Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 557

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[557] Steel Door Again (2)

sirone is back

It was a fact that brought joy to some and despair to others.

Most of the fierce competition in the first half had to feel the pressure of being pushed out of the system just by the sight of Sirone passing through the steel gate.


Nade came running with tears in his eyes and hugged Sirone.

“What happened! Do you know how surprised we are? really i… … !”

My throat was locked and no words came out.

It was none other than Sirone, who wrote a will and suddenly disappeared.

“Sorry. I’ll tell you all sooner or later.”

“What soon! Blow right now! What happened?”

Iruki stopped Nade by holding him by the shoulder.

“calm down. look behind you.”

Nade turned his head and realized that everyone was staring blankly at him, clearing his throat and stepping back.

“Okay, let’s talk later.”

Sirone patted Nade on the back and moved on to Collie.

On the way, I looked back at Amy and smiled a little, but she just turned her head coldly.

‘Well, it’s something that needs to be explained slowly.’

Even if he had been beaten, he would have felt betrayed, so he couldn’t blame Amy.

Sirone approached Collie and bowed her head.

“Im here. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Hmm… … .”

Collie doesn’t know why Sirone rejected the evaluation.

However, he guessed that it was not just personal circumstances due to the grim atmosphere in the school at the time and Etella and Shiina’s sudden business trip.

Also, to jump a little further, it would be related to the Day of Judgment of the Twenty, which occurred when he was a young teacher.

“Yes, I am glad you came back safely. Are you going to be evaluated again from the second half?”

The eyes of the competitors were focused on Sirone.

If Sirone joined in a place where competition was already fierce, it would be like another predator entering the world of the jungle.

“no. I will refuse to evaluate even in the second half.”

The atmosphere was boisterous.

If it was fortunate for the competitors, it was an unexpected decision for Sirone.

Nade asked as Amy stared at Sirone for the first time.

“Sirone, are you really going to take the graduation exam like this?”

-Once you return to the magic school… … .

Instead of an answer, Sirone remembered Miro’s advice.

“Go to Ms. Collie and tell her she will continue to refuse the assessment. Because of going to heaven, there has already been a gap of more than 100 points. Even if you try to catch up as much as possible during the remaining period, it is impossible to overturn. Because that is the structure.”

A few weeks of absence was a serious loss because, except for the strengthening of the main skill or the group evaluation, it was necessary to accumulate small points every day.

“But will it be okay? If you refuse the evaluation, you cannot even enter the evaluation room.”

“You have friends. Even though it’s a competitor, it will help. Cliques form in the graduation exam, so there is no reason to throw away your personal connections.”

It’s a word that denies friendship, but Shirone felt lighter when there was something to be exchanged.

“And the most important thing is you. It’s more efficient not to reveal your skills than to judge your competitors’ skills.”

Even Sirone couldn’t deny that.

“If the exam is conducted normally, you should be able to get into the top 10. But that alone is not enough to survive. Be sure to remember. It’s politics from now on.”

‘It’s politics from now on.’

Said Sirone, who got out of her thoughts.

“To try it alone. It’s hard to keep up with the score anyway.”

Collie respected Sirone’s opinion.

“i get it. Then Sirone goes into the dormitory, and the rest… … huh?”

When Collie looked up, the students followed suit and turned their heads.

A slender woman with brown skin was entering through the steel door.

While the students were staring at the beautiful woman with her half-moon shaped forehead exposed and her hair tied back, someone’s name came out of someone’s mouth.


From that point on, the students were buzzing, and Sirone also looked at Maya with a blank expression.

She came from a mysterious tribe and majored in sound magic, but was in last place in her graduating class.

Although she was pretty, she was completely different from before when she had lost weight.

“Is that the real Maya? Maya crybaby?”

As a screamer who didn’t know Maya when he wasn’t gaining weight, he couldn’t believe it even when he saw it with his own eyes.

Did you say that a woman’s beauty is her power?

They were close to each other, such as being bullied in the evaluation of strategy and tactics and confronting each other in the occupation of the hill, but as they approached with a changed appearance, they could not treat them carelessly like before.

“excuse me… … I’m sorry, but can I get out of the way? The road is blocked… … .”

Maya’s voice trembled as if her weak personality was still the same.

“uh? Oh sorry.”

When the screamer hurriedly opened the way, she walked over to Collie and stood next to Sirone, bowing her head.

“Sir, we have arrived.”

“okay. You’ve grown thin while I couldn’t see you.”

“Because I don’t need to raise my voice anymore.”

After being advised by Iruki to give up her vocal skills, she sought a change in technique, but it probably wasn’t just for that reason.

Collie remembered how Maya, who came to visit her at night in the pouring rain, cried out loud, saying that she could not forget Sirone.


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It was clear that he had no desire to eat due to the scars of a broken heart.

‘Is the mind organized?’

Collie, who had looked at the disciple he had personally scouted with pity, soon regained his composure and said,

“So, you’re still rejecting the evaluation, right?”

“yes… … .”

“I get it. Go in and rest.”

Maya, who was heading to the dormitory past Collie, hesitated for a moment, then looked back with courage.

After spotting Sirone in the eyes of countless men, she smiled a little and greeted her after a long time.

Nade approached and stabbed Sirone in the side.

“Hey, hey! Are you incredibly pretty? But don’t you still have a heart for you? It sucks, I envy you.”

“What are you envious of?”

Sirone asked with a straight face, but Amy had already left the place where they could not be seen.

