Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 563

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[563] Scramble Royale (4)

* * *

Hersie, who embraced Cayden, left the dormitory without returning to her room.

This is because at some point, he caught the heartbeat of someone paying attention to him from a certain distance.

Hersi stopped walking only after entering a secluded park.

Listening to the heartbeat, it was more likely to be a woman than a man.

“Now come out. who is this?”

A girl appeared from behind the pillars of the avenue.


He was an unexpected person.

“Eden… … .”

A devout follower of the York religion and a specialist in defensive magic.

As far as Hercy knew, she was not a member of the Research Society, so she was an unsuitable person for Scramble Royale’s outpost.

“Why did you follow me at night… … No, did you call me?”

Even Eden knew that Hercy could not be followed.

“Let me participate in Scramble Royale.”

“The bigger the alliance, the better. But aren’t you a member of the Shadow Research Society?”

“I will make it. If I take Eastas.”

‘Is it the upper class after all?’

Hercy’s guess was half correct.

The reason Eden, a believer of the Jordan religion, came to the magic school was only because of Mikea Gaold.

At one time, he was the president of the Tormia Magic Association, and even today, he is a person who is always included in the list of the most powerful wizards in the kingdom.

However, he was a heretic who betrayed Yogurism and forsook God.

‘I can’t tolerate it.’

A member of the same church as Gaold, she recalled what Jorah had told her before the second half of her senior year schedule began.

“You shouldn’t hate Gaold. He is a poor kid.”

Hearing the protection against heresy from the respected Jorah, Eden trembled with displeasure.

“Why do you say that? He is the one who forsook Yor. Isn’t he a monster who worships violence and commits countless murders?”

“Yes, a monster. But it wasn’t him who turned him into a monster. He did his best.”

“no. That is evidence of a lack of faith. No matter what pain may come, the god Yor is protecting us.”

The reason why Eden is recognized enough to be called a priest of God even within the world-class religious cult of Yore is not just blindly following God.

Rather, she was a very rational personality, and had an open mind enough to understand the conflict between reality and doctrine and accept human desires and limitations.

The combination of faith and logic cannot be destroyed by anything, so there was no way to convince Eden.

“Yora has an illusion of Gaold’s strength. If he was just a humble sabotage maniac, would he still protect him? I know what pain he went through to get there. That he is beyond human limits. But in the end, it’s just heresy. It is unacceptable that in this temple ruled by the god Yor, there is a force that protects a murderer.”

“I too feel sorry for Gaold’s decision. But he is being punished. It will be so in the future.”

“Do you earn?”

Eden looked back at Jorah with a sneer.

“Jora, do you think I’m weaker than Gaold?”

Jorah didn’t answer.

“I’m not talking about the best battle mage. I’m not even interested in such a barbaric title. But I am stronger than Gaold. Heresy is heresy after all.”

Eden tightened his eyes and said.

“As long as God Yor is watching, I have no enemies.”

Eden’s eyes, free from flashbacks, were more intense than ever.

‘I will destroy your legend, which started with Istas.’

Hearing Eden’s beating heart, Hersy smiled and said,

“good. I’ll report it to the boss first. You can expect good news.”

Hercy put Eden’s shoulder and disappeared into the darkness.

* * *

The first holiday since school started.

Sirone, Iruki, and Nade held a reunion party at the Supernatural Psychic Research Society.

Snacks and drinks were all, but I didn’t realize time was passing by chatting after a long time.

“The problem is always the group evaluation. Especially strategic tactics. There are 3 people absent, so the last group should be 2 people.”

Since the total number of members was only 27, the last 6 groups had to annihilate the monsters in 2,000 rounds with only 2 people.

Of course, the level of difficulty is adjusted according to the number of participants, but it was true that the synergistic effect of the firepower of five people could not be expected.

In response to Nade’s complaint, Iruki stabbed himself.

“That’s why everyone wants to rank up. You hit it up quickly too. If you beat Binder and Fishaw, you can become a group of 5.”

“ha. That’s because the score discrepancy is too wide… … .”

At that time, the research society vibrated and Estas started operating.

“what? Are you a teacher? Today is a holiday.”

Contrary to Sirone’s looking around, Nade’s expression was serious.

“The thing to come has come. Let us prepare too.”

The machinery stopped working, and Sirone and the others moved to their positions to greet the guests.

A familiar voice came from outside the door.

“It’s a dark research society.”

“come in.”

Sirone blinked as he looked at the faces of those entering through the open door.

Most of them were strong people in the first rank of graduates.

Hersy, who came in with her hands behind her back, turned her body at a right angle and spoke as if proclaiming.


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“I suggest Scrumble Royale.”

Nade buried himself in the sofa and looked at the people standing in a row with his chin crookedly resting.

A total of six students, including Frings (ranked 3rd), Cadden (ranked 7th), Anchal (ranked 9th), Eden (ranked 10th), Hercy (ranked 13th), and Fishaw (ranked 25th).

It was a situation where the representatives of the shadowy research society gathered in one place.

‘It’s a war from now on.’

* * *

Scramble Royale.

The totality of the rules in which the winner takes everything in a confrontation with conditions.

It was an absolute rule that took precedence over school rules for the study group in the shadows, which could affect the graduation exam, regardless of personal cost.

With a table between them, three members of the Supernatural Psychic Research Society and six members of the Shadow Research Association sat facing each other.

It was Sirone who was not familiar with the rules of the shadows, but I could feel a completely different atmosphere from the graduating class evaluation.

Neither the teachers nor the school authority could interfere, it was their own business.

“I don’t think there is any need for an introduction. Because it is spherical.”

