Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 584

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[584] In the name of God (3)

* * *

Returning to the dormitory, Sirone sat down on the bed.

Tomorrow, at the point where winners and losers are to be separated, the burden of compensation and cost rises to the surface again.

‘Yes, I have no choice but to do it.’

Eden’s Absolute Barrier must be destroyed.

‘But how?’

I spoke confidently in front of my friends, but the answer was still unclear.

‘I have to find it. If it was Fleur-senpai, he would have found a way somehow.’

A wizard trained to respond to all variables.

Miro said that was the only pro, and the highest title a wizard could obtain.

‘First, the laser.’

If you continue to accumulate energy, Eden’s defenses will eventually break.

‘But what I think, Eden is thinking too.’

The problem starts here.

If you’re not dealing with a scarecrow, your enemies are desperately searching for an answer.

‘I’m going to dodge before the energy accumulates. In fact, you don’t even need to suppress it, do you? What if I let them go outside?’

There is also a way to push Eden to the end of the territory with a high-powered mass wave, but the countermeasure is not much different from a laser.

‘Eden is too light. That’s the point.’

A mountain can be destroyed, but the problem was that Eden flew away like a feather in a strong wind.

‘Come to think of it, it was like that in heaven too.’

It was only after reversing the cause and effect of 127 years with the Valhalla Action that it was able to obtain enough power to annihilate the archangel Faiel.

Remembering that time, Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘I fought very inefficiently.’

It’s fortunate that the result came out, but in the eyes of the team members, it might have been thought that I was an amateur.

In any case, the fact that his face was burning with judgment in the past was proof that he had grown a little more now.

“The solution is this. To somehow create a state in which Eden is not pushed by mass waves. Then ataraxia will be enough to destroy it.”

How about immobilizing her with a shining chain and pouring photon cannons at her?

‘The Shining Chain will break first.’

Feeling frustrated as her thoughts got blocked, Sirone bent her upper body and stamped the back of her head against the wall with a thump.

Even with all their might, they couldn’t come up with a way to destroy Eden’s defenses.

‘Should I give up? If it’s now, I’ll try again with Iruki… … .’

Sirone’s head turned wildly.

‘no. There are probably thousands or tens of thousands of ways. I can’t find any of them.’


Even while exposed to Ataraxia’s powerful output, we must find a way to keep Eden anchored to its coordinates.

‘There’s no way to fix it! no, there is! No, no!’

Feeling like her heart was being squeezed like a rag, Sirone writhed in agony as she wrung the blanket.

‘How did things get fixed? No, there are no things that are fixed, right? That’s been a problem from the start. Coordinates are… … .’

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“ah. iced coffee.”

A small voice leaked out of his mouth as he stared at the ceiling and imagined something.

“Time and space.”

All answers are hidden in the problem.

“There are no problems.”

Even in the dark of the night, Eden did not enter the dormitory and prayed in a deep cave.

“As long as you protect me.”

Ahead of the final day of Scramble Royale, her omnipotence was strengthening to an all-time high.

Even in order to regain the honor of the Church of Yor, which Gaold had stained, he couldn’t lose to Sirone.

‘I’m sure he’ll come out with a different response from today. He’s a smart kid no matter what.’

However, Eden also had no intention of holding out only in the name of God.

The reason she is recognized by the Church of Yore is because her desperate faith is based on rationality.

It meant that when someone offered me bread, I wouldn’t reject it, saying God would feed me.

‘Ataraxia cannot destroy the Absolute Barrier. Even if I find a better way, it’s enough to avoid it.’

If it was the answer that God had given her from the beginning, even if she evaded the attack, it was by no means a denial of God.

‘Tomorrow, I become a true daughter of God. And I will go back and erase Gaold’s name from the list.’

The prayers of Eden echoed in the cave.

‘It is impossible to tie things to coordinates.’

Sirone was sitting cross-legged at some point.

As the Sequence Sequence sprinted at breakneck speed and finally entered the realm of respect, a golden glow began to radiate from his body.

‘But you can. I can do it with this!’

As the incarnation of the light angel, spread out in particles, swirled around like a whirlpool, everything in the room began to twist as if squeezed.

* * *

the next morning.

Before Fermi returned to school, he sought out Radum, Baska’s shadow.

This is where Canis and Arin grew up, but the darkness of Radum they experienced was just the tip of the iceberg.

A time bomb in the capital where not only the terrorist group called the Black Revolutionary Group, which blew up the Gold Tower a while ago, but also countless sub-species are hiding in high-level concealed facilities and are planning to overthrow the human world.

As such, the eyes of those who were watching Fermi were also very ferocious.


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“You are a foreigner.”

As I approached the deserted area, I heard a voice.

However, where Fermi turned his head, there was only the shadow of the building.

“I am lost. Where is this?”

“You can’t enter Radum just because you’re lost.”

At the entrance of Radum, royal troops are stationed 24 hours a day, and entry is strictly prohibited.

“Knowing the back door means knowing where this place is, right?”

Fermi threw a gold coin into the shadow.

The gold coins that went into the darkness disappeared in an instant.

“Let’s just go. I think I will be late for my appointment.”

“… … How much do you have?”

Fermi said with a smile.

“well? 10 billion gold?”

As if slightly embarrassed, the shadow didn’t say anything.

“If it’s about 100 million gold, I can give it away.”

