves, frowned.

“Sheesh, is it really bad?”

As the subject of this operation and the one who threw even his concubine as bait, he missed the opportunity to monopolize a large sum of money.

“Let’s go back. join the coalition.”

The fact that all of them were riding horses gave an idea of ​​the scale of the Red Blade bandits.

While moving along the mountain road, Banker, a wizard and staff member, rode a horse next to Cold Park.


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“The fact that we are going to the coalition means that we will fight. As rumored, it seems to be a powerful wizard.”

No matter what decision Sirone made, whether he chose to fight or take a detour, the thieves controlled both roads.

The reason this was possible was that many thieves other than the Red Blade thieves participated in this operation.

However, they thought that if Marie scared Sirone’s party and diverted the wagon to this place, there would be a chance to monopolize the loot, but it was canceled because Sirone chose to fight.

Vice-captain Alpha Corps approached the left side of Cold Park.

He was carrying a large double-edged ax behind his back, arms crossed and driving his horse with only his thigh muscles.

“I heard that you are an ivory tower candidate. Isn’t it dangerous no matter how united we are?”

Even if it was one of the three major thieves of Tormia Kingdom, which consisted of masters of the schema, it was something that had to be prepared for annihilation.

“Even if you don’t have to deal with a giant like this, sales are going well. Even my subordinates don’t understand.”

The pride of the red sword is second to none of the military, but if Alphasa himself was in doubt, the members didn’t even have to ask.

“Banker, tell me why we have to fight.”

At Cold Park’s instruction, Banker took out a scroll that contained information collected from guilds in various places.

“Aryan Sirone. Confirmed as a graduate of Alpheas Magic School. Presumed to be in possession of an object called Armand. Rumor has it that he received it from the Kazura royal family. Based on market value, I doubt it will exceed at least 6 billion gold.”

“6 billion gold… … .”

The eyes of the members of Alpha Corps changed at once.

“You understand now? It’s money we can’t earn even if we’re born again and steal. Rumor has it that even royalty likes the Ivory Tower, but it’s the power of the organization anyway. What kind of thief is he if he can’t cut off a finger when he’s only 20 years old?”

After putting together various information, Sirone’s Armand was suspected to be in Kubrick.

Cold Park shouted excitedly.

“You bastards who are obsessed with money, women, and pleasure! When did you steal while taking your life? Those who don’t want to make a lot of money, get out now!”

Doo doo doo! Doo doo doo!

Among the sound of horses hooves on the ground, there was no sound of straying away from the road.

Coldpark, who stood at the top of the ridge, looked down at the troops at the bottom of the mountain, tearing his mouth.

“The Red Knife is the best war ever.”

Earthworm Ear, Beast Cat, Spear and Death, Blood Lord.

Near Baska, 237 troops from four gangs of bandits were camped under the ridge.

“Let’s go, boys! 6 billion gold awaits us!”

* * *

As the carriage neared the rendezvous point, Marie closed her eyes with a tired expression.

‘I have to get it done here… … .’

The reason for lightening the clothes was the beauty world, but there was also a strategy to make the opponent careless.

No sane man would go out to search a naked woman’s body.

Once the sleeping gas was sprayed, arrows equipped with magic bullets would destroy the wagon, and this was the reason Cold Park thought there was room for a monopoly on the object.

‘How is it, seeing this for the first time?’

She had come this far in the world of beauty, so even with her eyes closed, she was clearly aware of the reactions of ordinary people.

‘Huh, also… … .’

As if surprised by the carriage’s vibration, I opened my eyelids slightly, and Sirone was looking out the window with her chin resting just like the first time.

‘A typical kiddie type. I appreciate your consideration, but if I miss this opportunity, I’ll regret it until the day I die.’

Marie giggled inwardly and pretended to fall asleep again and turned her body to the other side.

‘Let’s start slowly… … .’

At that time, when he checked Lian who was observing him without changing his expression, his heart sank.

‘what? Is it a coincidence?’

Feeling the need to check, she made eye contact this time, but Lian’s gaze didn’t even move.

‘I’m watching. damn.’

I wouldn’t doubt it because it was a move that had been made through years of training and practice, but it was impossible to spray the gas in this way.

‘There are no more chances. We have to fight here… … .’

Marie, who took the most powerful pose, lifted her eyelids only slightly and looked ahead through her eyelashes.

This was also an advanced skill, but Lian still remained alert without changing a single expression.

‘it’s annoying. What the hell are these things?’

The world of beauty never fails.

Although it has the disadvantage that it can only be used on half of humanity, history has guaranteed that it has a success rate of close to 100%.

‘I’m not even a woman, right?’

Her pride was hurt as much as she was proud of her skilled skills, but she really didn’t have time anymore.

‘The bombing will start soon.’

Beep. Beep.

As the birds chirped at the top of the mountain, Austin looked up at the sky, frowning.

‘It’s ominous.’

Signaling with a bird chirping flute is the bandits’ traditional method, but the problem was that it was indistinguishable from the actual bird song.

‘Next 10 seconds.’

Knowing the meaning of the signal in the sound of the flute, Marie counted the remaining time until the bombardment.

‘Nine seconds. 8 seconds.’

“Mr. Marie.”

Sirone, who had been looking out the window until now, turned her head for the first time and stared straight at Marie.

Sirone’s face, which he checked through his eyelashes, was so cold that he couldn’t believe he was the same person as before.

“What are you hiding?”

My fingertips twitched at Sirone’s question.

‘Breath. I need to control my breathing.’

Although he had reached the stage after countless practice sessions, his heart could not be controlled in front of Sirone’s confident eyes.

‘damn! missed a beat I’ve already been caught.’

She closed her eyes, then suddenly turned and slipped out through the driver’s window.

‘Four seconds! 3 seconds!’

Even after seeing Marie throw herself out of the wagon, Austin looked up to the sky instead of being annoyed.

Archers using hang gliders were flying in from beyond the highlands of the mountains.

“A surprise! Blood quickly… … !”

When he turned around and shouted, the passenger compartment was already empty.

‘Two seconds. 1 second.’

In the midst of dozens of arrows rushing in, Sirone, who grabbed Austin’s hind legs, spurred the wagon and jumped off.

The moment Lian, who escaped through the door on the other side, decapitated Marie with phenomenal acceleration.


The house carriage hit by the bombardment of the magic bullet exploded.


The sound of horse hooves pierced the ears of Sirone and Austin, who were blown up the hillside by the expansion of the air.

Dozens of horsemen were running along the mountain road.

“Battle begins! Kill them all!”

Austin grumbled, equipped with a fireball.

“Sheesh! Was it a trap too?”

“Still, it’s good that no one was caught.”

“I mean that now… … !”

Dozens of ‘spear and death’ thieves jumped down from the hillside without a moment to show their annoyance.

“Six billion is ours!”


As Austin held out his hand, hundreds of eyes flashed from Sirone’s robes.

Akamai – in full bloom.

“Keugh! what!”

The spearmen, who had lost their will to act as an antithesis, fell and rolled on the ground like puppets with a string cut off.


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