Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 578

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[578] Probability of R (1)

Alpheas Magic School Maintenance Factory.

At night, students and even staff are prohibited from entering this place where simple magic teaching aids are maintained.

This is because there is a risk of theft, loss and fire.

And now there’s the loss caused by Sabina’s air cut.

As the barbed wire cracked with sparks, Frings shook his head.

“No, no.”

The springs are strong.

Even the formula of 3rd place in the graduating class is nothing more than a synthesis of the numerous abilities of magic.

In actual battle, the battle mage was a brutal position, the attribute was freezing, and the spirit zone was sensibly avoided. Even Sabina, the same battle mage, had no choice but to feel helpless.


Grasping Sabina by the throat, Frings impaled her with an iron bar.

“this… … !”

“Release the Spirit Zone.”

It was a cold voice that pierced the heart.

“Otherwise, your neck will fly off.”

Feeling the esophagus freeze through her throat, Sabina released the Spirit Zone.

“Even so, Master Card will never… … .”

“shut up. I ask questions.”

The moment I saw Frings’ eyes, my heart sank.

‘It’s cold.’

It felt like my intestines were frozen every time the cold air from his hands seeped into my nose.

“It won’t last long. 10 minutes at most? If you keep breathing like this, your stomach will become a block of ice.”

Sabina didn’t know why she bothered to inflict pain while ignoring the victory condition of Scramble Royale.

“what do you want?”

She took in a deep breath so that she could hear Frings pressing her face towards Sabina.


Looking at his trembling eyelids made me feel alive, but it was an ideal that I did not dare to reveal.

“You smell disgusting, Sabina. I feel like I’m in a gutter.”

At the same time as Sabina cried, the cold intensified and she felt the pain as if her blood vessels were being torn.


“What are you thinking? Are you waiting for Nade? Seeing the distress signal from earlier, do you think he will come?”

Sabina kept her mouth shut.

“Answer me. Otherwise, I will kill you.”

Frings will definitely do that.

There was no law, no morals, and no dignity as a magic school student to be found in his expression after taking off the mask.

“okay… … .”

“Okay, good boy. From now on, I will ask you a question. If you think it’s a lie, kill it. If time passes, it freezes to death. Now, step one.”

Sabina’s lips trembled.

“At first, go for the easy ones. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?”

“I ate bread.”

“Tell me exactly! what kind of bread did you eat? How did it taste? Did you eat it with milk? Or juice?”

Sabina frowned and shouted as the chill intensified.

“I ate cream bread with milk! I thought I was going to die of deliciousness! why!”

“Oh, is it? Cream bread with milk… … .”

Frings’s eyes turned upside down.

“… … I mean you ate very tasty… … . It must have been sweet, huh? It must have melted in your mouth.”

‘I want to kill you!’

Frings’ pupils returned to their proper places.

“good. Second question. When was your first kiss? Who did you do it with? What do you think, how do you feel? the place? What was your posture?”

Sabina gritted her teeth.

“Do you think I will tell you?”

“Oh, are you trying to hold on? Was it such a secret kiss? Is it a precious memory?”

Colder air seeped into his nose.

“A good choice. How does it feel to weigh precious memories and lives? Are you afraid? Would you like this situation to be false?”

‘help me! Save me, Nade!’

Blocking Frings’ words from her head, Sabina shouted inwardly.

‘It’s not scary. He will come to rescue you.’

The reason why he can endure the abnormal madness of Frings is because of Nade.

‘Nothing. It was much scarier than this back then.’

Sabina’s pupils dilated.

“It works slowly. why don’t you give up Should I just die from something like this?”

Frost has begun to form on the barbed wire in the maintenance shop.

* * *

‘hurry! hurry!’

Nade desperately cast teleportation.

He knew that none of his teammates were the type to seek help for anything.

‘It seems to be Sabina’s domain.’


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The moment he accelerated the speed of his teleportation, monsters with horns on his forehead attacked from all sides.

Jincheon Magic – Hongdokkaebi.

When the plasma was laid reflexively and electric shock was applied, blue electricity tangled in the goblin’s body and exploded.

‘It’s a shame! I have to walk Caen… … .’

Currently, Nade’s hand is ○●○● (Democracy), and Anchal’s hand is ○●ⓡ●.

‘I chose black as my last hand. If that’s the case, there’s a high probability that the random hand will be 100.’

If it was the same hand, it was advantageous to bet Kang.

“Anchal, Kang.”

Anchal replied.


As expected, it was the same democracy, and as such, the surprise attack by Anchal was a curious situation.

‘My hand has already been revealed? Why did you ambush me when you know it’s the same hand?’

It wasn’t even a place for scrambles.

“Are you here to stop the rescue? Yesterday, I heard that you proposed a secret agreement. You have a bat-like personality.”

Anchal bowed his head respectfully.


‘What, really? This woman… … .’

Anchal continued.

“But I am fighting my own battle. I don’t care about scramble royale.”

“Then get out of the way. I’m busy anyway.”

“Nade, who are you?”

Nade kept his mouth shut.

“Since I was born, I have been trained to analyze people. A cold analysis like a machine.”

“So what? Do you ever wonder how you can finish last in your senior year?”

“Those who are stronger than me and those who are weaker than me are obvious. Of course, most of them are weak. But you… … .”

Anchal raised one last eye before confirming it and looked at Nade.

