Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 579

[579] Probability of R (2)

‘damn! The shock penetrated. It feels like my bones are being crushed.’

The ice walls were as thick as possible, but they all burst out.

“nice… … !”

Frings’ shoulders trembled.

“Ha ha ha ha! Right! I’m angry at this! Is that why you released the power you just hid?”

“I haven’t even opened Immortal Function yet.”

The sound of laughter disappeared, and the cold life in Frings’ eyes was young.

“Do you know why I was able to subdue you? Because the day has passed.”


The power of the day is great.

“Your ability has already been experienced. That’s why we were able to make preparations.”

Sirone said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Today’s me is different from yesterday’s me.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Frings brushed the ice off his arm.

“In short, this is a saying. Then I have no choice but to respond with a quote.”

And immediately spread his limbs and shouted.

“Tomorrow’s me! Different from me today!”

‘What can I say, a psychopath.’

The moment Sirone jumped out, Frings grotesquely opened his mouth and cast a spell.

ice wave!

A single shot of the photon cannon crashed into the ice, crushing it like a wave.

‘Immortal function. It’s definitely different from the power.’

The moment he soared into the sky, Sirone, who activated the statue of Buddha, tied him up with a shining chain.

ice crystals.

As the ice clung to it and trapped the light, Frings broke the chains with force.


Frings’s eyes widened at the sound of Sirone’s voice behind him.


Ice Devil.

Dozens of icicles flew behind his back with a crackling sound, but Sirone was in front of him before he knew it.

“Are you slow?”

‘Seed… … !’

Swear words passed through Frings’s mind.

‘You’re fast… … .’

As the Shining Chain wound, Frings’ body spun dozens of turns in an instant.


The spirit zone of Frings disappeared with the shock that the head was about to explode from the rush of blood.

The standard of the Great Magic Dictionary is the head, which was also learned from Cayden.

As Sirone swung the Shining Chain with all her might, Frings’ body fell vertically.

At the point of the fall, two beams realized in time division were pulsating in an overlapping state.

‘Ice armor… … !’

At the moment of the end, it was Frings’ strong mental strength that covered his whole body with ice armor.

But even that was only shattered in the mass storm as soon as it was caught between the beams.


Randomly flying among the pulsating spheres, he bounced off and rolled on the floor.

It wasn’t enough to break a whole bone, but all 10 fingers, which are weak joints, were grotesquely bent.

“Turn it off!”

Sirone walked over to Frings, who was crawling on the floor with her elbows.

“Give me your MasterCard.”

“… … .”

Giving the Master Card wasn’t a big deal, but the fact that things went smoothly according to Sirone’s will was what I hated the most.

“It’s in my pants. Take it if you can.”

“It will.”

As Sirone walked by, Frings said something out of the blue.

“I’ve been using magic since I was four years old.”

No answer came back.

“The reason why he passed the overflow and stuck to his path as a genius freezing wizard. Can you tell me why?”

A photon cannon was mounted in Sirone’s hand.

“For this very moment!”

Shouting his jaw dropped, Frings fired a fire magic fire flame towards the maintenance shop.

“crazy… … !”

Shirone hurriedly widened her distance and took Sabina, who had not yet recovered, and flew into the sky.


The maintenance shop exploded with a roar.

“Uh ha ha ha ha! Kill me, Sirone!”

Frings, with all his fingers broken, limped into the flames.

‘I’m out of my mind.’

No matter how shadowy the research group was, destroying the factory without hesitation meant that they were already students and had nothing to do with it.

“What do we do? Isn’t that why we are all expelled?”

Sabina asked as she gazed at the exploding factory.

“It will be fine, maybe.”

It’s not because it’s a problem that can be rectified.

As long as the world’s attention was focused, the teaching staff would somehow manage today’s work as an accident.

“Let’s go back. It’s muster time.”

Day 5 Scramble Royale has ended.

* * *

The Sirone team gathered at the hideout and waited for Nade until an hour passed midnight.

“He’s not coming.”

Iruki said.

“And he won’t come. I’m not the type to not attend the convocation without even saying anything.”

Sirone asked with a worried expression.

“Aren’t you supposed to look for it? Could it be that you were injured?”

Sabina looked at Iruki.

‘also… … I know Iruki.’

How many talented people in the current senior class could injure Nade?

Even if that was the case, he wasn’t so weak that he couldn’t even send a rescue signal.

‘The last place Nade worked was… … .’

Iruki searched for the memory of the coordinates.

‘As expected, it is the closest to Anchal.’

That fact was the reason for predicting that Nade’s absence was due to arbitrary judgment.

‘Realization of the image of Ahnchal. He’s definitely Nade’s nemesis.’

Having concluded that, Iruki said.

“Let’s wait until tomorrow morning. For now, it would be better to leave out Nade and review it among ourselves.”

As soon as Iruki finished speaking, Amy brought out the core.

“Today, Eden completed infinity (○○○○○○).”

There was silence for a moment.

“I also collided with Eden in the third car. but… … .”

Sirone shook his head with a tired expression.

Iruki, who blew the top of the mountain with his Nuclear Fusion, knew better than anyone what he was feeling.

“I need more power. Increase the detonation response or… … .”

Iruki looked back at Shirone.

“How about Ataraxia? Now that you’ve been dealing with them, don’t you have a rough idea?”

If the combined team didn’t choose to do anything, Sirone would have no choice but to retaliate.

“You should try. I will fight tomorrow.”

“How long does the collection take?”

“If you do your best, in the late 10s.”

My friends’ mouths fell open.

‘It’s incredibly fast.’

It was ataraxia that lasted over a minute just a year ago.

“Two days left. We must find a way to break Eden’s infinity within it.”

“There is one advantage.”

said Amy.

“Eden can no longer hang kang. because… … Because I’m all naked.”

