Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 650

[650] The way they live (3)

Rian didn’t understand Sirone’s words, but that was exactly what Sirone wanted to convey.

“It was good to come to the guild. I think I thought it was too easy.”

“Heh, even with La Enemy, the guild wouldn’t agree. Of course, I approve of you, but if I just hear your name and tremble, I don’t care.”

Lian confessed the dissatisfaction he felt on the first floor.

“Information cards, too. They say no one read it, but who knows? When we leave tomorrow, we will sell it again for 2 gold.”

“haha! In fact, a system of this size is not easily fooled. Because we doubt everyone else.”

“Hmm, but it’s a loss to lose 50 silver just because you read it once. What are you going to do when you buy a few hundred copies?”

“I will still buy it.”

Sirone held the information card in her hand.

“People usually take long periods of time vaguely. For example, if you have to do something for a year. However, if you look closely, even a year is made up of 1 second.”

“It doesn’t.”

“If we assume that it takes 1 year and 30 minutes to find La Enemy, what if someone takes 1 year and 29 minutes?”

Ryan blinked.

“It’s too far away, so I can’t take it sensibly, but this situation can happen. Also, what is actually happening at this moment is our world.”

Sirone put up a card.

“One minute difference. Winning or losing depends on whether or not you read the information even one day first. If a year’s efforts could be wasted in just one minute, it’s not a loss to give them 50 more silver.”

That is the philosophy of those who live in this world.

No one suggests a way, and you have to do it yourself from one to ten.

‘You’re too young.’

I felt anew how competent people were by my side and how easy it was because they were there.

Sirone threw the card onto the bed.

“Of course rest is important. You can’t run for a year without eating or sleeping. You will have to make a lot of right decisions.”

“I guess if you obsess over the little things, you might miss out on the really important things. That’s why I bought all the information cards.”

“huh. I don’t know if anything will help us. I think wizards from other guilds probably made similar decisions.”

Then Estera knocked.

“Sirone, are you in?”

“Yes, come in.”

Waiting until the words ran out, she came in with a guild application and a pen.

“I wrote down all the necessary forms. Just check and sign here.”

Sirone looked at the terms and conditions.

Guild members were divided into Rookie, Senior, Veteran A, and Veteran B, and the fees as well as the benefits were varied.


As Sirone was examining the Rookie rank, Estera, quick-witted, gave a further explanation.

“The guild will definitely promise you the best treatment. But even so, you can’t raise the guild member’s rank at will. This… … For the guild members, it is like life.”

The higher the grade, the easier it is to earn money, and of course it was a matter directly related to honor.

“are you okay. Because I thought it would.”

To be honest, if he offered preferential treatment to raise his guild rank, his credibility would have fallen.

“Instead, the guild will pay for all the incidental costs for your request. If you’re going to deposit in the guild, we can drastically raise the interest rate.”

Sirone said honestly.

“Estera, actually, I don’t intend to be active in the Silver Ring Guild for a long time.”

“I know. All world famous wizards are like that. As long as you don’t withdraw, the terms of the contract we proposed will last for 5 years. If it’s a guild from another country, you can join multiple guilds.”

What Estera wanted was a document to prove that Arian Sirone had joined the Silverling Guild.

That alone would give them an edge over the Kingdom’s three major guilds, War Wagon and Blood Rose.

Sirone was thinking the same thing, so I didn’t feel particularly burdened.

‘Because the guild is definitely comfortable in my own country.’

Sirone, who took over the pen, asked.

“Still, are you free to leave?”

“of course. I am a wizard too. Not that stupid.”

Of course, even if the chances of capturing Sirone were slim, he had no intention of giving up.

‘Since I’ve done everything a manager can do.’

The real match came after Sirone arrived at Basuka, where the headquarters of the Silver Ring Guild was located.

“Oh, and about the request.”

Estera took out the letter from her bosom.

“Guild activities aren’t the goal anyway, are they? Then this would be the easiest. The rewards are high, too.”

“Should I deliver the letter?”

“huh. You just have to go to the address written on it and hand it over to Brooks. There is a certificate enclosed inside, so get that person’s signature and go to the Silverling Guild in the capital. Then it will give you 87 gold. Of course, the amount minus the commission.”

“87 gold? It gives a lot.”

It was only for the price of delivering the letter.

“Because the request fee is not necessarily determined by the degree of risk. There are cases where the request fee is higher for a noble to find a lost cat than to fight for his or her life.”


“Of course, I do not entrust this kind of request to just anyone. I want you to think of it as a sign of showing the trust of the guild.”

“Can I open it?”

I have no interest in reading other people’s letters, but since they weren’t sealed, words could come out later.

“doesn’t care. Because the client didn’t ask for it on purpose.”

“Because you are more suspicious?”

It was human nature to want to dig up the more tightly hidden.

“Depending on what was going on. You may not really have any thoughts. But this time your guess is correct. The letter is written in code. It’s a personal password, so I can’t read it either.”

“It’s a password.”

No matter how comfortable the request was, the risk of 87 gold seemed to exist.

“all right. I’ll tell you when I get to the capital.”

Estera asked as she got up from her seat.

“What time are you leaving? We’ll have a wagon waiting for you.”

