Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 589

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[589] Darkness (4)

* * *

“Scramble Royale has ended.”

Collie, the head teacher of the senior class, entered the principal’s office.

Alpheas was looking out the window with his hands behind his back, and Vice Principal Olivia was sitting on the sofa, her legs crossed, lost in thought.

“The Sirone team has won.”

Olivia let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m glad. At least we can block access to the study meeting in the shadows.”

Alpheas said.

“It is fortunate that the incident did not escalate. But the victory of the Sirone team means that we will get to the heart of the case.”

“How do you know that? In fact, we don’t even know what the core of Estas is.”

Alpheas turned away from the window and sat down in front of the desk.

“okay. Nobody knows until Miro opens his mouth.”

In the 20 judges, there were two people who received the right to vote, but I didn’t know exactly about the upper echelons.

“But Sirone stayed with Miro. Maybe she told me.”

“Then I won’t investigate Istas even more. Sirone’s curiosity is great, but she’s also cautious. I’m not stupid enough to divulge world-class secrets.”

“It would be nice if that were the case.”

Alpheas’ acceptance did not leave a good aftertaste.

‘It’s best to bury it as it is if possible.’

As a wizard, he wanted to know the identity of Istas like a chimney, but there were too many forces intertwined to approach it only out of curiosity.

“I’ll go out for a while.”

Olivia got up from the couch and headed for the door.

“Where are you going? Don’t make a fuss about it. It would be best for Estas to be closed as it is.”

“I know. That’s why I’m going.”

Life flashed in Olivia’s eyes as she stepped out the door.

‘There’s just one person who gets caught.’

* * *

The women’s dormitory room was basically equipped with a bed, but Anchal was immersed in meditation while sitting cross-legged on the bare floor.

She slowly opened her eyes when she heard the bell ringing past midnight, sat down at her desk, and pulled out a small fine pen from her bosom.

The brush tip was thin and the brush tip was even thinner.

A brush tip thinner than a hair swayed on a roll of paper that seemed like it would fit perfectly if two fingers overlapped.

Every time his fingertips swayed, the language of Jincheon began to be written out.

Your Majesty the Emperor

I am now in front of the secret of ‘fragments’.

I’m not afraid of death, but given the difficulty of the mission, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do my job.

Therefore, I intend to unseal the Majeongan, the family’s famous weapon bestowed by His Majesty the Great Emperor, so please rebuke my lowly skills.

I will make sure to bring ‘fragments’ with me.

Long live His Majesty the Emperor.

Long live the Jincheon Empire.

Anchal, who carefully put down the fine pen, waited for the ink to dry before rolling up the roll of paper.


When the name was called, two huge eyes flashed on the ceiling as if drawn in a painting.

“Yes, Chief.”


The director of the ‘Jincheon Space Bureau’, which is highly confidential even in the Foreign Inspection Department of the Jincheon Empire.

He was also a world-class secret holder in charge of consulting for Valkyrie’s reset system analysis agency.

“You will have to tell it yourself.”

“Please leave it to me.”

When Anchal threw a roll of paper over his head, a tongue protruded from Ceiling’s mouth, grabbed it, and swallowed it.

“This is rude, but please be careful. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of Jincheon is in your hands.”

“… … I get it.”

The painting on the ceiling disappeared as if ink dried, and Anchal covered his head with both hands and was lost in thought.


Scramble Royale should have been over by now.

It was a game that didn’t matter which side won, but Aanchal thought it was a little better for the Sirone team to win.

‘If you use the ability of burning fire… … .’

I didn’t intend to bring in Sirone from the beginning, but after realizing that I could manipulate time, Scramble Royale itself became meaningless.

‘Fermi will start moving sooner or later. Perhaps he got the blueprints for Istas.’

It needed help from both sides, but in some cases, it was an eyesore that neither side could throw off.

As I finished my thoughts and walked to the bed, someone knocked outside the door.

“Anchal, are you inside?”

‘Vice Principal Olivia.’

Thinking that something had come, Anchal instantly corrected his expression and opened the door pretending not to know anything.

“Vice principal? What are you doing at this hour?”

“I want to have an interview. May I come in?”

It was a room that didn’t leave even the slightest mistakes, but it was an honest feeling that I didn’t want to enter it if the opponent was a certified second-class archmage.

“Or should we talk outside?”

Olivia’s voice was as beautiful as an oriole’s, but today it had a sharpness that pierced my heartstrings.


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“yes. I’ll listen outside. I want to get some fresh air.”

As soon as she left the building, Olivia threw herself into space and flew away.

An ordinary student would feel absurd at first, but Anchal also followed her without muttering.

The destination was on the other side of the mountains surrounding the school, at the bottom of a deep valley.

“What happened? What are you going to do by calling a student to a place like this?”

“Anchal, how old are you?”

“… … .”

If he had already come with the intention of putting an end to it, Anchal had no reason to lie anymore.

“I am thirty-two.”

“I knew it would. The people of the East look really young.”

“It’s not really like that in the East. So what do you want to know? The secret of Estas? my true identity?”

“Anything if possible.”

Anchal shook his head.

“I have thought that I am not a fool. Not paying attention is good for you and good for the school.”

The ruler of Jincheon was none other than the Three Hwanggye.

