Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 649

[649] The way they live (2)

“La Enemy is… … .”

Lian, who raised her voice in absurdity, swallowed her words.

Even the mediocre information was paid for, and the fact that Sirone had a meaningful smile also played a part.

‘But what about this… … .’

Of course, it is quite possible that Ra was reincarnated as a woman.

Even so, it was not a major issue for Sirone, and if a man is a man, what is ‘presumption’?

‘There’s no one who feeds you like a school.’

Sirone felt the same disappointment, but since he learned the physiology of this world, the 3 gold was not too wasteful.

‘Obviously, Ra’s gender may be important to some people. Therefore, it is difficult to see that this reduces the quality of information. but… … .’

As expected, what bothered me was the word estimate.

“Please explain.”

Estera was quite surprised when Sirone’s eyes suddenly turned sharp.

‘Was this his personality?’

Most of the magic school graduates looking for a guild were cases where they abandoned their hopes of becoming public figures and jumped into livelihood activities.

Particularly, if it is a kid who has just graduated, it is part of the job to put a dump at the discretion of the manager.

This is because the rookie has to make the most of the profit even if he loses money in dealing with the veteran.

‘What about this? Just tell me?’

As usual, asking for an explanation would be the correct answer, but looking at Sirone’s eyes, it felt like a sixth sense that had dealt with so many wizards was sending a warning.

‘Let’s watch a little longer.’

Estera explained, deciding to follow her sixth sense.

“Information traders classify information into four levels. Check, guess, doubt, rumor. Of course, even in this case, verification is difficult, but only for the confirmation level, evidence or documents must be attached.”

“Then what is the estimated grade?”

“It’s like a confirmation level, except you don’t have to attach anything. So, unless you are a magician who handles information professionally, most of them tend to sell information at a presumed level.”

Because wizards traveled to various regions, the amount of information they saw and heard was far superior to that of ordinary people.

Therefore, after completing the request and returning to the guild, it was a structure to raise additional income by selling the information obtained during the trip.

‘Information from all over the world is gathered. Then the number of people using the guild will increase, so it’s not a loss for the guild.’

Ryan asked.

“But how can I believe it if there are no attachments? In this case, there is nothing but trust.”

“The buyer has to bear that. In any case, information is only an auxiliary means to accomplish the mission. That’s why other wizards don’t ask for information beyond the estimated level unless absolutely necessary. The only thing I can say is that at the level of national guilds, information is not traded carelessly. Under the card was the informant’s name?”

Sirone recalled the name Marka Inter engraved on the card.

“Anyone can buy, but only guild members with clear identities can sell. If in doubt, going directly to the informant would be a good idea. Emphasize that guilds are not government agencies. It’s good to know that in any guild, work must be done based on trust.”

“What if the informant is fraudulent?”

“Guild membership will be revoked. All guilds connected to its own network will be contacted.”

Estera, aware of Sirone’s concerns, added.

“Of course, it cannot be said that there is no betrayal, but there is no end to looking at the bad side. Most of them work based on trust, so the guild can survive.”

If they didn’t take their share and leave this floor, there was no way they would destroy the guild system, their means of livelihood.

Sirone nodded and asked.

“How much did the owner of this card sell the information for?”

“Fifty silver.”

The guild earned a whopping 1 gold and 50 silver, but it was a reasonable level because the wizard Inter would have sold various information.

Honestly, if there was no system called guild, who would buy this kind of information for 50 silver?

“In the end, there was no information about the confirmation level.”

Estera smiled shyly.

“that’s right. There was no information about the confirmation rating with keywords. As I said before, it is the domain of experts. The verification is thorough, and the price is quite expensive.”

Lian grumbled.

“Then shouldn’t I have told you from the beginning?”

“Huh, thanks to you, you learned a lot, didn’t you? Think of it as tuition.”

“Sometimes what about trust… … .”

Sirone interrupted Lian.

“I’ll buy them all.”

Estera, doubting her ears, asked back.

“huh? what?”

“You buy all the information cards here. There are twenty-six cards left, so you can pay 52 gold, right?”

The moment Sirone placed 5 Intermediate Gold Coins and 2 Lesser Gold Coins on the table, Estera realized the identity of her sixth sense.

‘this child… … .’

Fairly fast.

The fact that it was the first time in a guild was enough to know from the actions so far.

Still, buying all the information cards was a decision that defied all the many mistakes newbies would make in the future.

‘Certainly, veterans would have made the same judgment.’

Estera, whose pretense had disappeared, held out her card.

“… … take it.”

Sirone, who put all twenty-six cards into her bosom, turned to Estera again and asked.

“And I want to join a guild.”

This too was the right decision.

‘He changes his posture really fast compared to his age.’

If it was only 10 minutes ago that he was being criticized by the wizards, he had a tendency to thoroughly exclude emotions in the performance of missions.

Although his skills were unknown, it could be said that the future was quite bright for him to work as a wizard.

“good. Now, to be honest, joining a guild will make you feel really comfortable. The fees are much cheaper, and above all, B-level or higher requests are only provided to guild members.”

What Sirone was thinking was also there.

“yes. So I want to do some work too.”

If you buy information with money, you can sell it on the contrary.

In particular, the Silverling Guild was free to join and leave, so it was intended to make up for the cost on the way to the capital.

“Hmm, do you have something specific you want? There are many fields such as combat, negotiation, training, navigation, and transportation.”

“It would be nice to carry. I am going to the capital.”

“Aha, there is one thing that is just right. Also count the unit price. Can I check your mage’s license first?”

Sirone took out an unofficial license.

“Here you go.”

