Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 608

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[608] Top 5 Prestiges (1)

Winter has arrived.

Alpheas looked down at the snow-covered school scene and turned around from the window and asked.

“An official notice came down from the association?”

“Look for yourself.”

Olivia’s crisp papers on the desk caught my eye.

It was said that the graduating class of the 5 prestigious magic schools had to hand over their personal graduation test participation form to the association.

“This could also be a variable.”

It was none other than the beginning of the final 30-week evaluation.

At this time of year, students’ minds become sharp as blades, and they adjust their biorhythms so that their physical condition peaks on the day of the graduation exam.

In the midst of that, going to the Magic Association in the capital must have been quite stressful.

“Are students even using them for politics?”

It happened when Lufist, who had taken over Gaold’s place, officially became the head of the Magic Association.

“You should see that. Rufist is a person with an elite-first philosophy. He will be part of a plan to manage students who will join the association in the future from now on.”

That’s why I narrowed the scope to only five prestigious ones.

“Isn’t it serious though? To change the work that was replaced at school until last year in this way. Wouldn’t the backlash be formidable?”

“It’s a kind of display of power. Rufist’s connections are excellent, but he doesn’t completely dominate the Association.”

“It seems that Gaold’s influence has grown without realizing it.”

“He was a madman, but he was the strongest wizard in the kingdom. Even if he criticizes his actions on the surface, there must have been quite a few wizards who internally cheered him on.”

Gaold was such a man.

“okay. Politics should be left to the politicians, and we teachers should work for the students.”

Collie, who had been listening to the conversation, opened her mouth.

“Once we send 30 people to the association, we also have to fill the tio. Currently, Anchal has withdrawn and one position is vacant, and Eider must also make a decision.”

Eider, who suffered a full-body fracture in Syrone’s ataraxia during the hill occupation evaluation, was still hospitalized in the school medical ward.

The treatment was over, but the problem was the mind.

“According to the duty teacher, the trauma is almost cured. Eider is also showing enthusiasm to participate in the graduation exam.”


The senior class was given the right to participate in the graduation exam, and if they wanted to use their authority, it was something that even the school couldn’t stop.

“But aren’t you too young? The fact that it took more than half a year for treatment means that the trauma was severe.”

Alpheas also agreed with Olivia.

“Let me check one last time. If there is no problem, raise one applicant from the advanced class to fill Tio. If you qualify in order of grades, it should be fine.”

“yes. I will leave it to Shiina-sensei.”

Collie bowed her head and left the principal’s office.

* * *

As usual, Sirone sat cross-legged on the floor of the study meeting.

Since the upper layer of Istas no longer existed, he came here every day to conduct a sequence ceremony.

‘Believe in the power of the day.’

Nade, who had finished heartburn, was also being evaluated normally, and the students who paid the price of Scramble Royale were also dropping their grades smoothly.

Now, there are only 10 days left until the graduation exam.

All the training I’ve done so far was nothing more than a process to see the results of the day.


When the sequence of events exceeded 200 views, Sirone’s face crumpled terribly.

He entered the Gyeong unit and manifested the poetry of the Buddha statue, and now he has come 200 times farther than that.

Even so, it was still a long way to go beyond the sutra and enter the realm of the sun.

‘It’s amazing. There is no end.’

I stretched out my hand to catch it, but all I could see was a tunnel of numbers running forever.

-There is an end to numbers.

As I accelerated the sequence ceremony while recalling the words of the guffin that I still couldn’t understand, the time period that filled the study center lingered around and distorted the landscape so that even its shape could not be discerned.


will stretch out endlessly.

“Sirone, are you inside?”

Then a knock was heard and Shiina opened the door and came in.

“uh? What are you doing?”

Shirone, who first recognized the future of one second, stopped the ceremony and greeted Shiina calmly.

“huh. At the request of Mr. Collie. Can you go somewhere with me for a while?”

“Yes, of course.”

Shiina felt nostalgic as she watched Sirone get up from her seat.

‘You’ve really grown a lot.’

Memories of receiving attention from teachers in the entrance test came to mind.

It was truly amazing that a boy who was far from magic and only knew how to do Spirit Zone had grown into a top-ranked graduate.

‘Well, I’m a teacher in this mood.’

Sirone, wearing a winter coat, asked.

“But where are you going?”

“To the medical ward rehabilitation training center. I have something to help you with. I’ll tell you the details as we go.”

As she followed Shiina to the medical ward, Sirone listened to everything.

“Oh, then it will take two days.”

“huh. But the travel time won’t be too long. I’m going to the capital by a space movement magic circle from the Kreas branch of the Magic Association.”

The long-distance space movement magic circle was a key device for the kingdom’s security, so no one could use it except for public affairs.


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“The kids who get evaluated must have heard from Mr. Collie. You need to have clothes to wear at the review ceremony, so prepare them in advance.”

The rehabilitation training center was set up on the second basement floor of the ward.

In a space of about 80 pyeong, various rehabilitation tools were provided along the walls, and Eider, wearing a patient uniform, was standing next to the medical teacher.


A student who contained the wickedness of a snake in a cute smile.

I still vividly recall the joy of beating Maya one-sidedly.

“uh? It’s been a while, Sirone hyung.”

Eider greeted him with the same smile, but since he had already grasped the truth, he couldn’t welcome it.

“Ah, can’t it be that you’re still keeping things from that time? I’m so sorry. I messed around without even knowing the subject.”

