Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 552

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[552] Power of the Day (1)

The words came out of Sirone’s mouth as he thought about 10 to the power of 64.

“Is it a number that humans can count?”

“It’s not a number. Kyeongjiji.”

Miro pointed to his head.

“Sequences are just one of the ways to expand the mind. If you can feel the speed of numbers accurately, there is no need to read it in your mind.”

Sirone’s sequence was also understandable because it was a speed that far exceeded the limits of ordinary people.

However, to interpret Miro’s words in the opposite way, unless you felt it correctly, you had no choice but to read it.

‘Feel the number of kyung units.’

Come to think of it, it wasn’t impossible at all.

If you calmly run at a speed that does not shock your mind, you will eventually reach it.

The speed wasn’t too late even thinking about it from then on.

“There are 73 days until school starts. The goal is to bring the incarnation into it and raise it to the level of unity. I’ll have to think about what I can do with it, but it’s sure to be useful for magic as well.”

Even Sirone could be sure of that.

It’s a difficult task, but if you succeed, the strengthening of your mental strength will be enormous.

“Yes, I will try. What should I do first?”

Above all, the labyrinth of the world provides guidance.

Little by little, I gained confidence when I realized that there was no way I could make him do the impossible.

“What you have to do from now on to reach the realm of one body… … .”

As Sirone gulped, Miro opened his mouth.

“You’re working like crazy.”

The answer came after quite some time.


“yes? Did you just answer that?”

“No, not like that, I don’t know how… … So, there are only 73 days left… … .”

Miro laughed.

“okay. I won’t tell you to think you have 73 days left. But Shirone, that’s not something that humans can do. You don’t have to think about things you can’t change. If you are given 73 days, you have to solve it within that time.”

It was a breathless word.

“I understand how you feel. But that’s a barrier in reality given to everyone. If you pass, you win; if you fail, you lose. I want to find a way to do it somehow, there is no such thing in the world. Have you been like this all this time?”

Sirone nodded heavily.

“you can do it. Believe in the power of the day, Sirone. If you did 1 today, after 73 days you have accumulated 73 times that amount.”

It is also an obvious reality.

“People in the world like to pay attention to talent, but in reality, I have only reached it by building up day after day.”

It was a comforting word.

“The body is governed by the brain, and the brain is governed by the mind. The mind moves only looking at the result.”

Miro pointed to Sirone’s chest.

“When you reach unity, your incarnation will also exhibit its singularity and will become much stronger than it is now. Just think about it.”

‘Success. I will definitely do it!’

After confirming that Sirone’s eyes were different from before, Miro stood up.

“Okay, I think you understand, let’s move on. Follow me.”

The place where Sirone arrived was by the stream not far from the cabin.

Miro tapped the flat rock under the shade and said.

“Come over here and sit down.”

Although she did as she was told, it was nothing but bewildered for Sirone, who was expecting some grandiose training.

“What are you doing here?”

“Do nothing.”


“You can’t just have a water sequence all day. When you want to cool your head, sit here and look at the scenery across the street. No ceremony, no entry into the Spirit Zone.”

Sirone looked across the stream.

It was a common mountain scene with a single bent tree planted in front of it, but no special features.

I felt good, but I was afraid that even the resolution that had been on fire would disappear.

“Can’t we just practice sequence expressions?”

“no. And you can’t rest anywhere else. Rest is at least 4 hours.”

The sound of the mountain wind brushed my ears.

Can looking at nature for 4 hours without doing anything be considered a break?

‘I don’t think I’ll have time for this.’

Miro, who noticed the expression of disbelief, raised the corner of her mouth.

“Do you think it is pointless?”

“Ah yes. in fact… … .”

Miro leaned on Sirone’s shoulder and looked back across the stream.

“Sirone, nothing insignificant. I just don’t want to look into it.”

I just don’t want to look into it.

“Even the fallen leaves rolling in the wind and the heaps of garbage removed from the streets all contain stories as long as they existed. So are humans. Just as the years you have lived are huge to you, everyone in the world is living making huge stories in the same time. But most people don’t know that. It’s because they don’t want to look into it.”

“… … okay.”

Miro’s words made a little sense.

“From now on, you have to look into every part of the world. Only thinking flexible like water can transcend limits. Look at nature here every day. Cool your head by listening to their stories. It probably won’t be boring.”

‘Let’s do it. Let’s believe in the power of the day.’

Sirone clenched her fists as she imagined her own incarnation after 73 days.


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* * *

In the training ground of Karmis’ head family, there was a loud noise all day without a break.

The large training ground of 1,000 pyeong was a place that was open only to wait for the troops attending the clan meeting, but currently, only Amy remained here, training close to death.

‘I can’t do this!’

The two-kilometer-long Spirit Zone in sniper mode rotated and changed direction like a compass.

Unlike the cross shape where the wizard is at the center, the sniper mode had the wizard standing at the end of the straight line, so the intensity of the rotation was enough to paralyze the mind.

Targets flying outside the visual range heard the sound of explosions, but it was only a 60% chance.

‘What kind of sniper is this!’

In order to hit a target moving at high speed, the spatial coordinates must be added to the temporal coordinates.

Even with a target with a fixed pattern like now, if the probability is 60%, it is almost impossible to snip a creature with free will from 2 kilometers away.

‘Maximize my organs!’

Amy didn’t give up.

The key is to shorten the rotation speed of sniper mode and the time it takes for Fire Strike to reach the target.

‘One way, one way!’

