Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 596

[596] Time Cube (3)

The old woman with a hunched back ran on a rough mountain road.

Although he was 82 years old, he could not stop walking with the fate of the kingdom in his arms.

‘Prince, you must survive.’

The first prince of Kazura Kingdom.

It was abandoned to escape the invasion of the Yakma Republic, but the day would come when it would return to Khazra and sit on the throne.

‘Wherever there are people… … .’

The place to hide the prince had to be inexplicable even to her, and she finally found a hunter’s hut.

“That… … ?”

Seeing the old woman open the stable door and enter, Sirone hurriedly held her breath.

You wouldn’t be able to notice it because the middle heaven system of the eye temple was activated, but when it came right in front of your eyes, your heart beat wildly.

“Prince, please preserve the jade body.”

After putting the child down, the old woman put her hands together and prayed briefly before leaving the stable.

“Who is this child?”

Miro said.

“The first prince of Kazra Kingdom, the son of Orkamp IV and Eliza.”

Sirone knew Kazura’s situation better than anyone else, having been invited directly to the royal palace and went through all sorts of hardships.

“But this is our house.”

“If you were Hexa, that would be the case. And from now on, I will swap you with the Prince of Kazura.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Placing Hexa here meant that the prince of Kazra, who should have been here originally, would go to the upper levels.

“Why should I? You can grow both together. No, before that, how did you know that the prince was coming here?”

“There’s no way to know, until you’ve experienced it beforehand.”

After confirming that the old woman’s footprints disappeared by themselves, Sirone realized.


“okay. Initialization is already in progress. It’s just that we can watch it because the guffin separated the time of the upper levels from the original time.”

Anchal said.

“The inflection point before and after the reset. You inserted the incident of switching children into the coordinates of that moment and connected them.”

“Exactly. So no one can access it. Except for the upper floors of Eastas.”

Miro, who had put down Hexa, was about to embrace the prince left behind by the old woman, but Sirone put her hand on her shoulder.

“I haven’t heard back yet. Why should I take him?”

“Because it shouldn’t exist. According to Guffin, Hexa is a creature that has taken all measures to ensure that it is not used by any factor, let alone the reset of Ankera.”

His body trembled as he recalled Behemoth, now assimilated with his incarnation.

“But not this kid. If you leave it like this, you will be used.”

“I can’t admit it.”

Sirone’s breathing became rough.

“If I survived because of someone’s sacrifice… … What the hell is my life going to be?”

Yoga probably thinks the same.

‘It’s something a sister would never do.’

That’s why you have to do it yourself.


Miro took the prince in her arms.

“It’s not killing. You will stay in the upper floors of Estas.”

“That’s it! You have to live repeating a short time forever! This child who does not know reason, language, or even the existence of the world!”

“I guess so.”

Miro does not turn a blind eye to reality.

“If there was a better way, I would have done it. Guffin’s final conclusion is this, and humanity must make a choice. I also made a choice, and will forever be trapped in the walls of time and space.”

Sirone thought it was not worth responding to.

“Anchal, release the illusion magic.”

The eyes didn’t move, and Miro got angry.

“Sirone! Think rationally!”

“How can you think more rationally here?”

“You know what happens when Anchera freely triggers Reset? Our future is gone! All human beings lose their free will and move according to Ankera’s design!”

This time, Sirone couldn’t help but be terrified.

Any dictator could rule over humans, but even under such a dictator there would be at least some degree of freedom of resistance.

However, in a world ruled by Ankera, even time was robbed and she had to live as his doll forever.

“If Anchera’s weakness disappears, humans won’t even die! I’ll reset it and get rid of the cause!”

Perhaps that is the power of God.

“Do you want a future like that? Do you want a life where you can no longer decide on progress, progress, or even regression? The moment he becomes a god, humans lose their value as creatures!”

Sirone’s eyes grew cold again.

“It could be. But that choice is also ours. Not Guffin, but all of us.”

Miro reacted sensitively.

“Don’t talk like Yolgah.”

“What’s wrong with that? now i get it Mars may be different, but at least Yoga is here to stop Mr. Miro. Because he has dangerous thoughts.”

“Dangerous idea?”

“You don’t have a choice. How is this different from Ankera?”

“It’s sophistry. That’s why I’m willing to sacrifice.”

“Then why is Mr. Miro making sacrifices!”

“Because I am human! Humans are a species that cannot move forward without someone’s sacrifice! You too were born to sacrifice, so why can’t you understand!”


When Sirone asked back, Miro bit her lip.

“If you truly feel sorry for this child, humbly accept the sacrifice.”

“I do not understand.”

Miro sighed.

“Do you know why you have to be free from Anchera’s Reset? It is to make the dimensional door perfect.”

“So what do you mean by that?”

“… … To be honest, I was confused when I found out you were Hexa. Because Hexa is a life form that should be the material for the dimensional barrier I will make.”

Sirone murmured while Anchal crossed his arms and listened.

“ingredient… … .”

“Guffin is leaving. And I will build a dimensional barrier in his place. However, if it is an angel’s ability, it will inevitably break through someday. So the countermeasure I came up with is you, Hexa.”

After hearing that, Sirone remembered the first time he met her in the maze of time and space.

