Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 617

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[617] Decisive Day (1)

The faces of the 30 graduating class who left the capital and arrived at Creas by magic circle were majestic.

“Have you seen the facial expressions of the royal guys? It was a complete F*cking face. So why are you arguing? Saying you won’t even be able to find it.”

“I didn’t know it when I only looked at the numbers, but looking at it now, there is a clear difference in level.”

“Thanks to our hard work.”

Competing with top-notch students meant pushing their potential beyond their limits, knowingly or unknowingly.

“Still, I’m glad I won something before the graduation exam. It gives me some confidence.”

The competition is fierce, but the skills built up through hard work did not go anywhere.

While each spoke confidently, Collie, who led them, gradually darkened her expression.

By the time they arrived at Alpheas Magic School, it was already past midnight, so tomorrow was the graduation exam.

“good night. See you in the morning.”

After the roll call, the students dispersed, but Colly said.

“Could you give me a minute?”

The students turned around with puzzled expressions.

I had taken the graduation exam under Collie for several years, but this was the first time.

As the students, who met each other’s eyes, rushed in regardless of their ranks, Collie gestured for them to sit down comfortably.

“I’m sorry at such a sensitive time, but there is something I really want to say today.”

“Where is that word? How much has the teacher suffered in the past year?”

A benevolent smile appeared on Collie’s always calm lips.

“You guys are the ones who have risen to this position by building up your skills step by step from the lower class.”

The students focused with their eyes shining.

“That means that there are no people here right now who don’t like competition or who go to school just to be a wizard.”

It was not a graduating class that one could come up to with a complacent spirit.

“That’s why I want to ask at this point.”

Collie struggled until the end and spat out.

“Can’t we just give up on wizards?”

In the silence, the students had many thoughts.

It was because they, too, are human beings who know fear and feel pain when it is difficult.

“As I watch you shine today, I wonder what you are doing. The most important thing in the world is happiness. Will these children be happy? Every day we fight, compete, envy, and be jealous. Do you want to become a wizard even if you do that?”

For the first time in his life as a teacher, he revealed his inner thoughts.

“Competition is a pyramid built with human flesh and blood. All it takes to raise that pyramid is the body of a loser. Step on it, step on it, step on it, and only one can get to the top.”

Only 10 out of 30 can pass.

“Even if you pass, it is not the end. The misery of the losers needed to rise to higher ground will increase exponentially. that’s why i say The seat at the top is so bright and splendid, but the probability of you being there is so slim. Don’t just try to win, can’t you just stop looking for happiness?”

No one said a word, but the eyes of the students were burning like never before.

‘Yes, there’s no giving up in your dictionary.’

If he was a person who needed sympathy, he would not have been able to come up here in the first place.

‘I guess I should retire too.’

As the head teacher who manages the iron rules of the senior class, the fact that she uttered such weak words was evidence of her old age.

“Even so, if you don’t give up… … .”

It was something I could say because I watched the whole year with my own two eyes.

“Fight and win! No blood, no tears, no sympathy! Don’t be generous, trample on your friends and go up!”

If becoming a wizard is your only happiness.

“You must become a wizard!”


The students’ voices echoed through the night sky.

the next morning.

The first day in a year of doing nothing came back.

Some students woke up a little later to recover, and some students woke up earlier than usual.


Of the 30 students who woke up, Nade was the only one who could stretch.

‘hungry. Do you serve breakfast today?’

As the day approached, the thought that came to my mind was that it was the most refreshing thing to give away a mage’s license.


While I was washing my face and wiping my face, I saw a letter that came through the crack in the door.


Nade’s face wrinkled as he draped a towel over his shoulder and identified the sender.

West family.

Nade threw it away as if he had touched something terrible, but eventually picked up the letter again and opened the envelope.

What were you expecting?

No, even though the expected situation had come true, anger soared in my heart and I couldn’t control it.

“An evil woman!”

Nade tore the letter into pieces.

“Come now, what kind of a stranger do you come!”

She is a mother who does not even pay attention to whether her son has talent or not and only talks about money.

‘By the way, you’re attending the graduation exam?’

It was now that Ned was about to swallow everything he had accumulated so far in exchange for pain and despair.

‘It’s better trample on hope You will fail as soon as the test starts. No, I will die! In front of your eyes!’

“Nade, are you in?”


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Nade hurriedly changed his expression at Sirone’s voice, pushed the piece of letter under the bed and opened the door.

“uh. come in.”

Iruki was also there.

“How are you feeling? Tomorrow is the exam.”

“Of course I am happy to fly. But what happened? I was about to leave soon. Didn’t they serve you breakfast today?”

“Junior. Before that, I wanted you to try this too.”

Sirone took out a piece of paper from her bosom.

“I made a bet with Iruki. Get grades 1 through 10 on the graduation exam. Whoever wins buys the food.”

On the paper, the predicted rankings of Shirone and Iruki were written, and the first place was, of course, their respective names.

“Aha, that’s why the winner lives.”

“You participate too. You can also make new resolutions.”