– You can’t cast Kang without having a Master Card.

said Dorothy.

“Where did you hide it? If I had been a searcher, I would have been able to find it.”

“It’s a strategy that you calculated and decided on anyway. Instead, Hickory can save a scramble like a fishoe.”

Sirone said.

“If Eden can’t cast Kang, you can bomb as much as you want without worrying about Pao.”

“On the one hand, it must be that you have that much confidence.”

Confidence in invincibility.

Its attack power is zero throughout its lifetime.

It couldn’t protect allies or turn the tide of battle, but it was an absolute ability in a game like this.

“Even if Eden can’t bet Kang, Scramble Royale will end in two days. We’d better set it to infinity in case Sirone doesn’t break the shield.”

There was some truth in Dorothy’s words.

“Let’s save scramble from tomorrow. Collect six to complete infinity at once.”

“The enemies won’t stay still either?”

“It’s up to Dorothy.”

When Iruki turned around, Dorothy smiled.

‘The trauma seems to have been overcome.’

Sirone said.

“If I want to deal with Eden, I have to hold on to infinity. Just in case, Eden might give up defense and use Kang. After collecting scrambles, let’s break my hand first.”

Currently, Sirone has collected six cards, so she had to open and close them to get infinite.

“That is also a problem. There is no hand higher than Shirone’s Disappearance (●○●●○●). In the end, I made one more infinite… … .”

When Iruki stopped talking, everyone turned around.

“what’s the matter? Got a problem?”

“wait for a sec.”

Iruki’s eyes shook as fast as his thoughts.

“Sirone, you mean Shibutsu statue exploding. Please tell me all the results of opening random so far. Because I don’t know the results of replaying time.”

“okay. therefore… … On the first day, a random card to create a third party… … .”

“I just need to tell you the results.”

Sirone traced her memory and memorized them in order.

“Black, white, white, black… … .”

The number of times Sirone opened was several times higher than that of other people because he played until the strongest hand came out with a firefight.

At that point, Iruki counted all the cards that had been broken and broken by combining 5 team members and 6 allied teams for 5 days.

“It is also different. The odds are different.”

“What are you talking about? What is the probability… … .”

Iruki held out his hand and muttered.

“for a moment. uh? strange? This is not right.”

Retracing it all over again, he finally found the error and corrected it.

“I see. It resets every 24 hours. If so, it fits.”

“What are you talking about? You know you have to explain.”

Iruki raised his head and said.

“This is a real card game.”

“… … You should have realized that by now.”

Ficho asked at Hercy’s words.

“How can you be sure? No matter how fast your calculations are, paying attention is another matter.”

“It is not intuition that moves a Servant. If an ordinary person acts with the thought of wanting to do this, a Servant makes all possible actions and makes the best choice. Living the whole moment by moment. Of course, it’s inefficient, but the speed of thinking is so fast that it’s indistinguishable from normal people. If it’s the 5th day, we’ll extract meaningful data from our hands so far.”

“From tomorrow, you will also manipulate the probability?”

Hersy raised her index finger.

“The number of scrambles summoned per day is 72. And the number of black and white is exactly half and half, or 36 each. In a word, you can think of it as laying out seventy-two cards.”

Anchal asked.

“It’s random, but can it be counted?”

“That’s right. It’s like a real card game. There are thirty-six pieces of black and white each, and some have black and some have white. The probability changes depending on the number. To give an easy example, what would happen if you open a random card when 36 black cards have already been revealed?”

“A bag will come out. Because there are no more black cards to come out.”

“answer. Even if you know this, you can lead the game to your advantage. Just like me.”

“… … I played the game with that thought in mind.”

Iruki continued.

“Otherwise, I can’t explain why Hercy kept winning the hand. Sona’s search ability and probability manipulation. That kept me in control of the game.”

Sirone asked.

“But even so, there are times when you have no choice but to open a random card. It could be a complete defeat, and you wouldn’t be able to maintain the initiative that easily?”

“Here comes another rule.”

Iruki flipped his palms.

“Cards that have been destroyed, that is, cards that have been defeated in Kang, are not destroyed, but returned to a random state. In other words, shuffle.”

“… … It’s like that.”

Hersy raised both thumbs.

“Let’s assume that there are twenty cards in total, and let’s assume that Anchal has six blacks and Fisho has six whites. In this state, if someone opens a random card, the probability of black and white is exactly 50%. But what would happen if Fisho bet Kang and ruined Anchal’s hand?”

Anchal said.

“The six black cards I have will be shuffled again.”

“okay. Among cards in a random state, there are relatively more black than white, so the probability of getting black increases.”

“That’s just counting.”

Hersey nodded.

“Also, the hand held the previous day has nothing to do with today’s odds. Therefore, we move the odds by betting kang to win, or intentionally breaking the hand of our allies.”

“There are two assumptions here.”

Iruki said.

“If Hersy knew this rule of his own accord, he would never know what I know now. It’s because it’s the probability calculated through the fire sale. However, if the information is handed over to someone, there is no guarantee.”

“What do you know?”

Iruki and Hercy spoke at the same time.

“The probability of R is of two kinds.”

Iruki pointed at Sirone.

“The reason I was confused when I first calculated it was because the odds that were far from the average value came out in a situation where Sirone played random cards about five times in a row with Shirone Blast. Then I remembered At that time, there was a time when Sirone deliberately did not receive Caen.”

“huh. I could have won in Caen, but I didn’t get it on purpose. I’m going to rip it off and try to regroup.”

“That was the variable. Then, based on this, you know that there is another hidden rule.”

“What about hidden rules?”

“Cards that have been opened or lost in Caen’s Showdown are shuffled, but cards that have been opened or lost due to timeout are not shuffled. That is, it is destroyed.”


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