Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 581

[581] Probability of R (4)

‘This… … .’

Eden, surrounded by light, felt the materialized sacredness for the first time in its life.

Without extreme defense magic, no one would think of such a thing in front of a powerful mass wave.

There was no pain or shock, but the output of light, which was impossible to see as human-made, was transmitted through a thin shield as trembling.

At the end of that transcendent vibration, the output suddenly soared, and my head turned white.

‘I have to escape.’

I don’t know if the height was set in Scramble Royale’s off-field check, but it seemed like it would fly to space if it stayed like this.

‘Oh God… … .’

Eden fixed himself in exactly as much space as the body.

‘Why are you angry?’

As the frictional force became stronger, the vibration outside the shield became extreme.

It sounded like crying.

It was the cry of something that was neither animal nor human scream.


As long as God exists, Eden’s defenses cannot be broken.

‘It’s getting stronger.’

However, holding the body in space was a completely different matter.

‘I was careless. this… … !’

In the flash of light that endlessly increased output, I realized Sirone’s calculations.

‘I meant to blow it up from the beginning!’

As the chain of the law holding her was broken, her body departed from the coordinates as if it had disappeared.

“ah… … .”

When I came to my senses, the trembling like crying was gone.

A huge sea of ​​clouds spread beneath the body, and a huge moon floated in the night sky.


Everything God made is beautiful.

Even as her body fell to the ground due to gravity and accelerated through a sea of ​​clouds, her eyes did not budge.

‘You do not have to worry.’

God will protect her.

“… … .”

In the quiet mountains where the flash disappeared, Sirone looked up at the sky.

His gaze belatedly followed as the pure white body fell in the most natural position.

As it fell headfirst, the ground shook with a thump and dust rose from the deep pit.

Then, after a while, Eden appeared with not a single hair undisturbed.

‘Really this woman… … .’

It’s a monster.

Even when I heard what Iruki said, there was no sense of reality, but when I experienced it myself, it felt like my hair was standing on end.

“Operation was good. But I thought it was too easy.”

– In Scramble Royale’s off-field judgment, the height limit is outside the range of the gravitational field.

I don’t know what would have happened if I had pushed her head-on from the beginning, but Eden wouldn’t be able to take it easy from now on anyway.

‘Should I be satisfied with getting a scramble?’

Eden would not attack, so there was no reason to stand still.

‘I have to make other preparations.’

As I turned around with that thought, Eden called.

“Wait a minute.”

Sirone looked back with a puzzled expression.

“The amplification magic from a moment ago. How does it compare to when you met Gaold? Is it stronger?”

It was incomparable to the power before going to heaven.

“maybe. Why would you ask such a thing?”

Eden was lost in thought without answering.

“You seem to care about Gaold, why? Because it’s the same Church of Yor?”

The impression of Eden was crumpled.

“Where are you attaching heresy?”


“He is a godless man. He is mad with mere human lust.”

This time, Sirone’s brow narrowed.

Maybe it could be interpreted that way, but Gaold’s love for Miro was real.

“Why are you talking that way? If there really is a God, then human emotions are also created by God.”

“of course. However, it is always under God’s care. Gaold has killed countless lives for one woman and even threatened the lives of all mankind. He only wants to satisfy his own desires. A disgrace that should not even have been recorded in the Church of Yore. That’s Gaold.”

“Is that your omnipotence?”

Eden proudly showed himself.

“Everything is under God’s guidance. That is why I am invincible even if I do not depend on anything.”

“You are not invincible.”

Sirone thought so.

I haven’t found a logical way to destroy it, but if Eden truly thinks so, even Absolute Barrier isn’t invincible.

“Are you not going to sympathize with Gaold’s suffering?”


Eden twitched his lips.

“There is no room for sympathy for those who pay for the sin of forsaking God. I am stronger than Gaold. Are you still proving it?”

Sirone recalled the memory of Gaold blocking Ataraxia with the Bakum Press in the secret underground bunker of the Magic Association.

Unlike Eden’s calm expression, the face he showed was the height of pain.

It was the totality of bad emotions that I had no choice but to go through because I was a human being and a creature.

‘Mr Gaold… … .’

Maybe that’s why I’m rooting for you.

It may be that his suffering seems greater than the gods who do not know whether they exist or not.

“It’s not over yet. I don’t know how great defensive magic it is, but there’s nothing absolute unless it’s a god.”

“It is God.”

Eden put his hand on his chest.

“That’s why it’s absolute.”

Realizing that there was no compromise, Sirone kept her mouth shut.

“Come anytime. Because God neither runs away nor escapes.”

Eden turned and disappeared into the forest.

Back at the lair, all she had to do was call God by name until the next scramble was summoned.

‘Eden. And Gaold.’

Between the peace given by the gods and the suffering of humans, Sirone did not know which was more important.

* * *

The second scramble on the 6th day was summoned, and the participants who were given each task were busy.

Dorothy was also speeding up to collect as many scrambles as possible.

‘I have to find two or three.’

Otherwise, it couldn’t keep up with Fishaw’s speed.


Jonah’s keen senses sensed the quiver in the air.

‘High frequency?’

As Hickory lifted her up into the sky, the trees behind him exploded.

‘Her Shida.’

Kaiser Gun, an acoustic attack magic.

The way to explode an object by amplifying its natural frequency takes a long time, but it has an invisible strength.

‘Why all of a sudden?’

Hercy’s hand is ⓡⓡⓡⓡ.

It was highly likely that it had not been opened at the time when the total number of scrambles was decreasing.

‘I’m planning to consume my hand.’

To stop Hercy’s Kang, Dorothy had no choice but to use the scramble she had stockpiled in Hickory.


