Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 564

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[564] Scramble Royale (5)

It wasn’t until the combined team left that Nade’s face relaxed.

“Whoa, it ended up like this. Sorry. I just accepted it.”

Iruki didn’t care.

“It’s something you have to go through at least once. There is a reason why we cannot give up on Estas. Anyway, what about the number of people? Does anyone have an idea?”

Sirone and Nade said at the same time.


Iruki nodded.

“that’s right. In fact, I also set that condition with the same thought. But the problem is that Amy’s ranking is already 5th. You will have to appeal to your emotions as well.”

“Let me ask you a favor.”

If it was Sirone, who was no one else, it wasn’t without chance.

“Okay, Sirone will take care of Amy. What about the other two?”

Silence passed.

“Has anyone really thought about it?”

said Nade, resting his chin on it.

“Hmm, there are many candidates. There’s Canis’s team, Dante’s team, and Boyle’s okay. The summoning magic will be able to keep Fisho in check.”

Iruki shook his head.

“There’s no choice but to get it from outside, but it’s a shadowy affair that doesn’t benefit from being known. You should only contact those you think have a clear chance of winning. In that sense, Canis is dangerous. Because I’m waiting for Sirone.”

Sirone said.

“I can’t see Boyle as having any special merits compared to the other candidates. Dante is more likely to move as a team.”

Nade cried.

“Then who are you looking for?”

“How about Dorothy in that sense?”

Shirone looked back at Iruki.


Sensing something, Nade raised his ax eye and shouted.

“You child! i knew i would Blow honestly! How far have you gone?”

“I haven’t gone anywhere. Do you know why I was friendly with Dorothy, who had no interest in me?”

Nade blinked.

“huh? Weren’t you interested?”

“I told you, what cannot be analyzed is not taste.”

“Then why are you friends?”

“On the first day of the senior class schedule, Dorothy got into a man-to-person battle with Sirone. Do you remember what I said back then? He said he’d do what Sirone wants if it’s a draw.”


Iruki raised a finger.

“I’m the type who is obsessed with rankings and uses conditions and rewards. Besides, Joner has a lot of advantages in Scrumble Royale.”

Nade finally understood.

“Okay then, Iruki tries to persuade Dorothy… … . The last one?”

Iruki asked.

“How is Sabina?”

You need to have good skills, but emotional kinship is also important to form a team.

In that sense, Sabina was an excellent choice.

“That will never happen.”

Nade firmly shook his head.

Victor Sabina, the red one of Dante’s party.

He was a strong air magician who fired dozens of air cuts per second, and his skills were certain as he had a record of defeating Nade in 2,000 battles.

“Don’t just say no, think about it. It seems like he cares about you. I also decided to conciliate Dorothy, and Sirone also has to ask a difficult favor.”

“no! no! Absolutely not!”

As Ned struggled, flailing his limbs, Sirone sighed and said,

“Then what are you going to do? It’s not a matter of being able to do it or not. Why are you not like you?”

Nade sighed and rubbed his hands together.

“Never mind! give me one chance Somehow, within time, I’ll try to find an assistant. Sabina really sucks!”

There was no way to stop him from saying he didn’t want to die.

“okay. Then, Nade, find a helper in time, and let’s conciliate Amy and Dorothy, who are with me.”

That’s how the end was built.

* * *

That night, Sirone went to Amy’s room.

Considering Amy’s skills, there was no plan B, so she had to be embraced.

‘There is no tailing.’

The enemies had declared war anyway, so it didn’t matter if they followed him.

I heard Amy’s voice as I knocked on the door.

“who are you?”

“It’s me, Sirone.”

Amy opened the door and tilted her head.

I was wearing my pajamas as if I had just washed, and my hair was still wet.

“Sirone? What happened all of a sudden?”

I’m not the type to decorate, but the atmosphere was different from what I saw during the day just because I was wearing comfortable clothes.

As Sirone looked at her with her eyes shining, Amy asked with a blush in embarrassment.


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“Why are you looking at me like that? Have you seen it before?”

His tone was blunt, but he didn’t hate it.

“No, I think it looks good in pajamas too.”


Amy ate as if she wanted to hear all the stars.

“It’s not like it’s free, so what are you here for?”

“in fact… … I have something to ask of you.”

“Huh, I knew that. What is your request?”

Seeing that Amy’s voice still had a sweet feeling, Sirone gained courage and said with a bright smile.

“This time, supernatural psychic science… … .”


The door is closed.

* * *

The final meeting of Scramble Royale is a holiday this week.

Until then, Sirone and the others, who had to find helpers, decided to take advantage of the lunch break, the only break.

Among the candidates for helpers, the key person was definitely Amy, so Sirone persistently followed her around.

However, it was very difficult to change her mind, who was by no means inferior to Sirone, if she was stubborn.

“Amy, this is really important. You know what the Supernatural Psychic Research Society is like.”

“… … .”

“It’s a research society created by Mr. Miro. If the history of the study meeting ends in our generation… … .”

“Oh, really!”

Amy, impatient, screamed.

“What do you know? Whether the research society is overturned or overturned! By the way, are you really not going to graduate? Did you refuse to evaluate for this?”

“No, I have to graduate… … .”

Looking at Sirone, who lowered her head with a sullen face, Amy twitched her lips.

