Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 559

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[559] Steel Door Again (4)

“Sirone… … ?”

A whimpering sound spread throughout the room.

Amy couldn’t say anything at the sight of Sirone pouring out sad tears.


Sirone said with a trembling chin.

“Peope is dead.”

It was a heartbreaking event for Amy as well.

I remember the cute little fairy who helped Sirone, Lian and Tess in heaven.

And the fact that she died also meant that Sirone had been to heaven.

“He died because of me. Lifespan to save me… … .”

The reason I couldn’t tell Miro, Iruki, or Nade was because I couldn’t stand it just by thinking about it.

But Amy knew Peope.

“I went to find Ikael, and he was in my hand… … .”

My hands started to tremble as I recalled the horribly withered figure of Feope.

Even now, the weight of her weakness was vividly felt.

“You say you love me… … But it’s too small… … I am… … .”

Amy slowly closed her eyes.

‘This is why I didn’t want to listen.’

Because he knows that Sirone can’t just leave behind a suicide note for no reason.

“I was so angry that the Valhalla action… … But then I remember… … .”

“Okay, Sirone. There is no need to bring up painful memories.”

Tears dripped from Sirone’s face as she lowered her head, and a sobbing voice leaked out.

“Peope… … .”

Amy felt a mixture of sadness and anger.

‘Idiot, it’s me who wants to cry.’

Amy, who was sitting on the bed, pulled Sirone by the shoulder, and his face was buried in his chest as if he was about to collapse.

Sirone burst into tears.

As his voice pounded Amy’s chest, the steel bolts that had been locked began to open little by little.

“Ha, really… … .”

Patting Sirone on the back, Amy looked up at the ceiling.

‘Only once. Next time, I won’t be shaken again.’

Like that, Amy buried Sirone’s sadness in her heart.

* * *

the next morning.

As soon as Sirone woke up, she headed for Estas.

My eyes were swollen from crying so much last night, but there was something more embarrassing than that.

“iced coffee! Why did I do that?”

The moment I heard Amy’s determined words, my heart pounded, and from then on, I was just sad.

‘But thanks to that, we reconciled.’

I didn’t feel bad.

Even now, when I think of Peope, my heart breaks, but it was fortunate that there was someone by my side to share my sorrow with.

Sometimes we cry, but that’s how we live again.

‘I’m nervous for no reason.’

Arriving in Estas, Sirone frowned as she recalled the portrait she felt yesterday.


A multi-purpose complex consisting of 89 warehouses.

It is a facility that every prestigious school has at least one, but the Alpheas Magic School’s Eastas was historically and functionally special.

‘The Guffin’s Gate is here.’

It was Sein who set the supernatural and psychic science research group as the starting point, but the door was not created by them.

‘It’s most likely an incident that occurred at the time.’

While I was lost in thought, I arrived at the warehouse where the Eastas entrance was installed.

‘I have to investigate before lunchtime.’

Until now, I had activated the Sibul Statue Explosion in the laboratory, but this time I wanted to go directly to the place where I heard the sound.

“Because I heard a sound from the ceiling… … .”

After calculating the coordinates through the Master Equation, Sirone turned to the stairs.

‘Hmm, it’s here.’

I was afraid to try it alone, but it was polite to my friends who helped me to do a little research.

‘Poetry of fire.’

As the incarnation of the light angel soared as if it were about to explode and was sucked into the body, hallucinations undoubtedly were heard.

“Captain! I can’t stand it!”

“It’s the same as dying anyway! Go after the child!”

Shirone ran to the place where the sound was heard and stopped, frowning at the scene unfolding in front of the corner.

“what’s this?”

Broken bodies were strewn along the stairs, most of them armed with weapons, and among them were wizards.

Sirone carefully inspected the corpses in such a terrible state that she could not bear to see them.

“This… … .”

The seal of the kingdom of Tormia was engraved on the weapon.


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‘Why are the kingdom soldiers here?’

“Besieged! Block the road!”

Raising her head at the sound she heard from upstairs, Sirone quickly climbed the stairs.

As if time and space had changed, the last line of the warehouse was cut off with a dead body.

After checking the current coordinates with the marker on the ceiling, Sirone stopped walking when she saw the back of a woman standing tall in the middle of the intersection.

“Mr. Miro?”

I don’t know what year the scene I’m looking at happened, but there was no difficulty in recognizing Miro, who hadn’t aged for nearly 20 years.

Miro, who was confronting the soldiers occupying the front, gently turned his head.

“Who are you?”

‘Can you hear my voice?’

It’s not like hallucinations.

It occurred to me that I might actually be at the scene of an incident.

“really… … Are you Mr. Miro?”

Miro turned to the soldiers again.

“Looks like you’re a student, go back. This is no place for you.”

After a while, she said something self-deprecating.

“Well, the time has already been captured.”

“yes? what is that… … .”

The moment Sirone was about to follow the maze rushing towards the soldiers, a group of soldiers rushed in from the corridor on the right.

“What is that guy?”

“Looks like a student! What should I do?”

“student? How do students get in here?”

The captain, who had been questioning himself, raised his murderous eyes.

“Kill! There is no way out anyway!”

“Kill it!”

The soldiers’ movements suddenly accelerated. Even at a glance, they were elite soldiers who were masters of the schema.

As I rushed forward using the skill of snow, Sirone’s body softened as if caught in a noose thrown from all directions.


The first thought that came to my mind was whether I would be cut by their swords.

