Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 533

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[533] Last World (1)

The Abyss is a virtual world in which the end of the future is realized based on current information.

It would be foolish to estimate the size of an information dump, but Miro and the others were certain that they would be able to meet Sirone.

This is because, no matter how lax the Abyss is, all humans are connected to the information of the world most familiar to humans.

However, since it is the destination of information, that world will be the farthest future that current information can reach.

Of course, Sirone’s information was also permeated in a state that the Abyss could ‘accept most appropriately’.

The name of this world that someone would have named for the first time was Apocalypse.

* * *

A ruined skyscraper.

Buildings exposed their steel frames like fleshy creatures, and cars with their engines turned off were nailed to place like fossils.

“Ha-mei, come quickly, come quickly!”

A boy and girl under the age of 10 emerged from the terrible ruins.

As a race called ‘Children of the Sun’, they were the last descendant of mankind who suffered numerous nuclear wars and cataclysms on a cosmic scale.

Dark skin with green hair was their unique characteristic of life activities through photosynthesis.

That’s why the digestive system is only needed to take in water, and food that is tougher than water was not swallowed even for fun.

“Thank you, brother. You don’t know how reassuring Wood is when he says his brother is following him. Sorry for the difficult request.”

“It’s not like you’re talking like an adult that hasn’t even fallen off yet.”

Although they are about a year old, to the Wood family, Hamei, who was about to start ‘gathering’, seemed young.

“tooth! Oppa hasn’t fallen yet either!”

The children of the sun, like fruits, have a crown on the top of their head, and as time goes by, they shrink and eventually fall off.

“Okay, let’s go quickly. Because there is a set time to enter the ‘Tree of Life’.”

said Woodgar, hastening his way.

“Since you are eight years old now, you have to ‘gather’. It’s an important job that slaves can’t do. Take a good look at the road today and memorize it.”

“But you have to go through the ‘pollution zone’.”

“don’t worry. Just do what I tell you to do.”

The Children of the Sun skillfully made their way through the dangerous terrain and into the city.

“Hahaha! There it is!”

Then, suddenly, a high-pitched shout was heard.

Reflexively pressing Hamei’s head down, Udgar quietly peeked out of the corner.

‘It’s an underground person!’

Those with long arms and hair growing down to their ears skillfully stepped on the rubble and climbed up to the heights.

The Children of the Sun never acknowledged it, but they were also another human living in the apocalypse.

Commonly known as underground.

They were a species with the intelligence of a human and the physical abilities of a monkey, and they ate through ‘hunting’.

‘If I had to meet you here… … !’

The reason underground people are dangerous is because they use weapons from ancient civilizations buried underground.

Those who were hunting now were running with machine guns and bombs attached to them.

“I will eat! something to eat!”

After escaping through the complex wreck like a snake’s hole, the seven underground men aimed at the fish flying in the sky.

As the sea dried up, certain fish evolved to fly by filling their swim bladders with gases lighter than air.

“Shoot! Crush it!”

One magazine was quickly emptied as the underground man pulled the trigger, his long arm swinging back and forth with the recoil.

Whoa! Whoa!

Rajet, the sky fish, emitted a jet stream toward the anus with a strange noise.

Escaping using a jet engine was the only way to survive for fish whose durability was poor due to their reduced weight.

When the bullet penetrated Rajet, his torso rapidly shrank and fell to the ground.

“Right! The eyeballs are mine!”

There will be very little flesh, but it will still be enough for 7 people to barely last a day.

When the shrunken fish fell to the ground, all seven of them rushed in and dismantled the fish with their bare hands.

“delicious! delicious!”

Hamei, who was spying on the sight of him pushing into his mouth without even checking what he was holding in his hand, shuddered.

“It’s terrible.”

Eating food is just what an underground person must do to survive.

However, it was a terrible sight for the children of the sun, who had a strong dislike for the activity itself, to eat.

“Now. Let’s take advantage of the crazy gap and get out.”

Udgar took Hamei across the road.

The two of them wiped the sweat from their foreheads only after running three more blocks, holding their hearts so tense that their hearts would explode.

“Whoa, that’s okay. From here… … .”

Woodgar’s words cut off abruptly.

It was because I spotted an underground man approaching from the other side of the road.

He wore a rusty pot like a bulletproof helmet, a bullet belt slung over his shoulder, and a heavy machine gun in both hands.

“It’s meat!”

The underground man, who looked like a hairless monkey, salivated at the children of the sun and fired his machine gun.

As if there was no concept of aiming and shooting, the buildings were shattered as they were roughly leveled in front.

“run! Run, Hamei!”

Not knowing that their skin was being scratched by the building’s steel frame, the two ran frantically down the street.


At that time, something caught Hamei’s feet.


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As she fell forward without even falling, Woodgar’s eyes turned to her in shock.

“Dangerous! Hamey!”


Like a monkey climbing a tree, an underground man jumped out of a traffic light and pointed a gun at him.

“I have to eat it all by myself!”


At that time, a huge grotesque bird flew in from the other side and snatched the underground man with its huge beak.

Having wings means that they are carnivores.

It was a gamble to achieve explosive speed in a world where energy sources were scarce, but it was a choice to be faster than the jet engines of air-eating creatures.

As if the roar of the gunfire had been swallowed up as well, the grotesque bird faded away, and Woodgar, his legs loosened, sat down on the floor.