“no way… … .”

“It is to create another dimension in the world of the dimension I created. You, who are not affected by the reset. Then not even angels, not even Anchera, will be able to penetrate the dimensional wall. Also, humans will survive forever.”

It creates another dimension within a dimension and digs into it endlessly.

A completely flawless gap is created, which is completely different in concept from the experience of samadhi that Miro tried alone.

“It’s infinite because it’s two. I can’t do it alone.”

“But I am here.”

Miro was also suspicious about that.

“I honestly don’t know, why you still exist in this world.”

“Because Mr. Miro sent me.”

“no. It can’t be. I assure you, I will definitely put you in my barrier. Because it has to be.”

“But it is true.”

With the evidence from 19 years in front of me, there was no way to refute it.

‘I can not understand. If Hexa hadn’t built a barrier, how could the world still exist?’

It was before Gaold had abandoned God.

“Anyway, the threat hasn’t gone away. That’s probably why you entered the upper class as well. If you’re willing to sacrifice in this child’s place, I’d rather be a victim of my barrier.”

It was a cold tone, so it was maze-like, but… … .

-Let’s keep in touch.

Remembering what she said the night before they parted ways after training, Sirone opened her mouth.

“I can’t accept it. The Miro I know would not have made such a choice.”

“No, I know me. Possibility to change your mind… … .”

“Eung-aeng. Ugh.”

Miro’s gaze was shaken as if shocked by the sudden sound of a child’s cry.

‘Hexa… … .’

It was the same with Sirone.

A sad story that can only be told through crying.

The story brought to the surface a fact that everyone had forgotten until now.

‘This child is also a living being.’

“Who is it, the one who makes noise at night!”

Hearing Vincent’s voice, Sirone raised her head startled.

“A rotten bastard! I’ll cut you up!”

Vincent opened the door and entered, looking unimaginably young, and tears welled up in Sirone’s eyes.

Upon discovering the newborn child, Vincent hurriedly hid the ax behind him and approached cautiously.

“Eung-aeng. Ugh.”

“father! Abandon that child!”

Sirone knocked on the barrier of the middle heaven and shouted, but the welcome magic of Ahn-chal borrowed the power of the spirit eye was strong.

“father! Not that kid! The father’s son… … !”

He should have been the prince of Kazra.

‘I’m not. The prince should have lived.’

It should have been a life where Vincent and Olina grew up lovingly under good adoptive parents and returned to the royal castle.

“who is this! who’s kidding! Abandoning a child, you rotten bastard! Come out quickly!”

“father… … .”

were such parents.

“You really threw it away! No more chances! Just appear in front of me! I’ll turn your face into rice cake!”

Sirone could no longer tell her to abandon herself.

Because you cannot deny even the lives of those who gave their all to raise their son.

“Honey, what’s going on?”

Surprised Olina opened the stable door and entered, Vincent’s trembling hands held the child up.

“What is that child?”

At Vincent’s words that continued, Sirone eventually cried.

“that is… … It must be our child.”

<event coordinates>

Time: 1 hour 48 minutes.

Space: Supernatural Psychic Research Society.

Among the countless overlapping events, an incident occurred in which Mars troops found Lu Kang’s body.

“Death confirmed.”

Nickel, the captain of Mars, paid more attention to the child who had fallen where the scythe fell than to the death of his subordinate.

“You died instantly. It must be the child Miro was carrying.”

“You did it.”

Only then did Nickel’s gaze turn to Lukang.

“Mission accomplished. Guffin won’t be able to leave as long as the child is dead.”

“no. We still have one final mission left.”

Nickel’s eyes flashed.

“Find Yolgah.”

<event coordinates>

Time: 1:13.

Space: Warehouse 44.


When the door to Warehouse 44 was opened and Licorn entered, the safe designated by Fermi was waiting for him.

“where… … How many will there be?”

Due to the change in the space structure of Istas, it bypassed a long distance, but eventually achieved its purpose.

‘I can’t tell the difference between cause and effect here.’

A hit man, but also a licen and a wizard.

He knew how the upper echelons were currently working through numerous incidents.

‘Three degrees to the left. Sixteen degrees right.’

As he unlocked the safe, his heart fluttered like a child opening a gift box.

“How long do I have to wait?”

Before casting the stop magic, Fermi answered Lichen’s question like this.

“Time is not important. What matters is the case. If the case where you put <The Last Scream of the Jaeger Family> in this safe is completed, the past and future will repeat endlessly and accumulate in an instant.”

“Until the safe is full.”

Fermi winked.

“That’s right.”

‘I’ll make a lot of money.’

As objects worth 5 billion gold would pour out, Licorn took a receiving posture as soon as he opened the safe.

“… … what?”

Blinking his eyes, what was placed in front of him was an empty safe.


Just in case he didn’t know, he put the objects he had in the safe and went out and entered warehouse 44.

‘Should the case be closed?’

The moment he opened the safe again, he couldn’t even see the object he had put in earlier, and his face crumpled like a monster.


Then, one conclusion.

It meant that the case of someone taking the items from the safe preceded it.

“Cheat me too?”

And the only person who knew the secret of the vault was the one he decided to know.


Blue lightning rode the licorn’s body.


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