I don’t think it’s impossible since I was able to talk to Miro, but it still didn’t feel like it was real.

‘How stupid!’

Isn’t it a situation that must be avoided unconditionally, leaving the impossible?

After overcoming the snow technique with Geumgangtae’s mental power and casting teleportation, countless spears cut through the place where Sirone was.

“Sheesh! Are you still a student at a magic school?”

“It’s a kid anyway! Get it done quickly!”

Blades flew from all sides towards the point where the flash of teleportation arrived.

‘this… … !’

The moment Tormia’s common weapon, the longsword, struck her throat, Sirone’s eyes sparkled.

‘Poems of fire!’

Suddenly, Sirone’s head turned to a tilted state, and the blade grazed her throat.

“What, what?”

If time is expressed as space, Sirone’s range of activities is wider than that of a person completely trapped in a mold.

But it was bizarre because it was time, and even the trained elite soldiers couldn’t help but panic.

“It’s just magic! Kill!”

At the captain’s cry, the soldiers’ lives surged like blades.


Driven to a dead end, Sirone leaned against the wall and drew a semicircle, glaring at the soldiers closing in on the encirclement.

The captain appeared after breaking through the siege and rushed at him, brandishing his sword at lightning speed.

“Where to avoid this too!”

The moment he witnessed the sword light clawing everywhere, the smell of death hit his brain through his sense of smell.

‘I can’t avoid it!’


When Sirone, who had bitten his molars, canceled the statue of Buddha, the blade suddenly disappeared.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

However, from the victim’s point of view, it felt as if he had been pierced by a knife, and his breath stopped on its own.

“… … .”

The hallway was just silent.

“ha! ha!”

Sirone’s body, exhaling heavily and eyes wide open, fell down the wall.

‘I almost died.’

To be honest, I’m not sure, but the feeling was so clear.

‘What did I see?’

In any case, what is certain is that incarnations should never be performed here.

Meanwhile, someone’s voice was coming and going 70 meters away from where Sirone was resting.

“what? Why are you like that? It glows by itself.”

“Could it be crazy?”

“It must be training. You even teleported and did that.”

Only their voices leaked out, but their faces were not visible.

In the meantime, Sirone, who had regained her mental and physical stability, returned to the research circuit.

‘First, wait for lunch and ask the kids… … .’

For an instant, Sirone’s eyes shone.

‘… … I need to see it.’

The presence of an intruder felt through synesthesia as if passing by.

I was able to figure it out thanks to my keen senses from just fighting a battle, but I wasn’t particularly good at it.

‘What kind of guys are they?’

Shirone, who pretended not to know, continued to walk, but when the opponent showed no signs of appearing, she turned to a place other than the study group.

‘They keep chasing me. It’s clear that the target is me. then… … .’

Sirone’s steps stopped in the middle of the corridor where the warehouses were connected in a straight line.

“come out.”

There was no answer.

“I know everything. If you don’t come out, I will attack you.”

Counting three seconds inside, Sirone suddenly expanded her spirit zone and identified the location of her enemies.

However, as if it was the same for the enemies, three invisibility cloaks peeled off the wall like wallpaper, revealing their identity.

“shit! Caught! Bounce!”

Sirone, who was equipped with a photon cannon that was as powerful as she was wary of, looked at the people walking away and put on a bewildered expression.

They all had familiar faces.

“Are you from the advanced class?”

In the meantime, the juniors were leaving the corridor at high speed, but Sirone regained his composure and dispelled the magic.

Instead, he shook his head, meticulously grasping the markings on the ceiling, the color of the iron gate, and the number of crossroads.

“Let’s see, here are the coordinates… … .”

* * *

“Aww, annoying! Who made a mistake!”

As the girl became irritated, two boys running side by side to her left and right pointed at each other.

“You must have been caught!”

“No, it is you. My hide-and-seek skills are second to none like you… … .”


As the girl screamed as if she had seen a ghost, the two boys hurriedly stopped.

“Uh, how?”

Sirone was blocking their path before they knew it.

“How did you catch up already?”

Sirone sighed and approached.

“How to catch up. According to your coordinates, I haven’t moved 10 meters.”

When there was no answer like a mute who had eaten honey, Sirone asked.

“Yes, Shumin, Alt, Gerain. What’s going on here?”

They were the juniors of Class Five, who had taken the advanced class together with Sirone a while ago.

In particular, Sumin was a child who showed off the trick of counting coins with the Spirit Zone when Sirone climbed over the fence of Alpheas Magic School when he was 12 years old.

At the time, she was younger than Sirone, but now she has become a girl and shrugs her shoulders like a snake.

“What’s going on? Of course, I came to find teaching aids on teacher errands.”

Sirone laughed at the innocent lie.

“okay? Then can I ask the teacher?”

Alt raised a trembling brow.

“Whoa, whoa, are seniors so free these days? Do you really want to go to the advanced class to check?”

“yes I’m fine. I’m a nominee for my senior year assessment. Plenty of time.”

Watching the juniors’ faces change into poop-chewed expressions, Sirone approached.

“Tell me honestly. Why did you come here?”

Shuamine and the others looked at each other and reached out their hands toward Sirone at the same time as if they were determined.


“Wind Cutter!”

It was an absurd feeling when the attack magic was cast, but Sirone’s body was already responding reflexively.


The orbs of light flashed and the blades of wind mercilessly crushed and blended into the atmosphere.

Of course, the wind cutter is a nice magic.

However, it was impossible to break through Sirone’s defense magic at the level of an advanced class.


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