Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 546

[546] Daejikdo (2)

* * *

Mucus completely engulfed the city.

It was enough to make me dizzy just by looking at the sight of the slime flowing everywhere.

“I’m stuck! spin!”

In front of a block filled with slime, Maze and the others turned the corner and left.

Tentacles protruding from Mucus followed as if tickling their backs, then were sucked into the main body.

“damn! Are you planning on interfering with me until the end!”

“Be patient. I’ll be leaving soon.”

By the time we left the city, it was already dawning.

Mucus was flowing endlessly towards somewhere in the desert, at which point Miro confirmed the operation.

“Shura will probably try to stop me. However, according to the report, there is one more senior member of the Ten Commandments. If that happens, I won’t be able to help you.”

It wasn’t a losing trade if he could fend off two officers of the Tenro Society.

“So let’s disperse. Fermi and Marsha detour and flank them. That will divert attention.”

said Ryan.

“I’m aiming for that gap and infiltrating the pyramid.”

“okay. Destroy the law with axing there. Then we should be able to reach Sirone somehow.”

Lian’s axing denies the law.

“Can I?”

“Yaksha’s axing works directly on the body. That’s why Vanya is difficult to deal with. It depends on how strong your will is.”

‘It’s a will.’

Ryan chewed on the words several times.

Mucus lay thickly over the horizon.

The speed of giving up energy circulation and reaching only towards Sirone was faster than they expected.

“The furthest distance to Mucus is north.”

“I will go.”

Lian broke away from the battle line and sped through the desert.

Every time he stomped his foot after activating axing, the sand stood up like a bomb exploding.

“Well then, shall we begin?”

Following Miro’s instructions, Marsha and Fermi spread the distance left and right.

The strategy of simultaneously pincer attacking the four sides of the pyramid was not an operation that could be done with only four people, but it would be of great help to Lian if he could endure it.

“They are scattered as expected.”

Standing at the top of the pyramid, Shura opened her eyes and said.

Beside her, Park Nyeo and King Kong, the leader of the underground, were guarding her.

King Kong, 3 meters tall and fluffy, looked down at the 300 or so men circling the pyramid.

“We can go out anytime. Just leave it to me.”

Park Nyeo asked.

“Which maze is it?”

“South. They’re running straight here from the city.”

Shura gave instructions to the Guardians.

“Guard East and West. I am in charge of the labyrinth.”

King Kong asked.

“What will our unit do if they come?”

Shura watched Lian detour north along the horizon.

“Take the test. It seems like bait, but 300 people will be enough.”


As soon as the instructions were given, King Kong pounded his chest and jumped down the pyramid.

“War! Get ready!”


Hearing the screams of the monkeys spreading across the desert, Park Nyeo turned to Shura.

“I am?”

“Protect Sirone. Because it looks like I’m going to have a fight with Miro.”

Bebeto, priest of the northwest colony, climbed to the top of the pyramid using coder abilities.

“Shura-sama, you are here.”

Seeing the maze running across the desert, Shura’s eyes shimmered with evil energy.

“Fufufu, it’s been a while.”


With her gaze aimed at the top of the pyramid in the distance, Miro took a deep breath and prepared for a blow instead of a bow.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

The incarnation of Kannon rose from Miro’s body like flames.

At the peak of the scale, the size of the incarnation dominated the sky, and everyone raised their heads with shocked eyes.

“I-what is that?”

Banya Baramil.

Miro opened her eyes and put her hands together.


In the extremely fragmented space-time, the arms of Kannon attacked the pyramid from left and right, holding individual power.


At the same time, an incarnation of a giant snake appeared from Shura’s body and wrapped around the pyramid.

Disciple Vanya – Gestalt of Disintegration.


A shocking sound as if the heavens and earth were shaking shook the pyramid.

Codes flashed on the surface of the hemisphere whenever the pair of Guan Yin struck the defense shield countless times.

“It’s not easy either… … .”

It was certain that the god of false doctrines that cheated the law was the nemesis of Miro, who had reached the pinnacle of truth.

“Kikiki! Your tomboy temperament is still the same, Miro.”

As Shura looked down at the maze, the corners of her mouth ripped like a snake down her cheeks to the corners of her eyes.


Guardians rained down on the heads of Fermi and Marsha, who took a detour to the east and west of the pyramid.

Mutant’s ability is very different. It was also a situation where I had to deal with more than 6 people by myself.

‘To pay off the debt.’

Marsha pulled out the dagger of her harem.

‘For 190 billion gold.’

Fermi swallowed the chip by the transaction of depreciation.

Moments later, a majestic explosion of magic resounded from the east and west sides of the pyramid.

“damn! The food over there is having fun! vaccinia! When do we fight?”

When Taejang asked, King Kong, who was crossing his arms, spoke in a solemn voice.

“wait. Our King has promised eternal food. After this job, you won’t be hungry anymore.”

“Something to eat!”

An underground man with a telescope shouted from the second shelf that surrounded the north side of the pyramid.

One swordsman was shivering in the desert haze.

“Sirone… … .”

Lian moved slowly, watching Sirone climb the stairs of the pyramid.

Mucus completely took over the surrounding area and was approaching Lian at a high speed for a phlegmatic, but there was no need to be impatient.

You only get one chance, and even if you lose your life, it’s a mission you must complete.

‘You fought really fiercely while I was gone. more than I… … .’

When he realized what kind of life Sirone had lived through Miro’s mouth, the first thing that came to Lian’s mind was sorry.

