Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 598

[598] Time Cube (5)

Fermi waited patiently for an answer.

‘If you twist the case, the mother can live.’

But to Fermi, Yoga was more than a mother, so even denying her death felt like an insult.

So I wanted to know.

Why Yoga had to go into the upper classes, why such an outstanding mother could not return to her family.

“There are many times in life when you get lost.”

Yoga finally spoke up.

“But, Fermi, it’s okay to worry about right and wrong about anything. Because when we stop thinking about it, the value of human existence disappears.”

“I am… … Would that be true even if he were the villain of the world?”

Yolgha smiled benevolently.

“Humans choose good and evil, not good and evil choose humans.”

And suddenly, I put my hand on the shoulder of the big Fermi.

“Always remember, you still have a choice. Then, even if you get lost, you will find it again.”

All parents protect their children, but in Yoga’s words, there was kindness that embraced Fermi’s entire personality.

‘my mother. My own mother.’

No, she was the mother of the whole world.

“Did you get an answer? I don’t know if it will be a reward for receiving nice things.”

“It’s full of tea.”

As Fermi turned around, Yoga asked hastily.

“Where are you going now?”


Fermi turned his head and said with a smile.

“Because I chose it.”

<event coordinates>

Time: 2 hours 13 minutes.

Space: Supernatural Psychic Research Society.

It was a brutal battle.

Mustang, who freely handles the three attributes of fire, cold, and air, unleashed a magic that was not in the world as if he had developed it independently, and Anchal, the director of Jincheon Space Agency, was also defending by drawing out all possible illusions.

Syrone’s Elysion pressed Edgar and Nine by casting magic on the space itself, not on the target, and Miro’s Kannon was now slamming Yoga’s body as if in madness.

‘As expected, Miro is strong.’

It wasn’t just a matter of level, but the very existence of the maze transcended human beings.

‘I understand why Guffin chose you.’

If Yoga has reached the level of prajna from the lowest position in the world, Miro looks down on the world from a higher place than humans think.

‘I want to rely on it.’

Being safe by Miro’s side was a completely different temperament to Yoga’s blind embrace.

‘If I were the mother of mankind… … .’

Miro is the father of mankind.

At the forefront of the crisis, those who protect humanity by sacrificing themselves without showing any pain.

‘Yes, maze. We are not wrong.’

But the world says only one of them remains.

In a situation where the end of mankind is approaching, is it a father or a mother that humans need?

Yoga smiled happily.

‘He grew up well.’

A young man’s face passed through my mind.

So it’s not over.

“Miro, I can’t look at you any longer.”

The benevolence disappeared from Yoga’s expression.

Banya-Pa Maria.

“okay? Now I’m going to have some taste!”

Since Pa Maria could be destroyed, the maze further accelerated Kannon’s repeated blows.

It was after Anchal defeated Mustang with the Jincheon magic hammer and Sirone defeated Edgar and Nine.

‘He probably thought he couldn’t turn off the time.’

It was a maze that I thought so, but Yoga was laughing.

“what… … !”

Just as Kannon’s paradise flew in from left and right and was about to crush her, a flash of light flew in and snatched her away.


Released from his photonization state, Fermi gritting his teeth, slid across the floor, and banged his head against the wall.


Yolgha looked back at Fermi with a surprised expression.

He was covered in blood all over his body, and each part had serious sword wounds.

“How come this… … .”

“Whoops. It is very strong, the people who are targeting you.”

In order to prevent the death of Yolgah, Fermi fought Mars and achieved the result of killing 14 members of the crew.

Although equipped with a lot of advanced magic, it was not possible to avoid fatal injuries while eliminating 14 of the best assassins in the kingdom.

With Fermi lying on the floor, Yoga looked around the study hall.

Edgar and Nine’s corpses were lying in front of Guffin’s door, and Mustang was dead next to Anchal, who was kneeling bleeding.

She turned her gaze to Miro for the last time and opened her mouth.

“I don’t disappear. Please do me a favor instead.”

“No, don’t ask. don’t disappear You just have to go out with me.”

“Die aaaaa!”

At that time, the captain of Mars, Nickel, entered the study group.

His eyes, smeared with the blood of the men Fermi had slain, were filled with the will to complete the mission.

“I kill!”

‘idiot! That’s not a hexa!’

In the eyes of Nickel, who did not know the current situation, it was natural that the prince of Kazura looked like the child Miro was holding.


<The Last Scream of the Jaeger Family> sounded in succession in Yolga’s ears as she ran toward the child.


The girl’s scream means death soon.



“Dangerous! Dangerous! Dangerous!”

Die. Die. Die.

Spurring dozens of chances to live, she moved toward a future where there was only death.

Nickel’s sword went through her back.


Yoga’s head soared to the ceiling, and Nickel twisted the blade and pushed the sword further.

‘I have to kill the child!’

The mind of a trained soldier was cold like a machine.

Thousand Hands Guanyin – One Ta.

Just before the tip of the sword stabbed the prince, Kannon’s palm flew and separated Nickel’s face from his body.

Behind Yoga, who was kneeling down, Fermi grabbed one shoulder and stood up.

“mom… … .”

But Miro’s words came first.


It was incomprehensible.

“Anyway, this child is destined to be locked up forever! Why do you keep doing stupid things?”

“That, too, is something you have to choose for yourself.”

Miro saw Yoga’s limit.

“Miro, trust us. Please believe that we can protect the future with our own strength.”

“Even if I said that, I won’t remember it once I leave here. It’s expunged! You stupid sister!”

“No, I’m sure you can remember.”

