Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 592

[592] Event of the day (3)

“Do you know me?”

Sirone asked.

“What are you talking about? How do I know you?”

After all, Miro, whom he found upon entering Estas for the first time, must have met Sirone.

“I don’t know how to explain it… … .”

It was true.

“I know Miro. Because he fought alongside Mr. Miro and learned a lot from Mr. Miro.”

Miro’s face, which blinked for a moment, soon became serious.

“You succeeded.”

It was the Guffin’s command.

“Then how long after the closing time did you come?”

“Nineteen years.”

It was an encounter with a boy from the future 19 years later.

What will happen to her fate, whether she is living happily, and what happened to the final war? Sirone recalled the imaginary questions Miro would ask and prepared answers in advance.

But what I heard was a harsh voice.

“Why did you come here?”


“If the mission was successful, the incident should have been buried, whether it was destroying Istas or whatever. Why did you come back?”

“Hey, that… … .”

The frustrated maze added.

“You really didn’t know where this place was and came in? An infinite cycle of time. The case must have been twisted because you came in! How will you take responsibility?”

As Sirone stood there blankly at a loss for words, Miro, who had been rolling her head, asked again.

“Are you Fermini?”

Such misunderstanding was a specification.

“no. I am Sirone.”


Miro frowned.

“Hmm. Sirone.”

It was the first name I had ever heard, no matter how much I remembered.

“Anyway, don’t do anything from now on. I mean stay out of the case as much as possible.”

“I can’t. The reason I came here… … .”

“I don’t need a reason. Just prepare for the end of life. After all, if ‘Hexa’ dies, this world will end.”

“What is Hexa?”

Miro pointed to the child in her arms.

“this child. Guffin is thinking of getting Hexa out of cosmic initialization. okay? If Hexa disappears, the human named Anke will be destroyed.”

Departure from cosmic initialization.

“Does that mean it won’t go away when you reset it?”

As soon as I dug into the core, Miro wondered for a moment, but immediately agreed.

‘Well, there’s no such thing as coincidence.’

The probability that someone without that much information would infiltrate the upper floors 19 years later converged to zero.

“okay. Only Hexa can survive Ra’s reset. So make your sacrifice Let me complete my mission.”

Sirone swallowed his saliva.

“Maybe, that child might be me.”


Miro, who had been staring at her absurdly, stared at Hexa’s face.

“Come to think of it, I think we look alike.”

As you grow up, your appearance changes, but the feeling of the original version does not disappear easily.

“But I don’t know. If you are Hexa, why are you here?”

Sirone was frustrated with the situation of continuing to have a family.

“I might be the son of a guffin.”


Miro’s eyes widened.

“So please tell me. What the hell is going on here?”

“haha… … .”

The laughter grew louder and peaked.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

It wasn’t just a pleasant feeling, so Sirone was embarrassed and angry.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Are you the son of a guffin? No, it can never be.”

“How does Miro know that? Did you even ask the guffin yourself?”

“No, that… … .”

Miro laughed again as if it was absurd, then continued.

“You don’t even have to ask. There’s absolutely no way you’re a Guffin’s son.”

“So how can you be sure of that?”

Sirone’s voice rose, but Miro’s expression was rather absurd.

“You really don’t know? Guffin is the world’s most famous wizard. I mean, no one knows that.”

“How could that be the reason?”

When Sirone finally raised her voice, Miro also shouted in frustration.

“you idiot! Guffins don’t look like us!”

Silence passed.

“… … yes?”

Sirone’s face darkened.

“Like us… … didn’t happen?”

Only then did Miro suddenly realize.

“Ah, could it be that it was erased?”

In Sirone’s time frame, no one could accurately recall Guffin’s appearance.

“Sorry. I didn’t care until there. I’ve never experienced an expungement yet. After all, you are not a child of a guffin. It looks completely different.”

“You mean not human?”

Miro was seriously troubled.

When a first-of-its-kind intellectual species appeared, which species to incorporate into was a matter of compromise between the person concerned and the members of society.

“human… … easy. First of all, it has all the characteristics of a human being, and even the Guffins claim to be human.”

That’s why Guffin is defending mankind against Heaven.

“But he is of the ancient Gaian race. I guess it’s a bit too much to say that you’re a child… … .”

Sirone knew this, but he hadn’t heard anything about Gaiain’s appearance.

“Then what does a guffin look like?”

Miro clicked his chin.

“Hmm, it might surprise you at first glance, but should I say bizarre? So, the face… … .”

Miro’s eyes shook in shock as he contemplated the shape of the guffin.

“I can’t remember.”


Miro looked at Hexa instead of answering.

He was still asleep in his arms, but the sense of reality was gradually fading.

“It’s a big deal! The case is twisted! Hexa died in the later time frame!”

Because the beginning and the end are linked, Hexa’s death can affect the current Hexa.

“uh? uh huh?”

Sirone raised both hands with a bewildered expression.

As Hexa’s presence faded, Sirone’s body was gradually blurring.

“Why is this like this?”

This has been clearly proven.

“Hexa. Are you really Hexa?”

If Hexa dies, Sirone cannot exist.

Furthermore, the disappearance of Guffin’s memory means that the closed curve of time has opened.