“yes? Until then… … .”

As far as Sirone knew, even the lowest tier wagon rental cost more than 10 gold per day.

“are you okay. As I said earlier, all unit costs are paid by the guild.”

The value of Sirone’s name would be more than enough to pay off, but the calculation to lead it to the headquarters of the Silverling Guild was greater than that.

Since she joined the guild in order to make the trip as efficient as possible, Sirone didn’t care about trivial matters.

“We’ll be leaving as soon as the sun rises tomorrow.”

“good. Then I will know that and prepare. Come see me anytime if you need anything.”

When Estera left, Sirone and Lian looked back at each other and shrugged.

Definitely everything was comfortable.

* * *

The two got up before sunrise, washed their bodies, and went down to the first floor.

The guild members had yet to go to work, and a small wagon was waiting in the empty lot outside the back door.

Estera approached accompanied by a man in his 50s with deep wrinkles on his forehead.

“Let me introduce you. Guild member Austin, who will guide you to the capital this time. He is 53 years old. His major is fire-related. Guild rank is Veteran A.”

“hello. This is Sirone.”

“It’s Austin. Please take good care of me.”

His skinny body and strong impression spoke of a stubborn life.

“I’ll be leaving right away, so get in the carriage.”

As Sirone and Lian entered the carriage, Austin glared at Estera with his eyes wide open.

“What are you doing now? Ask me to be the coachman of the rookie who joined yesterday?”

“You’re not just a rookie.”

Austin knew who Sirone was, but the pride he had built up over 30 years as a wizard was not so easily broken.

“Anyway, why me? There are others.”

“Oh, why would someone who knows do that? I’m not asking the coachman to do it, but to take Sirone to the main store. Then the guild expands, isn’t it good for Austin? I will pay you well.”

“Do you think I’m getting older and attached to the silver ring because of money? Even the Archmage can’t tell me what to do with my life.”

When she didn’t break her stubbornness, Estera let out a sigh.

“Austin, have you ever seen the Archmage?”


“is it so. I’ve never seen one either. therefore… … .”

Estera said while biting her molars.

“Can we both just shut up and just do it? I’m bleeding right now too!”

He had no intention of treating someone who had been in the guild for 30 years harshly, but it was a different story with Sirone.

It means to leave if you don’t want to.

Austin bit his lip at the unexpected contempt, but eventually turned around with a sad expression.

“… … OK.”

There was no way that Veteran A was unaware that money was everything.

“sorry. I couldn’t sleep, and I must have become nervous because I was preparing.”

Estera wasn’t comfortable either, but work was work.

“I know you are struggling. The manager doesn’t do anything.”

You have to work to eat and live.

Austin, who got into the driver’s seat, fixed the saddle and opened the passenger compartment window.

“Then we will depart. I’ll take the fastest route, so rest in peace.”

“thank you.”

Sirone wasn’t careless, but anything he said would only touch Austin’s insides, so it was good to take a break.

After leaving the city of Kentra, March passed through the wide plains of Sadia, the hometown of Nade, and entered the edge of the Underground Mountains.

This meant that there were three hours left to the capital.


For the first time, an expression appeared on Austin’s face as he drove the carriage without stopping.


A woman, staggering as if injured, was walking straight towards the carriage.

Austin, who had gone through all of the prenatal battles, spoke at a distance.

‘It’s quite far from the city, but why do people… … .’

“Help me! Help me!”

A woman who found the wagon came running, holding on to her torn clothes with one hand.


A ball of fire rose from Austin’s hand.

Still, when the woman did not stop, she threw a spark at the halfway point.


Austin shouted, this time with both hands equipped with fireballs.

“Don’t be fooled! My fire magic has no mercy!”

Sirone and Lian opened the doors on both sides of the carriage and got out.

“What happen?”

“Come in. It’s a minor matter.”

It wasn’t a trivial problem from Sirone’s point of view.

“Do you think you are hurt?”

“I was hurt. But we are not hurt.”

Sirone knew what the veteran’s words meant, so instead of approaching him, he made a hand trumpet and shouted.

“hey! What’s going on?”

The woman who was sitting in front of the wall of fire shouted.

“I was kidnapped by bandits! Please help me!”

“Is there a gang of bandits?”

Then it wasn’t safe here either.

“I’ll go and see.”

Lian approached the woman, with Austin taking cover with a fireball.

He was wearing a torn jacket, and there were many scratches from rolling down the mountain.

“What happened?”

The woman grabbed Lian’s crotch and said.

“I just barely got out! We must get out of here quickly! They will come after me!”

Sirone asked Austin as Lian looked back at the carriage as if to let him decide.

“Can I burn it with you?”

“Because you are the one who rented the wagon. But I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Are you saying that woman is lying?”

“Things like that happen, too. But doubts don’t matter. I just want to tell you that if she doesn’t care whether what she says is true or false, nothing will happen to her.”

Maybe that’s the belief from the guild.

“But if there really is a group of bandits, shouldn’t we also avoid them?”

Austin had nothing to say about it.


When Sirone gave a signal, Lian grabbed the woman’s hand and stood her up.

“First, get in the carriage. Let’s listen.”

“thank you! thank you!”

Shivering from the cold, the woman sadly shed tears.


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