Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 538

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[538] Such a problem (2)

* * *

“You incarnation of Ra! eternal life to us! An immortal body!”

As the shouts spread out of the city, the officers looked around the ground to see if there was any movement from the underground.

Since it was impossible to pour cold water on the good atmosphere, the priest came forward and proceeded with the ceremony naturally.

“From now on, I will decide the consul of the colony.”

“This is unacceptable!”

The Archon shouted with a mixture of anger and fear in his eyes.

“That guy is an ancient! They are our slaves! How could the children of the great sun be dominated by slaves!”

The people who risked their lives responded with a buzz.

Light is the only food for the children of the sun, but the situation of being dominated by slaves overnight was certainly not pleasant.

“Think! How can someone who is not a child of the sun use light? it was cheating It is not the language of God! If the ability were to disappear in the future, then what would you do to withstand the darkness?”

As the atmosphere of people being persuaded continued, a skinny man with bat wings approached the priest.

It was Ekser, one of the Guardians.

“Priest, did you see the language of God in that boy?”

While the priest was answering Ekser, Sirone approached the archon and told him not to make things too big.

“Hey, I’m not trying to get anything out of this showdown. If it doesn’t harm me, I’ll stay in this colony… … .”

Before he could speak, the archon’s throat was cut off.

When he looked up, he saw Excer floating in the sky as if standing on his hands, swinging his two swords like an X.

Landing lightly, he walked to the end of the ceiling as if he had been walking on the ground from the beginning and informed people.

“With this, the colony’s archon has been decided. If you have a disagreement, be sure to find me.”


People shouted in unison.

The sun must exist, so they had no choice.

On the other hand, Sirone was not very happy.

Just an hour ago, the fate of the consul could be judged by the fact that he had cut the head of the one he held up like the sun with a single knife.

‘Let’s accept it for now. If you want to survive here, you have to use everything available.’

Returning to the temple, Sirone sat on the throne.

Four Guardians paired up to guard the left and right sides of the seat of power, and the priest bowed his head and told them the role of an archon.

It wasn’t a difficult job anyway.

Miscellaneous work was done by the slaves, and Sirone only had to light up the colony with light magic.

On the other hand, what can be obtained is absolute power.

Just as all ants give their lives for the queen ant, which has only the ability to reproduce, as long as light enters the colony, Sirone can do everything in the sacred realm.

‘Once I got the strength to plan something. But you can’t live your whole life in fluorescent light. If I want to survive.’

We must rebuild human civilization.

Also, this was the greatest thought a human being could have in a world that was destroyed.

Sirone turned to the priest and asked.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Bebeto. I was born with the ability to see the language of God.”

Bebeto explained how guardians are born.

‘Hmm, mutant. from the tree of life… … .’

Starting with the priest, the guardians introduced themselves one by one, and finally, the tall man beat his chest and spoke.

“It is called the Tar River. A Guardian born with the ability to detonate.”

“Detonation ability?”

Targang rolled up his sleeves and showed himself.

As he clenched his fists, his muscles turned into rocks, opening small crater-like holes.


With a pop, the gas exploded, spewing flames around her arm.

“I showed a weak demonstration in front of the archon, but it’s not this much for an underground person. If it’s a battle, leave it to me.”

After confirming the abilities of the guardians to some extent, Sirone nodded and descended the stairs.

“Did you say Excer?”

Sirone’s eyes flashed fiercely.

“yes. Anything you want to do?”

“Under any circumstances in the future, do not act on your own without receiving my instructions.”

It was talking about cutting down as if assassinating the archon.

“The two suns in the haona colony… … .”

“I know that. It means being cautious in the face of irreversible choices. For example, it could have been used as a negotiation tool in a conflict with hostile forces.”

There is no negotiation in the colony system.

However, since the consul’s words were law, Ekser agreed without any objection.

“I will keep that in mind.”

In any case, it was thanks to him that he was able to easily seize power, so Sirone didn’t say anything more.

“It’s late at night, so go back and rest. I will officially perform my official duties from tomorrow morning.”

Just like when they first appeared, the four Guardians disappeared like the wind, and Bebeto also disappeared by connecting the code.

Sitting alone on the seat of power, Sirone rested her chin on her chin and was lost in thought.

‘There will be a lot of work to do from now on. To achieve our goals, we need to strengthen our governance. Let’s take heart.’

It is the position of the archon that all the children of the sun look up to, but to Sirone, it was only a matter directly related to survival.

* * *

In the darkness of the underground facility, dozens of monitors turned on at the same time.


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In this place, the origin of Mucus, not even animals, let alone flying insects, could come close, but the black shadows passing between the monitors were in the form of humans.

“Check the energy mass gauge. Holdings 428 percent.”

The low-pitched voice and keyboard tapping went well in the stillness.

Recognizing voices, the computer pulled up a line of programs that filled the monitor.

“The purification system is running. Code number 387.”

When I hit enter, thousands of lines of programming language went up endlessly.

The noise of the fans filling the room filled the room, and the monitors running the programs shimmered.

“complete. End of program.”

As dozens of monitors turned off simultaneously, their silhouettes also disappeared into darkness.

