Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 539

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[539] Such a problem (3)

* * *

Two women appeared on the ruined road.

They were Bak-nyeo, the ninth rank of the Order of the Ten Commandments, and Shura, the seventh rank of the Order of the Ten Commandments, who had just arrived at Apocalypse.

Unlike Park Nyeo, who was barefoot in rags with her breasts half exposed, and even her hair roughly tied up in a turban, Shura was neatly dressed in a dark green dress and even shoes.

Park-nyeo would be the best fit for Apocalypse, but in reality Shura, the apostle Banya, was the one most suited to the world of lies.

“No one lives there. Where is Sirone?”

Park’s calm voice could be heard clearly even in the strong wind.

“Are you suspecting my coder?”

“Because no one lives.”

Having said that, Baknyeo stopped abruptly.

Shura, who was looking at her strangely, lowered her eyes when she heard the sound of running water on the floor.

The bridge of her nose twisted as she watched the urine trickling down between her legs.

“Smelly. What the hell are you washing?”

“When it rains. Everything is purified.”

Shura’s gaze turned to the city Park Nyeo was pointing at.

As if measured with a ruler, the sky over the downtown area was covered with rag-like dark clouds, and water was dripping as if squeezing them.

Following the physiology of nature was beautiful to see from a distance, but it was hard work for those who accompanied it.

“Anyway, Sirone is here. Can I not code the language? You won’t even need it.”

“Words convey nothing.”

It must have been Park Nyeo’s only realization, but it was an insult to Shura, who had the exact opposite tendency to her.

“okay. The beast’s head will never understand. I don’t know how I ended up on a team with you.”

The result of the vote of hands on whether or not to include Sirone in the Council of Ten was a tie, 5 to 5.

Those who voted for it spoke of Sirone’s powerful incarnation, while those who voted against it noted that it was less of an Eternal than Vanya.

Nevertheless, the reason why the Council of Ships dispatched two officers was because they had received information that Miro had set out to recover Sirone’s information.

If Elysion, the spirit of the ancients, could be recreated in Apocalypse, it would be of great benefit to the Society of Ten Presbyterians, and therefore Shura and Baknyeo were dispatched.

‘Adrias Labyrinth.’

Shura recalled her face and said.

“To be clear, the reason I was dispatched is to seal the maze. If I stick with her, she can’t handle the other side, no matter how much she calls me. So don’t even think about getting caught.”

“Can you handle the maze?”

There was a strange silence at the words Park Nyeo threw out, and after a while, Shura opened her mouth.

“Something like a dirty monkey is talking about it.”

“… … .”

It was the same silence, but the air around them shook as if they were about to explode at any moment.

Bak-nyeo’s body rotated rapidly, and a black afterimage of Bak-do flew across the landscape.

Shura raised her index finger in front of her neck and silently blocked Park Do.

“Because I can’t. Especially since this is my world.”

“… … Shall we finish it?”

One of Shura’s eyebrows twitched.

‘Sheesh, I’m an idiot for talking to a beast.’

Sura Yacha Baknyeo.

The rank is 9th, the lowest, but once burned, even the executives were reluctant to confront her axing.

“It’s done. Let’s break up at this point. Because doing something with you is really crazy. Take care and do well.”

As Shura radiated an aura and disappeared in an instant, Bak-nyeo moved toward the city as if nothing had happened.


It was the only emotion she felt at the moment.

* * *

“Curia, please come to your senses!”

Malta’s voice was so loud that it leaked out of the engine room, but Curia looked at Malta as if she couldn’t understand it.

“Why the hell is that? Are you crazy?”

“I am not crazy! This is a false world! It’s fake!”

“Humanity is doomed! It’s enough to live with you! So please, wake up!”

Malta, whose heart was about to explode from frustration, let out a rough breath.

Why don’t you know?

This is just a virtual world under the undercoder.

At first, I thought that if I told her the truth, I would understand.

I thought my wife would understand everything and go back to the way she was before.

Of course, it wasn’t that she wasn’t suspicious because she was a clever woman.

However, no matter what method was used, they were unable to accept 100% of the fact that it was a virtual world.

“Malta, I love you. With you, I don’t need anything. So now… … .”

Curia hugged Malta’s neck and kissed him.

The smell of a wife, the touch of a wife.

Unknowingly, Malta, who slowly closed her eyes, accepted her information with her whole body.

‘information! information! Damn information!’

Malta, who suddenly opened his eyes, pushed his wife down.

“You are not my wife! It’s fake!”

“Hey, honey… … .”

Malta left the room and locked the door with a padlock to prevent Curia from coming out.


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“honey! open it! honey!”

Malta closed her eyes tightly and ignored her voice.

Even when he took it out of the hibernation device, he discovered the possibility of returning his wife, but as time passed, her information was intertwined with the world of Apocalypse.

‘You have to isolate. So as not to be exposed to any information.’

As always, when the knocking on the door stopped, Malta sat down on the couch.

The reason I don’t even feel guilty anymore is because I ‘know’ that it’s not real.

‘It’s like a curse.’

I thought maybe it was me who had gone mad.

“what? Has anyone come yet?”

The door opened and Marsha entered.

They were four people who decided to search different areas in order to finish the investigation as quickly as possible.

“You are the first. Did you have any income?”

Marsha shook her head and went to the water purifier.

“nothing. Miro, did you find something?”

Malta stared at the nape of Marsha’s neck as she drank the water.