“Whoa, I almost died. Hamei, are you okay?”

When there was no answer, Woodgar raised his head and found Hamei looking at the ground from the spot where he fell.

“Hey, what are you doing? Are you hurt?”

“… … Brother, look at this.”

Only then did Woodgar stand up, startled to realize what she was looking at.

“Get out of the way for a second.”

After sweeping away the dirt from the glass coffin that had risen above the ground, I was finally able to be sure.

“It is real. This is the ‘resting place of the ancients’.”

The shelter of the ancients was a personal capsule in which those who lived before the destruction of this world were sleeping.

For the children of the sun, slave labor was added, and for the underground people, it was the finest food with a lot of lean meat, so the day the capsule was discovered could be seen as a so-called jackpot.

“Let’s get it out! Help me!”

“But what about ‘gathering’? There is a fixed time to enter the tree of life.”

“You’ll have one more chance before the sun goes down. When you return to the ‘Hive’, say that you found this. Then you will be able to receive the grace of Ra.”

“… … The Grace of Ra?”

Hamei, who had imagined a sweet time, excavated the capsule along with the unbeatable Chuck Wood family.

Although inferior to those of the underground, even the children of the sun had enough stamina and strength to survive the apocalypse.

When the capsule was unearthed without difficulty, the two were able to identify a blond-haired boy sleeping in a glass coffin.

“Wow, the flesh is so white.”

“Let’s open it. I’ve seen my brothers do it before when I went out to gather.”

When the soil was removed, under the glass tube, there was a large inscription in the language of the ancients.

Silence Artificial Hibernation Co., Ltd.

“If you touch somewhere here… … .”

When I pressed the green button, the capsule shook and the light came on, and I heard a woman’s voice as the engine started.

– system up and running. Unhibernate subject code number 10111-111001.

– Hibernation time 2,473 years 287 days 14 hours 9 minutes 42 seconds.

The capsule, which had been silent as if lost in thought, reported the results after a while.

– Lack of memory power. Loss of user information. Release hibernation.

Suddenly, the glass panes ricocheted away with a bang.

Then, as smoke billowed as if it were on fire, Hamei grabbed Woodga’s arm.

“Are you really okay, brother?”

“don’t worry. because it doesn’t explode. The same smoke came out when the older brothers woke up the Ancients before.”

After the smoke cleared, the two looked inside the capsule.

The whole process was over, but the blonde-haired boy was still asleep and showed no signs of waking up.

“What do we do? Should I wake up? hey, hey Open your eyes.”


The moment Woodgar grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him, the boy’s eyes widened and his upper body jumped up.

“… … done. I really woke up.”

The boy gasped for breath, unable to even blink, like someone waking up from a nightmare.

Then I looked around to see if I had come to my senses.

‘Where are you? What happened?’

Many memories were lost, and it was not even clear who he was.

Woodga, who met the boy’s eyes, spoke in an overbearing voice as he had heard from his brothers.

“What, what are you looking at? If you wake up, come out soon. From now on, you are a slave to our colony!”

‘I can’t understand what you’re saying.’

The boy ignored Woodgar and went back to his thoughts.

Memories were jumbled, as information was combined into forms most familiar to the world of Apocalypse.

‘I definitely have memories of going into hibernation… … .’

On the one hand, the memory of living in a world where strange abilities were used remained like a dream.

The problem was that I didn’t know which one was real information.

“Eight! Hey, can’t you come out soon?”

Udgar grabbed the boy’s arm and pulled him away, and a terrified Hamei grabbed hold of the boy’s arm to stop him.

“Brother, don’t do that! What if you get angry and do harm to us?”

“The more you do, the stronger you have to go. You are not a complete slave until you are baptized by Ra.”

‘Wow, what strength is a child… … !’

The boy got out of the capsule, surprised by the strength of the new human being rather than displeased.

In any case, they were the ones who made me wake up again.

“Ah, thank you. But where is this place? No, how long has it been?”

The reason why people are not too surprised to see the world in ruins is because it was foretold from the moment they decided to hibernate.

Unintelligible, Woodga beat her chest and said.

“I am Woodga. And this is Hamei. When you go to the colony later, you must tell Hamei that he found you. Understand?”

‘Wood. hamay. It must be the name.’

“What’s your name?”

Woodgar pointed, and the boy thought again.

‘My Name. Who the hell am I?’

Then, suddenly, as if my head was about to break, a headache rushed in, and the memories that were broken like shrapnel scratched through my brain.

-The 2nd power plant collapsed! Out of output! You can’t hibernate everyone!

-shut up! The people waiting in the capsule are still awake!


-At least one more person can be saved! for humanity! We will survive to the end!

The conversation the researchers were shouting at was clearly heard in the ears of the boy lying in the capsule.

After a while, a golden cord passed inside the glass coffin, and his eyes, trapped inside, shook with anxiety.

-ha! ha! ha!

– Activate the artificial hibernation system. Molecular activity ceases. Minus 273 degrees Celsius.

– Aaaaaa!

The memory was cut off as if cut with a knife.


The boy held his head in a flood of false information and suffered.

“what’s the matter? are you okay?”

The moment Woodgar approached anxiously, a piece of information that was at least close to the truth flashed into the boy’s mind.

“as… … .”


“It’s Rossi. My name will be Rossine. maybe… … .”


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