Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 622

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[622] Scout Reporting (3)

“What is that?”

Elizabeth answered Baikal’s question.

“This is the Ultima system. According to reports… … .”

“I know what. The question is, how can there be multiple centers of concentration?”

Because it’s an Ultima system.

You just have to accept the incomprehensible state, but it was a difficult situation for the scout who had to analyze everything.

“We changed the system to maximize the impact. That must be something that can only be done 27 times.”

‘I did it. I did it.’

Sirone, who had annihilated the enemy in time, fell to her knees.

‘I need to restore my mind.’

Just when I thought so, I heard a shocking guidance voice.

– Enter the 6th stage of self-denial survival.


Not only Sirone, but all the participants who were not paying attention opened their eyes wide and looked around.

“Whoops, it’s not that easy.”

Where the voice was heard, Fermi was standing there holding the werewolf’s neck.

kurrrrr… … .

If even one survives, it is regarded as an extinction failure, and the next stage is entered immediately.


The werewolf’s head was cut off by Fermi’s air cut.

“Fermi… … .”

Sirone gritted his teeth and stood up.

How would you feel when you found out that an oasis in the desert was actually a mirage?

“Good judgment.”

Baikal liked Fermi’s strategy.

“You understand the system of self-denial survival. It’s a strategy to weaken Sirone’s strength while using her combat power.”

“You have a cold disposition.”

Baikal’s gaze returned after taking Elizabeth.

“That is a wizard. If Sirone is a wizard from the enemy country, who in the kingdom of Tormia can’t clap for Fermi?”

The moment the words were finished, a feast of powerful magic that was incomparable to the past unfolded in the Colosseum.

“It’s finally the 5th tier of Ma.”

Statistically, the section where 90 percent of the final 15 people were selected was the sixth stage.

oh oh!

When two hundred three-meter-tall golems stood up from the ground, their vision was completely blocked.

The demon Lamia of the Middle East wriggled the lower body of the snake, and the mercenary soldiers equipped with weapons and turned the ghastly skulls.


As the Griffon with the face of an eagle and the body of a lion folded its wings and rushed to the ground, Maria pushed the mark.

“Damage, Mark!”

The claws on the griffon’s single leg raked Mark’s back as if it were scratching them.

Maria’s recovery magic continued, but Mark’s mind had already fallen to the bottom.

‘This… … Nonsense.’

Watching the contestants fighting on a battlefield teeming with monsters, I couldn’t believe it was real.

‘How can I still survive?’

If Sirone hadn’t cleaned the enemies with her multiple beams, she wouldn’t have been able to go up to level 6.

“Mark, let’s stop. I am really going to die like this.”

The synchro rate of 2,000 times is 100%.

Even the physical shock received from Kreacher is converted into mental shock, but in actual combat, he would have already died.

“It’s not over yet. No one was eliminated!”

It is true that he challenged with the goal of passing the exam, but it was seen as half a success if he was confident in his skills.

‘It can’t be this different! I’ve come this far by working hard with the determination to die!’

If he gave up like this, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in the future, so Mark concentrated his mind with all his might.

“Earth filler!”

The thick pillar struck the golem, but the giant, weighing over 1 ton, broke the pillar and approached.


As the golems raised their arms wide and took a stance to strike down, Mark wrapped his arms around Maria and twisted his back.


At the same time, a flash of teleportation landed in front of them, and Sirone cast a berserk.

The golem’s body trembled and disintegrated into dirt as if it had been ground in a grinder.


Maria greeted hastily.

“thank you.”


Sirone did not look back at them.

“yes? Hey, thank you for helping me… … .”

“I didn’t help. It saved me.”

At the last moment, if Mark had persisted, the two would have already lost their lives.

“scram. stop giving up.”


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Mark shouted with his eyes lit.

“It can’t be! At least one competitor… … !”

“get out!”

Mark’s shoulders twitched.

“There are no second chances. If you want to die, do it yourself. But don’t hold other people’s ankles.”

“Seniors… … .”

Mark watched Sirone disappear into the battlefield and lowered his head sadly.


It was the heart of a senior who couldn’t bear to see his beloved junior die.


The mercenary soldiers clashed with iron-strength jaws and came running with antique-like swords raised.


At Maria’s words, Mark nodded, and the two of them simultaneously said the keyword to leave the battlefield.


The sight of the mercenaries lowering their swords disappeared in an instant.

“Numbers 29 and 30 have left the battlefield.”

“It is natural. Due to my lack of experience, my skills are too immature to be considered seniors.”

It was Baikal that had not been evaluated from the beginning.

“Still, the final evaluation should be written in the report. Shall we give it an F grade?”


Baikal did not break its stubbornness.

“Write that down.”

“yes yes.”

Lara sighed and brandished her pen.

The 10 minutes of the 6th stage of self-denial survival were nearing the end with two dropouts.

Nevertheless, more than half of the creatures survived, and the faces of the participants were clearly tired.

– Enter the 7th stage of self-denial survival.

When the voice of the 2,000th system was heard, everyone’s focus was shaken.

“28 survivors. I’ve never seen one go into level 7 with this number.”

In Alliance vs. Enmity, if the majority of the players choose Enmity, the selection of 15 will naturally be faster.

However, there have been occasional cases where everyone has reached the 7th stage in a spirit of harmony and focus on completing the mission.

“Anyway, it will end here.”

The 4th tier lineup was a creature called the king of a certain species, and it was also a being at the top of the continental food chain.


As the King of the Desert Basilisk roared, the audience’s faces turned pale.

With a body length of 12 meters, a weight of 40 tons, and a thick tail, it was powerful enough to annihilate a squad of human troops in one blow.