“I really don’t know. Therefore, I felt the need to check it now, ahead of the great cause.”

Nade opened his mouth, remembering Sabina’s words.

“I am me. I don’t know what you want to know, but nothing has changed from now.”

“Is it really so?”

Anchal waved his hand.

Jincheon Magic – realization of imagery (self-portrait).

“Now, your true self… … !”

The one eye of Anchal, who had stopped talking, widened.

‘What is that?’


Electricity shimmered in Nade’s body and spread like an explosion.


The scenery flashed as if night and day were repeating, and the moment the reality was finally revealed, Anchal’s body soared in a flash of light.

‘I can’t read it.’

It is the ability to embody the other person’s image into an image, but it was impossible to analyze even the eyes, the master of illusion.

“no way… … ?”


As the actual lightning, not an illusion, spread, it devastated the entire radius where Nade was.

Anchal, who landed on a tree branch 200 meters away, looked at Ned, who ran away into the forest with a self-portrait attached.

“How can I get to that point… … .”

What was revealed through image realization was an incomprehensible mystery.

“Is it possible not to go crazy?”

* * *

“Haaaaa… … .”

Cold steam leaked from Sabina’s lips.

Little by little, my mind became hazy, and my senses disappeared as if my whole body froze.

“The end is near. How does it feel, to die?”

‘I have to tell you.’

Better than dying.

‘I can’t tell.’

I’d rather die.

The ambiguous boundary between Sabina and the conflict was the exact point where Frings felt pleasure.

“Now, this is your last chance. choose Will you answer or die?”

“I am… … .”

The moment Sabina opened her mouth, Frings’ expression hardened.

‘Spirit Zone?’

At the same time as he flung his body, a flash of light passed over where he was.


Taking a deep breath, Sabina knelt and turned her head with a painful expression.


Contrary to expectations, Sirone was standing there, but without a moment to feel sad, she limped closer.

“sorry. It’s too much for me.”

Sirone, who had dealt with Frings himself, knew best.

“are you okay. Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I am not in good shape. I don’t know exactly, but I’m not going to die.”

Sirone frowned and glared at Frings.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t know what you mean. What are you doing then?”

“No matter how intense the emotions are, it is a game based on rules and agreements. Bullying others like this is unacceptable.”

Frings followed Sirone’s words in a baby voice.

“Hurting others is unacceptable.”

Then, he approached Sirone, who was blushing, and said.

“What if I can’t accept it? are you going to hit me Then I’ll run away like crazy.”

Frings’ index finger hurriedly pointed at Sirone.

“Did you think why I just said I was running away? Are you afraid of me? You are welcome, you are welcome.”

The index finger swayed left and right.

“That is a real victory. It’s like you’re going crazy from a rage and you’re sick with a vase. Honestly, aren’t you frustrated too? I’m freeing you to your heart’s content.”

Frings shouted, stretching his arms toward the sky.

“Strength is true freedom! It is to escape the moral code, laws, and school rules and gain infinite freedom!”

“so… … Are you infinite now?”


“The you I look at is a coward who can’t help but suffer endlessly because he can’t satisfy his thirst.”

“Oh, you have a classy expression. On the subject of the lowly.”

Frings seemed eager to piss Sirone off somehow.

“No matter what you say, I will stand by my own line.”


Frings’ figure disappeared.

“Then the medicine will rise and you will die.”

Just when Frings, who cast teleportation, was about to jump over the fence, Sirone’s flash collided head-on.


After releasing the photonization, Frings couldn’t cross the fence and retreated, and Sirone charged forward, revealing the incarnation of a light angel.

‘Is that it? The ability to manipulate time.’

The reason why he chose a head-on collision at the risk of a fatal injury was because it could be reversed.

‘It’s better.’

If he didn’t intend to hit it anyway, it was up to Frings to cook.

snow ice.

As the ice blade fluttered like flower petals, Sirone fired a photon cannon, bypassing the radius.

“Hehehe, are you angry?”

Sensing the Spirit Zone, Frings shook his upper body as if dancing to avoid the flash.

“Never fit. As for the defense type… … huh?”

Frings narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

‘Don’t you have a Spirit Zone?’

No, it’s not like that.

‘There are spirit zones everywhere. what the heck is this… … ?’

The photon cannon protruding from right next to it, Frings’s upper body was bent almost vertically.

‘Departure type? It’s different from that. Why doesn’t the magic activate?’

As the focus point disappeared through Elysion, photon cannons were born from all sides and attacked like a net.

“oh my god… … .”

Sabina’s mouth fell open as she watched.

The location of the wizard is important because it is the focus of the mind.

That’s why I couldn’t understand the principle of magic being activated when the focus point disappeared.

“now I get it.”

As a battle mage, Frings only drew conclusions closely related to victory and defeat.

‘There is a radius. The borderline just disappeared. then… … .’

Frings’s eyes bent like a seagull’s, and his lips parted enough to deepen the wrinkles.

“I’ll run away further.”

Sibulsang Explosive!

As Sirone opened his eyes and destroyed the mold of time, dozens of photon cannons rushed over the back of Frings, who flung himself.

“this… … !”


Frings, who had been exposed to the hail-like flashes, was covered in dust and disappeared.

“Turn it off!”

Moans were heard first, followed by the wind pushing away the dust.

Frings, who had ice cubes attached to the ends of his limbs, was trembling with his arms covering his face.


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