Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 573

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[573] Reaction and response (5)

As a steamy haze rose from Frings’s body, Dorothy canceled her victory pose and took a defensive posture.

‘Hickory defense tendency 100%.’

Feeling a distorted hostility that could not be seen as natural, Dorothy unwittingly activated the algorithm.

“Dorothy, you are a strange woman.”

The moment she saw Frings’ eyes, Dorothy’s spirit began to scream madly.

It was a coolness that was not in the world.

“It looks like you are thinking nothing, but in reality you are thinking a lot. say it. How afraid are you now?”

Dorothy bit her lip until it bled.

“Actually, you’re scared to death, aren’t you? I’m afraid I’ll die Well, you are always terrified.”

“I am… … I have no idea.”

“is it? Did you think that if I said I had no idea, they would just let it go?”

Frings spread his hands in a buoyant posture.

‘Ice devil.’

From behind him, dozens of ugly pillars of ice, like spider legs, protruded like blades.

‘Die. Die.’

Dorothy’s body trembled.

“The expressionless face is a mask to hide the appearance of a frightened child. Was it so amazing, the body of an adult?”

Frings, the president of the Hide and Seek Research Club, had insight into Dorothy’s life.

“say it. what do you imagine? What expression are you making?”

Dorothy’s lips trembled.

“If you won’t tell… … .”

Frings’s mouth was grotesquely torn.

“I will bring out the child inside you.”

Dorothy’s head went pale, and her whole body trembled as if struck by lightning.

-Activation of mimesis algorithm. emergency escape.

As the wizard’s brain went into shock, Hickory switched to automatic mode and ran away into the woods with Dorothy in his arms.

“… … .”


The thorns of the Ice Demon split and fell to the ground.


Frings covered his face with his hands and tried to live slowly.

“Sorry. I wanted to see you scream.”

Returning with a greasy face, he held the scramble in his hand and shouted back, and the three-member party (○●○) was completed.

‘It’s a hand worth playing for now.’

After checking the status of the Master Card, he muttered as he parted through the bushes.

“Who shall I destroy now?”

* * *

“omg! omg!”

Entering the deep forest, Dorothy put her hand on the tree trunk and let out a rough breath.

Hickory, whose mimesis algorithm was turned off, looked at him with a smile, but it didn’t feel as pleasant as before.


Because he was completely crushed by Frings’ goosebumps, he ran away without even thinking about taking the scramble.

“How to… … .”

Dorothy sat down helplessly and wept.

“I got caught.”

I got caught.

A child hiding in an adult body.

* * *

Hersie, who checked the master card, looked at Sirone’s current hand, ○●○●ⓡ.


It was a question I had after losing yesterday to Sirone in Caen.

The reason for responding to Sirone’s kang while catching ●●●○ (Dictator) was because Sirone’s hand was all ⓡⓡⓡⓡ.

The dictator also has no reason to shout Pao if it is the second strongest hand in step 4.

But the result was ○●○● (democracy).

Of course, it is probabilistically correct that four random cards are opened and white and black come out in equal proportions.

‘No, probability isn’t like that.’

Being too probabilistic is what makes it feel rather non-probable.

‘I care about what Kayden said yesterday.’

Also, the fifth card was randomly selected.

‘It’s the feeling of not being afraid of defeat. If the build-up is wrong, I will have no choice but to lose myself in the 6th stage.’

It was a situation where both sides of the experiment were over when allies were to hang kang and defeat each other.

‘Do you think hiding one card in a state where democracy has already been revealed is more important than losing a game?’

After thinking, Hersey gave a convocation signal.

Currently, his hand is ●● (Heretic). He was a loser who had nothing to regret even if he was defeated for the sake of experimentation.

‘Tomorrow, sirone will leave the game.’

* * *

Day 3 of Scramble Royale.


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At the place where Scramble was summoned, Sirone met Cayden again.

‘If only… … .’

Cayden’s hand is ○○○ (religion).

One selected ○ (white), and two cards were combined by opening ⓡⓡ (random).

‘It’s a difficult card to develop.’

That’s why it wasn’t a good situation for Sirone.

If Cayden bets Kang, his hand, ●○●○● (Revolution), will be revealed, and from then on, doubts will arise.

“This is it.”

Cayden raised his crosssword vertically and said.

“I will kill you today.”

Caden’s attitude of not even thinking about Kang made Sirone quite relieved.

‘In a sense, it’s amazing.’

Although they had different inclinations, it felt like Lian was visible in Caden’s stubbornness.

“The fate of the Red Cross.”

Cayden muttered as he placed his palm on his sword.

“Lead my talents.”

As the blade burned red, Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘That’s… … .’

“Absorb magic power.”

Cayden charged as the fire on his sword blazed.

‘Magic Swordsman!’

It was a title that could only be obtained by being at the level of Cayden, who was in Class 1 of the graduating class, with magic alone.

“I don’t know what secret he is hiding… … .”

The cross sword was drawn horizontally.

“I will bury you with death.”

A huge cloud of fire rushed in like a tidal wave, burning the entire area where Sirone was.


It was a magic swordsman’s technique that had never been shown at school.

“Taha! Taha!”

Every time Cayden swung his sword, a 6-meter-high cloud of fire rushed in while eating reverse rotation.

The radius was so wide that it could not be avoided except by teleportation, and lightning struck over the head of Sirone, who stepped back.

‘Lightning magic?’

The thunderbolt-infused crosssword plunged vertically into the ground.

Demon Sword – Lightning Impact.

As the blue lightning spread across the ground like a spider’s web, Sirone’s body convulsed.

‘Poems of fire!’

At the same time, the sequence ceremony entered the realm of reverence.

