Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 629

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[629] Two Systems (2)

Within the Force Dimension, Sirone dominates space and time, and no one seemed to be able to break the absoluteness of that dimension.

Sirone and Fermi were two huge axes that controlled the battlefield, and the goals of the participants could not be thought of without them.

“It is tight. Syrone and Fermi, both are unwavering.”

Etella replied to Shiina’s words.

“It is Fermi who is facing more numbers. Conversely, it can be seen that the participants are more reluctant to Sirone.”

Alpheas, who was sitting crookedly, raised one corner of his mouth.

“The water has risen. That I am the strongest.”

When those words first came out of Sirone’s mouth, no teacher would have doubted their ears.

“I have already broken through the limits of tension. He probably has no thoughts other than passing.”


Alpheas’ thoughts were different from Olivia’s.

“I don’t even have that in my head.”

As the 200 light widths overlap, they pulsate through a wall of material that cannot even be described as a mass wave, and Conger and Frings stumble.

‘It looks like it was hit by a lump of metal.’

In reality, the body would have been smashed first.


Canis, who cast Limit of Abyss, rushed in with a temporary immortal function.

‘Win! In the name of Master!’

As the huge dark worm, which was embodied as a member of the dark circle, attacked in an arch, Sirone’s movements stopped.


Foltar flinched, but Maze was relaxed.

“It’s not a rhythm that will be broken like this.”

A crack opened in the dark worm’s shadow, and a beam of light exploded, completely dispelling the darkness.

“A triumph of strength.”

Arin’s mind, which cast mind control, was destroyed as it was counterattacked by Geumgangtae’s spirit.

“The Triumph of Mental Power.”

The Shining Chain destroyed all of Conger’s steel wires and flew in, striking his stomach.

“The Triumph of Delicacy.”

The homing photon cannon flew around the ice wave and bombarded the springs without mercy.

“The Triumph of Sensitivity.”

Baikal’s evaluation made Elizabeth shudder.

“It dominates in all areas.”

The situation of subduing competitors’ organs with the same organs came unrealistic to scouts.

“Why wasn’t there any resentment?”

Because it was Alpheas, who was once called a genius, he was able to understand Sirone’s heart.

“Why didn’t you want to give up? That he is a human too.”

Sirone, who single-handedly pushed the enemies, fired a photon cannon while biting her molars.

‘I can’t be a wizard!’

There were 20 years of thinking.


-Participation number 6. 2,000 broke away from the system.

Starting with Konger losing consciousness, Sirone’s flashes rushed in even faster.

– Participation number 12. 2,000 broke away from the system.

Canis collapses.

– Participation number 8. 2,000 broke away from the system.

Arin knelt down.

“My mental strength continues to recover. 46 percent. 48 percent.”

The three elements of mind, spirit, and body circulated endlessly around the incarnation, forming infinite power.

“I guess you’re asking if I really did my best.”

The albino said with a meaningful smile.

“I think you’re asking me if I know how long I’ve lived.”

Elizabeth’s voice rose.

“Participation number 18! 20 times! You’re eliminated!”

Binder and Suabi, who were swallowed up by the Force Dimension, fell unconscious from Sirone’s blow.

‘They’re all dying, it’s just.’

Luman escaped the Force Dimension as if he were running away, and Frings, the only survivor within the rhythm of Sirone, did not dare to approach twice.

“Things are getting interesting.”

Miro’s eyes turned to Fermi.

‘What are you going to do? Then you… … Are they really eaten?’

If Syrone got his system through, perhaps all the participants would open fire on Fermi.

‘Hmm, is this a graduation test?’

Even so, Fermi was relaxed, and frowned as if he was fed up with Hercy, who was driving him.

“What a monster.”

Even though Lichen and Richard, former members of the Golden Ring, joined, the situation was still under Fermi’s control.

At that moment, Fermi’s cold gaze was aimed at Hersy.

“It’s kids’ play. Like two thousand times.”

Calamity Magic – Black Death (Black Death).


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Black smoke rose from Fermi’s body and spread in all directions.

“what… … !”

The teachers jumped up and the Scout’s eyes widened.

“Isn’t that black magic?”

“I know it has already been lost.”

It was the magic of Carnes, the sorceress of the black line who once traveled around the world and slaughtered as many as 3 million people.

Fermi tore his mouth wickedly.

“This is the power of money.”

Smoke spread as if an explosion had occurred in the center, and black demons came out from the outside of the cumulus cloud.

“damage! If you get caught, it’s over!”

All participants escaped the smoke, but only a few escaped the demon.

“No. 15 (closer) eliminated! No. 23 (Hercy) eliminated! No. 13 (Dorothy) is eliminated! Number 19 (Pandora) eliminated!”

At the same time, with four players eliminated, scouts began to review the rules.

“Can I use black magic?”

In reality, the participants who were possessed by evil spirits would have died in the pain of rotting flesh.

“There is no problem with the regulations as long as two thousand times can be implemented. However, it is a magic that has been banned from the red line, so I think there will be some talk later.”

Lara said.

“Black Death is evil because it cannot be targeted arbitrarily. So it is strong. The dropouts will be furious.”

“I can’t see it being particularly unlucky.”

Said Baikal, looking at Sirone and Fermi alternately.

“Anyway, they were the ones who chose number one.”

As the effect of Black Death disappeared, the battle entered a lull.

It was because the minds of the participants were complicated while 9 people were eliminated due to the attack of Sirone and Fermi.

‘Now there are 16 survivors left.’

Graduation was guaranteed if six more students fell.

‘For me to come all the way here.’

