Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 540

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[540] Such a problem (4)

As Marsha ran through the tunnel after leaving the engine room, a roar of anger was heard from behind.

“I will kill you!”

Throwing herself off, Marsha hid herself between the railroad tracks and the platform.

‘I stabbed him once.’

Two daggers have been consumed so far.

Once materialized, the tattoo disappears and can only be recreated after 24 hours.

‘Five bags left.’

She reached deep into her left thigh and pulled out another dagger.

The gas emission is 1% per minute, so it takes 100 minutes to completely exhaust it, but it was impossible to last that long.

‘I have to poke at least two more times.’

At 3 percent emissions per minute, even at full saturation, it can be exhausted in 33 minutes.

As the tunnel shimmered with an uneasy red light, Marsha hurriedly flew to the other side.

At the same time, a huge fireball smashed the train.

“crazy… … !”

Marsha, feeling chilled, climbed onto the platform and ran through the complex road.

“Do you think you can run away!”

Malta cast teleportation and came up on the platform.

However, at that point, the ejection of gas stopped and the black smoke disappeared.


The last trace of smoke I saw was going around the corner, but I didn’t dare to approach it.

‘The scars still remain.’

If so, it is an application of eating out of the regulations.

As expected by Malta, Marsha hid under the escalator while temporarily suspending her magic.

If the spirit zone is blocked, the dagger of the spirit will disappear and the gas of desire will also stop erupting.

‘Now four sacks… … .’

I couldn’t even use it and one bag disappeared, but it was only the result.

“come out! You are so cowardly as if you were from the street!”

‘You’re talking nonsense.’

As if to prove that it was a provocation, Malta was protecting her body with her passive magic and exploring her surroundings only with her Spirit Zone.

‘It means to increase the agility of the counterattack.’

When Marsha, who had approached by teleportation, activated the dagger on the wheel, the gas began to erupt again.

As she rolled over like a cat to avoid Malta’s magic, she cut her ankle and opened a new wound.

‘Did you pierce the earth skin?’

The dagger of the parrot ignores physical defense.


A powerful air press pressed Marsha to the floor.

A spine-shattering shock rushed in, but there was no time to feel the pain in front of the fireball blazing in Malta’s hands.

An explosion erupted with a bang, and Marsha ran out of range as she tackled Malta’s waist.

‘At this interval, range magic cannot be cast.’

The dagger was lodged in Malta’s side.

“Annoying girl!”

Malta, who had punched Marsha’s chin, grabbed her wrist and pulled it off. Marsha turned her other hand behind her back and pulled out the dagger of her hand from her hip bone.


It stabbed his side like crazy, and in an instant, 4 more sheaths were added.

“Damn it!”

When Malta prepared for damage and cast fire magic, a popping explosion occurred and the two flew to the other side.

“Huh… … .”

Marsha shuddered at the pain that seemed to melt her skin.

‘Seven with this.’

At 7 per cent gas per minute, Malta would be over in about 10 minutes.


It was a terrible thing for the victim to see black gas emanating from his body.

Malta’s Hellfire, with all its might, devastated the inside of the subway.

“ha! ha!”

As time passed, Malta felt that her energy was declining, and finally guessed what the ability to eat out was.

‘It was something like that.’

Thinking there was no time, Malta pushed harder and finally drove Marsha to a dead end.

“Die, fool!”

Two huge pillars of fire twisted like a twist and came together over Malta’s head.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

Then Malta’s eyes widened and the magic disappeared.

“Time over.”

Malta, who had blown out all the gas of desire, knelt down helplessly with a thud.

My body felt weak as if I had been running on a mountain all day.

“Keugh! To someone like you I… … .”

Marsha approached, clutching her burnt right arm. She then looked at Malta for a moment and then she kicked him hard in the jaw.



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He fell over without even the strength to hold on and fell on the back of his head to the floor and passed out.

“What are you doing with your hands down?”

Marsha sighed and walked towards the engine room, dragging Malta.

When the party returned, Marsha treated the burned area with Fermi’s healing magic.

After accusing Malta, Miro ordered Lian to take out his wife who was locked in a room and kneel in front of her husband.

“honey! How did this happen? honey!”

No matter how fake it was, it was embarrassing to say it in front of his wife, so Malta couldn’t open his mouth.

“It seems that your husband harbors a grudge against our group. Have there been any records like this in the past?”

Hearing Fermi’s words, his wife looked shocked and dazed.

“honey. Is it true? really… … really that girl… … .”

Malta shouted with her eyes wide open.

“What are you doing! rather kill it! I’m sick of living in this crappy world anyway!”

“It can’t be. This would be a good case.”

Miro asked, looking back at Fermi.

“What are you thinking?”

“Leave it to me. It’s a great opportunity to see how Minority Conception combines information. Let’s take a look at her wife’s reaction while torturing Malta. Let’s try the opposite case.”

“That’s not allowed.”

Rian objected as if there was no need to go through his brain.

“No? why?”

“Because it is cruel.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Fermi laughed really stupidly.

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something? I’m not trying to punish you. After all, this is a world without laws. It’s just a good chance to predict Sirone’s condition.”

