Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 577

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[577] Almighty Monster (4)

* * *

Day 5 of Scramble Royale.

As soon as the 1st scramble was summoned, Iruki cast space movement to the nearest coordinates.

Fortunately, Scramble wasn’t too far away, and teleported into the training ground 2,000 times.

It was lunchtime, so it was normal for it to be empty, but one was waiting for him.


She didn’t show up all day yesterday.

I thought he was plotting something, but I couldn’t find anything different.

Except for the fierce faith that entangled in both eyes.

“Did you wait on purpose?”

His natural enemy to defensive magic is not just cancellation, but also because Iruki’s magic is extremely offensive.

Even so, if they met from the first round, it was right to think that there was a special purpose.

“There is something I need to check before meeting Sirone.”

‘Is it an experiment subject?’

With Hercy’s ability, finding the location was an easy task.

“so… … You want to take it?”

Iruki pointed at the scramble.

“maybe… … Is that right?”

“Kick Kick!”

Iruki’s eyes flashed with lightning from overdrive.

‘Even if I scratch my pride, I’m oily.’


Since it was the 5th day, there was nothing to hide, and terrifying data penetrated Iruki’s mind.

‘Try anything.’

I didn’t even have to understand the mechanics of the magic.

Only Servant Syndrome could do it by simply analyzing the entire battery and inverting the vector amount.

“I believe you exist.”

Eden started undressing.

“God’s love dwells within me.”

Even while she was walking naked, Iruki didn’t stop analyzing.

“May that love dwell in the world again.”


As soon as the analysis was completed, the cancellation magic was cast.

“Therefore, beyond belief… … .”

Eden opened his arms.

“To know that you exist.”

Proof of God’s Existence – Absolute Barrier.

Iruki was shocked at the appearance of a naked girl without any visible effect.

“… … Nonsense.”

“What are you doing? If there is anything you can do, do it. That’s why I came to you.”

Cancellation was not taking place.

‘The vector doesn’t move.’

Immobility and fine movement are completely different concepts.

It was only a matter of time before even the slightest movement could cancel the magic, but now, change itself was impossible.

‘It’s not a battery issue.’

absolute omnipotence.

The extreme cognition of feeling God beyond belief strengthened Eden’s omnipotence.

Her spirit zone stuck to her body as if it had been vacuum-packed, but that was enough to protect herself.

“Then, I’ll take it.”

‘It must be stopped.’

Glaring at Eden as he walked towards Scramble, Iruki activated the double spirit zone unique to Servants.

‘I have no choice but to do it.’

The power of the nuclear fusion detonation method will be beyond imagination, but if Eden cannot be stopped here, the game will be completely tilted.

‘Walking time to scramble is approximately 11.73 seconds.’

Iruki, who designed the 10-second detonation equation, left his seat, and Eden, who finally approached the scramble, reached out his hand.

‘Nuclear Fusion!’

Intense light gathered where Eden’s hand stretched out, then expanded in an instant and blew away the landscape.


All the students turned around at the explosion from the mountain side, and Shiina rubbed her temples.

“what? Is it an accident?”

It was such a huge explosion that the shape of the mountain could be seen changing even from a distance.

‘It’s a magic I made, but it’s really awesome.’

Iruki, who landed on a tree branch, confirmed that 2,000 had flown without a trace.

The financial loss would be huge, but paying for it was an afterthought.

“anyway… … huh?”

Iruki’s eyes widened when he confirmed where the scramble was.

Eden held the card in his hand, not a single strand of hair intact.


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It was a white card.

“Now one.”

She looked back at Iruki who was far away and said.

“Within today, infinity is complete.”

“you… … Do you know how much the 2,000 number is?”

It was Iruki who blew it away, but it was an unfair feeling to the point where he said such a thing.

“I don’t know.”

Eden was neither angry nor logical.

As long as God protects her, even if the universe is destroyed, she won’t harm herself.

“I believe you exist. That your, God’s love dwells in me… … .”

Iruki muttered helplessly as he recited a prayer and looked at Eden’s back.

“Can we lose this?”

* * *

Dorothy hid behind a tree and shuddered.

Even though she had already conceded the scramble, Frings was tenaciously following her.

“Dorothy, where are you? Are you hiding here?”

Dorothy’s shoulder in the distance jerked as Frings pushed through the brush.

“No? So are you here?”

A speech that made me feel like vomiting.

‘You’re looking at me funny!’

I thought so, but my body still couldn’t even move.


Dorothy was anticipating what would happen if she was caught by Frings.

will tell you everything

Your own secrets, terrible secrets that you don’t even want to think about, even to your family, will be uncovered.

“Aha, were you there?”

Dorothy’s heart sank.

“I’m kidding. Don’t be nervous.”

The two weak legs trembled.

“Are you afraid to die? Hide and seek is so much fun. Have fun, Dorothy. Because I am thrilled right now.”

‘I know. I know where I am.’

It was a certainty that I felt even when neither of them entered the spirit zone.

“I can smell it. Dorothy’s distinctive smell of frustration.”

Dorothy’s mind went far away at the sound of a voice that was heard from just a meter away.

“Then, where should I meet my princess… … .”

pop! pop! pop!

At that time, Hercy’s convocation signal went off.

Frings, looking back at the sky, said to the tree where Dorothy was hiding, with seagull eyes.

