Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 593

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[593] Event of the day (4)


Lukang’s eyes widened at the unexpected situation.

On the other hand, the faces of his colleagues became calm again.

‘Yolga… … .’

Yoga is a good person.

“If you want… … .”

Yoga brought Lukang’s hand to her chest, but his hand couldn’t bear to touch her body.

“What, what are you doing? Aren’t you sorry for her husband?”

Lukang hurriedly parted his lips and looked at Yoga’s face with a dazed expression.

My mind went blank when I saw her shed tears with a face that contained all the sorrow in the world.

“I’m really sorry.”

Yoga is such a good person.


Edgar looked down at Yolga’s back with a feeling of wonder.

If Miro has a dehumanized determination to achieve a goal, Yoga has a grotesquely abnormal benevolence.

‘It’s also the reason we gave our lives to Yolgha.’

That’s why they were willing to come into the upper floors of Istas.

Lukang’s face, which had been staring blankly at Yolgah, turned into a tear-stained face.

“crime… … .”

A voice that had reached death leaked out.

“sorry. I am really sorry.”

Yoga doesn’t count emotions.

“are you okay. It’s all my fault. Resent me.”

That’s why you can embrace all ugliness.

‘Absolute sincerity. Can a human without the slightest pretense really exist?’

It was a woman named Yoga.

Lu Kang breathed his last breath as he continued to apologise.

It was a beautiful sight at first glance, but his colleagues knew the taste of his tears.

Neither tears of repentance, nor repentance for spitting on Yolgah.

‘If evil terrifies people beyond human courage, then extreme goodness is also fear.’

Lu Kang was fed up with the fear conveyed by the apparently pure Zen.

“Yolga, here.”

Mustang, her friend and colleague, handed her a perfumed handkerchief.

“thank you.”

After wiping the spittle from her face, Yoga put on her hood halfway down and stood up.

“Let’s go. We have to find the maze.”

Prosecutor Nine said.

“Convincing Miro failed just a moment ago. If we meet again, we have no choice but to fight.”

“… … I can’t.”

A promise was written on Yoga’s face.

“But I will convince you to the end. Miro is my younger sister.”

“… … .”

The reason why his colleagues keep quiet is that Miro, like Yoga, is a human with a clear identity.

“Let’s go. before the closed curve of time completely closes.”

At that time, the warehouse door was thrown open, and the colleagues simultaneously took a combat posture.

However, his expression soon became blank, and among them, Mustang raised his hand on his slim waist and asked.

“What are you?”

Sirone, who was frantically heading to the study group, also stopped when he saw Yoga and the others.

“You guys… … .”

If you are on Mars, you will have to prepare for battle.

“We are not enemies.”

Fortunately, Yoga approached first, revealing no hostility.

She was a woman so beautiful that her heart was pounding, but there was an eerie feeling on the other side of her brain.

‘It looks nice, but something is strange.’

I’ve met many sages so far, but this is the first time I’ve felt like this.

“nice to meet you. My name is Yoga.”

She was Fermi’s mother.

‘This person is Yolga.’

Sirone recalled Anchal’s words.

A person who mobilized to stop the maze, against the fact that Guffin was preparing a successor and leaving.

‘Except for his height, he really resembles Fermi.’

Is it possible to be divided into such polar opposites even though they have the same tendency?

Even the good smile that sent chills down the spine reminded me of Fermi.

“Who are you?”


Sirone realized that he had taken too long and took Yolgas hand.

“My name is Sirone.”


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Upon hearing the name for the first time, Yolgha tilted her head in interest.

I couldn’t help but be excited because there wasn’t that much difference from Sirone in terms of my current physical age.

‘What am I thinking.’

Not a friend, but not Fermi’s mother.

“Yes, Sirone. How did you get here?”

It was only then that Sirone realized that Yoga was still looking at the core.

He was so naive that he even forgot the current situation.

‘Let’s calm down.’

In any case, it was a matter of caution from now on.

It was because now that he realized that Hexa was himself, Yoga and his party were also enemies seeking his life.

“You have something to hide. are you okay. Won’t you tell me?”

‘What is this person?’

It smelled like maze.

“You know me. but i don’t know you Maybe it’s someone from the future. If the closed curve of time had reopened.”

Even though he hadn’t said a word yet, Yolgha continued to get to the point.

It was as if her voice had become a drill and engulfed my mind.

“are you okay. I’m not asking to hurt you. But if you really came from the future, I want to ask you one thing.”

Upon meeting Yolga’s gaze for the first time, Sirone realized one thing with a thrill running through her heart.

‘I see. This person is also beyond the human category.’

Yoga asked.

“Will I die here?”

Sirone didn’t know how long she had been silent, but faced with the fact that she couldn’t hide it forever.


Only that was true.

“It is not known about the death of a person named Yolgha, but you are certainly not in my future.”

“okay. In other words, the maze eventually makes it.”

Contrary to expectations, Yolgha was not disappointed.

He wondered how he could remain so calm after knowing his own death, but Sirone had more important things to do than that.

“Can you stop it like this?”

Yoga got out of his mind.

“What does it mean to stop?”

“Miro will save this world in the future. It’s not a perfect victory, but she was right.”

