Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 641

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[641] Dead End (1)

Nade woke up in Liz’s bed and frowned as he felt the hangover from last night wash over him.

‘Senior Liz… … .’

When I turned my head in the vague memory like a dream, Liz was asleep with only her face pulled out of the blanket.

‘I should drink in moderation.’

Shouldn’t we remember it vividly!


Finding clothes scattered under the bed, Nade opened his eyes and slowly lifted the covers.

“stop. In situ.”

Liz smiled and stretched as the half-raised blanket was put back into place.

“Cunning. did you sleep well?”

“Hehe, it looks cold, so I’m going to cover you with a blanket. wake up. I have to go get breakfast.”

“Oh, I can’t eat. I must have had too much to drink yesterday.”

Liz, who was wriggling under the covers, crawled over to Ned and put her lips on her stomach and made a sound with a drum.

“Ha ha ha! It tickles!”

“Let’s wait a little longer and then leave. huh?”

Nade, who was looking lovingly at Liz’s face, gradually lost his smile.



“Won’t you regret it?”

Liz corrected her expression at Nade’s serious question, then jumped up and wrapped herself in a blanket.

“Why do you say that? do you regret it?”

“I will not become a wizard. I have no accumulated wealth. There must be a lot of hard work in the future, but I wonder if I can really make you happy… … .”

Realizing that, Liz smiled with a relieved expression.

“You don’t make me happy. We create happiness together.”

Nade, who had lived his entire life with a sense of responsibility, didn’t even know what happiness was.

“Let’s swim together. I will work hard too.”

“Liz… … .”

Nade looked at him with moved eyes, and Liz asked back with a shy smile.

“But are you really going to be okay? If the grade of graduating from the magic school was second, the future of the wizard would not be bad.”

Nade shook his head.

“My limit ends here. Iruki knew that too, so he decided to enter the dragon mine. If you’re satisfied, you can’t go any higher.”

“is it? It doesn’t matter if you don’t regret it.”

“Of course I want to be the best. But you’ll never be the best with magic. You know when you see Sirone.”

“Well, that kid definitely felt differently.”

“that’s right. It’s a subtle difference, but few people can imprint that feeling. that’s an area It’s the strongest competition that you can’t even dare to mess with except for Sirone.”

It was a battle of how much difference could be made between those who reached the same level.

“A pyramid of competition built with human blood and flesh. I’m down from there To go on a new road with you.”

“Thank you, Nade.”

With Liz in his arms, Nade looked back at the bright sunlight coming in and cheered for his friend’s future.

‘Good luck, Sirone.’

* * *

Tormia Kingdom Magic Association.

“You are annoying.”

When Lufist returned from attending the special trial and hit the desk, it splintered as if he had been cut with an axe.

“Did you finally get it through?”

Jane’s expression was also not good.

“It is unanimous. Sirone can’t graduate. Criminals are deprived of the right to use public institutions.”

“You are a criminal. What title is it?”

“Insulting royalty.”

“Sirone is… … Have you insulted royalty?”

The file folder Rufist threw fell under the broken desk, but there was no need to read it anyway.

“I committed twenty-three sins. I bet everything I could, such as omitting honorifics, belittling the royal family, molestation, and injury.”

“But isn’t that the problem that Miss Pony decided to deal with when she entered magic school? If you think about it like that, the other students have also committed a crime against Miss Pony.”

“The standards are ambiguous. That would be the case if the person in question only felt shame for Sirone. Being a commoner is really great.”

“I didn’t see him with that personality.”

“I guess so. These are pictures from the heads of politicians.”

“… … I’m going to tame Sirone.”

“okay. I really don’t think I’ll ever graduate. The average trade value of Sirone, set by scouts around the world, is approximately 2.25 billion gold. Apart from research, there are rumors that the Jincheon Empire has prepared 30 billion gold.”

Considering Jincheon’s aggressive behavior in the wizarding world recently, it wasn’t impossible at all.

“If Sirone is released as a free agent, the kingdom will not be able to afford it. Therefore, graduation itself is blocked at the source. They used the rule that those who do not qualify for graduation are not posted on the red line.”

“But it is a risky strategy. Isn’t the red line the only thing Sirone can choose from?”

“If you choose the black line, your family, friends, and everyone involved with it will suffer. The White Line hasn’t added any additional staff in nearly four years. Even if he did, what fool would refuse the kingdom’s offer expecting that he would be number one in the world?”

Sirone certainly set a great record, but Tormia was also just a country from a global perspective.

“It’s a situation where all sides are blocked.”

“The higher up thinks it’s certain, so they push forward. I’m going to ask for a lousy deal in exchange for getting rid of the insult. It must be about 100 million, and the rest goes into the pockets of politicians.”

“It is a bit bitter.”

“I don’t feel good as a wizard either. However, with this method, there is little chance of being taken away by other countries. No matter how we treat it, it is in our interest to strengthen the association’s strength. The negotiating team should have started by now.”


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“Do you think Sirone will readily accept it?”

“You just need to close your eyes and bend once. Then graduation and future as a wizard are guaranteed.”

“Under the system of the Kingdom of Tormia.”

Lufist also knew the reason why Jane was caught.

“He’s a smart guy, so I can only hope he makes a wise choice… … .”

* * *

Returning to school, Nade finds the advanced class students gathered in front of the central bulletin board.

“what? Did something happen?”

As he made his way through the crowd to read the official document, his eyes shook in shock and his body turned around on its own.

“Sirone! Where is Sirone?”

