Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 586

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[586] Darkness (1)


Dorothy looked back in surprise at the curse words that came out of Iruki’s mouth.

‘You’re getting angry too.’

“As expected, Hersey knew. Cards that have been discarded by forfeiture are not shuffled.”

It was a rule that could not be understood in just 7 days without manipulating time like Sirone or having the calculation ability of a Servant.

“We are trying to count equally to create an advantageous hand. At this rate, we will all die together.”

“Who wins? Can you count?”

There are 28 scrambles left that have not yet been carded.

If so, it was possible to predict the match by calculating all the cards and patterns they would choose.

Iruki clicked his tongue and said.

“41 percent. It’s the odds of winning on our side.”

“Is there such a big difference?”

“The odds of winning don’t matter anyway. There are many cases where Hercy can choose. Even if we make one mistake, we will have an advantage.”

“Will I make a mistake?”

“… … I don’t know.”

It was none other than Fermi’s staff.

“Now I have no choice but to choose. If you fight with a combination of hands until the end, the win rate is 40%. But if you consider other factors… … .”

Electricity flew in Iruki’s eyes.

“With an 80 percent chance, we can even make it to a draw.”

40% win and 80% draw.

Of course, Iruki, who was in charge of the match between the hands, had no choice but to lean toward the former.

’40 percent isn’t a low win rate. I have to do it.’

If Amy avoids Cayden, if Sirone can’t destroy Eden’s defenses.

‘You have to fight considering all the negative circumstances. If I tamper with the white card… … .’

“… … key. Iruki!”


Iruki, who was out of his mind, looked back at Dorothy.

“Don’t think too hard. I trust your head.”

“But if you fall behind in a combination… … .”

“You know what is more important. we are a team yes?”

The odds are not alone.

“Yeah, right.”

It was everyone’s odds.

“Let’s get started. I’ll give you one shot.”

Dorothy nodded briskly.

* * *

“ha! ha!”

The mountain was on fire.

The duration of the flames was over, but flames blazed up wherever Ifrit swept away, illuminating the midnight darkness.

‘As expected, continuous casting is impossible.’

A shock wave erupted as Amy threw herself away in agony as if her whole body was ripening.

Immediately, Caden covered in dust appeared.


His condition was no longer normal.

‘Sniper Mode!’

Even while the spirit zone of the cross rotated 300 times per minute, the fire strike was directed at Cayden.

‘Air Tunnel. It’s definitely tricky.’

The speed of the flames, fueled by oxygen, could not be followed without Schema’s body vision.

‘fast. Should I keep my distance?’

Caden shook his head.

Giving distance to the sniper was the most foolish decision.

‘I have to approach.’

That was the standard, but Amy also activated the flame again against Cayden.

As Ifrit, who had already been reborn seven times, blew out her breath in front of her, waves of flame turned everything to ashes.

Magic Sword – Shadow Barrier.

Cayden, who invoked dark magic in the black ashes, split the curtain and jumped in.

‘okay! You’re great!’

Amy gritted her teeth and hit her.

The lingering scene of fire and darkness mingling was a grotesque color that could only be seen in hell.

‘Yeah, that would be great! There are so many things I’m good at!’

Amy realized why her stomach was bubbling as the battle continued.

‘If I like Maya, I will attack Maya!’

Cayden does nothing.

‘Who knows what’s easy to love? Why did I even give up on the graduation evaluation and ended up in a place like this… … .’

Amy’s flames rose even more.

“I thought I was fighting you!”



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Demon Sword – Mega Tornado.

As the gale rotated around Cayden, Amy’s flames entwined with the movement of the air.

‘Frozen Buster!’

The endless swirl of flames froze and exploded.

‘Anything can be done… … Art is blah blah blah!’

Cayden really, does nothing.

“How did I get here!”

Amy also knew the weight of her destiny to become the best.

‘Do you think you can make a living doing what you want to do?’

So I wandered for a while.