That’s why Maya, who had to earn the stigma of being the first to drop out of the graduation exam every year, had a pounding heart.

She felt that she benefited from the interlocking of Fermi and Sirone’s systems, but it was not a major issue for her.

“Chief, I think your sister might pass.”

The mystery tribesmen sitting in the corner of the audience seat gathered their hands together with desperate eyes.

“Maya… … .”

Although he was unfamiliar with magic, he could confirm that Maya’s skills were inferior even with the chief’s eyes.

‘Poor kid.’

Maya is a genius, but the place she was meant to be was not on a battlefield where cool-headedness reigns.

‘I will definitely pass.’

For the sake of the people of her tribe, she could accept her fate as much as she wanted, but the reality was harsh.


‘I have to eliminate Maya first.’

Eliminating the weakest Maya in a situation where the probability of acceptance increases dramatically even if only one person falls is the standard.

As Fishaw, Luman, and Sabina attacked from three directions, Maya felt her eyes go dark.

‘I can’t fall from here!’

With desperate determination, Cayden blocked Maya’s way and started attacking the three.


The most incomprehensible thing about this graduation exam was Cayden’s response.

I heard rumors that the faction led by Fermi was disbanded, but the biggest reason she was able to come this far because of her poor skills is because Caden always appeared at the decisive moment and preoccupied the position.

‘It must be a coincidence.’

There was no reason for Caden to fight for himself, whom he was not particularly close to, in the graduation exam, where personal feelings were not allowed.

“The confrontation structure is getting complicated.”

It was the biggest turning point in the graduation exam, and it was the point at which the distinction between peers truly disappeared.

‘Rapid Stream!’

Dark blue water whirled around Pony and violently swept it in all directions.

‘Mother, are you watching? To see your daughter carve out a future for herself.’

“Gross weight 4.2 tons. Torrent coefficient 3.3. Kinetic energy per unit area is 983 water per cubic meter.”

Elizabeth analyzed it, but Baikal did not answer.

“Please evaluate. Currently only 11 ratings are unrecorded.”

“… … It is S.”


Lara turned her head in surprise.

“There was an order from above.”

Pony was royalty.

“but… … .”

“The powers of the royal family exceed those of the Society. Write it as S.”

Baikal was also not to my liking.

“It is the reality of royal rule. Don’t analyze number 11 from now on. No matter what grade you give, all magical institutions under the kingdom will bow their heads and take you there.”

“… … All right.”

As Lara wrote in the notebook, Baikal added a word.

“Of course, I have to pass first, but I mean.”

In a situation where the final 10th place was in sight, it was a foolish choice to challenge Sirone and Fermi, and there was still no dropout in the fierce battle of notice.

‘For now, graduation is confirmed.’

Having already grasped the situation, Fermi traversed the chaotic battlefield, waiting for others to self-destruct.


Then, the flashes of the Photon Cannon rushed in.

‘Ghost Movement!’

He tilted his upper body with an automatic response algorithm and saw Sirone flying into his eyes.

‘Fermi. I won’t pass as much as you.’

Seeing Sirone’s thoughts, Fermi’s eyes filled with wickedness.

‘As expected, he’s an excellent idiot!’

The audience’s attention was focused when the two people who received the S grade in the scout’s evaluation collided head-on.

There could be no disagreement about Fermi’s ability to use numerous high-level magic like magic and deal with the Quantum Super Position.

“It’s definitely number one.”

The more that happened, the more Sirone’s anger grew.

‘I can’t forgive you!’

All of Fermi’s magic was purchased from the defeat of the students who did their best for six years.

‘Yes, I know. You must hate me.’

Imagining Sirone’s fury, Fermi conjured up an even more sinister idea in a chilling shudder.

‘If blocking the opponent’s desire is victory… … .’

Disaster Magic – Black Death.

‘I’ll pass the exam with a smile, Sirone!’

Black smoke rose, and evil spirits born from the evil energy spread out in all directions.

If 6 people were eliminated here, even if Sirone killed herself, she would not be able to prevent her from passing.


As many as 200 sirones cast Dark Ball at the same time, Black Death’s smoke rotated like a whirlpool and was sucked in.

‘You’re really struggling, Sirone.’

Fermi snorted and charged at Sirone.

‘Yeah, but you can’t drop me. Any magic other than ataraxia won’t work.’

At that moment, the incarnation of a light angel rose hugely from Sirone’s body, which destroyed the Force Dimension.

“I-what is that?”

The eyes of the onlookers widened at the sight of the incarnation, which had only spread over time, revealing its true nature for the first time.

‘more! Faster!’

As the sequence raced at a terrifying speed, the light angel spread its wings and soared high into the sky.

“Finally integrated.”

Miro’s eyes twinkled.

It was the moment when the true art of incarnation, the particle of God, Sirone’s omniscience, was grafted onto the incarnation of the light angel.

The light angel who flew up to the top of the Colosseum lifted his spear and aimed it at the ground. As the time machine was converted into a space machine, tremendous kinetic energy began to be concentrated on the spear.

‘What is that again?’

Fermi, who was looking up at the light angel blankly, realized something and cast teleportation.

“Sir… … !”

Incarnation – Angelic Punishment.

The spear pierced by the light angel ran at a speed that the eye could not keep up with, connecting the beginning and end of the coordinates with a line of light.


At the same time, Fermi’s body, which had been moving in a flash of light, was pierced by a spear of light, like a fish pierced by a harpoon.

“I plugged it in while teleporting!”

The terminal speed beyond common sense, and the power generated by that speed sprinted, leaving a tail of 0 on Elizabeth’s retinas.

12,000,000 crashes.


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