As he stabbed his concentration once more into the center of his concentration, which had become as thin as a needle, his mental strength was strengthened by the square power.


The two-kilometer straight line swung around in one big turn.

The number of targets caught in the process was 32.

After predicting all the patterns of the target and casting fire strikes in all directions, 16 explosions rushed in after a while.

In the face of a 50% accuracy rate that was lower than before, Amy dropped the Spirit Zone and knelt down.

“ha! ha!”

I’d like to think it’s because I’ve reached the limit of my mental powers, but a fire boils inside me.

There is no such thing as an all-around beauty.

If I couldn’t do it in sniper mode, even after graduating, I would be left with just such a wizard.

“One failure is the foundation of success. Two failures are a disgrace to the family.”

Recalling the family motto, Amy stood up and her eyes burned red.

The failure of a moment ago was accurately backed up in Hongan’s self-image memory.

It was the reason why the Karmis family had no teacher.

* * *

D-69 days.

In the place where you go 300 meters underground from the mansion of the capital, Mercodyne, there is a bunker to prepare for ancient weapons classified as map weapons and city-destroying magic equivalent to them.

It was none other than Iruki, the son of the family head, who was boldly attempting detonation magic in this place where items were stored to survive for more than 100 people for 3 years.


Iruki, who was sitting in his room with his eyes closed, lifted his eyelids and electricity flew from his pupils.

At the same time, the air lingered as if something was about to happen in the center of the underground bunker.


He screamed and jumped up, but the expected earthquake did not happen, and Iruki sat down on the bed helplessly.

“It’s not easy when you try it.”

The magic he’s currently trying was a fusion detonation magic that was possible because he had two spirit zones, a special move that hadn’t even been named yet.

“Are you still here today?”

The head albino opened the door and came in, but Iruki didn’t even look at him, he was just engrossed in his thoughts.

“So, is the plan to blow up the ancestral breath’s young Mercodyne mansion going well?”

“There are no results yet. That’s why I’m trying to get annoyed.”

“… … .”

The albino stared at his son for a while and smiled.

“Don’t overdrive too much. The endurance of your brain can’t handle the speed of your brain’s circuitry. Life will be shortened.”

“does not matter. If only we can make this work.”

“That’s what I mean. Just looking at it, it seems like your lifespan will run out first before you succeed. I think that’s kind of stupid.”

Iruki jumped up.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you busy?”

The albino grinned.

“No matter how busy I am, I still have time to meet my son.”

“I don’t have time to meet my dad. Get out. We have to redefine the theory.”

Iruki waved his hand and walked to the blackboard, which had already been erased and rewritten hundreds of times.

The albino, who was watching him frantically scribble mathematical formulas with chalk, said.

“The human brain is such a well-made organ.”

The chalk stopped moving.

“yes? I beg your pardon?”

“As for how well-made it is, the circuitry is so good that you can’t tell the difference between what you’ve experienced and what you’ve imagined. It means that whether you eat or imagine eating, the electrical patterns in your brain come out the same.”

Only then did Iruki turn around.

“Isn’t that an interesting phenomenon? But this is science. So there is a saying like this. To be successful, imagine the moment you succeed. Then your brain will know how to adjust to it.”

Iruki’s eyes blinked quickly.

“what… … That’s just what it says.”

When the albino raised his hand and left the room, Iruki turned to the blackboard.

And I started erasing formulas like crazy.

‘It’s not too late. It’s starting again from today.’

* * *

D-65 days.

The numbers raced like mad in Sirone’s head.

‘no! too big!’

The key is not to read thoughts, but to speed up the thoughts themselves, but when I reached 100 billion, I felt like my brain went into convulsions.

“Take it slow. There is still plenty of time.”

Miro’s words did not touch my heart.

It’s been a few days already, but it was only 100 billion won.

It didn’t make sense to go beyond the group and enter the respect unit in this way.


At around 120 billion, Sirone’s mind jumped.

‘You’ve been counting for eight hours already… … .’

Miro comforted him.

“Still, I went farther than yesterday. let’s try again.”

“I can’t do it today. My head feels like it’s going to explode… … .”


At times like this, Miro’s voice became undoubtedly cold.

“not there yet. There are 24 hours in a day, and only 15 hours have passed yet. 11 hours minus a 4-hour break.”

Although Sirone has been through all the battles before and after childbirth, breaking her limits in real time was an unbearable pain.

“but… … I also have something called fatigue.”

“That is none of my business.”

Sirone’s eyes tightened, but Miro was still cold.

“Don’t get me wrong, Sirone. It’s a training you do to become strong. No one is forcing you to be strong. If you want to give up, why don’t you just pack your things and go home?”

“I have no intention of going back.”

“Then do it. that’s the reality Is it unreasonable? Do you think that it is necessary to live so hard? Shall I tell you why?”

Miro opened her mouth in a determined voice.

“Because someone is doing it.”

The poison disappeared from Sirone’s eyes.

“Someone is enduring what you did not want to endure. that’s the competition So did I, and so did Gaold. Sein, Zulu, Flu, all of them endured the pain and climbed up.”

Sirone bit off his teeth.

“Don’t think that those above you got something by accident. Everyone was as painful as you. So don’t be foolish about the limit or what. If you don’t want to do it, just quit.”

With her eyes revived, Sirone let out all the resentment in her stomach.


It was hard enough to die for, but I didn’t want to give up, so I had no choice but to do it.

‘Let’s hold on! Let’s hold on a little longer!’

Another day was piled up like that.


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