1 second ago.

Demon Sword – Lightning Impact.

As soon as the electric shock spread, Sirone jumped into the sky, and Kayden ground his teeth.

‘I just can’t understand.’

It’s this feeling again.

No matter how excellent a mage is, in the realm of martial arts and nerves, the schema should be overwhelmed.

Also, it was a situation that was proceeding with such a development.

‘What happened!’

The reason why I can’t figure it out no matter how hard I roll my head is because there is nothing wrong.

“then… … !”

Cayden twisted his face like a wolf and prepared for a deadly attack.

“Enhance magical power!”

The cross sword vibrated and emitted a powerful high frequency sound.

It was a Kaiser type of sound magic.

‘You can use all magic?’

He was a genius of a different kind than Fermi.

Cayden swung his sword at Sirone with an absurd expression.

“Can I avoid the sound too?”


The shock wave devastated the surroundings, but Sirone penetrated the shock wave intact.


not space

It was time to escape.

‘I have no choice but to do it.’

When the incarnation of the light angel permeated Sirone, Cayden finally realized the identity of his sixth sense.

‘That’s it. It’s not a fluke. It’s definitely some kind of technology.’

As the Photon Cannon was compressed in her hand, a golden afterimage identical to body lines spread out from Sirone’s body like a fan.

Cayden, who had been attacking fiercely until now, took a backward step in front of Sirone for the first time.

Cirone, who had shortened the distance by teleportation, swung her hand with a photon cannon, and Kayden turned her crosssword 180 degrees to defend the side.


Surprisingly, Sirone was approaching from the other side.


Cayden, who raised the schema’s ability to the maximum, defended again at terrifying speed, but Sirone changed direction as if bending again.

A surprising insight struck Cayden’s mind from the natural movement, as if it had been predestined from the beginning, rather than by twisting the trajectory with magical powers.

‘if… … Is it time?’

At the same time as he thought, Cayden’s arm moved at a terrifying speed.


Block, block, block again.

Cayden’s physical ability, which changed his defensive stance seven times in a split second, was so fast that a wizard could not even imitate it, but Sirone’s photon cannon was slowly closing the distance to the point where it was impossible to defend.

‘It’s like… … .’

At the end of her thoughts, Cayden was dazed.


It felt like an infinite sirone was rushing in.


I heard the sound of my ribs breaking as the photon cannon slammed into my side.


Cayden, whose eyes shook from the shock, flew about 10 meters and crashed into the wall.


Even with the schema’s regenerative power, as long as the bones are broken, fighting is impossible right now.

‘I have to take away the Master Card!’

Sirone immediately ran to Cayden.

Cayden, who hurriedly stood up, knelt down on one knee again as his legs gave out.

‘Let’s faint.’

The moment the photon cannon was held in her hand, Cayden shouted with a distorted face.

“Sirone, Kang!”

Lulu’s voice came as an electrical signal.

“Kayden walked Caen.”

If you don’t make a choice within 1 second, you lose.


Cayden’s hand was shattered and Sirone’s hand, ●○●○● (Revolution), was revealed.

Also, the brief moment when Kang had to be received as Kang gave the Hercy team a chance to turn around.


As Hercy shouted and jumped out, Anchal, Eden, and Fisho appeared from all sides at the same time.

‘Isn’t this Eden?’

Sirone, whose top priority was to stop Eden from collecting cards, hurriedly turned and headed towards the scramble.

At the same time as catching the scramble, Hersy shouted.

“Stop it before it opens!”

Anchal walked Caen.

Her hand is ○○●○○ (Emperor).

It was a higher hand than the revolution, and it was broken with one unopened ⓡ card left.

– Unopened random cards cannot affect or be received in the match.

This is also a fact that has already been verified through experiments, so Hercy, Eden, and Fisho all shouted at the same time without having to check the master card.

“Sirone! Kang!”

If everyone hangs Kang, Sirone can’t harm anyone.

‘finished! You’re out!’

It was called Operation Sirone Kill.

“We lost the battle in Caen. No harm can be done to Sirone until the next scramble summons.”


Hersy checked her MasterCard, thinking there must be something wrong with her hearing.

‘Extinction (●○●●○●).’

“wait for a sec. No, why is this?”

Cayden grabbed his side and said.

“Control your time. It’s that kind of ability.”

It feels as if reality is obliterated and a new reality is born.

You can’t feel the reset in the realm of thinking, but the physical evidence of the card proves it to be true.

‘hour? Time?’

It was the first time in her life that Hersie had such a bewildered expression, but she soon came to her senses and looked around and shouted.

“Bounce! retreat!”

The moment everyone fled, the person Sirone targeted was Cayden.

Although I was injured, it was also a moment to relieve my resentment that I had been aiming for an opportunity until now.

At that time, Eden ran and blocked the way of Kayden, who was still unable to move.

‘Saint Barrier!’

As the spirit zone emitted a brilliant light and formed a barrier, Shirone’s eyebrows wrinkled after hearing the ability from Iruki.

‘I need more power.’

As soon as I opened the immortal function with my eyes wide open, the photon cannon shook like a mad dance.

It was Eden that made me shudder at the moment, but I bit my lip again and prepared to accept it.

‘Photon Cannon!’

A flash of light with a diameter of nearly 1 meter pierced the Saint Barrier in an instant.

The shape of the sphere, which did not budge even with the detonation magic, dented like cotton, and the other side swelled and exploded with a bang.


As Eden, whose omnipotence had been destroyed, crouched on the floor holding his head, everyone who fled turned their heads in amazement.

“Eden’s… … .”

Defense magic has been pierced.

It was a sight no one in the senior class had ever seen.

(end of volume 23)


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