Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 638

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[638] People leaving (1)

The administrator broadcasted on a business trip, but many people who had the afterglow of the graduation exam still couldn’t leave.

Baikal was also collecting the voices of scouts from other countries while maintaining its position.

As expected, the name that came out the most on their lips was Sirone, and Elizabeth was proud of that.

“It is worth coming to Alpheas Magic School. I don’t know how the exams have been in other areas, but it probably won’t get as much attention as here.”

Now the scouts’ job is to write a report.

A detailed evaluation of all 30 people will be written, and after classification according to rank, submit it to the association, and the royal castle’s Ministry of Magic will set the terms of the contract and enter into full-scale negotiations.

“Sirone must be caught. Scouts from other countries have already taken action. You will be preparing a huge down payment and options.”

“We still have a chance. According to the red line agreement, the Ministry of Magic in the country has priority in negotiating for students produced by their country’s schools.”

Even if it was an international student from another country, it was the same.

“It won’t be easy to convince Sirone. You have definitely put your skills into practice. If the negotiating veto is invoked and announced on the red line, contract terms will be raised competitively in countries around the world. He has no reason to accept it.”

“… … I calculated this from the beginning and went to the graduation exam. Now the position has been reversed.”

Lara said.

“We need to drastically raise the terms of the kingdom’s highest contract, not just renew it. If you think that offers will come from the Empire, you will never lose money.”

Elizabeth agreed.

“If it’s reasonable, Sirone wouldn’t want to leave Tormia. After all, it’s where I’ve lived my whole life.”

It is not easy to leave a place with a history of life.

“That reasonable level is the problem. Breakthroughs are also established based on experience. The current kingdom’s highest annual salary is 24 million gold, which was signed 10 years ago. Aside from the extra benefits and options, there was a lot of talk among the nobility. After all, I was just a graduate without an official license.”

If it was 24 million gold, it was an amount that an unofficial wizard with average economic activities in Tormia’s mercenary guild could not earn even if he worked for 10,000 years.

It was an income gap that was unconvincing even considering the enormous value magic created.

It was the uniqueness of the magic field created by the exclusivity of the manpower base where no alternative industry could exist, the problems directly related to national defense, and the competitive spirit of countries around the world integrated into the red line network.

In fact, it was a common sentiment in each country to want to hold on to a world-famous wizard, even if it cost billions of gold a year.

“However, the party to the contract easily passed the official certification and is now the commander of the kingdom’s guard magic unit. If it’s enough to renew the highest contract, public recognition is not a problem.”

“Then how much do you offer? 1 million? 10 billion? Empire can pay. It’s not because Sirone’s magic is 100 or 1,000 times stronger. It’s because it’s a magic that only Sirone can do. If you beat them with money, the kingdom is no match.”

Veteran Baikal’s prediction is probably correct.

“First of all, you will have to offer more than money in the negotiations. Since he said he was a commoner, giving him a noble title is one way. But I’m skeptical that the Ministry of Magic will do that.”

“Why? Of course you have to catch Sirone, don’t you?”

“I think so because we are mages and scouts. There are many things to think about in various ways, such as the resistance of nobles and the elimination of royal ponies. It’s politics from now on.”

Baikal’s wrinkles deepened.

“And politics always betrays individual common sense.”

* * *

Participants who took a break in the waiting room left the Colosseum only after the audience had left their seats.

The audience, who had not yet left school, applauded from afar, and numerous parents looked around in search of their children.


Sirone found Olina and Vincent standing with the Ogent family and ran to them.


Of course, Olina was the first to hug her, and she wept profusely as she buried her face in her now grown-up son’s chest.

“Was it hard? Are you not hurt anywhere?”

Even after crossing the huge mountain of passing the graduation exam, Sirone’s simple nature of taking care of her child’s health first brought tears to her eyes.

“It’s okay, Mom. sorry.”

I didn’t want to show a fierce fight.

“Good job. You really worked hard, Sirone.”

Lian and Raina watched with delighted expressions as Vincent hugged his son and wife at the same time.

Amy’s mother, Isis, pointed to the Colosseum as other participants were also reunited with their parents.

“Here is Amy.”

I couldn’t read the emotions on the face that seemed lost in thought or dazed.

“Amy, here you are.”

Hearing Isis’ voice, Amy suddenly came to her senses and approached with her head bowed.

4th place in the final graduation ranking.

Although she took the top spot, it was unclear whether her pride, which had never missed first place since she was young, would be accepted.

“I’m worried. I must have been greedy because I even did it.”

Amy’s father, Shakora, spoke solemnly.

“Don’t frown. Pretending not to know is helping.”

Amy stopped in front of the two of them, bowed her head, and shook her shoulders.

“mom. dad.”

When she didn’t know what to say, she made a V with her hands while shedding tears.

“me… … You did it. I passed.”

Shakora, who was so moved, couldn’t control her emotions and hugged her daughter.

“okay! Great job, my daughter! you are the best!”

It’s 4th place now, but that doesn’t mean it will be 4th place forever.

How burdensome the second test must have been with the Karmis family’s honor on their backs.

‘This is the beginning, Amy! Be proud of what you’ve done!’

If you did your best and were satisfied, the child’s rank was not important to the parents.