“Hmm, from 1st to 10th.”

After thinking for a while, Nade came to the idea that if his name wasn’t written down, Sirone and Iruki would notice.

“I won’t. I thought it would only add to the burden if I did it for nothing.”

This was the reason Sirone suggested it.

“Nade, you can’t… … .”

“haha! don’t worry. I can’t be the only one who stays in school when you guys graduate. I’m going to go to the bathroom I’m going to the restaurant first. My stomach hurts.”

Sirone sighed and turned around.

“okay. Let’s talk later.”

Nade, who was watching his friends leave, called to Iruki right before the door closed.



“Speak well so that Sirone doesn’t get hurt… … .”

“no. you do it I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if you disappoint Sirone, I won’t see you either.”

“Iruki… … .”

“It doesn’t matter if you drop out. It’s not bad to lose one competitor. But do you know If you beat Sirone, you’ll be number one in the kingdom. You will gain wealth and fame. Why are you doing this?”

You will gain wealth and fame.

A father who spends all his money on gambling and a mother who doesn’t appreciate talent in the slightest would do the same.

“Think calmly. What will help your life. You can’t do anything if you’re obsessed with hatred.”

Nade, who smiled bitterly, trembled.

“haha! What kind of jokes are there? Honestly, how do I beat Sirone? They say how strong Sirone is.”

“Are you serious?”

Nade’s smile hardened as Iruki looked serious.

“You really think so? Do you think you’ll never win no matter how hard you try?”

“Iruki, I’m just having fun with Sirone… … .”

“Answer me clearly now. If you go back and attack me later, then I won’t stay still.”

Nade bowed his head.

“Look, you think you are stronger. then fight Both Sirone and I tried our best. If you come out like that, you ignore our efforts.”

“Iruki, what are you doing? let’s hurry.”

Sirone’s voice was heard from the hallway.

“I will definitely answer.”

Nade raised his head as if he had made up his mind.

“Sirone is stronger than me. I will never fight Sirone.”

“… … See you at the restaurant.”

Iruki closed the door.

* * *

After breakfast, Sirone broke up with her friends and went for a walk in the garden.

On this day a year ago, I passed through the steel gate to meet Amy and Seriel.

However, when he became the main character, he finally understood how nervous they were at the time.

‘It feels like there’s a piece of iron in my chest.’

Faced with her second test this year, Amy must have been fighting the tension even more fiercely.

‘Because the pass rate for repeat students is the lowest.’

As it was a test that mobilized everything, it was possible to analyze even the situation in the restaurant.

Only 2 out of 30 skipped breakfast. It was Richard and Amy from Alchemy.

‘Richard can eat something else instead of food, but… … .’

If Amy didn’t come to the restaurant, there was a high probability that the tension was hitting the limit.

‘Should I go?’

Sirone shook her head.

It was impossible to care about a friend even if he raised his concentration to the highest level.

“but… … .”

Amy was not a friend.

* * *

Amy tried not to attach special importance to skipping breakfast.

After putting in my best effort, I achieved a much higher growth than last year, so there was nothing to be nervous about.

‘Concentration. Let’s concentrate.’

After washing her body, she sat on the bed feeling refreshed, calmly closing her eyes and raising her concentration.

‘I need to feel the self-image memory more closely.’

The competition rate of the graduating class was the highest in the history of the school, and one minor mistake could ruin another year.


Amy, who ran to the bathroom with her mouth covered, threw her face into the toilet, causing all of her gastric juices to flow backwards.

“Wow! Wow!”

Even though nothing came out, the inside was turned upside down, and the anxiety that had been suppressed until now exploded all at once.

failure. failure.

Only bad thoughts came to my mind.

‘Calm down, you idiot! If you’re nervous, it’s over!’

“Amy, are you in?”

Amy, who turned her head at Sirone’s voice, couldn’t bear to open the door and asked.

“uh. what’s the matter?”

“I haven’t eaten breakfast, so I’m worried.”

“ha… … .”

I should have gone to a restaurant instead.

When the door opened, Sirone noticed Amy’s pale face and said with a surprised expression.

“It’s not good either.”

“haha! It’s not like that. It’s just because I vomited.”

“… … .”

Realizing her mistake, Amy looked away.

“I feel bad. It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

When Sirone’s foot crossed the threshold, Amy sat down on the bed as if giving up.

“Honestly, it’s a mess. I don’t know why I’m doing this.”

“I fully understand. I would have been nervous too.”

It was only after hearing those words that Amy remembered that Sirone also had an exam ahead of her.

“Sorry. I just made you worry.”

“What are you talking about? Not just friends… … .”

I didn’t say it out of my mouth, but it was a fact that I already knew.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come this far with the most important test of my life in front of me.

‘Come to think of it, you really waited a long time.’

Last winter, at the Inn in the Snow Crystal, he remembered how he ignored Sirone’s feelings.

“Can I sit down?”

The future is unknown, but the current question was definitely suggesting another possibility.

When I thought so, my heart raced like it would explode.


A shy voice leaked from Amy’s lips.


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