Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 566

[566] Opening (2)

“Aha, that’s right, right?”

Amy raised her chin and confidently received her gaze, then sat down next to Sirone and crossed her legs.

“Okay, from now on I will also participate in Scramble Royale. I’ll make you not be able to go to school, rank or anything.”

“It is what I wished for.”

Hersy responded with a smile, but she couldn’t hide her bitter expression.

“Amy… … .”

Amy gritted her teeth and whispered at Sirone’s blank expression.

“See you when this is over. Be prepared.”

“yea, I got it.”

I felt like I had gained a thousand troops just because Amy came.

With all 12 participants gathered, Hersie took out the jersey.

“First of all, let’s decide the competition event.”

The triggering of the rule is from the moment it is entered into the judge, so it was important to properly draw out a consultation in advance.

“First of all, the confrontation suggests ‘black and white’.”

Nade nodded.

“No objection. But isn’t it in order to explain before that? That’s what you suggested.”

It was an investigation to find out what the other person knew, but Hersie readily agreed.

“The last time the jersey was used was 7 years ago. At that time, as a result of Scramble Royale, the shadowy research society ‘Bizarre Taste’ was disbanded. All I know is to find a tile that is summoned at a specific time and place and have a confrontation.”

If it was no different from what Nade knew, the quality of the information was equal in the end.

“Then let’s begin. Who will make it work?”

Nade held out his hand as if he were passing it off.

“Okay then… … .”

When Hersh pressed the button on his jersey, the side with the pen opened and a piece of paper slipped out from the bottom.

Hersey took out a piece of paper and a pen, wrote black and white, and showed it to Sirone’s team.

“I checked.”

When the paper was inserted into the gap of the jersey, it was sucked back into the device with a mechanical sound, and a hemispherical lens popped out.

From there, light sprayed onto the ceiling, and a tiny human woman, like a fairy, spun and floated up.

“Hello, Alpheas Magic School students. My name is Lulu, who will introduce the black and white game rules from now on.”

The history of Scramble Royale is 30 years, and it is said that they used the technology of heaven, but the technology of the distant seniors was admirable.

“Black and white use the area within Alpheas Magic School as the battlefield, and it does not judge the space that is not entered in the judge. Unless otherwise agreed, the duration of the competition is 7 days, and the competition time is from noon to midnight every day.”

Lulu raised her palm as if supporting a tray.

“When a match between black and white starts, spheres of light equal to the number of participants are created, which is called a scramble.”

A small orb of light appeared above her palm.

‘It’s a luminous body. It should be easy to find at night.’

While everyone had similar thoughts, explanations continued.

“Collecting scrambles will cause the light to disappear and transform into a single card.”

When Lulu held the sphere of light, it transformed into a card with henna on both sides.

“This is called a card in its pure state, that is, a genuine card. The important point here is that the retention time of the pure state is only 1 second based on the photon field.”

‘It’s a photon system standard… … .’

If there is room for the theory of relativity to be applied, it is not absolute time.

“The pure state is important because only in this state can you choose between black and white. Let me give you an example. hundred.”

The henna disappeared from one side of the card and turned into a clean white side.

“This is the white card. Also, we delayed the time for the demonstration, but in reality, you have to make a judgment within one second, so please be careful.”

Iruki asked.

“Does it have to be word of mouth? When it comes to choosing between black and white.”

Lulu’s liveliness disappeared.

“… … An answerable question has been entered. You don’t necessarily have to verbalize keywords to choose between black and white. However, you must be in the Spirit Zone.”

With the same principle as Kubrick, it was a method of detecting the mental change of the card holder.

“I will continue the explanation. If 1 second passes in the pure state, it is regarded as giving up the black and white option, and the card is automatically converted into a random state card.”

As Lulu’s white card turned gray, a black letter R was engraved in the center.

“This is a random card. If you enter the keyword ‘open’ in this state, you can get one of the black and white cards. Let me give you an example. open.”

The letter R disappeared and turned into a card painted black.

“This is the basics of dealing with scramble. Incidentally, it is possible to acquire multiple items in a scrambled state, but once they are in pure state, they cannot be transferred.”

Sirone’s head spun.

‘A single person can collect multiple scrambles, but they’re bound at that point. Therefore, what we need to worry about is the variable depending on whether it is black, white, or random.’

Amy asked.

“How is it verified that non-transferability is possible? Depending on the case, you can dig a loophole in the rules, right?”

“… … An answerable question has been entered. What I will explain from now on is ‘Master Card’.”

The liquid crystal-shaped card with a red border was held in Lulu’s hand.

“At the start of the match, Master Cards are given to all participants. It is a card that allows you to obtain various information such as scramble coordinates, other participants’ card status, and your own card status.”

Cheating is impossible if cards collected by other players are recorded.

“Please take good care of it. If your Master Card is lost or destroyed, you will be disqualified from participating.”

Anchal asked.

“Can it be stolen and destroyed?”

Lulu said right away.

“it’s possible. Scramble is summoned once every 2 hours when the game starts, and you can collect them to form a tall hand and face off.”

Sirone entered the calculation.

‘Summoned once every 2 hours. Since there are 12 participants, the total number of scrambles summoned per day will be 72.’