The Ogre, the king of the forest, roared and expanded its size to 4 meters, and in the sky, a gigantic Wyvern covered the sky with its leather wings, radiating flames into the Colosseum.

“This… … It’s hell.”

Eighty-seven Tier 4 monsters combined with hundreds of surviving monsters from Tier 6 was a sight that could never be seen in this world.

“Sheesh! Sirone, what the hell are you thinking?”

As the Wyvern’s flame burned the ground and rushed, Canis defended it by raising the Shadow Wall.

“Quack! Humans, you made something fun.”

After muttering that, Harvest pulled out the dragon soldier’s skull and transmitted his voice through the mental channel.

– What are you going to do? Now is your chance to be active.

– I don’t know yet. Look at Sirone.

-Dark magic’s long-term defense is not bad, so it’s not bad to endure. I think 15 people will be selected here anyway.

“Canis! are you okay?”

The golems blocking Canis’ path shattered with a thud.

Three ogres standing tall came into Canis’ eyes after reaping the Shadow Wall.


Arin ran between the ogre’s legs.

“At least I caught them with simple minds. With this, you can last for three minutes.”

Her judgment was also on the defensive side.

“Hoo? mind control?”

Baikal’s eyes turned lively.

“Psychoactivity levels are out of the human range. It’s amazing that you took control of three tier 4 ogres.”

I saw the sight of the three ogres guarding Arin, madly destroying the enemies.

“Your mental fluidity is incredible.”

“It’s my personal opinion, but I hope you get it from the kingdom. He is a talented person who does not want to be taken away by other countries.”


If everyone was as clear as Arin, there would be no conflict between scouts.

‘In contrast… … .’

Baikal’s gaze followed Sirone.

He was still fighting with high numbers, but he didn’t see the acceleration of his magical energy as strong as before.

“Is this just the picture you wanted?”

Sirone’s face was pale as if the blood had dried up, and the focus of her eyes was gradually blurring.

‘I need a break… … .’

It was not a creature that could be knocked down in a distracted state, and its power declined over time.

‘a little bit… … If you can rest… … .’

The Photon Cannon still stretched out violently, but the encirclement of the enemies was rather narrowing.

“Iruki, Sirone seems very tired.”

Nade flew to Iruki and said.

“… … so?”

“Let us help. I need to give you a little rest.”

The fact that they are a team remains the same, but Iruki had a different idea from Nade.

“It’s what Sirone decided. We don’t have to step out until we ask for help.”

“But if you do that, you’re really eliminated!”

“Even so, it cannot be done. If you have the mind to care about others, how about taking care of yourself first?”

Nade bit his molars while watching Iruki, who was teleporting away.

‘damn! This guy and that guy… … !’

Friends who had been laughing and chatting until yesterday felt colder than others during the graduation exam.


The photon cannon that was disturbing Sirone’s eyes suddenly cut off like a faucet that had run out of water.

When the basilisk pushed back the golems and saw the approaching basilisk, but couldn’t respond, Nade flew in.

“Sirone! take a little rest! I will protect you!”

Sirone’s eyebrows twitched.

“Nade, get out of the way… … .”

“You can’t drop out like this! It was too much work from the beginning. Recovered here… … .”

“I mean Vicky!”

Nade looked back with a surprised expression.

“Nade, I will become a wizard. No one can stop my dream So get out of the way.”

‘It’s a big deal. I’m not crazy.’

There was no life in Sirone’s eyes.

It was only natural that he had already poured magic with maximum concentration for nearly an hour.

“If you don’t get out of the way… … I have no choice but to fight you. If you want to beat me and become the best, go for it.”

For an instant, a tear appeared on Ned’s face.

“… … Cheer up, Sirone.”

It was only after Nade was teleported away that Sirone spoke.

“after finish… … Let’s eat.”

Baikal analyzed the situation.

“That number 21 is a mess.”

“West Nade. My skills don’t seem to drop, but my behavior patterns are strange. I don’t step forward when I’m sure, but rather use good judgment when it’s really dangerous.”

“That’s what you call a mess. It is F. The same goes for number 27. It seems that we have already reached the limit.”

“Horsepower numbers are holding steady, but not going any higher. The efficiency is extremely low, and the power of the photon magic is not even half of the first half.”

“It’s disappointing. I had high hopes for it when Fleur strongly recommended it.”

Sirone fired the photon cannon again at the monsters that were drawn like a curtain.

‘It’s starting now!’

After drawing a giant halo through time-sharing, Ataraxia’s information began to accumulate.

“Here you are. It is the archangel’s magic power amplification.”

“Hmm, instead of stopping acceleration, you were using your extra mental power elsewhere.”

Elizabeth chimed in at the compliment she hadn’t seen in a long time.

“It is an improvisation in a situation where there is no recovery time. If that’s the case, it’s understandable that the efficiency of the Photon Cannon has gone down.”

“That doesn’t change anything. If you pass step 7, there is only step 8. The second exam is not even considered.”

“It’s ataraxia! Avoid everyone!”

The participants who discovered Sirone’s magic circle avoided their seats, predicting the direction of the flash.

“Sheesh, are you finally doing it?”

From the advanced class to the senior class, they already knew the power of Ataraxia.

“Is this the final push?”

Fermi, who had already spread the distance, watched the end of Sirone with a smile.

‘Good work, Sirone.’

The strategy of using Sirone to raise the level and stand out at the upper level seemed to have worked.

“Never stop.”

Sirone, her eyes wide open, kicked off the ground and rushed toward the colorful light of Ataraxia.


While the contestants and scouts watched in bewilderment, only the hooded woman clenched her fists.

“Go, Sirone.”

A technique that even the Archangel Ikael did not attempt because the shock wave that would come later was too dangerous.

It was an Ataraxian bullet type.


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