Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 575

[575] Almighty Monster (2)

As if time had sped up tens of thousands of times, icicles were created in the sky and hit the floor.

thud! thud! thud!

Frings appeared through the thick ice pillars.

‘Frings? why?’

Even with a surprise attack, combat is impossible anyway.

It is because there is no one in the current union team with a higher hand than Sirone, so it is enough to throw away Kang.

“This isn’t fun, but… … .”


As Frings waved his arm, the air froze thinly and rushed towards Sirone.

It was so sharp that it could not be seen if the light was not reflected, and the trees in the forest were cut down and fell.

“Frings! Kang!”

Shirone’s eyes filled with shock as she hung Kang while avoiding the ultra-thin tomb.


Lulu’s electrical signals did not enter her head.

“Didn’t you think it was too easy to have Judge? You have to be familiar with the rules.”

As Chobakneung was continuously cast, the landscape began to be cut as if the sense of perspective had disappeared.

‘What happened?’

Cirone, who had escaped through the cutting gap, stomped on the ground and shouted again.

“Frings! Kang!”

Caen didn’t get caught this time either, but two attempts were enough to pinpoint the source of the problem.

‘has disappeared.’

In synesthesia, which felt like a spirit zone, the presence of Frings suddenly disappeared.

‘I see.’

– To cast Kang on a specific target, the Spirit Zone must be in contact.

During battle, it’s normal for each other’s spirit zones to overlap, so I don’t pay attention to it, but it’s different in a black and white match.

This is because if you evade the spirit zone at the moment Kang is cast and leave the radius, the block will not be activated.

‘That’s the theory. But is it really possible?’

Unless you enter the Image Zone, the Spirit Zone is not something that can be visually confirmed.

Therefore, avoiding the Spirit Zone through synesthesia combined with the five senses required murderous sensitivity.

“Because I’m a bit sensitive.”

He had fought numerous wizards so far, but this was the first tactic to evade the Spirit Zone.

‘Third in senior class, Frings. Are you saying you’re not here because you’re lucky?’

It was also understandable that Frings hadn’t paid much attention to card collecting until now.

‘From the beginning, Kang is impossible. You have the confidence that you can absolutely avoid it.’

If it wasn’t for Arin’s level of mental activity, it would be difficult to catch Frings only with the transformation of four ways.

‘But is it really?’

When Sirone, who was burning with a sense of triumph, widened her eyes, Frings raised both arms and cast magic.

“Ice spirit rampage.”

Hundreds of tadpole-like icy clouds spread out from the springs, penetrating the forest’s features.

As if an ice age had arrived, everything was frosted and frozen.


This is not the 2,000th.

The reason why fire and cold are called the best offensive magic in practice is that they deal with environments in which creatures cannot survive.

“shall we start?”

Attaching the thorns of the Ice Demon, Frings rushed.

* * *

“Now, today’s integrated class is four-way transformation. The spirit zone changes according to the spirit of the wizard, but it is inefficient for actual use. Therefore, it is important to learn the basics of the four ways.”

At the gathering of the advanced class students, Etella explained the four ways as usual.

The children who had just entered the advanced class had their ears pricked up, and the class five or four students were just waiting for the practice time to return with an expressionless expression.

“Oh, boring.”

At Mark’s muttering, Maria put her index finger to her mouth.

“Shh. I will listen to you, sir.”

“sorry. But I think I’m in a slump these days.”

“Are you training hard?”

The skills of Mark and Maria, who are receiving personal guidance from Sade, have improved, and are currently ranked 1st and 2nd in Class 4.

“That’s the problem. It’s boring to work hard. I guess it’s time to leave the advanced class.”

Maria had been thinking the same thing lately.

“Well, the seniors we know also worried about promotion to the senior class around this time. But you haven’t had Tio yet, have you?”

It was undecided whether Eider, who was currently hospitalized in the infirmary, would drop out of his senior year.

“it’s annoying. If you’re traumatized by a fracture in your whole body, you can just say you’re giving up this year. Why are you stubborn? Blocking the juniors’ path.”

“Where is that word? to the senior.”

“Tch, I heard that Sirone sunbaenim messed around and got hurt, but it turned out better. Anyway, come out Tio. Because I’m going to apply in first place. Is that okay?”

Maria shrugged.

“follow your heart. I’ll do it according to the rules.”

Even if she entered the senior class right away, she believed that there would be no merit other than experiencing the graduation exam in advance.


When Etella entered the image zone and quickly performed a four-way transformation, Class Seven erupted in cheers.

“Okay, did you all understand? Then, from now on, each class will be scattered and transformed in four ways… … .”


Suddenly, an explosion erupted in the forest, and broken trees rose into the sky.

“What is it?”

While the advanced class students were staring at her with bewildered expressions, Etella quickly turned around and surveyed the forest.

Two seniors entered the integrated classroom training center without the need to detect it as a spirit zone.

“uh? Senior Sirone?”

Chased by Frings’ indiscriminate attack, Sirone realized that she had entered the integrated class training center before she knew it.

“this… … !”

Without even time to blame himself for the mistake, the Ice Fiend’s ice thorns aimed precisely at the vital point and flew into it.

‘The precision is really amazing. In terms of sense alone, it’s a level that surpasses Dante’s.’

As the cover of the forest disappeared, Sirone and Frings began to use offensive magic in earnest.

Diffuse reflections, fragments of exploding ice.

At the high-level workshop beyond imagination, the advanced class children watched in awe.

