Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 567

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[567] Opening (3)

Sirone asked.

“What exactly do you mean by incapable of harm?”

“This includes both primary physical and psychological attacks. However, it is not involved in the tactical application, that is, the secondary part.”

Hersey said.

“It is secondary. So you’re saying it’s possible to set a trap and wait for the participants?”

“That’s right. Because the subject of the attack is not Kang’s loser, but the object, strategy, or terrain.”

“I understand. What if you choose Pao?”

“Rejection. In other words, even if pao is selected, the player who casts kang cannot be harmed until the next scramble is summoned. But in this case, it doesn’t matter.”

“But I can keep the card.”

“That is exactly what it is.”

Iruki rested his chin on his chin and was lost in thought.

Whether it was losing in Caen or choosing Pao, not being able to harm the opponent was a fatal risk.

‘You have to be chased by the opponent for up to two hours. If the Master Card is stolen from it… … .’

The face of the game will change in an instant.

‘It’s not just about competing over a hand of cards. Rather, it is a game rule that urges you to destroy your opponent’s Master Card. In addition to tactics, combat power is also important.’

Amy asked.

“What if the priorities are the same? That is, if the combination of cards is the same.”

“When the same hand is played, there is no winner or loser. Also, it’s not a bitch.”

I didn’t say it openly, but from then on, it contained the meaning of hitting and hitting like I was going to kill.

‘Hmm, I thought there would be a priority for the learning time, but I just need to match the hand.’

Then there is no need to open the random card right away.

“These are the rules of the game. Do you understand everything?”

There was no answer.

It’s true that I understood the rules, but I felt like I had to play the game myself to understand the intention behind them.

‘The rule itself is simple. However, due to the use of random cards and the variable of being invincible for 2 hours, there is plenty of room for complicated twists.’

Lulu finished.

“Basically, the duration of the game is 7 days. In other words, the player with the highest hand wins by midnight on the last day, and all rewards and rewards are distributed through the judge.”

In summary, in order to win in black and white, one of two conditions must be met.

Fight against opponents and destroy all master cards, or keep the strongest hand until the time.

‘I can’t see anything being easy. To destroy the Master Card, you must defeat everyone on the opposing team. On the other hand, with cards, even if only one person has the strongest hand, they can win, but it is difficult to keep it for 7 days. A sacrificial strategy will also be needed.’

“The location of the scramble is indicated by XYZ coordinates, and disappears from the master card when a participant collects it. This was the ‘black and white’ game rule so far. I hope you find various ways to apply the rules and enjoy the game with your friends.”

The lights on the jersey went out as Lulu disappeared.

“A fun game is a bummer.”

someone muttered.

* * *

After hearing the black and white rule, all 12 people were silent as they weighed the variables that occurred in the rules and their abilities.

‘Win. I won this game unconditionally.’

He didn’t show it, but Nade was trembling inside.

1 second based on the photon field.

If time was flexible, there was enough room for Sirone’s statue of Buddha to explode.

Iruki went into a bit more detail.

‘If you cast a slow, you can increase it by 1 second. But it’s not at that level.’

The key is whether to use random cards.

I don’t know the exact time until the random card is confirmed as black and white, but it’s probably no more than 1 second.

Therefore, Sirone can open random cards repeatedly until the color he wants comes out.

It is ignoring randomness, the downside of hidden cards.

There was no way he wasn’t thinking of it as Sirone, but he still kept his poker face and looked at the opposing team.

‘Only my friends are aware of my abilities.’

But even if they didn’t know, it was clear that it wasn’t an easy game, and all of the allied teams looked confident.

‘Unfounded Confidence? Or is it a deadly strategy?’

After each of their thoughts were sorted out to some extent, Hercy stepped forward and proceeded with the discussion.

“Now then, let’s move on to the matter of compensation and cost.”

Nade brought out what he had in mind.

“First of all, check what has been decided. If we win, the 6 members of the combined team must rank lower than us before the graduation exam.”

Hersy said, taking temporary notes in a notebook.

“good. Then, when our team wins, the Supernatural Psychic Research Society will leave Eastas.”

It was easy so far, but the problem came next.

“If the whole is decided, shall we move on to the individual? Raise your hand if there is a reward or price you want to bet on this Scramble Royale.”

The reason why no one raises their hand right now is because they are not simply saying what they want.

consulted in any way.

In order to achieve compensation, you must accept the price equivalent to that requested by the other party.

“I will suggest one.”

When Cayden raised his hand, Sirone’s team became very nervous, and Sirone in particular bit nervously with her lips.

It’s because it’s not strange to ask for anything if you’re a person who is obsessed with jealousy.

‘I don’t care if it separates me from Amy. But if you’re thinking about what to do with Amy… … .’

While all kinds of disturbing thoughts wandered through her head, Sirone took a deep breath.

‘Let’s stay calm. Even absurd conditions can be adjusted through consultation.’


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The only uneasy thing is that as long as they accepted Scrumble Royale, the match must be played.

If you refuse, it is an unwritten rule to dismiss it as abstention, and if you reject even that, then it was a war.

“The condition I demand is that if our side wins… … .”

Saliva ran down Sirone’s throat.

“Sirone, you are confessing your love to Maya with all your heart.”

“… … what?”

My eyes widened at the unexpected remark, but when I thought about it, it was fortunate that Amy wasn’t involved.

