Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 640

[640] People leaving (3)

Nade doubted his eyes.

No matter how he thought about it, there was no reason for Liz to be here, who should have been in the capital’s arsenal.

Of course, that was just Ned’s thoughts, which exploded with emotion, and Sirone calmly grasped the situation.

“Uh, then shall we have another drink?”

“Wait a minute. I have something to point out. How hard do we go through then… … !”

When Iruki pointed with his eyes wide open, Shirone pushed him inside as if to tackle him and shouted.

“Then let’s talk!”

thud! After the door closed, Nade was finally able to accept the reality.

“Why is Liz-senpai here?”

There was only one reason why she came here, but if you ask why, she couldn’t bear to say it.

“that is… … therefore.”

As expected, nothing like a situation in which Nade was welcomed with open arms did not happen, and her thoughts were twisted, and she spat out anything.

“Then he left like that. I’m here to say congratulations. Congratulations on passing the graduation exam.”

He smiled and said it, but his expression and gestures were awkward.

“thank you.”

I thought that maybe a new future could be opened, but my already wounded heart did not open easily.

In front of Nade’s closed door, Liz realized that she could do nothing more.

How long after you broke up with Oscar would you knock on Nade’s door?

“then… … Have fun.”

Nade grabbed Liz by the wrist as she climbed the stairs.

“What if I leave like that?”

Liz shook her wrist as she was about to burst into tears.

“Sorry. wasn’t coming I’ll go.”

“Oh really!”

When Nade didn’t let go of her hand, Liz’s heel caught on the stairs and she fell backwards.


At the same time, Nade, who had been pushed back, threw his back against the basement wall, and Liz hurriedly turned around to examine his body.

“are you okay? Aren’t you hurt?”

Nade looked into Liz’s wet eyes for a long time without answering.

“Can I not go?”

Liz shook her head and finally buried her face in Nade’s arms, unable to hold back her tears.

“Am I a very bad person?”

“It is not so. It was Mr. Oscar who betrayed you first.”

“still… … Anyway, this is weird.”

“I do.”

Nade grabbed Liz by the shoulder and pushed him away slowly.

“So, just this one time, it gets weird. I will never make you a strange woman again.”

A huge sense of relief came over her, as if the war had ended, and Liz cried out.

“Sorry! I’m sorry, Nade.”

Sabina, who looked down from the first floor to see Nade rubbing Liz’s back, turned away with a sad expression.

“let’s go. We have to train again tomorrow.”

“okay. Let’s fight mindlessly.”

Following Sabina, Closer placed a firm hand on her shoulder.

The graduation party lasted well past midnight, and it wasn’t until 4:00 in the morning that it hit the waves.

While most of them fell on the table and fell asleep, Sirone and the others left the party in a drunken state.

Nade, who escaped the crowd holding Liz’s hand, looked back at his friends and said.

“I’ll take senior Liz and go. You guys go in first.”

Everyone knew he wouldn’t be back today, but no one said it.

The graduation exam was over anyway, so it didn’t matter what I did.

“okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As Nade left with Liz, Seriel realized something and slapped Amy on the back.

“Then I’ll go back to my inn.”

It was Seriel who had set up an inn in the city.

“this time? Don’t do that, go to sleep in my room.”

‘Anyway, since I’m a loyalist… … .’

It was lovely to see him like that, but at least for today, as a friend, he should have avoided it.

“it’s okay. I have to go up early tomorrow. You can see it at the graduation ceremony anyway.”

“Still, it’s dangerous to be alone… … .”

To say that night roads are dangerous for a licensed wizard is not appropriate, but emotionally it was a different matter.

“I’ll take you.”

When Iruki, who was sober, spoke, Seriel chimed in.

“That will do. If it’s Iruki, then I can be at ease.”

“… … what does it mean?”

“Come on, come on! It’s late, so let’s go quickly.”

Seriel, who was pushing away from Iruki, suddenly looked back and winked.

“Congratulations, Amy.”

Amy, who knew the meaning of the wink, blushed, but it was already too late to argue.

Unlike usual, when the friends left and only the two of them were left, the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

“Would you like a little walk? Let’s get drunk too.”

As expected, Sirone didn’t ask to go in right away, and Amy nodded nervously.

“Is that so?”

The two strolled through the garden, each lost in thought, and sat side by side on a bench lit by crystal lights.

“Haa, this is the last time I walk here.”

“I know. I ran for today, but honestly, I never thought this day would come.”

Amy asked, turning her head.

“What are you going to do?”

“huh? what?”

“I think you went too far. Perhaps scouting proposals will come from all over the world. Tormia Kingdom, are you leaving?”

The criterion for selection would be the future, but what Amy really wanted to hear was the future between the two of them.

Knowing that this is a matter that cannot be easily answered, Amy was the first to get lucky.

“I think I will stay in Tormia. I will prepare for a public official for a year and submit an application for enlistment in the magic unit.”

The Karmis family was the first-class aristocrat of Tormia, and it was difficult to accept a proposal from another country in such a position.

“But Sirone, I want you to do what you want. Even if we go to another country, we… … .”

“I’m not going.”


Scouts are the inner thoughts of the unknown person, but they had to be honest with Amy.

“If you stay in the kingdom, I will stay too.”

“Bah, you idiot. It’s such an easy decision to make… … .”

“I like you, Amy.”

Amy’s heart started beating like crazy.

“I will join the Tormia Kingdom Magic Association. and with you… … .”

Thinking that it would be premature to talk about the distant future, Sirone asked with a smile.

“What do you think? If I stay in Tormia Kingdom to be with you.”

