Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 591

[591] Event of the day (2)

* * *

The stop magic was cast, and an event manifested in the form of a specific structure in Istas surfaced.

<event coordinates>

Time: 00:00.

Space: Warehouse #72 in Estas.

A woman entered through the door from inside the Eastas, which was reproduced as it was 19 years ago.

It was a labyrinth with a look not much different from now, and she was holding a newborn child in her arms.

She stared down the aisle with a serious expression as if carrying all the burdens of the world, then turned around and asked.

“How much time do I have?”

“… … .”

The reason someone spoke outside the door but no sound came through meant that he was outside the case.

“don’t worry. You will surely succeed.”

Miro made a promise to him.

“If you don’t come back in time, just close the time. I won’t regret it.”

She stood for a long time, as if someone outside the door was having a very long talk, then nodded and turned away.


Those were the last words she uttered as she left the warehouse #72 of Estas, three minutes after the incident began.

<event coordinates>

Time: 2 hours 42 minutes.

Space: Warehouse #72 in Estas.

Opening the door of Warehouse 72, Sirone and Anchal took their first steps in Estas.

It’s a familiar sight now, but today I was so excited that my heart burst.


After taking a deep breath, Sirone looked back at her eyesight and asked.

“By the way, who cast the stop spell? Unless Armin is here.”

“It must be Fermi’s eating out. The events of the upper levels are hidden in one coordinate in space and time. Stop time and it will appear separated by time and space.”

To them, it is an event that plays like reality, but to the people outside, everything here is fleeting.

“If we cast the Poetry Buddha statue bombing here… … .”

Before Sirone could finish his words, Anchal grabbed his wrist and pulled him.


When they clung to the wall and performed Jincheon magic, an illusion identical to the wall appeared and covered them.

After a while, the labyrinth, covered in blood all over and with its arms stretched out, entered Warehouse 72.

His steps were heavy with a blank expression, but his eyes were clear.

‘Mr. Miro? What happened?’

Miro suddenly stopped walking, but Anchal calmly watched her.

‘are you okay. There’s no way they’ll get caught.’

The magician’s ability to realize illusions like real ones was a technicalization of the realm of wisdom, and it was not easy to see through even if it was a maze.


Sirone’s shoulders flinched at Miro’s call.

“Don’t come. Whatever you are thinking, you should never come here.”

Thinking that she had to talk to Miro, Sirone moved to the wall, but Anchal grabbed her shoulder.

‘Not yet. It’s not good to get entangled in the case from the start.’


At that time, Istas vibrated and the position of the structure began to change.

Miro hurriedly turned around and shouted.

“You idiot… … !”

Before he could finish his words, Miro’s figure gradually faded and disappeared like a lie.

The vibration stopped, and Anchal said while canceling the illusion magic.

“The structure of Istas has changed. That means Warehouse 72 is no longer an entrance.”

“You mean that when the space changes, the events change too?”

Anchal nodded.

“The events of the upper classes are records engraved at a specific time and in a specific space. Even if one of the two changes, the incident does not occur. But it will be different in the future. The fact that the warehouse has moved means that it has already taken a different route from the previous case.”

“Who moved the warehouse?”

“It could be Fermi… … .”

Anchal looked back at Sirone.

“Maybe it could be you.”

Sirone did not understand her words.

“But I just came in, haven’t I? How can I move the warehouse?”

“The upper layer is a structure in which time infinitely circulates. In other words, it is not a straight line, but a circle connected to the beginning and end. There is no distinction between past, present and future. We just entered, but it’s possible that you in the future moved Istas for some reason. If not, how could Miro know your name from earlier?”

“ah… … .”

Sirone’s mouth fell open.

“The upper class incident was recorded 19 years ago. Don’t you know your name? Therefore, the maze we saw is a maze in which we have already met you.”

“Did you know that I was there because you heard about me from the future?”

“I can’t pinpoint anything yet. The fact that the case has already taken a different route means that it will continue to be so in the future. It is especially serious that the space has moved.”

“In what sense?”

Anchal cast a welcome magic to create a cube.

“To put it simply, Istas is a kind of cube. And Guffin put a specific incident here. For example… … .”

The cube’s hexahedron was overlaid with a picture that mimics the war that anyone in Tormia knows.

“Let’s say this picture is an upper class incident. It is a simple painting, but it contains many stories depending on the gaze of the observer.”

Sirone realized how Guffin hid events in space and time.

“It’s like a three-dimensional event compressed into two dimensions.”

“that’s right. I took a picture of the incident as it is in this picture. However, we are currently in a situation where we have entered this picture. So you experience a 2D event in 3D. And now, for some reason, Estas has moved.”

As the cubes rotated randomly, the pictures jumbled like a puzzle.


“You understand now? It means that all events recorded in a specific time and space have been scattered.”

Anchal pointed to the passage leading to the next warehouse.

“It takes less than a minute to get to Warehouse 14 from here. But there might be a future unfolding an hour later. Or the past an hour ago.”

If space was warped and the timeline was cut, another hypothesis could be established.

“Then what if you turn back time? So, what would happen if I cast the statue of a Buddha here?”

