Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 647

[647] To the world (2)

* * *

After resting at the Ogent family, Sirone finished preparing to leave with Lian.

I couldn’t rest for long as I had to go through an ivory tower test against strong competitors.

Tess, who came down from the capital during the three-day break, was making a lunchbox with Amy for the two of them.

“Are you sad, Amy?”

“… … .”

Since Tess had always supported Amy, she was furious at the situation of having to say goodbye to Sirone.

“Don’t do that, just talk. Whether it’s waiting, not meeting other girls, or meeting someone again, anytime and anywhere.”

What was most frustrating to Tess was that no promises were made between the two of them.

Amy smiled sadly and shook her head.

“I don’t want to. Because it’s useless anyway.”

“Why is it useless? You have to say something like that to make a man more careful about how he behaves.”

Amy’s hand, which was kneading the rice ball, stopped.

“Tess, do you remember that? When I went to Galliant the other day.”

Of course I couldn’t forget.

Fighting against the parrot bandits, as well as going to heaven and experiencing extraordinary things, was a trip.

“I once said this, that sometimes Sirone can be seen faintly.”

“Yeah, I remember. you did that Sirone seems to see the world from an omniscient point of view.”

“In the Ivory Tower, they call it Karr. The ability to exclude oneself and analyze phenomena objectively.”

That is why the inhabitants of the Ivory Tower place their full trust in the stars.

“Hmm, it’s definitely not that strong.”

“There is a saying that the worst person in the world is the one who harms you. It must mean that humans are still trapped in the existence of the country. But Sirone seems to be a little different.”

“You mean you don’t judge yourself?”

“huh. Of course, wizards always try to be objective, but Sirone denies even herself. Even when I hugged Marsha, and when I forgave the royal family called Pony. No, maybe this is just my standard, and Sirone may have followed the flow of logic from the beginning.”

“Do you think that went too far? Sirone is cold-hearted, but not cold.”

“I honestly don’t know.”

Amy recalled Sirone’s Karuchi.

“A kar figure close to 90% means that only 10% of the subjectivity is involved in the judgment. Definitely not human. Most humans act with the expectation of a premium on emotions, but Sirone’s actions are focused only on achieving a goal.”

Tears welled up in Amy’s eyes.

“So you don’t say anything. Words of waiting and promises of the future won’t have any effect on Sirone.”

The knife slammed into the chopping board with a thud.

“It’s not like that, Amy!”

Tess grabbed Amy’s shoulders with both hands.

“The human heart is not determined by numbers. You must be in that 10 percent. You will be filling the 10 percent with emotions that are greater than the 90 percent.”

“Is that so?”

Amy wiped her tears with her sleeve.

“Will Sirone really forget me?”

“of course! What if you, who knows Sirone best, get anxious?”

“huh. believe. Trust Sirone.”

In addition to the situation where they were about to say goodbye without a promise, and hearing the evaluation of the highest institution called the Ivory Tower, it seems that their hearts were weakened without realizing it.

Tess hugged Amy with a wide chest and said with a smile.

“Let’s make the most delicious food. Are we or those idiots going to eat at least?”

Only then did Amy regain her smile and nodded.

“Ahaha! That’s right, I’m sure it will be.”

* * *

While the two horses were waiting, Sirone took Amy’s lunchbox, which was still warm, with both hands.

“Thank you, Amy. I will eat well.”

“Take care of yourself. sometimes… … Send me a letter.”

Even asking him to send a letter felt burdensome, but Sirone nodded happily.

“huh. I’ll call you when I’m seated.”

Lian, who checked the time by the position of the sun in the sky, turned to the horse and said.

“Let’s leave now. I do not have time.”

Tess raised her ax eye.

“hey! If we break up now, we might see each other again, but won’t you say goodbye?”

“I will see you someday. Sirone has to compete with some great guys right now. Saying goodbye is not important.”

The nonchalant answer gave Tess a rather absurd expression.

‘What’s with all these guys?’

Ryan added curtly.

“Graduate from swordsmanship school. I mean join us soon.”

A smile formed on Tess’ lips.

“Heh, of course I will. After graduating at the top of the class, I will rise to a higher level than a drop-out student like you.”

“ha ha ha! I don’t know yet, but by then I will be the great swordsman the whole world knows.”

Amy was envious of the two of them talking about each other’s future even though they seemed to be arguing.

“right! I forgot this!”

Sirone, who put the lunch box in the bag hanging from the saddle, took Armand out of the Kubrick.

There must have been a change in Armand to some extent because there was a mental progress while taking the graduation exam.

Amy said, putting her hand on her waist.

“Hmm, that’s right. Now that you’ve become a wizard, you can carry weapons from now on, right?”

“huh. I try to wear it whenever possible.”

When the Diamond Armament was activated, the blade split and wrapped around Sirone, and organic matter filled the space between the metal frames.

– Multiple focus point detection. reset function.

Armand, who confirmed the state of quantum superposition, sought another change following Heaven.


The shape of the angular, snow-white robe has changed to a calm gray and slightly worn hood.

It wasn’t just the appearance that had changed, and the first thing that was confirmed was that everything other than the artificial brain had disappeared.