Sometimes I felt that Sirone was too harsh on Eider, but it was also a regret that came from the freedom of a strong man who had more choices than before.

“okay. I heard about it. You want to take the graduation exam?”

“of course. I am also in my senior year.”

Sirone also understood his feelings.

If you give up here, you have to repeat the year from the beginning.

“Coincidentally, I decided to help with the rehab test.”

The source of Eider’s trauma was Sirone, so he was the right person.

“yes. I heard i look forward to.”

Meanwhile, Shiina and the duty teacher were reviewing the documents in the corner.

“Rehabilitation has been successful. The illusion of seeing the light without having nightmares is gone. but… … .”


“It disappeared so neatly. I didn’t catch anything strange in the interview, but I guess it’s the doctor’s touch?”

“Are you saying Eider is cheating?”

“I called Sirone to confirm that.”

Shiina nodded and turned around.

“I am going to test it now. If Sirone reproduces the situation at the time, the duty teacher will check Eider’s condition.”

Eider’s face stiffened slightly.

“What was the situation at the time?”

“don’t worry. Because it’s not really attacking. can you?”

“Yes, of course. Everything is fine.”

That’s how the final test began, and Eider and Sirone stood facing each other at the end of the rehabilitation room.


When a colorful magic circle was born above his head, Eider’s self-confident expression became noticeably pale.

“It’s okay, Eider. It’s natural to be afraid. You just have to hold on, so there is no need to be nervous.”

From the teacher’s point of view, it was natural to want to give Eider, who had worked hard and reached the graduating class, a chance.

Sirone has moved on to the next level.

‘Photon Cannon.’

The moment a golden orb popped up and vibrated in front of his eyes, Eider’s facial muscles twisted as he felt.


Eider, who had left his seat, put his head in the corner and crouched down, shouting.

“I see the light, the light! teacher!”

The illusion disappeared, but it could not overcome the light of reality.

After annihilating the Photon Cannon and Ataraxia, Sirone looked back at the duty teacher with a bitter expression.

After thinking about it for a while, she shook her head and inscribed the words “Rehabilitation Request” in the personal information section.

* * *

“Good job.”

Collie said at the gathering of all 28 seniors.

“This is the end of the first year of the senior year.”

There was no applause or cheers.

They trained their minds without missing a day for 30 weeks, and the only emotion they felt was tension that made them vomit.

“As you know, the current senior year Tio has two seats left. After a week of screening, two students from the advanced class came up, so welcome them.”

When Collie turned her head, Mark and Maria, who were ranked first and second in the advanced class, came up to the podium.

“Hello, Mark. It’s late, but it’s an honor to be able to take the graduation exam together.”

“hello. This is Maria. i look forward to.”

In the senior class, there was no concept of seniors and juniors, but Maria politely bowed her head as per her personality.

nobody cared

The evaluation was already over, and at the point where only the fight was left, relationships were not important.

“First and second place in the advanced class. Isn’t that too much?”

Anyone who went through the graduating year’s evaluation process would think that way.

“Still, you never know. Those two have been taking private lessons from Mr. Sade.”

If a certified 6th grade wizard had taught them himself, there was no way he would have been able to digest only the advanced level of training.


Mark met Sirone’s eyes.

While experiencing the senior exams in advance had significant benefits, it also had significant psychological risks.

Nevertheless, the reason Mark chose to go to his senior year was because Sirone was there.

‘If not now… … .’

When will you compete with Sirone again?

The reason why he was able to rise from Class 7 to Class 4 at 1st place at super high speed was because he ran after Sirone.

‘I’ll learn a lesson, senior. and… … .’

Mark turned to Maria.

‘We will be graduating this time.’

That was the reason I was able to convince Maria.

It was judged that if it was a combination play refined by THAAD’s special training, the final ranking of 10th place would be within range, even if it was not in the top ranks.

“Then I will explain the schedule for tomorrow.”

Marc and Maria went down the podium and Cole listened to the official document.

“Leave at 6:00 in the morning, finish preparations by 5:00 in the morning. Wake up time is 4:00.”

It was because of the security regulations of the long-distance space movement magic circle.

“As for clothing, everyone wears a suit. The length of the skirt must be 5 cm below the knee. Men must wear white shirts, women must wear white blouses, matte shoes, no accessories other than school badges, and all women must have their hair up.”

Sabina raised her hand.

“Why do only women wear buns? A lot of men have long hair too.”

Women who had to do a lot of work as much as they had to get up at dawn were bound to be dissatisfied.

“It is a rule set by the president of the association. If you have a complaint, make a formal complaint to the association.”

With that alone, he could guess Lufist’s personality.

“By the time you arrive at the Society, your clothes should not be crumpled. Do not run, and refrain from bending over or rotating your arms.”

The eyes of the students who were already under a lot of stress due to the graduation exams were wide open.

“Wouldn’t it be better to just stuff it and take it?”

“That’s it. It should arrive at the association undisturbed, as if it were stuffed. As you all know, at noon tomorrow, all 150 students from the graduating class from the five most prestigious schools in the kingdom will gather together.”

Only then did the eyes of the students change.

“Of course, how many people will look closely, but the flaws are easy to spot. Never look disheveled. It is about the honor of the school.”

It couldn’t be seen as inferior to other prestigious schools.

“Get some rest today. Go to bed early and see you in the morning.”


The students’ voices were louder than usual.


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