Shadows flowed down like oil spilled from the buildings on all sides and surrounded Fermi.

‘Are they black young people?’

They are invisible in the dark.

“I have a feeling that maybe I am really lost. Or a lesser human being in the world.”

I couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from.

“This is Radum. Money can’t protect you here.”

The shadows all stood up and poured down on Fermi.

“is it so?”

Particles of light smaller than a speck of dust rose on Fermi’s palm.

“How about a 100 million gold magic?”

time slows down

“radish… … Son… … .”

During the time that the shadow’s voice uttered just two syllables, the light waves expanded all over Radum at a tremendous speed.


As the darkness lifted, a woman’s scream was heard.

“Since my name is Radum, I have been preparing various things.”

Fermi looked down at the woman with twin swords in her hands.

A gray-skinned woman with pricked ears and thick double eyelids sat down, biting her lip.

“This is the first time I have seen a black young person in person. It looks like this. I heard that skin is sold at a very high price.”

“you… … how… … .”

The skin of a black young person creates a transparent effect in the dark.

“Shall we take it off?”

As madness raged in Fermi’s eyes, the black spirit flinched and twisted his upper body into darkness.

“If you run away, you will die.”


The movement of the black spirit stopped.

Although they have been using the law of darkness since birth, the light magic cast by Fermi was so powerful that even resistance was impossible.

‘What kind of magic is this?’

As expected, Fermi was floating the small light particles he had just cast in his hand.

“Funny, right? It’s called the Big Bang. It is a magic developed by a wizard named Alfeas to subdue the Archmage Arcane.”

“Arcane… … .”

The name of Arcane, an authority on dark magic, was famous even among the dark spirits.

The person concerned waved his hand, saying that it was not such a great magic, but anyway, as long as he belonged to the red line, he had been registered as a prescribed magic for younger students.

‘Of course I didn’t learn it myself.’

It was enough to buy the magic someone learned with money.

“what do you want?”

“As rumored, the concealment facility is thorough. I’m honestly lost. So… … .”

Fermi grabbed her by the wrist, lifted her up, and pressed her face.

“ah… … .”

“The black young man is good at spying. Can he ask for directions? I will make a case.”

The black young man looked at Fermi’s smiling face as if he were bewitched.

‘What the hell is this human… … ?’

I’ve met many people, but it was the first time eating out.

* * *

“I will take on Amy. I will make a decision within today.”

As noon approached, Cayden took up his crosssword and declared to Hercy.

It wasn’t a bad idea if Amy could be retired, but it was doubtful that she would be drawn into it.

“Even if you refuse, I hit Amy.”

Realizing that she couldn’t stop Cayden anyway, Hersey changed her route to help the strategy as much as possible.

“Wait a minute.”

Cayden turned around and Hersy held out her hand.

“If you want to hit Amy, there are conditions.”

* * *

Iruki and Dorothy teamed up and busied themselves to collect 12 scrambles.

Even if a retirement occurred, the number of scrambles summoned was the same as that of the first participant, so the remaining number was 72.

“Fisho’s collection speed is slower than the previous day.”

It meant that he was moving with Hercy.

Dorothy, who had expanded the Spirit Zone with Jonah’s ability, twitched her eyebrows.

“He’s coming this way. Clash in three minutes.”


It caught my eye in real time that a random card was added to the current status of Hercy, which was ⓡⓡ.

‘Three random cards (ⓡⓡⓡ)?’

Counting is not possible at the time when the first scramble of the 7th day is summoned.

So, when you open three random cards, the probability of getting black and white is still 50%.

‘I can’t read the cards. I have to step up.’

Iruki received a scramble from Hickory and made it into a random card before opening.

His current hand was ●●●○ (Dictator), and Hercy also added one more hand to level 4.

‘A random (ⓡⓡⓡⓡ) again?’

Arriving at the place where the scramble was held, Iruki and Hercy found each other and immediately walked Kang at the same time.

‘What is it?’

○●○● (Democracy) appeared in the current status of Hercy.

‘Democracy by opening four random cards? shit! It’s a complete gamble!’

After giving up scramble, Iruki took Dorothy and went back to the forest.

‘Unless it’s Eden, making infinite by designating a hand is suicidal. The best thing is to mix random.’

After receiving 4 scrambles from Hickory, Iruki opened 4 random cards, and the monarchy (○○○●) emerged.

‘As expected, I can’t make a Pope (○○○○) without counting.’

Iruki held out his hand.

“Give me another.”

When he selected a white card, Iruki’s hand was upgraded to ○○●○○ (Emperor).

Of course, Hercy’s current status will be ⓡⓡⓡⓡ○.

‘From now on, it’s a battle of odds.’

The corners of Iruki’s mouth went up.

* * *

The second scramble was summoned at 2:00 PM, but Sirone did not move in the forest where he had settled since the morning.

Anyway, the time he faced Eden was the last round of Scramble Royale, but there were times when he couldn’t feel the flow of time.

‘The 16th.’

It was the location where Sirone’s sequence ceremony was currently running.

‘I have to pull it up as much as possible.’

If you don’t destroy the limits in advance, you won’t be able to respond to immediate changes in the match against Eden.

At one point, the time machine grotesquely twisted and refracted the scenery in all directions so that even the shape was unrecognizable.

Silent Distortion.

… … !

… … !

All bugs within a radius of 5 meters that had lost their direction in time were emitting screaming pheromones.


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