Yoga smiled as if life was burning.

“Because you are not stupid.”


Miro clenched both fists.

I will definitely remember what Yoga told me in death.

With her eyes closed as if satisfied, Yoga’s body fell backwards, and Fermi hurriedly received her.


I felt that I should speak.

“mom… … .”

“Thank you, Fermi.”

Yolgha raised her hand and stroked Fermi’s cheek.

“Your choices have changed the world. proud… … .”

Her hand fell helplessly.

“My son.”

So Yoga left Fermi’s side.

Just like that time 19 years ago.

“Thank you, mother.”

But he was no longer sad, and sent Yolgha away with a smile just like his mother’s.

“Fermi! damage!”

The moment Sirone shouted, a powerful electric shock occurred around Fermi.

As he hugged Yoga’s corpse and threw himself away, a black figure grabbed the prince of Kazura and ran to the corner.

“ha! ha!”

Lichen, whose head was bleeding, grabbed the child by the neck and glared at Fermi.

“betrayer. How dare you use me?”

“You have to speak straight. Wasn’t it used, not used?”

Lichen, who knew Fermi’s personality, asked directly.

“Where is the object? Give it all.”

“doesn’t exist.”

Electricity flowed through the lichen’s hands that gripped the child’s neck.

“If you don’t want to kill a human, bring an object.”

Lichen, who knew Yoga’s identity, also knew that the child she risked her life to protect was useful for blackmail.

“Even if you say so, no. All destroyed.”

“Then find a way. is it your specialty? Make it and bring it. Otherwise, this child will die.”

It was impossible for anyone to take the child away from the lichen that was wrapped in electricity.

“Lichen, you will have to use good judgment. Wouldn’t it be nice to upset me?”

“Hey, that’s how it was until now. But not anymore.”

Lichen’s gaze turned to Yolgah’s corpse.

I thought it was all about replicating an object using the incident where my mother went missing.

However, when I opened the lid, Fermi was also a human after all.

“A foolish child. Because I miss my mother’s arms… … .”

It was a natural misunderstanding for Lichen, who could not even guess how complex events in the upper levels would change the future and what Fermi really wanted to protect.

“I don’t need to explain to you. But the moment you reject my words, life will be difficult.”

“Isn’t that right, Fermi?”

Lichen’s eyes flashed with life.

“I’ve been unlucky with you since before.”

As the electric shock exploded, the crying sound of the child disappeared, and the lichen, who threw the body, activated the lightning magic and left the study group.


As Fermi burst into anger and chased after him, Sirone immediately moved and looked after Kazura’s prince.

“He is dead. Change the case again.”

It was a pity that Yolga’s will was broken.

“Do whatever you feel like. I’m leaving.”

But Miro had to keep Yoga’s teachings and the realization of how important choices are to human beings.

‘My sister’s last memory. I will definitely bring it.’

To do that, you must leave now.

“When I leave Istas, the closed curve of time is completely closed. This will close the case.”

If the case is twisted, Yoga’s death will unfold in a different direction, and Miro’s resolution will also be an event without it.

If Hexa is trapped in the space-time barrier, as a result, Sirone will not be able to be here either.

“I don’t know when it will be, but if we meet again in the future, remember today’s events.”

Miro crossed the threshold of the research meeting.

<event coordinates>

Time: 2 hours 35 minutes.

Space: Warehouse #9.

Even while Sirone was operating the engine unit of Estas, Ahnchal’s nagging continued.

“Sirone, let’s just end it here. It is dangerous to twist the case further.”

Sirone didn’t answer.

“think carefully! If the worst happens… … !”

“I will meet you.”


After pressing the finish button, Sirone’s eyes widened.

“I’m going to meet a guffin.”

“What are you talking about? How do you meet Guffin?”

Guffins definitely exist.

To the world before 0:00 when the maze enters and the incident occurs.

‘Guppin, I don’t know what you’re thinking… … .’

Hearing the vibrating sound of the Estas changing structure, Sirone left the warehouse.

‘You must convince me!’

<event coordinates>

Time 2 hours 42 minutes.

Space: Warehouse #72 in Estas.

Miro trudged along with blood all over his body.

If she left Istas like this, time would be isolated and only the events she experienced would circulate.


With the exit right in front of her eyes, Miro stopped abruptly.

“Don’t come. Whatever you are thinking, you should never come here.”

It was a warning to Sirone, who had just entered, who would be watching from behind the illusion magic of Ahnchal.


As soon as he finished speaking, Istas vibrated and the position of the structure began to change.

“You idiot… … !”

Miro turned around and saw Sirone running towards her.

‘I will definitely meet Guffin!’


If only I could reach 0:00.

‘Poems of fire!’

The closed curve of Warehouse 72 began to open.

<event coordinates>

Time: 00:00.

Space: Warehouse #72 in Estas.

Miro, holding Hexa in her arms, looked back at the Guffin outside the exit and asked.

“How much time do I have?”

Hearing Guffin’s words, she nodded.

“don’t worry. You will surely succeed.”


As soon as the vision of Sirone appeared, time began to flow backwards.

The labyrinth, which performed its movements in reverse order, walked backwards and disappeared outside the curtain of light, and at the same time, Sirone jumped into the exit.

‘come out!’

The starting point of the record of 2 hours and 48 minutes.

But to Sirone, a second of the past was also the present… … .

‘I know it’s there!’

Finally, the Poem of the Buddha statue has overcome the barrier of time.

<event coordinates>

Time: -1 second.

Space: Unknown.

(end of volume 24)


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