“I never thought of that. The important thing is that her wife is not at fault.”

“Then think about it. Don’t be stupid.”

said Fermi, patting his head.

“We know this place is fake. That is, it is ‘open’. The Maltese wife, on the other hand, is ‘locked up’.”

Only being locked up is the truth.

“The quality of the information you receive is completely different depending on what state you are in. So what about sirone? It is ‘locked up’. We are taking in the information of this world meaningfully. Therefore, it is likely to be different from the Sirone we know in terms of personality and temperament.”

Fermi pointed to his Maltese wife.

“Even while living with my husband, the information was not completely restored. Because you’re locked up. Therefore, I have no choice but to apply a bigger impact than that, rather than ‘encounter’.”

Fermi clicked his tongue as if he were tired and grabbed his wife’s head.

“I will take you to your room. there I… … .”

Fermi, who stopped talking when the greatsword suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, turned his head with a cold expression.

“no. No matter how you think about it, this isn’t it.”

“… … Are you really stupid? It’s not even a microbe, so how can you think of it like being trapped in an open state?”

“It is not a matter of status. Real or fake, I cannot tolerate myself bullying someone who is not at fault.”

“It’s hard to come out like this uncooperatively.”

“I will cooperate. I will bring Sirone back, even at the cost of my life. So can you trust me this time?”

Lian and Fermi had a long snowball fight in that state.


Finally, Fermi raised his hands and stepped back as if he had lost.

“All right. It’s really frustrating. Are you Sirone’s friend?”

“Sirone is smart and cold-hearted. I’m sure more than you. but… … .”

Lian also took the greatsword.

“Sirone would have made the same judgment as me.”

A moment of silence ensued.

“Well, maybe. I apologize for doubting your friendship.”

The retreating Fermi suddenly turned around.

“But I am not Sirone.”

When the air cut magic was cast from Fermi’s hand, Malta’s throat was cut off.

“Honey oh oh oh!”

Ignoring his wife’s screams, Fermi grabbed Malta’s hair and pushed his face in front of him.

“Now, can you see? This is her husband’s face. died because of you Do you remember anything now?”

“Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kyaaaaaagh!”

“You can scream as much as you like. But think about it. you are fake The real one is already dead.”

“Oh no! It can’t be! my, i… … .”

My wife looked up at the ceiling with a shocked face.

“The plant man… … ?”

Fermi’s eyes sparkled.

‘This is it!’

As his wife immediately lost consciousness and collapsed, Fermi muttered with his chin resting on his face as if he was sorry.

“Shock equivalent to death, or more. It’s quite difficult, but still… … .”

“You bastard!”

The moment Lian rushed at him with a greatsword, Marsha ran up to him and hugged him.

“Wait, Lian! Be patient!”

“Let go! Are you sure you are on the side of that child?”

“I thought the same as you! But you did it once! Be cool! I’d rather… … .”


Lian shook off Marsha and ran.

‘Cool! cool-headed! efficiency! efficiency!’

The wizard’s words are always right.

But then what to do with these seething emotions that seem to explode in your heart?

“I will not forgive you!”

As the greatsword fell toward Fermi, dozens of palms appeared like illusions and grabbed the blade.

As Miro stretched out her arms, Lian flew to the end of the living room and landed with her sword pointed.

“What is it? If you’re going to do something cool too… … .”

“no. I fully understand your feelings. But I want you to know this. If you kill Fermi, Sirone will never come back.”

“no. I will save Sirone.”

“Then stop even more. Because time is running out.”

Lian lowered his sword and asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Even if Syrone’s information is 100% restored, there is no guarantee that the signature on the contract will be valid. Is that what you’re thinking, Fermi?”

“yes. The first thing I realized after coming here is that even in a virtual world, incarnation and the law are separate. That gives us two reasons to find Sirone as soon as possible.”

Fermi spread two fingers.

“First, if Sirone gets into an accident or dies, the information cannot be reunited. This can be verified by killing a Maltese wife.”

Fermi continued before Lian fired back.

“But the chances of that happening are extremely low. In fact, even if we don’t go looking for it, Sirone will be found soon. I hate to admit it, but he’s incredibly quick at judging situations. Even if it is abandoned in the desert, he will build a sand castle and live.”

Even Ryan acknowledged that.

“The information from Apocalypse will change Sirone endlessly. It’s because you’re locked up. If it’s a dangerous world, there’s plenty of potential for magic to manifest itself. Maybe even go as far as using magic just like in real life.”

Marsha said.

“But even so, it’s not the real Sirone.”

“You will be surviving by making the most of the situation. If it were me, I would. If you can afford it, you can actively promote something. We’ll meet anyway. However, it is Sirone of Apocalypse.”


Fermi looked back at the sighing Lian.

“Now do you understand? The Maltese wife is important information. If Syrone is completely reconstructed from Apocalypse, the only way is to make her realize that this place is fake. But that is, for sure, crazy.”

Miro said.

“It’s easy when you put it into practice. Even if someone says the real world is a lie, we will never accept it.”

said Fermi with a shrug.

“yes. That’s a problem.”


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