Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 555

[555] Power of the day (4)

* * *

Sirone’s sequence has finally approached the sutra.

The more he did, the more viciously the vortex of light spread and the surrounding landscape became grotesquely distorted.

The texture of the whirlpool was just the movement of numerous particles as if it were stamped with dots, but those who watched could sense the flow through the imagination of their brains.

‘So what the heck is that?’

As it got closer to the singularity, the maze became less talkative.

The airflow of light that filled the training center was burning as if it were on fire.

‘little bit more! little bit more!’

As the accumulated experience points for each day began to show signs of exploding, Sirone whipped her spirits.

‘I believe in the power of the day!’

The acceleration that I was able to get because I did my best every moment.

What he would get at the end of running after burning the experience points of failure would be a huge joy enough to blow away all the pain he had so far.

‘come! come!’

Far away, Sirone’s realm was waiting for Sirone.


The screamer’s repeated hits hit the punching bag so quickly that you couldn’t even see them.

Accurate, fast, and strong enough to be hit helplessly once the distance was caught, it was an experience reached after countless repetitions.

‘This is the end!’

As he struck with all his might, the wire that hung the punching bag snapped with a bang.

Pyroker’s eyes widened as the punching bag, which had flown 3 meters, fell with a thump, unable to control its heavy body.

“you… … !”

I know it’s childish to show my feelings, but even so, I couldn’t stop the explosion of suppressed emotions.


The muscles of the screamer’s upper body, who clenched his fists and spread his arms, cracked to the point of disgusting.

It was an intense pleasure that cannot be felt from any victory.

‘It’s done!’

The moment Iruki’s eyes flashed with electricity, the long-awaited earthquake began to occur.


When the bunker that had been staying underground for a long time exploded, the hall was in chaos.

As the ground shook, all the utensils spilled onto the floor, and the ladies-in-waiting screamed and ran around holding their heads.

“… … .”

The head albino, who had been standing against the wall and calmly watching it, turned his gaze to the stairs to the second floor.

Iruki was coming down.

“Congratulations. You have finally destroyed the family legacy.”

Iruki shrugged his shoulders, but he couldn’t hide the joy in his eyes.

“I will apologize to my ancestors when I go to the next world.”

Iruki spoke briefly and left the mansion to get ready to go back to school.

“Apologies… … .”

The albino muttered as he looked at his son’s back.

“It would rather be the other way around.”

“you can do it! perfectly!”

A fire strike spread around Amy.

The flames spewed out as if flowers were blooming and shot down 58 targets.

100 percent accuracy.

Amy’s body trembled as she accurately extracted 58 sound waves from the overlapping explosions.

However, the moment of emotion was short-lived, and soon he stared into space with fierce eyes.

‘I will definitely graduate.’

Recalling the humiliation she received last year, her red eyes burned.

The water in the pool prepared in the outbuilding of the royal castle was caught up in two rapids and created a bizarre whirlpool.

As the submerged pony raised the hydraulic power to the limit, the water column soared with a pop, and all the water in the pool was pumped out.


The maids who were waiting with clothes to change into shrieked and stepped back.

The water hit the walls on all sides and flowed back down the floor, raising the water level in the pool little by little.

‘It’s a success.’

Although it was a pony who calmly closed her eyes, she was holding back with all her might so as not to undermine the authority of the royal family.

“My lady, congratulations! It’s so cool!”

It must have been a compliment on the lips of maids who didn’t know much about magic, but since it wasn’t an authority given by someone else, a smile appeared on her ice-cold face.

‘The future is only mine.’

Dorothy, wrapped in a blanket, jumped upright and trembled.

After convulsing for a while, she immediately collapsed, burying her face in the pillow as if her strength was exhausted.

“Haaaaa… … .”

When she turned her head, her glasses were completely crooked, and her face as she looked back at the floor was thick with satisfaction.

Gying! Gying!

Hickory, her alter ego, was dancing, turning her neck and limbs at each joint.

D-4 days.

In the training center where the candles were burning, Sirone was concentrating on the training ceremony, even exceeding her sleeping time.

Miro also waited patiently, like a midwife delivering a child after a difficult delivery.

Both of them were determined to see the end within today.

‘9,200 trillion! 9,400 trillion!’

The realization of the body and body had already been obtained a few days ago, and the only thing left was to strengthen the law of incarnation.

And finally even that came to an end.


Shock settled in Sirone’s eyes.


Transcendence of the mind – All in the body.

The haze rising from Sirone’s body ascended to heaven and transformed into a gigantic angel.

Gwangcheonsa Temple – Sibul statue explosion.

Miro opened his eyes wide and inspected the incarnation.

He looked somewhat like Ikael, but he was male and his features were clear.

The incarnation’s body, which looked down at the maze for a moment, quickly disintegrated and began to be sucked into Sirone’s body.

‘What is this again?’

The incarnation of banya is a phenomenon revealed through mental transcendence.

The stronger the incarnation’s power, the bigger or clearer the aura was.

“Heo-eok! Huh!”

Sirone, who was breathing heavily with an expression of disbelief at the result he had achieved himself, raised his head.

“I did it! I did it!”

‘It’s not gone. It is unification.’

The ferocious whirlpool of light had only subsided, but the aura of quiet light still lingered in Sirone’s body.

As Sirone tried to approach Miro, afterimages of light overlapped around Sirone’s body as if they had followed the lines of the body.

“for a moment.”

Miro raised her hand to stop the movement.

“Why are you like that?”