‘It’s because of the quantum super position.’

If the cybernetic works in a state where thoughts overlap with the Force Dimension, it will be much more difficult to integrate into Ultima.

‘Valhalla action still stopped functioning.’

Theraze didn’t seem to have paid the price yet, but according to Miro, it won’t be long.

With the disappearance of cybernetic devices, Akamai’s antitheses also seemed to have shifted their functions to Armand’s robes.


When the antithese was opened, the robe split as if it had been cut with a knife, and dozens of pupils blinked.


Tess frowned, but from a tactical point of view, the blind spots disappeared.

Coupled with the ability of Ringer’s upper to respond immediately to impact, the user protection function could be said to be the best.

‘uh? Is this gone?’

The biggest change was that the tentacles of Kuzen the Eater no longer came out.

‘It’s because the psychology has changed.’

Even when Geumgang Armed Forces were changed in heaven, survival was the top priority, so the expression of traits also had an extreme sense.

Kuzen’s tentacles have the ability to absorb energy by chewing and swallowing living things.

It also has the advantage of being able to give physical shock, but it was definitely not a way that suited Sirone’s tendency.

‘The most important thing is that it is in conflict with the quantum superposition.’

An ability that was too active would become difficult to control as the number of overlapping events increased.

“Wait a minute, then how do you absorb energy?”

Sirone, whose mind is integrated with Armand, was able to immediately realize the change.

“Aha, you are eating me.”

“you… … eat?”

“The efficiency of energy metabolism has increased. So if I eat something, Kuzen will eat my body again.”

It was a more stable operation than finding energy from outside.

“But is it creepy? Do you think they eat you?”

“Eating is expressed, but it is just accelerating the metabolism. Starving yourself is the same as losing weight.”

After all, organisms live by digesting their own bodies.

“Still, the exhaustion must be severe. Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

“are you okay. It’s me who decides to activate. In particular, Kuzen’s eating line is very useful when dealing with schemas.”

Furthermore, when combined with the Kenser’s ability to regenerate cells, it should have defense power against impacts applied to the inside of the body.

‘In other words, a 4-step defense system through Armand.’

In the first step, Akamai’s antithese restrains, and in the second step, Ringer’s upper protects the user.

In the third step, Kuzen’s metabolism promotion strengthens the body, and lastly, Kenser’s ability is to regenerate cells.

Of course, the actual battle would be different from the theory, but if you built a defense system of this level, it seemed that you could deal with any enemy.

‘Next is attack power.’

Galtomic’s ability to strengthen the law would enhance the power of magic as well as the light angel’s incarnation.

There was also a technological change in terms of pure horsepower amplification.

The magic boosting spheres mounted on both gauntlets were integrated into the right palm to further increase efficiency.

‘I’d rather have this. If you obsess over balance, you can’t create a variable when it’s important.’

This was also Sirone’s tendency.

“Do you like it.”

From form to function, it felt like I was finally wearing clothes that fit me after throwing off the extreme pain I had experienced in heaven.

“It’s fine if you like it.”

Lian said it was not a big deal, but Amy stuck out her tongue at Armand’s ability to strengthen the entire body.

It has been proven that Sirone’s ability alone in the graduation exam can create a great synergy effect, but now Armand’s function has been added.

‘Current Sirone… … How strong are you?’

On the other hand, Sirone liked the fact that the style, which was closer to decoration rather than function, changed to field use.

“I think I like these shabby clothes better.”

To be honest, thinking about walking around the city wearing a pure white robe without a single wrinkle made my face heat up.

“My activity has improved, and most of all… … .”

Sirone flapped her sleeves and smiled brightly.

“Is this waterproof?”

Amy had a dazed expression, but it was an important problem for Sirone, who had to wear it from now on.

said Tess.

“Are you bored with the most expensive clothes in the world? The designer’s name is engraved on good clothes. How about putting something like that in it?”

“Aha, yes.”

Thinking it was reasonable, Sirone closed her eyes and activated the ringer’s upper.

card win. card win.

The name Arian Sirone was engraved as a metallic line moved across the soft sleeve.

“How about this?”

Just like his simple personality, he had only one line of his name engraved on it, but that alone made him look much more luxurious.

“Yeah, that’s cool. You really feel like a wizard now.”

Sirone looked at Amy with affection.

Because a day would not be enough to bring out the feelings contained in them, they were just two people saying goodbye with their eyes.

“Then I will go! All is well!”

Tess put her hand on Amy’s shoulder as Sirone and Lian mounted the horse and waved away as they rode away at high speed.

“Don’t worry, Amy. In a few hours ago… … .”

“huh. I heard it too.”

Amy shed tears and nodded.


Lian asked as we were about to leave the home of the Ogent family and enter the mountain road.

“Why don’t you engrave Amy’s name on it too? I’m looking forward to it. It wasn’t difficult, was it?”

Sirone smiled happily and stared at the sleeve with her name engraved on it.

After a while, the sleeve was turned inside out to reveal the lining.

“Already engraved.”

Inside the name Arian Sirone, another line of words glistened in the sunlight.

Karmis Amy

(end of volume 26)


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