“Heresy is calling. You live, Dorothy. How do you feel? Are you sure you’re going crazy? huh? uh? huh?”

“… … .”

“If you ask me to go back, I will come back. beg you I mean, it sucks.”

‘Huh… … .’

Dorothy desperately closed her trembling jaw.

“… … See you next time, lady.”

As soon as the roar of space travel exploded, Dorothy fell forward.

“Heo-eok! Huh!”

The feeling of relief was short-lived, and unbearable misery flooded her entire body.

“me… … What are you doing here?”

Hickory was watching the dripping tears.

* * *

‘Religion (○○○).’

Eden has already collected three copies.

‘I’m sure one at a time. Well, there’s no way to stop it.’

Iruki was lost in thought.

If so, how to stop it?

Once there is an overwhelming difference in omnipotence, there is no need to think about cancellation.

‘It would be okay to squeeze in only 0.1 percent.’

There is no need to worry about what he does not have, so he sought the second alternative.

‘Is it an external force after all?’

If the detonation equation of the Nuclear Fusion was stretched to about one minute, it might work.

‘Can you wait until then? No, even if it was strategically induced, the aftermath would be no joke if it exploded.’

It was a problem that could cause human damage, on a different level from flying 2,000 times.

“I need to gather my opinions first. call-up signal… … .”

Then, splitting the bush, Dorothy appeared.

“Dorothy? what’s the matter?”

Her role as collecting allies’ scrambles never came to find Iruki.

“sorry. I want to stop.”

“What happened?”

“I will pay the price. I’ll pay you back no matter what. So please let me stop.”

As Dorothy shed tears, Iruki, feeling the seriousness of the situation, stood up.

“Say it first. You need to know what’s going on to make decisions.”

“I’m afraid of the springs.”

Dorothy sat down under a tree and told Frings what she had been through for two days.

“… … It happened. But there are ways to strategize to avoid encountering them in the future.”

“It’s not that kind of problem.”

Dorothy opened up about herself for the first time.

“I am a pathetic kid. While my friends were busy in diplomacy and politics classes, I was imagining strange things under the blanket. is there a god What about the afterlife? Where the hell did we come from? Gather data, make games by yourself… … .”

A sad smile formed on Dorothy’s lips.

“When you’re young, everyone tells you it’s fun. But do you know what I hear the most when I talk about it now?”

Iruki waited for an answer.

“How are you going to live in the future?”

As if possessed by them, Dorothy poured out words.

“Are you going to be a wizard? Is it not difficult to be certified? Did he ever think about how much he could earn in a year? If he’s really going to try, shouldn’t he be around like he is now?”

Dorothy’s eyes lit up with anger.

“What do you know! Something like that!”

Fantasy was the only reality in which she could be happy.

“Those thoughts are important to us. One person can live with such thoughts. But why is everyone looking at you pathetically!”

Iruki realized why he had chosen her.

“of course. Because they are afraid of you.”


“So was I. Everyone becomes an adult because they are afraid to remain children. Then you will find out.”

Iruki raised his index finger.

“There is no such thing as an adult.”

“… … .”

“There are no adults in the world. There are only children and children who imitate adults. I’m enduring it by doing that because I’m equally afraid.”

Iruki patted Hickory on the shoulder.

“But you made this. A tin doll filled with all sorts of crazy fantasies, fighting at the same time with seniors. Now, only one final challenge remains. When you become a wizard… … .”

Iruki raised Dorothy to her feet.

“If you become a wizard, you don’t have to be afraid of anything.”

“Wizard… … .”

“okay. Let’s win Scrumble Royale.”

Regardless of the reward or the price, it was a game I definitely wanted to win.

“But Frings is so nasty.”

“It’s enough to avoid dirty things. Everyone has secrets they want to hide. Me too.”

“what is that?”


Iruki looked at Dorothy and shook her head.

“It’s a secret I want to hide because I don’t want to tell you.”

“But I told you. It’s not fair to tell you.”

“that is… … .”

Iruki pursed his lips and said.

“You appeared in my dream last time.”

Dorothy, who blinked, covered her mouth and laughed.

“Ahaha! What is it?”

* * *

As halfway through the fifth day, darkness began to set in.

Nade, who covered her face and infiltrated the advanced class girls’ dormitory, entered the laundry room with her eyes closed.


Expected screams erupted, but there was no intention of stopping the infiltration.

‘Why, over there…’ … !’

The light of the scramble was shining in the basket containing the underwear.

“Move! Move!”

Nade pushed his juniors and rummaged through the basket like a hungry prey.


“Who’s a pervert!”

When I left the laundry room after collecting the scramble, the hallway was already littered with female students.

“catch! It’s an underwear thief!”

cried Nade, his face flushed.

“I am Fermida! The Fermiya of the senior class!”

“Shut up, Nade!”

Nade was definitely in his senior year now, but there was no title given to an underwear thief.

“damn! Let’s see you all!”

After making such a meaningless remark, he came out of the dormitory, put a random card in his chest and let out a rough breath.

“Whoa, but I managed to get one.”

Since Fisho was collecting scrambles with insect magic and Eden was destroying scrambles with his absolute defense ability, a single card was valuable.

“You should go quickly and be praised. huh?”

Just as he was about to throw himself towards his friends, Shining magic rose from the sky in succession.

Nade muttered after checking the number and tempo of the flashes.

“A help signal?”


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