If she hadn’t met Sirone, her talent wouldn’t have blossomed.

‘At the magic school… … !’

A lot of competitors I met.

There was a desire to acquire at least some talent hidden in the gaze that disparaged that he was only seeing the virtues of the red eyes.

‘You’re from the Cross family! You are born with the best talent!’

Knowing their resentment, he wants to become a wizard.

Because I can’t tolerate myself not being able to achieve anything even though I have a talent that is superior to others.

“Just whining!”


Demon Sword – Thunder Cross.

When Cayden slammed the ground, cross-shaped electric shocks exploded in all directions.

“What the hell did you do!”

In the explosion, Amy’s red eyes began to flicker at an unprecedented speed.

triple evolution.

A state of extreme concentration that humans are capable of, which cannot be achieved only with the ability to back up self-image memories.

When Ifrit, who had grown explosively, grabbed the crosssword, the blade heated up red.

‘You have to hold on! little bit more!’

It is accompanied by nervousness beyond imagination to stab consciousness again in the state of samadhi.

Even the sound of grasshoppers could be heard as loud as thunder, and he was in such a state of concentration that he would go crazy if even a single strand of hair was shaken by the wind.

“Let’s see!”

Despite the pain in his burning hands, Cayden grabbed the heated cross sword.

“I am just a victim of my fate!”

The blade emitted a pale white glow.

Demonic Sword – Island 閃.

The blade literally decapitated Amy with the same speed as the flash had passed.


Amy’s crimson eyes did not disappear even in front of the horizon of light that seemed to blind her.

‘Did you avoid it?’

Impossible with Amy’s schema level.

‘No, did I not cut it?’

Stopping in the posture of swinging the sword, Cayden looked back at the cross sword.

Only the black handle, dripping with molten iron, remained.

‘Alloy… … .’

Heat enough to liquefy in an instant.

Amy, who instantly increased her firepower, rushed forward with smoke burning from her body.

Although he could no longer cast fire, Cayden, who swung his sword in the photonized state, was in a situation where it was difficult to move as the aftermath surged through his body.


Just as she was desperately trying to move her limbs, Amy came deep into Caden’s arms.

“Either Maya or you… … !”

The fist, filled with all the strength of his body, crashed into Cayden’s ribs, which Sirone had broken a few days ago.

“Sirone can’t yield!”

Woo support!

Cayden coughed up blood as he heard his ribs snapping.


At the same time, Amy frowned, feeling the pain in her wrist.


It was clear that the ligament was out.

“Sirone… … .”

Cayden, whose face was distorted, shuddered and glared at Amy.

However, holding on for a while, the body as hard as an iron wall fell backwards in vain.

* * *

“Ugh! Gross!”

Sabina slashed the insects flocking in from all directions with the air cut.

It was only magic, but that’s why it was even more hideous, and its functions such as poison, paralysis, and insanity were all different.

‘Oh, I don’t know!’

As Sabina casts Cutting Flower, the blade’s wind tore through the colony of six-legged ones.

In an attack that combines speed and accuracy, hundreds of insects finally lay on the floor vomiting mucus.

“Whoa! Is it over now?”

Fisho had disappeared before he knew it.

The role he can play in the state of exhausting scramble is check, but he was not foolish enough to attack the battle mage head-on.

‘It’s as Iruki said.’

Sabina, who waited a long time even after Fisho disappeared, checked the time and looked at the sky.

Rocket Punch (→→↘↘←←).

Dorothy’s magic Hickory’s rocket punch delivered her a scramble.

* * *

“It is over.”

Hercy and Iruki glared at each other.

After a fierce combination fight, the result reached was ○●○○●○(amplification) for Iruki and ●●●●●ⓡ for Hercy.

If the random card is black, Hercy can defeat Iruki, and on the contrary, if it is white, it will be a full defeat.

‘It’s a gamble worth taking.’

According to the calculation through counting, the proportion of black and white remaining in the random cards was four white cards and six black cards.