‘I am… … I didn’t have the strength to protect you.’

Only those who have actively plotted death can understand the determination of others.

‘Even when you fight, when you don’t fight, death will always be by your side. Even in that fear, he must have gritting his teeth and taking one step at a time.’

Up to 300 underground people formed layer upon layer of defense, and Mucus also followed Lian’s shadow.

‘Now I’ll protect you.’

At that point, Lian’s steps stopped.

Placing his greatsword in the desert, he knelt down in front of the sword and offered a knight’s prayer.

‘Please establish a kingdom of faith in my heart.’

Mucus, who had engulfed the shadows, drew an arc and attacked Lian from behind.

‘Let the unbreakable will and stronger pride dwell in the sword.’

The slime broke apart and flowed around Lian.

‘Courage to choose the right thing.’


Slime rose like a tidal wave and hit Lian.

‘Please engrave an iron resolve that will not be shaken in front of that courage.’

The position of Lian, who activated Axing, was 5 meters away from Mucus.

‘Always make me stand on the side of the weak.’

“Kyayayaya! Kill! Kill!”

A detached corps of underground people rushed at Lian, drawing a curved trajectory in the desert.

“Do not give in to the logic of the strong!”

Lian split the underground man in his way in two. (1 kill)

“Guide the sword only in the spirit of chivalry!”

Then he twisted his back and cut off the waist of the underground man who followed him. (2 kills)

“Crush it!”

Sand fragments splattered as bullets hit the desert.

As Mucus got closer, Lian’s steps quickened and he finally started to run.

“Don’t miss it! Catch it here!”

When the detached unit was wiped out, the combat unit rode in jeeps and motorcycles in earnest.

The shock wave of the powerful bullets shattered the bones in Lian’s hand, who was blocking his path with his greatsword.

But, as always, <idea> is unbreakable.


The will to slash was against the law, and the greatsword cut down the underground man with the motorcycle. (3 kills)

“Turn right!”

Lian didn’t care about the enemy’s detour and only slashed those who got in his way (5 kills) and moved toward Sirone.

“Never let it pass!” (6 kills)

The next column of fighters charged with rifle fire, but Lian swung his sword as if cutting through the landscape to clear the way. (8 kills)

“Um, isn’t that crazy?” (10 kills)

When he pushed into the rain of bullets without hesitation (13 kills), even the belligerent underground people were stunned.

It was as if the ground was flowing like a torrent beneath Lian’s feet as he ran with his sword hanging down.


He swung his greatsword like a blow and cut down 1 person (14 kills), swung it wide and struck another person in the opposite direction (15 kills).

bang! bang! bang!

Hundreds of bullets pierced Lian through the flames as the grenade exploded.


Lian, whose clothes were burning in the flames, charged forward like a yakcha while holding his greatsword straight ahead.


Let Lian, who jumped into the center of the enemy camp, turn.


Denied blades wiped out all enemies within the radius like a stubborn beast. (16-24 kills)

“Is this all!”

At the end of the rotation, Lian transformed into a straight line and rushed like a bullet.

Slash,(34 kill) Slash,(38 kill) Slash endlessly(41 kill)

Slash,(45 kill) Slash,(48 kill) Slash endlessly.(51 kill)

‘Run! (54 kill) Never stop!’ (55 kill)

Every time he swung his sword (58 kills), bullets were driven into Lian’s body one after another.

After passing through the shoulder and side and breaking the ankle, I started to hear Smille’s hallucinations again in my ears.

“Damn it!” (61 kills)

It is unknown how long the illusion will last, but at that point it must have been his own death.

The distance to the pyramid was still far (64 kills), and the number of enemies outnumbered the dead (65 kills).

“You bastards!(67 kill) What the hell are you doing!”(68 kill)

Taejang drove the jeep himself.

It was a situation where dozens of people were dying because they could not catch a stupid human who rushed at them with a conventional weapon, a great sword.

“Oohhhh!” (70 kills)

Lian cut through enemies like a blow (73 kills) and charged Taejang.

The two arms wielding the greatsword ignored inertia (75 kills), and the bones of the underground man were only cut off like rotten branches (79 kills).

The captain leaped into the air, pointed his rifle at Lian between his legs, and fired his rifle.


Lian raised his sword at Taejang with terrible pain and even more terrible fear.

‘It just caught me.’

An underground man holding a sniper rifle out of Lian’s line of sight pulled the trigger.

The bullet, which flew faster than sound, pierced Lian’s heart with a bang.


All organs went into a state of shock with the feeling of electricity going through the whole body.

“Hahaha! You fool!”

Lian, who had been trembling as if convulsed after being shot, suddenly flinched and slashed the flying giant. (80 kills)

“Uh, how… … ?”

As Lian, who should have been dead, was still alive and moving, the faces of the underground people turned pale.

“I am… … .”

It is Sirone’s sword.

‘So until I save the master… … .’

Lian ran out with a strong grip on her sword.

“Never die!”

Axing-denying (death denial).

“Aaaagh! (81 kills) Monster… … Kuk!” (82 kills)

The underground people let out a scream boiling from instinct.

Listening to Smille’s hallucinations, Lian’s figure as he rushed into a rags body seemed to push death itself.

“Is it a yaksha… … .” (84 kills)

At the top of the pyramid, Baknyeo looked back at Lian to the north.

After overcoming death and encountering the sight of fighting enemies (86 kills), a name I had heard a long time ago came to mind.

“Death Knight?” (88 kill)


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