Dorothy, who was prepared for Pao, entered into a battle posture.

‘Cannon Kick (←→→ + Attack)!’

Hickory’s rear-kick stance broke trees, revealing Hersie in hiding.

‘I don’t hang Caen. Is there something I’m aiming for?’

At the moment when he felt doubt, Hersey took a dual pistol stance while avoiding Hickory’s attack.

‘Double Kaiser gun.’

As the two waves resonated, Hickory’s body trembled.


What I was aiming for from the beginning was the scramble collected by Hickory.

In particular, due to the nature of the wave series, the attack that ignores durability was the natural enemy of iron.

‘I have to subdue it in time!’

Double Super Rocket Punch (→→→ + Attack, Defense)!

The two rocket punches that devastated the forest were deadly, but Hersie’s search ability was also formidable.

“Targeting the enemy’s weakness is the basic of the basics.”

Sona’s magic was forcibly dispelled when Hickory’s aircraft shuddered as if about to explode.


“Targeting the enemy’s weakness is the basic of the basics.”

When Iruki appeared from the sky, Hercy hurriedly threw herself.


Rocket Punch was pursuing.

‘The battery has already been analyzed. No more sonar is possible.’

Hercy, who had lost the ability to navigate, felt isolated in the dark.

‘Air suit!’

Wearing the basics of defensive magic as much as possible was all he could do.

‘Operating mode (attack + movement), with maximum output (→→→→→→).’

Hersy’s expression crumpled like paper when Dorothy’s rocket punch hit her stomach.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Iruki shouted as he looked at Hercy, who had fallen down a tree and flew away.


Disengaging Hercy will cause the combined team to lose their brains.

‘Then we can win even if there is Eden.’

As Iruki and Dorothy ran into the forest, the scenery suddenly changed to a strange one.

Jincheon witchcraft – obscene devil.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

What I could see was not a human body.

It was an ancient, gigantic desire born when a single cell decided to divide into male and female.

“Huh! Huh!”

When the illusion disappeared, Iruki exhaled heavily.

‘tremendous. It’s not a normal level of welcome.’

He turned his head to see Dorothy staring at him, spitting at him.

“ah… … .”

Iruki, who came to his senses, said.

“For now, it’s a success. Keep collecting scrambles in the future. Victory will come when the target is reached.”

“uh? uh, okay.”

Just as Iruki was about to leave, Dorothy called.


“huh? Whoops!”

When we kissed suddenly, Iruki’s eyes shook.

Without any promise, their lips parted at the same time, and Dorothy, her face flushed, quickly threw the words.

“I will definitely succeed.”

Iruki, who was watching Dorothy fly away by spatial movement, looked around as if she had lost her sense of direction for a moment.

“Ah, go to Sabina… … .”

A flash shot in the opposite direction from Dorothy.

* * *

“Damn the cancellation.”

Hersie clutched his aching stomach and distorted his expression.

I tried to block it, but it seemed that my abdominal muscles were torn.

“are you okay?”

Hersie glared at the eyes.

This time, thanks to her magic, she overcame the crisis, but it was seldom satisfied.

‘Certainly strong. Fermi, there will be no one to subdue except Lichen.’

That meant that he was stronger than most of the teachers in the school.

“What the hell are you thinking? Don’t you know you have to pay the price if you lose here?”

“I think I am doing as well as others.”

“It’s not like that.”

“I cast image materialization on Nade yesterday.”

Hersey stopped talking.

Come to think of it, Nade hasn’t moved since yesterday.

“So what? Do you want me to praise you for doing something like that?”

Anchal laughed.

“Someday you will find out. That alone is all I have to do in this game. So don’t be upset.”

“for a moment! What are you talking about… … !”

Before Hercy could finish speaking, Anchal cast a spatial movement.

* * *

A third scramble is summoned.

‘You can’t stop Eden right away. Rather than betting, let’s collect at least one scramble.’

There was no guarantee that they would yield as smoothly as in the morning, so Sirone bypassed the expected coordinates of Eden.


Suddenly, a holy haze spread in all directions, and the tomb, made in the Eastern style, split open.

Jincheon Magic – Middle Heaven.

The sound of the coffin being opened was heard, and Anchal walked out of the tomb.

“Wait, Sirone.”

Sirone, who had already been subjected to visions, was very nervous.

‘Anchal’s defeat… … .’

As if reading his thoughts, Anchal took out his master card and threw it to the ground.

“What are you doing?”

“I have no intention of attacking you. I want to talk.”

I remembered the secret pact I had heard from Amy.

‘It is definitely advantageous if the anchal breaks away. but… … .’

The decision Sirone made was the same as Amy’s.

“Pick up your MasterCard.”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

“I don’t want to hear it. I don’t know what I thought, but let’s fight fair and square.”

“You will need my help. If you investigate Istas alone, you will die.”

“If you’re talking about upper-level rumors, I’m not interested.”

“Great purifier. If you were the one who led the third initialization, there wouldn’t be a relationship at all, right?”

Sirone’s eyebrows twitched.

‘Who the hell is this woman?’

Anchal, who had been looking around, cautiously approached and put his mouth to Sirone’s ear.

Although the surroundings were blocked by magic, confidentiality management was a basic skill of a spy.

“Estas… … .”

Upon hearing Anchal’s words, Sirone’s eyes widened and her heart began to beat wildly.

Gathering his thoughts, he slowly opened his mouth.

“… … what do you want?”

“Accompany. Let’s enter Estas with me.”

The Anchal that annihilated the Middle Heaven ripped the Master Card in half and disappeared into the forest.

“Come back after the game. Don’t wait.”


Scrumble Royale waived.


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