“It’s my win with a 60 percent chance.”

Just the fact that he followed the odds ratio predicted by Iruki was enough to say that Hercy’s brain was outstanding.

“No, there is an 80% chance of a draw.”

At that time, Dorothy bet on Iruki.

Due to her ●○●●○● (Extinction), Iruki’s cards were altered and the black-and-white ratio became 8:8.

Then the probability is 50%.

“Did you throw away the card? It’s a crazy gamble.”

“Is it really so?”

When Iruki pointed at Hickory’s empty arm, Hersey, realizing something, looked at the Master Card.

The hand of Sabina, who was ○○○○ (Pope), was destroyed before I knew it, and ●●●● (Mine) was floating.

This gives you 16 white cards and 4 black cards.

In other words, it was a situation where a white card came out with a probability of 80%.

“… … Are you trying to catch me somehow?”

It was a strategy that could not be attempted without being convinced that Sirone would retire Eden.

“well. Because this is a team game.”

Perhaps a black card might come out with a 20% chance, so Hercy picked up a random card.


When the ●●●●●○ (full loss) was confirmed, Hersy threw the white card to the ground while kicking her tongue.

‘So four scrambles are empty.’

It was a leeway created by not using scramble on Sirone from the start.

‘I sent exactly four to Sabina.’

There was only one question left for Hercy.

“How did you get the timing dozens of times? Did you just leave it to chance?”

Aside from counting cards, predicting changes in real time was impossible with human thinking.

“Because I am a Servant.”

Iruki’s answer was simple.

“Servants do not forget time. and… … It’s five minutes behind Dorothy’s clock.”

Dorothy shrugged and smiled.

* * *

With a bridge that could not be crossed, Sirone and Eden flew through the sky and pursued it.

The air defense was one-sided, but it was a strange battle with no results.

‘As expected, it can’t be destroyed with normal magic.’

All kinds of magical applications are being thrown into Eden through the ability of the Buddha Statue Explosion, but not a single tip of her hair can be damaged.

‘I have to be prepared to kill.’

The Shining Chain went one second ahead and restrained Eden, but her expression was full of composure.

“You can’t hurt me with this anyway.”


The moment Ataraxia unfolded, Eden’s ridicule began to harden due to the emotion of astonishment.

‘What is that?’

Ataraxia, which was accumulated while distorting the surrounding landscape, was completely different from yesterday.


A 4-dimensional ataraxia that adds time to a 3-dimensional space.

It was a phenomenal phenomenon that only Sirone, who recognizes the past, present, and future at the same time, could demonstrate.

‘more! faster!’

Accumulating information on the sphere was different from the two-dimensional magic circle, but that’s why it was a blast of 100 views of Buddha statues that were raised.

As the world shrunk to a point, as the light of countless information crashed into the ataraxia of the sphere, Eden also realized the seriousness of the situation.


The moment she broke the Shining Chain by expanding the shield, the moment she moved away from Sirone, the 4th Dimension Ataraxia was completed.


As the realm of Jikji opened, the central point of the Spirit Zone disappeared.

‘I don’t know what kind of magic it is, but I don’t have to deal with it. It’s enough to avoid it anyway.’

At the same time as Eden’s thoughts ended, the batteries and omnipotence of the Photon Cannon were combined in Sirone’s head.

“This… … .”

Eden shuddered at the sight unfolding before his eyes.

Huge flashes of light rushed from every direction humans could see around her.


And finally condensed like the sun, making Eden immobilized.

The sensation of the enormous mass transmitted through the Absolute Barrier being concentrated into a point was truly terrifying.

“Huh… … !”

is this holiness

Or is it the most violent hostility in the universe?

‘Please hold on! Eden!’

What was reached by combining Ataraxia, Shibutsu Explosion, and Elysion was an ultra-high-density aggregation of stars flying from all times and all spaces.

It was Syrone’s extinction magic, Quasar.


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