Hercy, who attended as the representative of the golden ring, continued.

“Of course you already know why we came.”

said Nade, crossing his legs arrogantly.

“Right. Then we simply need to set the schedule and rules.”

‘schedule? Rule?’

Everything was still unfamiliar, but Sirone was just listening.

With a thump, Hersey set down the iron box.

It’s the first time I’ve seen it, but the reason why it looks familiar is because the pattern of the henna I saw in heaven was engraved.

“Scramble Royal boasts a 30-year tradition. shall we start?”

Thirty years was before Miro was even active.

Nade explained as Sirone noticed.

“This is a tool called ‘Jersey’. Rules are set by mutual agreement and entered into the judge, and the winner is rewarded, and the loser is punished. You can also set rules for contract cancellation, so it’s the best tool for betting on something.”

Hersey added.

“Any rule is possible under mutual agreement. If you set the rule of ‘death if you fail to fulfill the contract’, you will actually die.”

‘Eating out.’

It was the first word that came to Sirone’s mind.

I also thought it was an ancient piece of equipment from heaven.

The reason why the expression weapon or weapon does not fit is because I saw the life in heaven with my own eyes.

It’s a dangerous device that could cost you your life if you mess with it, but considering the scale beyond common sense, I thought it might have been a play tool for angels or fairies.

“The game must be ‘black and white’, right?”

“It hasn’t changed in 30 years. There is a manual, so it’s easy to jump right into the confrontation.”

I was curious about what kind of game it was, but asking right away could make me look weak to my enemies.

“As you can see, the number of participants on the coalition side is six. You too, match the number of people. I won’t stop you if the three of you want to do it.”

The number of people was also decided by mutual agreement.


Nade, who had shouted that he was a minority elite, was cautious this time.

I didn’t want to attract non-members of the research society as much as possible, but the members of the alliance were too powerful.

‘I’m sure I’ll need an assistant.’

Hercy, Anchal, and Frings, as well as the insect magic fisho and the defense magic Eden contribute to perfecting the balance.

‘Besides, it’s Caden… … . huh? Cayden?’

Nade’s eyebrows went up.

“for a moment. How did this happen? Why did two people from the Golden Ring participate as representatives?”

It wouldn’t matter if the rules were set like that, but I had no intention of agreeing to the agreement.

“Do not misunderstand. Cayden did not come as the representative of the Ring of Gold.”

“What are you talking about? then… … .”

Nade realized something and stared blankly at Caden.

“I hope you… … ?”

“okay. I am the president of the Women’s Human Body Research Society.”

Sirone opened her mouth in a daze at the shocking declaration of Cayden, whom she considered the least honest among Fermi’s group.

“The president of the Women’s Human Body Research Society?”

Caden nodded as if he had nothing to hide.

“I also drew a lot of Amy’s nudes.”

Sirone was impressed by the immediate provocation.

‘Why are you suddenly talking like that… … ?’

Suddenly, Maya’s picture in the red book came to mind, and Iruki thought the same thing.

“As expected, people don’t know just by looking at their appearance. Is the reason why you participated even at the risk of your identity being revealed? Is it jealousy? Or should I set a rule for Sirone to give up Maya?”

“Don’t sell on such cheap sentiment.”

Caden pushed his upper body in and opened his eyes.

“What drives me is anger. Sirone, I will give you the greatest pain.”

The words felt like killing, but Sirone didn’t back down anymore.

“Come on as much as you like. As I said before, I will not be merciless to enemies who stand in my way.”

As the atmosphere matured, Anchal stepped out.

“Give me a week. Gather people in the meantime. The detailed rules will be decided at that time.”

Iruki objected.

“No, there is something I want to discuss in advance. In order to save helpers, we need to hold on to the whole strand as much as they also need compensation.”

From now on, since he was at the senior level, he was anticipating that there was no way he could just skip it.

“Okay, tell me.”

“First of all, what the Alliance wants is to give up the Supernatural Psychic Research Society once they win, right?”

“To be precise, I am giving up on Istas. It doesn’t matter what happens to the Supernatural Psychic Research Society.”

“Well, okay. accept it once Instead, I have something I would like to suggest.”

Iruki made eye contact with his friends and offered a reward.

“If we win, the entire combined team will be ranked lower than ours until the graduation exam.”

The expression on the coalition side hardened, and Sirone’s eyes shone.

‘I see. This is absolutely necessary.’

In order to match the level of the enemies, the helpers must be at least senior year, but all of them have nothing to do with the Research Society of the Shadows.

No one will intervene in Scramble Royale by interfering with the senior year schedule.

However, if you can rank higher than the majority of class one, you will have a clear motivation.

“Um, ranking… … .”

Nade smiled and said as Hercy entered the Django.

“Don’t pretend to be worried. I don’t think you guys who haven’t graduated because of Estas will be hesitant about rankings. You guys have easily won the most difficult agenda to discuss.”

Hercy also thought that negotiating the price for giving up Istas would be the most difficult.

‘That’s true. I even have a feeling that it was given up too easily. No, it must be said that finding an assistant is difficult. I don’t think I’m going to lose anyway.”

It was the same on the Union side anyway.

“Okay, I agree. Other delegates, please speak up.”

Anchal said right away.

“I don’t care either.”

Cayden had nothing to ask, and when the rest agreed, it was Nade who felt sorry for him.

‘Hmm, did I give in too much? Fisho is ranked low anyway. Well, even if only Frings and Cayden can be brought down, the desired result has been achieved.’

Hersy stood up, grabbing her jersey.

“Then save three more. Let’s go into detailed discussions in a week.”

“okay. I can’t go far.”

Nade sent them off without lifting a finger.


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