“Time is running out. Let’s go to the classroom now.”

Except for Eider, who was in the hospital, everyone in the senior class had arrived.

“Sirone, don’t go anywhere and stick to the study group. I will beat you to tears.”

“haha! okay. I’ll be waiting for you.”

After watching the graduating class run away, Sirone left the steel door and headed for the magic warehouse, Estas.

As expected, there were no nags, so it was more dusty than before.

Familiar sights, familiar smells.

But now he knew what kind of place Estas was.

“I can finally feel that I have returned from heaven.”

Although I didn’t get a definite answer from Ikael, there were some results.

Sirone recalled the time she and Miro had spent the day before descending.

‘The meat was really good.’

When I left the room following the first delicious smell coming from the cabin, Miro was grilling the meat I bought from the village.

Maybe it was to create a hot atmosphere, but on the other hand, even strong alcohol was prepared.

“What is all this?”

“We should have a party to celebrate Hassan. Of course, it won’t taste as good as the porridge I made.”

“Oh, of course it is.”

Sirone answered right away, fearing that he might change his mind, and sat down at the table. Miro left the grilled meat and opened a bottle.

“Come on, drink. Are you old enough to drink now?”

“Yes, but… … .”

When Sirone hesitated with his glass, Miro made an aggressive toast.

“ruler! drink, drink! We’ll go all the way today!”

1 hour after that.

After emptying the bottle, the two of them sat on the hill and looked down at the mountain scene.

After the hell schedule, it felt like my whole body was melting at the peace I felt after a long time.

“Sirone, do you regret going to heaven?”

Because I knew there was something I wanted to say, the answer was natural even to a random question.

“No, it can’t be. She came back alive.”

Miro smiled sadly.

“Is there anything you wanted to ask Ikael?”

As the silence lengthened, Miro asked again.

“Do you think she is your mother?”

“yes. I didn’t get an answer.”

“Then do you have any guesses about your father?”

Miro’s question was a little more difficult because Sirone did not know who Ikael was in love with, but he felt the presence of someone inside.

“Why are you asking that?”

“Aren’t you resentful? Your real parents abandoned you.”

Before hearing the answer, I thought it would be better to answer first.

“My parents live in Creas. There are no other parents.”

Sirone looked up at the night sky.

“I just thought I should know. Who it was and why.”

Miro, who had heard that far, was immersed in thought for a long time before slowly opening his mouth.

“Sirone, maybe I… … .”

Sirone turned her head at the heavy voice, but Miro suddenly changed her expression and playfully leaned on her shoulder.


“Why, why are you like this?”

Sirone shuddered, but Miro reluctantly wrapped her arms around her.

“Stay still. why? I’m embarrassed?”

“Don’t talk back. Didn’t you have something you wanted to say?”

Miro shook her head slowly as she leaned back.

“Nothing. I just thought I should say But if you really think of your current parents as your real parents, I don’t think these words will come out of my mouth.”

Sirone, who had been staring at the maze, turned her gaze to the front again as if reaching a certain conclusion.

“yes. I have only two parents.”

There are certain things that cannot be told through others.

“Ha ha, that’s good anyway. Leaning on the shoulder of such a young man. Do you think this is how you fall in love?”

“The president of the association thinks of Miro a lot.”

Miro just laughed like a girl.

“I will be busy in the future. you and me too I have to live hard even if it’s a waste of my youth that I wasted for 20 years.”

“thanked. It gave me new hope.”

“What is gratitude? This is all preparation for old age. One day, the day will come when I can benefit from my disciple.”

Miro looked up at the full moon floating over the mountain.

“… … Let’s keep in touch.”

Sirone shrugged and laughed.


A small smile formed on Sirone’s lips, who had escaped from the flashback.

‘Thanks to that, I got to know a lot of good people.’

But that too was past.

Estas, which drew the attention of the world, is just an ordinary research society.

‘There are no more secrets. It’s training again from today.’

As if wary of the relief that she had escaped from the yoke of competition, Sirone corrected her posture and entered the sequence ceremony.

The difficulty of entering from billion to trillion and entering from trillion to sutra is the difference between heaven and earth.

Therefore, it was impossible to predict how long it would take to reach the next stage, the level of the sun.

‘I believe in the power of the day. It’s building up day by day.’

As the sequence entered light angel mode as it raced, the incarnation of light permeated Sirone’s body.

I didn’t feel any special change, but it was an established fact as much as recognizing 3 seconds in 1 second.

‘In this way, the wall of time… … .’

At that moment, Sirone’s face suddenly hardened.

‘what? What is this?’

An incomprehensible voice lingered in my ears like hallucinations.

“who is this!”

I turned around and shouted as if something had passed behind my back, but I heard a tearing scream outside the door.


“Follow me! Never miss it!”

I could tell that something had happened in the hallway just by hearing the sounds that reminded me of a battlefield.

“What is going on?”

Sirone slammed the door with a hasty expression and left the study group.

“… … .”

But the sight of the hallway he was looking at was as quiet as before.

‘Is there anyone? Then what did I hear?’

Realizing that the light angel mode was unlocked, Sirone entered the body again.

‘Poetry of fire.’

As the incarnation permeated, I heard the sound of people running from the ceiling again.

“Don’t be offended! My opponent is the strongest banya!”

“Report! 1 trillion annihilation! One trillion annihilation!”

A thought flashed through Sirone’s head, who was listening to hallucinations with a bewildered expression.

“perhaps… … .”

There may be something more left here.


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