“How wide do you perceive time?”

“About 1 second before and after.”

“In that case, even including all the time in the upper classes, it remains. Actually, this is a two-dimensional event without time. If you cast Shibutsu Blast now, you will experience the events of all times that happened in this space.”

“But you cannot change the space. That’s why I said that I might have moved Istas.”

“That’s right. Fermi is suspicious too, but you are the one who needs to change the space.”

“What kind of necessity is that?”

Unless it was a very serious matter, there was no reason to activate Istas even while preparing to twist the case.

“I have no choice but to go to the engine room. If the case has changed, you will need to know in order to reverse it.”

When Anchal turned toward the engine room, Sirone asked with a surprised expression.

“Did you know the equation of Estas?”

“Don’t underestimate Jincheon Space Agency’s intelligence. Even if it’s top-secret, you can get the blueprint.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘It’s a top secret… … .’

I felt it even before I went to heaven, but it was just a miracle that I was still alive and not dead.

<event coordinates>

Time: 1 hour 17 minutes.

Space: Warehouse #14 in Estas.

As soon as I left the warehouse door, a powerful explosion sounded.


The moment she turned her head, the scene of the warehouse covered with blood greeted Sirone.


“Follow me! Never miss it!”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘That’s the voice at that time!’

When I checked the identity of the voice I heard when I first cast the statue of Buddha in Istas, a man wearing a claw curved like an eagle’s claw on his wrist was chasing Miro.

“Don’t be offended! My opponent is the strongest banya!”

It was a maze of running while looking forward, but there was no blind spot in the field of view of the Thousand Arms Guanyin looking down on the whole world.


Guanyin’s palm pushed another soldier against the wall, and his body exploded like a fly.

“Report! 1 trillion annihilation! One trillion annihilation!”

“Damn it!”

Leader Rask, who leads the second group, gnashed his teeth and jumped out.

“maze! Give me your neck!”

The gap closed in an instant, and only then did the maze turn around.


As Kannon’s palm erupted in the blink of an eye and aimed at Rask, his claw wielded afterimages.

The field of Kannon bounced off with an explosive roar, and Rask landed on the floor crossing his claws in an X shape.

“Annoying… … .”

Miro glared nervously at the child in her arms, then turned back.

“Chase! Go after the child!”

Mars’ forces quickly passed by Sirone’s side.

Sirone, who was out of breath just watching the battle, let out a sigh of relief.

“At this coordinate, a group of Mars is annihilated. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time has passed since you’re holding a child.”

“It seemed like he was trying to protect the child somehow.”

Otherwise, there would be no reason for someone as powerful as the maze to run away in front of an enemy.

‘That child… … ‘

Sirone recalled what Miro had asked about her parents the night before she left the mountain after training.

-Sirone, maybe I… … .

What was Miro trying to say then?

“I need to check, who the kid is.”

“Then let’s move on to the next room.”

We arrived at room 13 where Miro escaped, but there was no trace of battle.

“The space is correct, but the time zone is different.”

At Anchal’s words, Sirone took out Armand.

When I grabbed the sword and activated the Diamond Arm, an organic robe wrapped around my body and a cybernetic body floated above my head.

“Is that Armand?”

Valhalla Action is currently paying its debts, but other features would greatly increase its odds of survival.

“Somehow, I have to meet Miro now. I’m going to cast a fire pit here.”

If time was perceived differently, the coordinates of Anchal and Sirone would diverge, so there was no reason to be here.

“good. Then I’ll go to the engine room. Check it out and come find me.”

When Sirone, who even confirmed that Anchal was leaving the warehouse, cast a fire on the statue of Buddha, the surrounding scenery began to flicker.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

The whole record of 2 hours and 48 minutes, which is completely different from the existing time of Buddha statue bombing, was flooded.

The sense of the past, present, and future rushing into two dimensions was grotesque, as if looking at the world through a psychedelic lens.


In the midst of the violence of information, Sirone desperately recognized the time Miro was here.


As soon as the statue of Buddha statue disappeared, my head felt like it would break.

<event coordinates>

Time: 1 hour 32 minutes.

Space: Warehouse #13 in Estas.

“Who are you?”

Miro, who was holding the child, turned her back away from the wall.

“Mr. Miro?”

Hurrying to her senses, Sirone flinched and stopped.

The 2nd team of the Mars unit that had pursued her a moment ago were horribly slashed and scattered on the warehouse floor.

‘The battle is over.’

“Who are you asking? If it is Mars, it kills.”

Sirone hurriedly pulled back the hood.

“no! I am a magic school student!”

It was the best answer to reassure Maze.

“student? Didn’t you go out?”

If you’re a student at the Supernatural Psychic Research Society, there’s a good chance that Guffin was in before cutting the timeline.

“I feel sorry for you. It’s a pity, but organize your life. You can’t get out of here.”

Miro, relaxed, sat down again with his back against the wall.

Sirone approached, looking at the child still asleep with a peaceful face in her arms.

“no. I’m here to see Mr. Miro.”


Miro, with a tired face, turned his head.


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