“Has anything changed? It must have looked different.”

“no. I wouldn’t feel that way.”

Sirone said so, but Miro clearly confirmed that the afterimage of light vibrated whenever she turned her head.

‘You can’t feel it? If so… … .’

After completing the primary analysis, Miro pointed to the end of the training center and gave instructions.

“Walk over there.”

As Sirone moved, the recoil of the overlapping increased, and the afterimage escaped to the point where it left the body.

‘Time is vibrating. Judging from the interval between the substance and the afterimage, it is about one second before and after.’

A frustrated Sirone asked as soon as he reached the wall.

“Why are you like that? Is something wrong?”

“Yes. As you know, when you reach the realm of one body, the law of incarnation affects the law of the world. And your law… … .”

Miro found the clearest definition.

“Breaks the wall of time.”

“yes? A wall of time?”

“Let’s check first. Walk back to me.”

As Sirone turned towards the maze, afterimages made of light vibrated in all directions.

Each afterimage was Sirone’s past and future potential to be reached.


When Sirone stopped walking, a moan of admiration escaped Miro’s mouth.

As if she had returned to the past a second ago, she was still one step behind her eyes.

“Did you just feel it? You moved about half a step back from what I was looking at.”

“No, I didn’t feel it. I just stopped.”

“That’s right. No teleportation, no time reversal. You have a much more fluid perception of time than other people.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

Miro raised both hands as if to catch a ball.

“Listen carefully from now on. All matter is trapped in the mold of time. Humans also have no choice but to feel one second per second.”

Sirone also understood up to this point.

“But your incarnation broke it. It means that the space of the mold expanded as if an explosion occurred inside.”

“Uh, so that… … What is it exactly?”

“Simply put, you don’t live one second at a time. One second in the past and one second in the future are all included in the present. In other words, it is like perceiving 3 seconds of time in 1 second.”

Miro approached Sirone.

“Let’s prove it. From now on, I’m going to hit you in the chest with my fist. But you can’t stop it in advance. I’ll block you after getting hit.”

Miro waited so that Sirone couldn’t measure the timing, and then threw a punch at an unexpected moment.

Taking a step back, Sirone’s face turned pale as he grabbed her by the wrist.

“… … What happened?”

“You blocked it after being hit, right?”

“Yes, I was right… … . I do not know. I guess I just imagined it was right. I have a memory, but it feels like it’s not real.”

“That’s right. In conclusion, I couldn’t hit you. It’s because I got rid of the incident that hit you in the past.”

Sirone relaxed her wrist and asked.

“How is that possible?”

Miro said while drawing a graph in the air.

“Let’s say the coordinates of the time I hit your chest were 23 seconds. Ordinary people cannot escape the 23-second incident. But you’re living 22 and 23 at the same time. I also live 23 and 24 at the same time.”

Miro said softly not to dodge this time and put a fist on Sirone’s chest.

“Okay, I hit it in 23 seconds. And your incarnation recognizes the 22nd, 23rd and 24th seconds simultaneously. In other words, the result that has already been decided for others is not yet for you.”

“Because 22 seconds is also the present for me.”

“okay. Since everything between the 22nd and 24th seconds is now, the result of the 23rd is also fluid.”

Miro took a step back and said.

“Then let’s do the opposite this time. You hit me.”

Sirone took a deep breath and cleared his mind.

When the will to act disappeared, the vibration of the light disappeared, and the incarnation of an angel appeared above the head again.

‘It was like this. A light angel that destroys time.’

That is the Sibulsang Bombing.


As soon as Sirone’s eyes opened, the angel’s form collapsed and was absorbed into his body again.

And soon, dozens of afterimages popped out and took a stance to strike Miro.

‘The probability of an event that will happen in the future.’

The reason I had no choice but to think that way was because the brightness of the light was different.

‘The clearest one must have a high probability.’

Thinking so, Miro lowered her upper body to avoid it, but before she knew it, Sirone’s fist was touching her cheek.

As expected, Miro raised his gaze while feeling the feel of his trembling fists.


“… … yes.”

From Sirone’s point of view, it was too easy.

Miro lowered his upper body, and he just had to stick his fist out towards the place where Miro’s face was.

“An event that will happen one second later for an ordinary person is the same as a current event for you.”

Miro straightened her upper body and straightened her clothes.

“Your incarnation art basically deals with time period. Because you perceive 3 seconds in 1 second, your actions are bound to look like probabilities to ordinary people.”

“That’s the afterimage of the light Mr. Miro saw.”

“that’s right. The afterimage of the light flowing along the border of the body reveals an event that will happen within 3 seconds with a probability. But it’s natural for you to feel three seconds, so it’s invisible.”

Sirone just listened with a blank expression.

Of course, his personality was expressed, but it was a singularity that transcended common sense.

“This is the final test.”

Miro slowly opened the distance.

“From now on, I will attack you with my incarnation. Of course, I will control it, but it can still cause a psychological shock. If you can avoid it, you can say you have learned the basics of incarnation.”

The incarnation of the Thousand-Handed Guanyin I saw before I started training.

When all the candles in the training center were extinguished, it was so fast that the eyes could not even catch it.

“Yes, I will try.”

Recalling the scene at the time, Sirone strained her eyes.

The haze of light entangled in the state of unity with the water and the child, and the shape of an angel with wings of light spread again began to be formed.

Light Angel and Thousand Arms Guanyin.

The two incarnations manifested by the two banyas glared at each other from the height of the ceiling.


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