In theory, one person could collect all 72 scrambles.

Of course, this was possible only when the other 11 people were scarecrows.

“Okay, now that I’ve introduced the rough rules, I’m going to tell you the priority of the tiles you need to collect. The maximum number of cards that can be collected in black and white matches is six in total. If you collect scrambles while already holding six cards, they will be automatically destroyed.”

Iruki nodded.

‘I can’t get a card, but I can interfere with the other side from collecting, so it’s not a meaningless rule.’

Lulu continued the explanation.

“Depending on the combination of black and white, a strong hand and a weak hand are divided. Hands other than the set combinations are meaningless, so think carefully before collecting them. Then, I will show you meaningful hand combinations from step 1.”

Black and white cards floated to her left and right.

“There are two significant losses in the first stage. It is black and white.”

As Lulu pointed at the air with her right hand, a diagram made of symbols came to mind.


“This is the first level of priority, calling black evil and white good.”

‘Good first? Will the ranks be divided from the first stage?’

It was surprising that superiority and inferiority were decided from the start.

“Let’s move on to step two. There are three possible combinations, but two are significant.

○○ (Saint) <●● (Heretic).

Everyone’s eyes changed.

‘It was reversed.’

In the first stage, the white hand had the upper hand, but in the second stage, the black hand had the upper hand.

Since the combination of ○● was meaningless, catching the bag in the first stage was not the only skill.

‘Realistically, if there are 12 scrambles in the first place, 12 players should get one each. Even if you gain the upper hand with the white hand, you will lose to the black hand after 2 hours.’

“It’s a three-level combination.”

●●●(Apostasy)<○○○(Religion)<●○●(Republicanism)<○●○(Eastern Society).

There are 4 meaningful combinations, and the strongest in the 3rd level is the third class.

‘It’s also a turnaround.’

The Triad was a hand that could only be combined if two white cards, that is, the saint, were captured in the second stage.

“Step 4.”


‘Hmm, the ratio of white and black is half and half is the strongest in the 4th level.’

From now on, there are many variables, so it was not possible to analyze the advantage or disadvantage right away.

“Step 5.”

○●○●(Revolution)<○○●○○(Emperor)<●●○●●(Conviction)<●●●●●(Demon King)<○○○○○(Holy Mother)

Sirone realized a big change.

‘The combination of black and white is weak, and a single pattern has emerged as the strongest. However, if you want to create a Demon Lord or Holy Mother, you have to take a lot of damage from the first stage.’

I guessed the personality of the person who made the match between black and white.

“This is the final step 6.”


This time, a single pattern is the strongest, but it seemed like a success even if you just made a meaningful combination up to step 6 with a random card.

“Above 23 types of cards are meaningful combinations, and the rest have no meaning. A hand that has no meaning, this is called a ‘full loss’.”

‘Even if I’m holding a full blow, if it’s up to the 5th level, I can make a meaningful combination by winning the next scramble.’

Lulu said while wiping the schematic.

“Are you sure you remembered everything? Then I will erase it.”

No one answered as they were absorbed in their own thoughts.

“Now that I know the hand, I will explain the matchup method. When scrambles are collected, one of the following symbols will appear on each master card: white (○), black (●), or random (ⓡ). Of course, the random card cannot be checked, and even if the owner has opened it, it will still be displayed as random on the master card of other participants.”

“It becomes a hidden card.”

“you’re right. If you want to check the opponent’s hidden card, you can bet.”


“It means to win. I will summon Lily for a demonstration.”

When the girls who looked identical like twins were born, Lulu showed her Master Card.

“My hand recorded on my master card is White 2, Black 1, Third Division. Also, when I checked Lily’s combination… … .”

A symbol of ●●ⓡ was written on Lili’s current status.

“It’s a state where you can’t see the combination with Black 2 and Random 1. It may actually be random, or it may have already been opened by Lily. Then let’s try Caen. Lily, Kang.”

Lily’s master card glowed red.

“If the opponent bets Kang, the receiver must choose Kang or Pao within 1 second based on the photon field. Kang means to fight, and Pao means to refuse. If you cannot decide between Kang and Pao within 1 second, all cards in your hand will be destroyed. This is called ‘gaepae’.”

Iruki asked.

“If Kang enters while the opponent has not opened a random card, will the random card be automatically opened? Or is it not included in the combination?”

Lulu’s liveliness disappeared again.

“That’s a question I can’t answer.”

‘Hmm, as for whether it’s applied or not, go into practice and find out for yourself.’

“First of all, if Lily receives Kang. Lily.”

When Lili shouted Kang, the random display disappeared and a combination of ●○● (Republic) appeared.

“I am the Third Division, and Lily is the Republic. That is, I win. At that point, all of Lily’s cards are ruined.”

Lulu’s master card erased Lili’s status.

‘If you lose, all cards are lost. I’ll have to be careful about receiving Kang.’

“The range in which Kang can be cast matches the area of ​​the Spirit Zone. also… … .”

Lulu continued with a meaningful smile.

“The loser in the battle of Caen cannot do any harm to the winner until the next scramble summons.”


The atmosphere of the 12 people who were listening to the rules became agitated for the first time.


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