“I have no intention of getting involved in the conflict between the empires. But Estas is definitely private property. And I am the one who has been entrusted with full authority by the owner to manage it.”

“I will not avoid school.”

“That’s for me to hear and judge.”

“sorry. I have nothing to say to you.”


As Olivia opened her lips softly, she cast an ultrasonography, and syllables came out with the highest sound a human could hear.

The sounds reflected off the cliff amplified and tormented the eardrums of Anchal.

‘Loud. That’s why I chose this place.’

Olivia, who had read the words of a professional book while Ahn-chal’s mind was dizzy, cast her magic.

‘The Great Expansion.’

As the air expanded, valleys tens of meters high collapsed inward.


After the spectacular landslide, there were no more valleys left as far as the human eye could see.

Landing on the rocks that filled the valley, Olivia’s eyes flashed for a moment.

Jincheon Magic – Giant.

As soon as he threw his body, a 20-meter-tall giant appeared and slammed his fist down.


Olivia couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat as the giant’s arm penetrated the rock and buried her shoulder.

‘Destroying an object with an illusion… … .’

As if looking for a ring buried in the soil, the giant waved his arm and pulled out the eye patch from deep underground.

The leather eyepatch that covered one eye had been torn open, revealing a bluish pupil inside.

“Is that Majeong’an?”

The giant disappeared after putting the eyes on the ground.

“What are you doing? Do you really want to fight me?”

“There’s nothing we can’t do for the safety of the school.”

“Don’t be c*cky, Olivia. I am a soldier. Even if I’m a great wizard, I’m not the type to be beaten by teachers.”

Olivia added a comment as Anchal tore off the leather patch.

“I don’t want to care about the secrets of the empire. However, this is a student problem. Why Sirone, Fermi convinced me why he was interested in Istas. This is the maximum I can offer. If you refuse even this… … .”

Olivia pursed her lips and said.

“I’ll deal with you no matter what.”

“… … .”

After thinking for a while, Anchal extinguished the light in Majeongan and sat down on a rock.

“I am an agent of the Jincheon Space Agency.”

Olivia lowered her hands and leaned against the rock wall.

“Our mission is to collect information about the cosmic initialization and reset. So far, the universe has undergone three resets. It all started with a guy called Guffin.”

Anchal looked up at the sky.

“Nineteen years ago, a man named Guffin was protecting humanity from heaven. But he left the mission to Miro and disappeared. This is where the question arises.”

Anchal raised his finger.

“Why did Guffin have to expunge himself? Considering that he has made Miro his successor, it is unreasonable to say that his affection for this world has cooled.”


“The conclusion reached through the hypothesis of Valkyrie seems that Guffin should have completed what he could not do himself through the maze. And we think Sirone is somehow involved in that.”


Anchal kept silent about confidentiality and moved on to the next matter.

“The eradication of the Guffin would have been a disaster from the point of view of humans. Because the breakwater that blocked the army of Heaven has disappeared.”

“There must have been a lot of backlash.”

“I can’t remember, but I can predict. And it is presumed that Fermi’s mother, Yolgha, was at the heart of the backlash.”

“Sirone and Fermira.”

“Is this enough reason to understand? We absolutely need those two to investigate Istas.”

“good. But why is it estas?”

From here on, the security level jumped up, but Olivia’s doubts were natural.

“Do you know about the crack field verification experiment?”

“Roughly. Isn’t it that the total amount of time and energy in the world we live in is subtly misaligned?”

“that’s right. Through the Anke La Eradication and the Great Purification, we continued to calculate the rift field. In the meantime, I found that the rift value of the Guffin Eraser is always fixed. The more the reset, the more complicated the rift should be.”

“What does that mean?”

“Even during the third reset, there are events that never change.”

Anchal drew the cross of space and time in the air.

“Why Estas? Unlike other ruins, the Guffin’s Gate installed there is fixed at one coordinate in time and space. Coordinates that can never be accessed unless time is stopped. The Jincheon Space Agency tried to separate the coordinates into time and space through the crack field value.”

Anchal made a hand gesture as if holding a thread, then opened it to the left and right.

“As a result of connecting spatial information with time, we came to the conclusion that the event lasted about 3 hours.”

That incident was the identity of the rift that occurred in the eradication of Guffin.

“In a word, Guffin fixed a specific event. Why? It is different from the 2nd and 3rd resets.”

“You mean the incident was in the upper echelons of Istas?”

“You know the rumors of the upper echelons, right? Everything that cannot exist in this world exists. This refers to an event And that event is unaffected by the reset.”

“Is it really possible, an event that is not affected even when the world is reset?”

“Is it possible.”

The answer was immediate.

“Of course, normally it is difficult. However, if the event itself becomes one world and is connected to our world in an independent state.”

“Is it another universe, for example?”

Anchal nodded.

“The Jincheon Space Agency collected all the information and simulated the world in the upper Eastas in advance. You should know what kind of world it is to know how difficult it is to infiltrate. The results came out astonishing.”

“What if the result is surprising?”

“There is no beginning and no end.”

Looking at Olivia, Anchal wiggled his fingers.

“Something that happened in the upper part of Istas, that lasted about 3 hours, is repeating itself forever.”


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