When I opened the door to the dormitory, Iruki and Amy stood by, and Sirone was sitting alone on the bed.

“What happened? Blasphemy against royalty!”

Sirone raised her hand with a tired expression.

“Come on. Did you have fun with Liz-senpai?”

“It doesn’t matter now! What else is graduation cancellation?”

said Iruki.

“Don’t make a fuss. We already did everything when you were gone.”

Nade brought a chair and sat down.

“Why did this suddenly happen?”

“It must be the kingdom’s strategy. Pony sued Sirone. Ogent’s side is preparing an appeal, but it won’t work. Because it is a special trial by royal decree.”

There was life in Ned’s eyes.

“Where is Pony? I will meet you.”

said Amy.

“In the girls’ dormitory. But it’s already under control. The magicians of the Kreas branch of the Magic Association are guarding it fiercely. We almost got arrested when we tried to force entry.”

“The trainee is the problem! No, if you’re as good as Sirone, you can go in without being noticed!”

Sirone laughed bitterly.

“It was not led by Pony. Not that kind of personality. It must have been an order from the family. Iruki thinks it’s a ploy to lower the terms of the contract. So I’m going to wait and see.”

“No, even if I begged you to come, it wouldn’t be enough! gotta figure it out somehow Two of the sons of the highest noble families are friends.”

“It’s a royal order. A title of nobility doesn’t help.”

“Terase! Does that person know you? Even the royal family won’t be able to move if the empire steps forward!”

Iruki shook his head again.

“This is a matter within the kingdom. If Kashan interferes in internal affairs, use that as an excuse to move Gustaf and Jincheon. Do you see what I mean? We are no longer students. It is definitely a real battleground.”

“It’s real, and it’s irrational!”

“Don’t get excited, think calmly. If you are stamped in the kingdom, you can’t do business in this country either. If they get entangled there, Liz-senpai could be harmed too. do you want that?”

When I thought that, my heart sank, and the gigantic reality rushed in for the first time.

“As expected, in exchange for graduation, they will ask for a contract. By holding the family hostage. The best you can do is to raise the terms of the contract as much as possible. After all, Sirone doesn’t think it’s bad to stay in Tormia anyway.”

“Are you going to stay here? Do you look down on me like this?”

Sirone said while holding Amy’s hand.

“I don’t want to leave Amy behind. After all, you become a wizard. You can also get a job at the Magic Association.”

It was impossible to ruin all that happiness at the point where the sensation of the first kiss was still vividly alive.

“Oh really! I’m going to lose my temper!”

Unlike Nade, who had a tantrum, Sirone and Amy just looked at each other with apologetic eyes.

Resisting Wangseong’s decision means accepting that they can’t be together in the future, so they had no choice but to watch out for fear that they would get hurt if they spoke out first.

‘Yes, it’s okay to be a little unreasonable. With Amy… … .’

Because there will be far more happy days than sad days.

Then someone knocked on the door.

“Arian Sirone! It’s a royal decree! Greet the Executive Officer of the Royal Castle Magic Department!”

“I will leave now.”

After finishing her mental preparation, Sirone walked to the door and looked back at her friends.

“See you later. I will ask for your advice when negotiating.”

The entire school had already gathered in a circle in the central plaza, and a golden carriage was standing under escort.

Next to Liman, the Magistrate’s Executive Executor, stood a dried-up Pony with her head bowed.

‘You look thin.’

The wise wizard’s eyes were nowhere to be found, and the eyes were empty as if the soul was missing.

Pony did everything she could to resist the royal family’s decision, but she was also just a member of numerous royal families.

‘I am a puppet. Puppet of bloodline.’

Ignoring Pony’s quivering lips, Lyman read the official document clearly.

“Royal Decree No. 2467! The results of the graduation exam of Ariane Sirone, who committed the serious crime of insulting the royal family, are completely nullified!”

Even in the midst of numerous crimes listed, Sirone just calmly listened.


As expected from Iruki, there was a twist.

“Because the benevolent Pony royal family said they would punish the lowly for their foolish mistakes, get down on your knees and apologize!”

Laiman, who folded the official document, pointed with his finger.

“Come on, get down on your knees and beg, you lowly thing! Put your forehead on the ground and bow down!”

It was the will of the state to tame the sprouts, but Pony, who had become a puppet, wanted to die.

‘I am… … What the hell is it?’

It seemed less embarrassing to be naked than this, and when Sirone’s knees bent, he even felt dizzy.

‘Hmm, surprisingly innocent. that the judgment has already been made. Then 100 million is too much, let’s start with 80 million.’

If I could save 20 million, I would lose about 500,000, and I was thinking of using that money to pay for my daughter’s study abroad.

‘no. I don’t like things like this.’

Watching Sirone’s hand go down to touch the ground, Amy bit her lip.

‘Because of me, because of me… … .’

He wanted to stop it right away, but he couldn’t help himself because he wanted Sirone as well as he did.

“You are a noble royal family.”

Contrary to her rhyme, Sirone, who had been thinking for a long time, slowly straightened her knees and turned her head toward the students.

“I’m sorry, Amy. me… … .”

Amy burst into tears and nodded her head.

“okay. Do it, Sirone.”

Sirone, who was only interested in her consent, opened her mouth as she glared directly at Laiman.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot honor that order. I have done nothing wrong to Pony.”

Laiman raised his eyes in embarrassment.

“What, what?”

Pony, who could not stand the shame, poured out tears, and Iruki muttered with a bitter smile.

“I ended up doing it.”


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