Amy’s reaction, on the other hand, was completely different.

“This bastard! How do you know a person’s heart? Do you think you can control your emotions with a game like this?”

“I was never forced. If you can’t do it, you have to pay the price with death. The issue of contract termination will be discussed later.”

“this… … !”

“Amy, wait.”

The moment Amy raised her fist, Sirone said.

“Nothing has been decided yet. If it is something that cannot be done, it can be coordinated through consultation.”

Although Sirone said that, she had an intuition that in the end she had no choice but to accept Caden’s proposal.

“okay. The subject of consultation is Sirone. you know That this is the most realistic condition I can propose.”

said Amy.

“Sirone, ignore it. Do you have about 11 hours left? Let’s go to the end with this agenda.”

Caden’s eyes widened.

“Do you really want to go all the way? If this agreement is everything, I’ll have to raise the difficulty too. How about Amy being my doll if we win? Or will she sell it for a garland of gold?”

Amy hit the table with both hands.

“With whom? I’d rather die than that!”

“Then die!”

Caden shouted at him.

“Do you think this is a school? No one cares if you die. I also made as many concessions as possible for smooth negotiations. The Shadow Research Society has its own rules, and it’s a gathering where everyone agrees. If you don’t want to, just leave.”

Sirone asked.

“What does that mean to you? I mean to confess my love to Maya. Do you like Maya?”

“She is my muse.”

Cayden’s eyes flashed with madness.

“I can sacrifice anything to make her happy. She can also kill anyone.”

“Everybody calm down.”

Iruki controlled the atmosphere.

“It’s just a proposal from the other party. And Cayden made it clear he wasn’t going to back down from here. then… … .”

Electricity flew in Iruki’s eyes as he glared at Cayden.

“You mean you’re prepared to pay the price, right?”

Perhaps the person who is most angry at this place may be Iruki, who dragged Amy into it.

“That, too, is to be decided after listening to the conditions.”

Hercy stepped forward and took over Iruki’s life.

“But before that, can we offer a price first?”

Nade asked with the momentum to strike at any moment.

“Why are you offering our compensation?”

“Don’t do that, listen. That would be a bad condition.”

Sabina, who calmed Nade down, asked.

“Okay, talk.”

Hersy laughed and raised her index finger.

“If you accept Kayden’s offer, I’ll let one of your members pass the graduation exam.”

“what… … Called?”

“It’s not that I’m going to give you a stamp of approval, but I’m saying that I’ll use all my personal connections and abilities to get you through.”

‘It’s Fermi.’

There is no physical evidence that Hwa-Ryun Geum is acting as a broker for graduation exams, but it is certain.

‘It’s not something Hersy alone can suggest. He has already set the limits of the agreement.’

Hersy spread two fingers.

“If you don’t like it, how about something like this? Until the graduation exam, all the Golden Wheel members are in a lower rank than your team.”

There was no doubt that it was an unconventional proposal since graduation was a top priority at a magic school.

‘Why are you so obsessed with Scramble Royale? What is the secret of Estas?’

“Let’s accept it.”

Everyone on Sirone’s team turned to Dorothy.


“Let’s accept it. Aside from being a member of the research team, Sabina and I are strangers. I think we can do our best only with that level of compensation.”

Dorothy turned to Iruki.

“Isn’t that why you brought me in?”

Iruki nodded meekly.

“It doesn’t.”

said Nade.

“But Dorothy, even if you graduate that way… … .”

“know. I have no intention of passing with help from anyone. I don’t have to be privileged. However, if you are in a situation where you are on the edge of passing, it is impossible to guarantee. Does anyone want to stay here for another year?”

Dorothy held out her hand.

“Sorry, I said it wrong. My point is, apart from using the acceptance card, it is much more efficient to receive it for now. It’s not asking for Amy’s body, and it’s not that Sirone wants to date Maya. Is it just a confession? And what we get is one acceptance card. Do you know what this means?”

Regardless of whether they pass or not, it means that there will be room to control the entire Fermi party in the graduation exam.

‘The golden ring will definitely do its best. As long as the agreement was reached through interdiction, there would be no choice but to pay the price of breaking the contract. Hersy’s words are true.’

While Iruki was lost in thought, Dorothy added.

“Please don’t misunderstand. If there were any other way, I would have declined an offer like this. But there is no better compromise than this in the matter of Sirone and Caden, Amy and Maya. To be honest, isn’t it stupid not to accept it?”

After thinking, Iruki asked Caden.

“Is it just a confession? Apart from Maya’s choice?”

“Of course. It doesn’t matter as long as Maya accepts it. But confessions must be sincere. If you can’t do it, you’ll have to pay the price.”

“Pooh woo woo.”

very ambiguous

From a rational point of view, the scales had already tipped, but it felt like being in equilibrium again due to emotional problems.

Nade grabbed his head.

‘Hercy will not back down. That would be the condition for participating in the war.’

Knowing that fact, Hercy also offered the most powerful negotiating card, even taking the loss.

“Let’s go out and coordinate our opinions for a moment.”

To be precise, he wanted to hear Sirone’s thoughts in advance.

“However much. Today is such a day.”

When Hercy suggested it, Nade called his friends as he left the table.

“Everyone come out.”

Staring at the united team, the five of them lined up around the table and left the study group.


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