“My daughter passed!”

Isis blushed as Shakora lost face and shouted.

“Honey, don’t do it. Like an outstretched arm… … .”


Amy wiped away her tears with a sniffle and smiled brightly.


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Unlike the Karmis family, which overflowed with family love, the members of the Mercodyne family were calm.

“I never expected you to graduate from school. My hair looks rusty now.”

At the first word of the albino, Arganes stabbed him in the side.

“Is that what you say to your son? Congratulations, Iruki.”

Arganes respected his son, and Iruki just nodded.

Although she was definitely a mother who grew up drinking milk, Mercodyne’s blood separates emotions and reason, so it was difficult for Arganes to deal with her son as he grew older.

“You sure rusted. Can I open it up and clean it for you?”


The albino, who shook his shoulders at the impersonal joke typical of a Mercodyne, asked while touching his nose.

“Okay, what are you going to do now? If you really want to wash my hair, I won’t dry it.”

Iruki looked back at the Colosseum.

“I was satisfied enough. I will go to the dragon mine.”

The corners of the albino’s mouth rose meaningfully.

Machines use and discard, but humans replicate.

If it was Iruki, he wouldn’t be lacking as his successor.

“Are you okay? This floor isn’t too hard. I think being a wizard is a good life.”

“You said you were satisfied.”

It was enough to ask him twice to confirm his resolve.

“Graduate and come to the capital. Don’t get ready.”

Each family has a different disposition, but in the end, they are a family.

And on the other hand, a family that was worse than others was facing an awkward reunion.


Ballroom shook hands, but Nade turned his head away as if he didn’t want to say anything.

Ballroom, who withdrew his embarrassing hand, pushed his wife’s back and said.

“You say something too.”

Teria glared at him terribly, but Nade wasn’t as scared as before.

Because you have the freedom to do anything.

“Are you going to be a wizard?”

Even if she wasn’t interested in her son, she was a quick-witted terria about which wizard was making a lot of money.

Of course, he knew that if he was second in the graduation exam, he could hit the jackpot on the down payment.

“no. I won’t be a wizard. There is no association that would take a guy like me.”

Teria’s expression crumpled.

“What the hell are you, why did we send you to magic school… … !”

“I get it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.”

Teria raised her eyes at Ballroom’s words.

“honey! What are you talking about!”

“You stop too. We didn’t do well either. yes Nade. If you’re not a wizard, what are you going to do next?”

Even though they don’t want to mix a word, it’s family that opens their mouths nonetheless.

“I’m not quitting right away, and even if I’m not a public official, I’m going to do some work because I’m qualified. After that, I want to save money and open an alchemy shop. In my name, not West.”

The words were full of denial and distrust of the family, but Ballroom nodded and took out a document from his inside pocket.

“Take it. It is a land left to give to you someday. Sell ​​it and use it to open the shop.”

Nade raised his head with a puzzled expression, but Teria was more surprised than that.

“honey! How could you not consult me… … ! No, before that, where did you get this money from?”

“It’s not your money. not my money Grandpa left you So don’t worry and take it.”

“You say that now! How do we live now!”

Ballroom took Nade’s hand and squeezed the document into it.

“There are opportunities for people. Maybe this is your last chance to be a parent.”

Nade looked at the envelope with his grandfather’s signature on it and handed it to Teria without emotion.

“take it. I don’t need it.”

The unexpected words drained the blood from Teria’s face.

“I want to do it alone in the future. So my mother writes. The money that went into me… … I will pay you back someday.”

Terria, who had to put out the fire urgently, had no choice but to accept it, but her pride was shattered.

“Are you going to cut ties? Are you saying you’ll never see me again?”

“It’s not like that. I’ll see you when things settle down. Take a look.”

Teria spoke softly the moment Nade turned around.

“… … I was going to go.”

Nade’s steps stopped.

“I was going to go back too.”

“i know.”

For the first time in his life, Nade could smile in front of his mother.

“Do not worry. Because I am not afraid anymore.”

I will not resent anyone or hate the world.

When we swim desperately to land, perhaps the day will come when we will laugh heartily.

While Nade sent his parents away, Sirone was having a long-awaited reunion with Lian.

“Thank you, Lian. I heard you.”

If it wasn’t for Lian’s prowess, he would still be wandering in the hell of the apocalypse.

“ha ha ha! Of course you should! You will be surprised how strong I have become!”

I could feel that I wasn’t the Lian I knew before, just by the aura that emanated from me.

“In that sense… … .”

Ryan said with his eyes shining.

“Let’s fight with swords. Revenge for past defeats… … ouch!”

Reina couldn’t stand it and slapped the back of her head.

“Everything you think is childish? What does it matter now?”

“This is an important matter for me! I have to defeat Sirone!”

‘It’s still the same.’

Despite his large body, Lian was Lian.

“Rian, I can’t defeat you with my sword anymore.”

Embarrassed, Lian cleared her throat.

“No, I didn’t want an answer like that… … .”


Sirone laughed and said.

“I wish you well in the future.”

It was the answer I really wanted to hear.

“Of course, Sirone.”

Cut down anyone who threatens Sirone.

It was the first article of law inscribed in the Kingdom of Faith.


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