Regardless of Hexa’s death, Sirone told the truth.

Unlike Yoga, who nodded in agreement, Mustang’s face turned red.

“Hmph, that’s just Miro’s future. Yoga might end the war with Heaven.”

Edgar’s and Nine’s eyes showed the same emotion.

‘Guffins are absolutely necessary, but even if they leave, the savior must be Yolgah.’

If it were Yoga, he would surely be able to achieve the great unification of mankind and fight Heaven with all his might.

This is because she is the lumberjack with the qualities to become the king of the world unprecedented in human history.

“Okay, Sirone.”

Because Yolga was a good person, he did not hate Sirone.

“Nevertheless, there must be a special reason why you came here. Is the world in danger again?”

It’s not an exact answer, but as expected, Yoga’s insight was extraordinary.

“I cannot answer that.”

If Yoga, realizing the future, actively steps forward, events in the upper echelon will get out of control.

“Do not worry. Death is something that has already been resolved. Instead, let me ask you a favor. Please take me to the labyrinth.”

“Mr. Miro?”

“yes. And you’re comparing me to Maze. Who should remain for this world?”

“But I don’t deserve it.”

“no. You are from the future. Also, if you think you need Maze more than me… … .”

Yoga always speaks the truth.

“I will kill myself.”

“Yolga! What do you mean!”

Her colleagues shouted in unison, but she stood firm.

“It’s not like I wasn’t prepared when I came here. We still need Guffin. And she’s Miro’s little sister I love. If Miro becomes her heir, she will suffer for everyone she loves.”

The fact that all members of the family except Miro were secretly slaughtered was no longer a secret after 19 years.

“how is it? Can you make the hard decisions for this world?”

“I am… … .”

Sirone hesitated.

Hexa’s life is in danger, so it’s right to refuse, but as long as she’s talking to Yolgah, it feels like even her life won’t matter.

‘Yolga is sincere.’

Not even 99.99%, but 100% sincerity had the power to touch people’s heartstrings.

“all right. I will judge.”

I thought maybe having a choice might be a much better thing for Hexa’s future.

“Where is the maze?”

“I know.”

It will be at the Supernatural Psychic Research Society.

No one could know how events would turn out, but it was clear that Miro would definitely come there.

<event coordinates>

Time: 00:32.

Space: Warehouse #71 in Estas.

“Search all over! All scattered!”

Following the instructions of Nickel, the captain of Mars, the troops from 1st to 4th were divided like water.

“damn! We are the most dangerous!”

The leader of Article 1 was dissatisfied with that.

It was advertised as the best, but in the end, everyone knew that Team 1 was a sword holder.

“Gather again on the second floor!”

The 7 members scattered, and Lukang also turned to the west, where he was supposed to be in charge.


The moment I parted ways with my colleagues and went to the next warehouse, a licorn appeared out of nowhere with a black mask covering its face.

‘Is it an enemy?’

Lukang reflexively swung his main weapon, the chain scythe, and the lichen moved to the side in an instant with a crackling sound.

‘It’s a wizard. electrical series. Who is it?’

The skill was quite good.

Lu Kang, who immediately took a standstill, swung the chain and raised the scythe obliquely.

“Reveal your identity.”

‘Damn it, what happened?’

Lichen grew annoyed.

The structure of Istas began to change at some point when <The Last Scream of the Jaeger Family> had to be put in the safe of the warehouse designated by Fermi.

‘It’s not profitable to fight these things.’

I had never heard of the unit called Mars, but it was clear from Fermi’s story that they were the best in the kingdom.

‘then… … .’

Lichen took out the dagger worn on her waist.

Lu Kang’s eyes sparkled when he saw the silver blade holding electricity.

‘He’s an assassin.’

An assassin who uses magic.


Lu Kang is also not that old, but he is a talented person who has never been left behind in terms of talent since he was young.

The spine-chilling attack continued as the two men, each with their own organs, collided head-on.

The chain scythe changed its trajectory according to nature, and the warehouse flashed with lightning from the lichen.

In a state of energy saturation that was about to explode at any moment, the lichen’s dagger flew and hit the wall.

Lukang, who activated the sensory function of the schema to the maximum, caught the tail of the licen with an exquisite movement.

‘It’s over.’

A slash that fit the standard, without an inch of error, flew aiming at the back of the lichen’s neck.

‘It’s definitely a great skill. but… … .’

The corners of the lips on the inside of the lichen’s mask twitched.

‘It’s too old-fashioned.’

Originally, it was a blow to the point of not being able to react, but if it was a standard assassin 19 years ago, it was something I had learned from the time I grew up with Licorn.

He lowered his head without even looking back, and Lukang’s scythe grazed the back of his head.

‘Eat this.’

All the daggers that responded to the lichen’s current were pulled out and rushed towards Lukang.

The warehouse shook from the explosion of lightning, and Lukang wrinkled his nose in the rising smoke.

“Unlike a skill… … .”

It was after the appearance of the licorn had already disappeared.

“damn! You’re late for the call-up time!”

Other colleagues should have already searched the dedicated area and arrived on the second floor.

However, Lu Kang did not yet know that this 15-minute delay due to the battle with Liken saved his life as a result.


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