10 minutes after that. Hundreds of projectiles shot from all sides of the city, shooting jets into the sky.

* * *

Shoot Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

As if a hole had been pierced in the sky, rain poured down early in the morning.

Dark clouds in the sky covered the sun, but the people in the colony came out cheering.

“rub! It’s finally raining!”

“Oh oh! great la! Bless us!”

The children of the sun filled their mouths with the water of life falling from the sky, and the slaves were carrying huge buckets of water inside and out.

“Hmmmm. Hmmmmm.”

Yo was in a good mood this morning.

It’s the same with the rain that falls in 60 days, but it’s because from today onwards, a new consul has been served.

Decorating herself with a meaningless hum from her mouth, she was looking at her face with the palms that had turned into silver mirrors when the door slammed.

“Hey, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear the magistrate’s order?”

“okay. Get out now.”

Outside the door, all three Guardians were gathered.

Targang frowned at the figure of Yo, who painted the color around his eyes and changed into clean clothes.

“what? How long have you been photosynthesizing? What’s wrong with you?”

“Never mind. let’s hurry. I’ll be late for the morning meeting like this.”

“You are the last.”

Targang grumbled against Yo’s back as he left the room.

On the way up to the temple, he found Bebeto, a priest who was walking briskly, and Karof spoke to him.

“It’s raining.”

“Heh heh, Ra is also welcoming the new archon. By the way, are you on your way up now?”

“yes. Take orders urgently.”

Bebeto licked his lips.

“I am like that too. There was nothing to do in the colony, but he said he would hold a rally every morning. Like what you said to Exer yesterday, the Archon this time definitely has a unique corner.”

No one mentioned Sirone’s origins, and Karof skillfully changed his words.

“But this time it’s a bit late. On average, it rained once every 30 days, but it seems to be getting late lately.”

The fact that there was no sea in the world of Apocalypse could be inferred just by looking at the fish in the sky, so no one knew why it rained.

Just as humans are opened from the tree of life, this too was dismissed as a miracle of Ra.

“The Guardian of the Sun is called by the Archon.”

The Guardians who entered the temple prostrated themselves in front of the seat of power.

Until now, the slaves who had served the consul were nowhere to be seen, and Sirone alone was welcoming them with solemn eyes.

“It seems like a person has changed in one day. He must not have been an ordinary person even in ancient times.”

While the priest was thinking that way, Sirone said.

“Starting today, I will actively rule as the one who commands the colony. So Guardians, attend the meeting every morning and report the results.”

Karof said with an apologetic expression.

“The Haona colony is peaceful. Also, the great incarnation of Ra does not have to go through the trouble… … .”

Sirone cut off his words and asked.

“How many colonies are there in this city?”

As the guardians looked back at each other, the priest stepped forward.

“I’m not sure, but I’m guessing around three.”

“calculation? You mean you don’t even know how many colonies live in the same city?”

“The children of the sun only obey the will of Ra. As long as there is an incarnation of Ra over there, there is no reason for us to interfere.”

‘It’s similar to an ant society.’

Even for ants of the same species, it is the queen, not the species, that ultimately becomes the focal point.

“Then, from now on, we will contact each other. Guardians, find the nearest colony and tell them that the archon wants to negotiate.”

Targang raised his head.

“I have absolutely no intention of disobeying orders, but… … Why should I?”

In an apocalypse where control is everything, meeting the sun and the sun is obviously awkward.

However, Sirone intended to change this world.

“I will propose an alliance. I can’t stay locked up in the hive forever. There are devices that can emit light outside. But there are too many dangers to try right away. I intend to do it.”

Exer said.

“Only the Archon is our light. We need no other light.”

It may be so for the children of the sun.

But then what about the ancients?

Including those who have been brainwashed, those countless people who are still asleep in artificial hibernation machines will never be happy in this world.

“Are you saying you can’t obey my orders?”

Realizing their mistake, the Guardians hurriedly lowered their heads.

In the face of the sun, the future of the race, personal questioning was a luxury.

“sorry. If so, who will you send? If you give me instructions, I will risk my life to complete the mission.”

“It’s dangerous outside the colony, so it’s best to send as many of them as possible. The three guardians are in charge of negotiations, and the remaining one guides me.”

The first instruction is reasonable, but the second was incomprehensible.

“As for guidance, where are you talking about?”

“From today I investigate the city. The sun is shining during the day, so it won’t matter if you leave the colony.”

The priest was startled and shouted.

“It’s not possible! It’s too dangerous! If something goes wrong with the archon, the colony will… … Ugh!”

Seeing Sirone’s wide eyes, Bebeto flinched.

One thing he forgot was that this archon had excellent combat skills while handling light.

‘Well, you’re the one who never gets pushed by the Guardians. How can I do this?’

The Guardians also had troubled expressions.

No matter how strong the fighting power was, it was unprecedented for the colonist, who was the first priority of the colony to be protected, to go outside.

“I will guide the Archon!”

As if breaking the atmosphere of hesitation, Yoga jumped up and said.

“Leave it to me! Underground or Mucus, I will protect the Archon under any circumstances!”


It was only then that he looked at Sirone, who had a satisfied expression on his face, and gently raised the corner of his mouth.


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