When I put it on the table, Estera picked it up and examined it.

“what? Alpheas Magic School? This is the 5th most prestigious.”

It was rare for a person from a prestigious school to join a guild, so I was more interested in it.

“The name… … .”

Estera’s face stiffened after confirming the statement.

At first I thought it was a misread, but no matter how much I checked, it was the name she knew.

“Arian Sirone! Are you a sirone?”

Finally, as her thoughts and memories coincided, Estera’s eyes widened as if they were going to pop out.

They, who have long since entered the profession, cannot be interested in a single student’s name, but Ariane Sirone was special.

Wasn’t he literally the student who set the best record in the kingdom’s history, and now he’s a candidate for the Ivory Tower?

Ryan showed a smile on his face.

“Whoa, did you get caught in the end? Yes, this is my lord Arian Sirone. And I’m Mach’s… … .”

“what! It’s Aryan Sirone!”

The wizards in the hall jumped up.

Even if they were candidates, they knew that only those with skills equivalent to that of a country’s great wizard could receive the title of star.

When I thought that, I felt that Sirone, who had looked like a young child with no down on her hair, seemed big enough to pierce the ceiling.

Estera gulped and looked at her license.

‘This is real. It’s not forgery.’

Once it became known that Arian Sirone had joined the Silverling Guild, it was not a matter of overtaking the other three major guilds.

‘What do we do? I have to catch it. Oh really! The Master must go out at a time like this.’

There was no way Estera didn’t know what she was thinking, so Sirone demanded confirmation once again.

“Joining and leaving are free, right?”

“Well, of course.”

He smiled and said, but his heart was different.

‘But not you.’

Of course, it’s not a level that you can hold on to if you want to hold onto it.

Also, if you were undergoing the Ivory Tower test, there would be no reason to join a guild within the kingdom.

‘But that’s why there’s no reason to leave, right?’

After organizing her thoughts, Estera handed over the key.

“Once you have decided to join, you will have to provide lodging. Take this and go to room 3 on the 4th floor.”

“yes. But don’t you have to fill out paperwork or something?”

“Ho-ho-ho! You don’t have to wait, do you? I’ll go to my room later and take care of it. That’s right, here’s the license.”

The quality of service jumped up as much as there was a trick, but Sirone didn’t have an aftertaste anyway.

“yes. Then let me ask you a favor.”

As Sirone climbed the stairs, magicians rushed to the counter without saying anything first.

“Estera! Can you give me a copy of your guild member license? No, sell it to me! How much is it?”

If you sell the information at a confirmation level with proof documents attached, you should be able to get more than 100 gold.

Estera sighed and said.

“Wake up the dream. From now on, this information is exclusive to the Kentra branch of the Silverling Guild. Go and have a drink.”

The magicians licked their lips and turned around, but they walked to the exit, not the hall.

Given the location of the ivory tower candidates, wouldn’t the information of the estimated class be of considerable value?

That was the guild’s trust, and based on that trust, Sirone’s position quickly spread throughout the kingdom.

* * *

Room 3 on the 4th floor, where Sirone entered, was a large room with seven beds.

“I don’t need to do this.”

Even a child knows that waste is a fact, but it was excellent in that it showed the will of the Silverling Guild.

“Anyway, that’s fine. Because it’s free.”

After Rian said that and lay down, Sirone, sitting on the bed across from her, took out the information she had purchased from the guild and read it.

“Right, I bought a card. how is it? Do you have any useful information?”

As Sirone read the cards and put them down, Lian came over to the bed and checked them one by one.

“Let’s see, La Enemy is presumed to be a wizard… … . What are you talking about?”

Of course, this could be important information to some people, but Lian was only wasting 2 gold.

There was also some noteworthy information.

“Estimated to have graduated from the magic school of Kazura Kingdom. Suspected height between 175 and 180 cm. Rumor has it that he met a person from the ivory tower. what?”

After reading the next card, Lian frowned.

“Rumors that La Enemy is deaf?”

Then he shredded the card on the blanket.

“Can I sell you this nonsense?”

“By the way, other cards have similar information.”

Sirone selected a few cards and showed them.

“Rumor has it that La Enemy is blind. He is suspected of having a rare disease. Rumors of being dumb. They are all different informants, even from what you saw.”

“It sure is strange. But some information must be false. Being a wizard is a presumptive grade.”

“It’s hard for me to believe easily, but it’s also ambiguous to ignore. If it was fraudulent, wouldn’t it be possible to be expelled from the guild, and in the worst case, retaliation?”

In that sense, even the informant was willing to risk his life.

“But how about this? Rumor-level information was trash from the beginning. Then there will be no retaliation. Besides, isn’t it okay to talk about rumors as they come out?”

Ryan’s words were right.

“is it? The confirmation level requires evidence, and the presumption is probably about seeing the evidence.”

“Then what about your doubts?”

“Isn’t it trustworthy enough to listen to the person in charge? If you put it that way, rumors are what someone heard.”

“… … Really not worth it.”

“But putting all of this together, I have discovered one important fact.”

Sirone pointed to the word Enemy written on the card.

“First of all, there is too much information. Especially since Kazura has closed the border right now.”

Sirone’s paternity scandal was the cause.

“what? Come to think of it, how did information about Kazura get to Tormia?”

“That’s the point. Guild members from other countries are also getting enough information about the estimated grade. Therefore, the Ivory Tower does not know where Ra is.”

Sirone’s thoughts were close to certainty.

“You know, but you can’t find it.”

The existence hidden in that strange contradiction.

“Even knowing… … Can’t find it?”

That was La Enemy.


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