“I’m tired after walking around all day. I’ll go to my room and get some rest.”

“Let it be.”

Even after Marsha entered the room, Malta did not look away as if chasing her afterimage.

‘It’s real.’

She was a woman like herself, from the real world.

‘Because it’s a place where there is no hope.’

Malta got up and opened the door.

“… … Did you know?”

Marsha was sitting on the bed, holding a smoking pipe.

While looking at Malta’s lustful eyes, she did not lose her smile and said while exhaling smoke.

“I’m used to it, those eyes.”

Malta was quiet.

“You know my situation. Can’t you show mercy?”

“How about you put up with it? I don’t want to do bad things to my benefactor either.”

It was an option that Malta’s desire could not have.

“Then I can’t.”

Marsha’s smile slightly hardened as the spirit zone of Malta pushed through synesthesia.

‘this person… … It’s definitely strong.’

Malta is fast approaching.

“Accept it. In reality, he is a wizard who has reached the official level 4. Except for a woman named Miro, no one in the party will beat me.”

That’s why it is now.

“Whoa, aren’t you ignoring me too much? Mr. Miro is great, but I was also good in the past.”

“The fact that he talks a lot is proof that he is nervous.”

Marsha asked for a smoking pipe.

The act of smoking would be reminiscent of the act of sucking, but she took advantage of the gap and threw the pipe.


I cast teleportation and flew in front of the door, but Malta was already blocking the entrance.

It was an impossible reaction if it had not been foreseen in advance.

“It was pretty. But isn’t that too shallow?”

When Malta held out her hands, a powerful air pressing hit Marsha.

Marsha flew parallel to the ground, crashed into the wall, and fell again with a thud.


Malta looked down at the fallen Marsha and said.

“I hope you don’t resist. The person you are dealing with is not a barbershop.”

‘I’m not a barbershop, so do you do this?’

Marsha desperately swallowed the swear words that came out.

This is because she knows that it is useless to say anything to a man whose desire has been turned on.

‘It would be enough if I spread it like this.’

Marsha let out a sigh of resignation and stood up with both hands.

“okay. Let’s end it well. Because I don’t want to die either.”

When Malta looked suspiciously at her, she turned around.

“What are you doing? I’m so scared, would you like to hug me?”

Malta’s eyes lit up with anger, and she hugged Marsha from behind and kissed her on the neck.

“Don’t be too rough.”

Marsha, who covered the tattoo on the back of her left hand with her right hand, activated the dagger of the regulation eating out.

The tattoo glowed, and the materialized black bladed dagger was grasped in his right hand.

‘Though I’m a bit rough.’

As Marsha quickly twisted her body and swung her dagger, Malta leaned back with calm eyes.

“I should have told you, but it’s not a barbershop.”

Malta grabbed Marsha by the wrist holding the dagger and pressed Marsha by the nape of her neck with the other hand and pushed her toward the wall.

Sparks flew in Marsha’s eyes, who shot the back of her head.

Then, as I plunged my slender wrist into the wall, the dagger escaped from my hand and disappeared before it even touched the ground.

“I knew you were an outsider. Also, being obsessed with that means that you are from a street where you have not even learned the 36 types of prescribed magic. What if I get stabbed with that dagger?”

“okay. I’ll tell you. So release me.”

“You don’t even need to know. Either way, it will be fatal. I’ll cast a sleep spell, so be gentle. It will be good for you too.”

Marsha gritted her teeth and scratched the tattoo on her right palm with her finger.

Another dagger materialized.

“Isn’t talking a lot a sign that you’re nervous?”

The moment Malta’s eyebrows twitched, she kicked him in the groin and slammed the dagger into the scruff of her neck with all her might.


Surprised, Malta grabbed Marsha by the scruff of her neck and threw her to the other side, and she hurriedly left the room, gasping for breath.

“damn! Bitten by a rat!”

Malta’s eyes, which were confirmed from the wound, shook in shock.

“What, what?”

Black gas was constantly spewing out of the black scabbard on his neck.

‘It’s not a physical ability.’

The dagger was gone and the blood stopped flowing, but the feeling that something kept slipping out of his body was really unpleasant.

The dagger of the rule of eating out.

It is a mental model of the knife that Marsha used to kill her adoptive father. The core concept is to recognize the human body as a gas cylinder of desire, then sheath it and pull it out.

The amount of desire leaking out of one scabbard was 1% per minute, and it was a powerful ability that arithmetically lasted 100 minutes, causing any target to fall into a state of exhaustion.

‘Dangerous. To cancel the eating out rule, I have to find it first.’

Malta noticed that the smoke from his throat was escaping from the room and was bending somewhere.

It was a rule of thumb that even a superior opponent could be exhausted if stabbed even once, but the gas of desire was always directed at Marsha, so there was no choice but to expose her position.

‘The cost of eating out of the rules. If this is the concept, would the law of destruction be limited to finding and killing?’

Malta’s mouth was torn viciously.

If he refrained from attacking magic to establish physical relations, he would be defeated, but from now on, there was no reason to hesitate.

‘wait. I’ll kill you in one second!’

After leaving the room, Malta turned his head in the direction of the smoke.

Smoke was streaming out of the engine room, followed by the sound of a door closing.

‘Using the darkness?’

It would be much harder to spot the black smoke in a tunnel without light.

Only then did Malta realize and screamed, baring his teeth.

“What a F*cking girl!”


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