‘Oh, if this naive kid was in a hurry… … .’

It means that Sirone, who doesn’t want to cause trouble to others, is really desperate to cling to her like this.

Also, he didn’t hate the fact that the target was himself.

‘Still can’t do it. How about a week… … .’

The risk was too great to allow it only with emotion.

Even if the graduating class rank was the price, Amy, who was ranked 5th in the ranking, did not have much merit.

Most of all, it bothered me that I couldn’t fully focus on the evaluation during the scramble royale.

Of course, I was asked to participate only when I had time, but I didn’t want to be a burden with such half-power.

‘If I’m going to do it, I’ll do it properly.’

With such determination that I could even give up on graduation.

However, I still had doubts about whether this case was that serious.

“okay. I’ll think about it. So please, straighten her face. Because it looks like it’s going to be messed up.”

Sirone’s face brightened only then.

“Thank you, Amy.”

Nade, who was listening to the conversation between the two, thought.

‘It won’t be easy, Sirone too.’

Then, looking back at Iruki who was eating in front of him, he asked.

“how about you? Is Dorothy going well?”

“huh. We’ll talk more about it later.”

“Ooh, are you interested?”

“Are you an idiot, let me get to the point first? First of all, I said it was about the senior class rankings, so I had no choice but to come.”

“It’s pretty prudent. But what do you think about that? You said you weren’t interested in women’s psychology.”

“I can look at it calmly because I am not interested. Do you know what guys who can’t date have in common? It means you want to be in a relationship too much. Women are full of emotions, and they are naturally gifted with the ability to deal with a man’s emotions. The moment you lose your cool, you will be eaten.”

“Sheesh, keep your mouth alive.”

Nade became even more anxious.

Anyway, Amy is also showing interest little by little, and although I don’t know why, I feel like I’ll succeed.

‘It’s a big deal. I have to find a candidate within today.’

Being friendly with everyone was his weapon, but the fact that there were few people with whom he could deeply sympathize became his poison.

‘Screamer? Even if it’s violent, there’s loyalty. No, it’s not suitable for Scramble Royale. Luman can’t be trusted.’

At that moment, when I was lost in thought, I saw Suabi standing in front of Dante and stamping her feet.

‘huh? What’s going on?’

Suabi is a utility major.

Although he has an indecisive personality due to indecisiveness, he was a talent in the utility world who constantly ran dozens of buff magic.

Although he was eaten by Iruki’s cancellation, he was incomparable as a supporter of the current scramble royale.

“Guys, I’ll be back for a while.”

When I went to the place where Suabi was, I saw Sabina and Closer, who always accompany Dante, with their mouths open with absurd expressions.

“therefore… … You think you like me?”

At Dante’s question, Suabi’s face turned red.

“No, so… … Actually, I don’t know. You seem to like it, so I wanted to ask you.”

Nade, who had been listening from behind, stuck out his tongue.

‘It’s really serious. Is liking something also a decision disorder?’

Also, one more thing to add to Iruki’s theory is that once you’re handsome, you don’t have to think complicatedly.

Dante’s attitude was natural, as if it was something he had often experienced.

“To sum up, I don’t know if you like me or not, so you want me to tell you?”

Suabi bowed her head.

“Hmm, well. Even if you ask me… … .”

“I will tell you.”

While everyone looked away with a surprised expression, Nade raised his hand like a referee and joined the conversation.

“Suabi, you don’t like Dante.”

“You don’t like it?”

“of course. You haven’t talked much before, have you?”

“but… … My heart is pounding.”

“That’s because you were temporarily obsessed with your appearance. Wouldn’t it be a much nicer person who can approach you first and have a conversation with you, who is shy?”

“Is that so?”

Nade got to the point as if he had been waiting.

“okay. Do you understand now? Actually you like me… … .”

“thank god. Unrequited love is really heartbreaking.”

“… … .”

Dante said as he stood in the dark like a sack of barley that Nade had borrowed, watching the male aphid receding.

“What are you doing now?”

“shut up! You ruined everything! What are you going to do now?”

“What should I do? What did I do?”

Sabina slammed the cutlery with a bang.

“Hey, Nade. Look at me for a second.”

“no. Why am I looking at you?”

Sabina’s eyes widened as she grieved at this.

“If you come out, come out.”

She, who always avoided eye contact as if she was terrified when our eyes met, was overflowing with power today.

As Nade left the restaurant, Sabina, who was leaning against the wall, asked interrogatively.

“What are you doing these days?”

Nade quietly averted his gaze.

“What do you do? Useless meddling… … .”

“Tell me if you need help. I will help you.”

“There is no such thing.”

Irritation welled up in Sabina’s eyes, but she sighed and walked past Nade.

“Take it when they say yes. That’s why you can’t fall in love.”

“That… … !”

Sabina went into the dining room without looking back, and after calming down for a while, Nade returned to his seat.

“What did you and Sabina talk about?”

“He said he would help. But I declined.”

Iruki turned to Sabina.

“Why don’t you like it? Like a fly? You’re from the central region, so there are a lot of kids dressed up like that in the capital city.”

“Who said what? Sabina is fine. I have eyes to see.”

“Then what the hell is wrong?”

“Haha, Sabina… … .”

Nade let out a worried sigh and swallowed his words.

‘You saw my real face.’


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