In other words, it meant that she would face the Guffin erasure without completing the Guffin’s command.


Miro jumped up and pulled Sirone by the collar.

“Get out of these coordinates right now!”

I don’t know what kind of future will unfold, but the only way to live is to create variables.

“but… … Where are you going?”

“Guffin’s door! come over there! I’ll fix the hexa there! Only that case must be defended!”

Sirone nodded in succession.

“hurry! I do not have time!”

As soon as Miro left the room, Sirone also cast a firework blast.


My head was about to break again, and the huge events were recognized as a whole.

“Heo-eok! Huh!”

The space remains the same, but in a completely different time frame, Sirone fell forward and gasped for breath.


The presence of the body was reviving again.

‘Why did Miro’s mission fail?’

It was the first thought I had.

‘I just met Maze.’

However, he had never harmed Miro and had no intention of doing so.

The only guess is… … .

‘Because I asked about guffins.’

Curiosity about guffins made things go wrong.

‘So, as a result of my future self’s obsession with Guffin, Mr. Miro failed in his mission?’

The mission failure was none other than the death of Hexa.

‘I have to go to the Supernatural Psychic Research Society!’

It was the place where the Maze said of the Guffin’s Gate.

‘Please don’t be late.’

After checking the warehouse mark, Sirone ran in the opposite direction of the maze.

<event coordinates>

Time: 00:53.

Space: Warehouse #65 in Estas.


Only corpses remained in the place where the maze had swept away.

“Damn it girl.”

The only survivor is Lu Kang, an assassin from the 1st team on Mars.

Even at the young age of 23, he was recognized for his swordsmanship and excellent judgment, and was a talented person who entered Mars, the secret unit of the kingdom of Tormia.

“I thought it was on the side of life.”

It was a dangerous job, but I was confident that I would do well, and the future was bright.

‘This is just telling me to go and die.’

All 42 members of the Mars crew wrote a suicide note before coming here.

It was a kind of death certificate, not because he might die, but knowing he would never come back.

‘What is patriotism?’

I honestly didn’t want to.

I wanted to shout that I would take off my Mars badge and quit right away, that I would return to my hometown.

‘What’s the use of honor if I die?’

But no one did, and in the end everyone is dying.

Even if I had refused the mission, I would have died anyway, but if I was going to die like this, I thought I would at least struggle to save face.

“Kick-kick-kick! A fucking world.”

When Lu Kang put his hands on the ground and stepped back, only his lower body, which had been crushed from the bottom of his pelvis, remained in place.

‘How to defeat the monster?’

If Miro didn’t pay attention to the child, his body would have already turned into rats like his colleagues.

‘There is a limit to enduring with the schema.’

As he lost his strength, blood flowed down his intestines.

“Is it over… … .”

Just when the focus was off, the door opened and a group of people entered.

<event coordinates>

Time: 1:01.

Space: Warehouse #65 in Estas.

“uh? A survivor… … .”

Behind the petite woman stood two men and a slender woman with strong prayers just by looking at them.


Lu Kang lifted his head with difficulty and looked at her.

His dark brown hair curved gently and covered his forehead, and his face was clear and transparent.

She was small in stature, but she was an outstanding beauty.

“Damn it!”

Lukang contorted his face like a demon.

At most, Yoga and her colleagues can survive against the transhuman monster Miro.

What do you mean when Mars dies, the peephole doesn’t shine, and now it appears?

“are you okay? You are seriously injured.”

Yolga flipped over the hood and approached.

“Are you seriously hurt? Does this look like an injury? it’s all because of you An abomination.”

“Quench your excitement. Dangerous.”

“You die anyway. Everyone dies because of you.”

Yoga kept her mouth shut.

“I know. If you hadn’t seduced the king, Mars wouldn’t have been dispatched.”

“sorry. But we still need Guffins. It is still too much to stand against the army of Heaven.”

“shut up! What does the army of heaven have to do with it! I look like I’m going to die, but what’s all that about!”

“I’m sorry.”

Lukang, glaring at Yoga lowering his head, collected blood in his mouth.


And spit in her face.

“You bastard!”

Edgar, who stood two meters tall, standing behind Yoga, approached, waving his mechanical arm.

“Don’t you have any convictions? Are you that afraid of dying?”

“I just feel sorry for being killed. From the beginning, we were not Miro’s opponents. You must have needed a meat shield.”

“I don’t have much left in my life, but I’ll end it now.”

As Edgar approached, clashing steel fists, Yoga raised a hand to stop him from approaching.

“If you have a will, do it. I will tell you.”

“Hey, you can’t go back anyway. It’s over.”

The sullen Lukang thought for a moment and then laughed.

“If you want to repent that much, why don’t you kiss me? It killed me from the first time I saw it.”

“… … .”

“Oh, did I say married woman? It doesn’t matter, what if you’re going to die anyway? Oops, come to think of it, didn’t I have a lower body?”

Lukang felt better as Yoga’s comrades saw a terrifying murder.

“Hehe, you guys too… … .”

Then Yoga slowly showed her face.

“I am really sorry.”

She grabbed Lu Kang’s face and delivered a deep kiss.


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