“You fool! That’s it, of course… … !”

Is it possible to limit the future because of love, with so many possibilities right in front of you?

But today, my head couldn’t win over my heart.

“It’s good. I like you too, Sirone.”

As soon as the consent was given, a thrill of joy flooded in.

“Amy… … .”

Amy, not having the courage to look at the slowly approaching sirone, eventually closed her eyes.

The emotions between the two were cautious, as if walking on thin ice, but the feeling of their lips touching was so surprising.

silence. Static again.

A night that seemed like it would never end was passing by.

* * *

The data of the graduation exam held at the same time at the magic school under the Red Line was spreading to magic associations around the world at a frightening speed.

It is no exaggeration to say that the infrastructure of the red line, which is based on the country, is wrapped around the planet, so the black line and the white line were also alert on the day of the graduation exam.

Some students will choose the black line, but entering the white line was not an option.

It was literally the hall of intellect where the world’s best wizards gathered, and they were the rulers of the magical world who did not even pay attention to the name of genius.

Above the border between the Kashan Empire and the Gustaf Empire, there is an ice zone that can be reached by passing through the Ice Sea.

People called that place the North Pole, and there was an ivory tower called the tip of magic built here, as cold as intelligence.

No matter where you start in the world, it’s the furthest place on the planet in a sense, but it only took half a day for the Red Line’s graduation exam data to arrive.

“Hmm, that sounds interesting.”

An old man was walking along the middle of a hallway wide enough to see that it was blocked by a wall in the distance.

Araka, the head of the Ivory Tower’s internal affairs.

He is 117 years old this year and has never been outside since becoming a resident of the Ivory Tower at the age of 16.

The Ivory Tower is a city with so many people working there, but only a few can go outside.

In the tower, they are referred to as stars and a surname is added in front of their full name, and in exceptional cases, there are people who work on a fixed-term basis by signing a separate agreement.

A representative example is Armin of the Gwangan, but considering that his magic is unique in the world, this case can be said to be rare in history.

Therefore, the title of Sungseong means that it is trusted by all the residents of the Ivory Tower, which cannot be compared with any power in the world, and it is a shackle that must not deviate from the orbital cycle of the intellect.

Currently, there are 27 people who have received the title of stars in the Ivory Tower, and they are solving superhuman difficulties by traveling around the world with aides called satellites.

The reason why not only the kingdom but even the empire are paying attention to the power of a single tower is because all the residents are wizards walking on the cutting edge.

And today, Araka had a list of candidates to become the new stars of the Ivory Tower.

“Taesung, I have something to report to you.”

When Araka reached the platform and uttered a voice, the light wrapped around him and moved his body into the sky.

Taeseong lives at the top of a tower, but the tower was an artificial planet that rotates just like a planet outside the atmosphere.

Out of the window, the universe stretches out, and if you look down, the continents of the planet stretch out like a map.

A beginner would understand the meaning of scale just by coming here, but Araka didn’t even turn his head and went straight ahead.

Upon arriving at the main gate of the Temple of Earth, a man who seemed to have only bones left was floating in the air with his cross-legged seat.

“It’s been a while, Araka-san. It’s been 1,273 days. Is it time for a new star to rise?”

It was Mahagartha, the Buddha (the enlightened one), one of the five stars that shine the most in the Ivory Tower.

“Bright Odaeseong, after a while, candidates for stars have appeared. Is Taeseong inside?”

“That’s something I don’t know. However, if you allowed the perforation, how about going in?”

Light emanated from Mahagaruta’s open eyes and enveloped the world, and the landscape changed in an instant.

Earth Temple.

If you look at the universe from this place surrounded by hemispherical glass, you will forget that the ivory tower has taken root in mankind.

“What do you mean by that, Araka?”

Taeseong was nowhere to be seen, but Araka prostrated himself at her voice.

“We received data from graduates of magic schools around the world. We have selected 10 candidates worthy of the title of star, so please refer to it.”

“Since they are still immature, what is there to refer to? It’s enough to give the title of star to the most outstanding person. Did you come to me just because of this?”

The Ivory Tower selects only the world’s No. 1 prospects, and, befitting its sharp standard, it does not even consider anything other than potential.

“Taesung, this time is a little different.”


Araka raised her head and said.

“For the first time in the human world, more than 90 percent of graduates have appeared.”

I thought the wind was blowing, but as the air gathered, a woman dressed in snow-white clothes appeared.

“Ninety percent.”

The voice that came out of the nurturing was also clear.

Araka walked to his knees and submitted the list.

“Please see and rate for yourself.”

It was a list of the 10 best prospects in the world right now.

1st. La Enemie (age 19): 98.7 percent.

Special Note: Incarnation Reincarnation.

2nd place. Dahlia Nane (age 17): 89.4 percent.

Specifics: None.

3rd place. Jin Voice (20 years old): 89.2%.

Special Note: Unlocker – Aether Wave.

4th place. Ariane Sirone (age 19): 88.9 percent.

Peculiarities: Unlocker – Particles of God.

5th place. Tona Jett, 18: 84.3 percent.

Specifics: None.

6th place. Wena Wizard (4 years old): 79.1 percent.

Special note: maternal awakening.

7th place. Galmun Claude (25 years old): 78.8 percent.

Special note: Eating out on a regular basis.

8th place. Levon Priya (22): 78.6 percent.

Specifics: None.

9th. Skye Weego, 20: 78.5 percent.

Special: Unlocker-Scale.

10th place. Muttal Trimone (age 19): 74.2 percent.

Specifics: None.


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