However, the admiration was short-lived, and as the power of magic soared exponentially, threatening the surroundings, the students in the lower classes jumped to their feet.

“Aaaaaa! Dangerous!”

Frings backed up in a horseback position and cast magic while bending 10 fingers.

‘Bing wave!’

As the waves of ice scratched the ground and thousands of ice spikes spread forward, Sirone also cast a berserker.


The fragments of the ice wave were scattered and the frozen powder glittered like a star in broad daylight.

“Stop it! It’s class time now!”

Ethella shouted, but Sirone and Frings, who fell into a half-trance, did not stop fighting.

When the homing photon cannon bypassed the training grounds, even the upper class students of the advanced class turned and ran away.

“Pi, dodge!”

The distance was far, but the speed of the homing photon cannon was so fast that I couldn’t help but think that it was flying toward me.

“Look out. what’s the matter?”

Hearing the sound of Fisho’s insect magic explosion, Shiina and Sade, who flew through space movement, broke through the crowd of students.

“huh? That… … ?”

As Saad blinked, the lower class children shouted.

“Sirone-senpai and Frings-senpai are fighting! Mr. Saad, please dry it quickly!”

Sade’s brow wrinkled.

‘Isn’t that like a kid’s fight?’

It was not just a matter of power, but deadly anomalies and tactics that could only be seen on a real battlefield were intersecting in real time.

If they weren’t going to go into the close together and fight, they couldn’t intervene right away, so Etella and Shiina were just waiting for an opportunity.


The spear of ice pierced the trajectory of Sirone, who spread her wings of light and flew low.

The homing photon cannon, which was completed in time division, approached powerfully, but Frings guided the movement with an ultra-precise movement and made an accidental shot.

‘The difference in precision is clear. I’m a little angry.’

When Sirone, who was moved, fired the photon cannon directly, an ice wall with a thickness of 1 meter stood up in front of Frings.

The photon cannon pierced the ice wall with a roar, but Frings’ expression was still indifferent.

‘The power has already fallen.’

The highly reflective ice clumped into his fist, and when he swung his arm, the photon cannon bounced off.

“It’s really awesome… … .”

An exclamation was heard among the students of Class Four.

As they were about to enter their senior year, they knew how precise and sensuous the current battle was.

“Sirone-senpai… … .”

In particular, the shock Mark received was beyond imagination.

‘I thought I desperately caught up.’

I was confident that there would be no one who trained more intensely than I did, even if I did not compare myself with anyone.

‘I’m not the only one running. Everyone is running.’

What more do you have to give here to run faster than others in such a race?

“Maria, let’s double the amount of training starting today.”

“… … okay.”

In the fierce battle, Frings measured the timing while preparing the technique of conversion.

“Shall we finish it soon?”

As I put my hands together on my right side, the icy haze began to compress at a bizarre rate.

At the same time, Sirone also floated a photon cannon in front of her eyes, preparing to hit the counter.

“Invitation… … !”

Just as Frings was about to cast his magic, a violent whirlpool rose from under his feet and froze.

Shiina’s magic ice tornado.

Sharp ice thorns criss-crossed Frings’ body, but there was no wound anywhere.

Meanwhile, Ethella, who had approached Sirone from behind, was also choking him with her arms tucked under his armpits.


Feeling the pressure of a steel whip, Sirone canceled the photon cannon only then.

However, her gaze was still fixed on Frings, and her breath was rough with excitement.

“Frings, what are you doing?”

As Shiina approached, Frings couldn’t move, only turning his eyes to look at him.

“Sorry. Because of a minor disagreement.”

Shiina, who had already been asked about scramble royale at the teachers’ meeting, didn’t even snort.

“Quit now, if you want to continue going to school.”

‘You’re in good shape.’

Frings didn’t even listen by ear.

“I cannot leave school. However, in this case, the negligence of both sides is probably not suitable.”

Shiina’s face turned red.

‘Anyway, these are… … .’

The shadowy research presidents who terribly do not listen to the teachers, as if they had enemies in their previous lives.

Even when I was sent to the senior class, I expected to mature a little, but I had been struggling without graduating for several years.

“Sirone, stop.”

Ethella exhorted me, loosening the grip on her neck.

“but… … .”

It was Frings who led the fight.

“Your juniors could have been hurt.”

Only then did Sirone look around and see the students she had taken classes with until last year were staring at her with fearful faces.

“… … sorry.”

Fisho would have collected scrambles anyway, and since the teachers came forward, further battles were meaningless.

Shiina, who disarmed the Ice Tornado, said.

“Go back to your senior year now. If you cause an incident like this one more time, then there will be no forgiveness.”

“I will do as you command.”

After bowing like a gentleman, Frings headed for the forest, but in a direction that had nothing to do with the senior class.

“Ah, I’m annoyed. stress.”

Shiina, who pressed her hand to her temple, called out to Sirone, who was standing there depressed.

“Sirone, you can see me for a second.”

“yes? Now?”

It was a time when Scrumble Royale was in full swing.

“I’m sorry, but now… … .”

Shiina’s eyes tightened.

“right now. Even in the senior year, this is definitely a school. Or are you saying that advanced class teachers look ridiculous now?”

“no! Never thought like that… … !”

“Okay, follow me.”

When Shiina took Sirone down the mountain, Ethella calmed the atmosphere with a smile.

“Come on, everyone! Now you know exactly why you have to work so hard to sharpen your four ways, right? The key to transformation is… … .”

While the students looked blank, Sade licked his lips and shook his head.

‘Teacher Etella, that’s not it.’


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