Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 531

[531] IN THE CODER (2)

At the point where 24 hours had passed since then, Miro and the others were still unable to even approach the Under Coder.

In order to go to Under Coder, you must first enter Dremo.

The problem was that in order to find Louver, a dreamer, he needed the ability of Lucid Dream to recognize reality even in a dream.

Marsha managed to achieve her lucid dream in only two attempts, but Lian was having a hard time.

“Do you really have to go through Drimo? Can’t we just break away from the dream?”

Fermi shook his head.

“Under Coder is a realm outside the mind. Drug designers have tried several times, but they have failed. Dream Star only works in Drimo.”

“Did you hear? Let’s do it right this time, okay?”

At Marsha’s words, Lian nodded despondently and went into the next room.

I followed the advice to reduce psychological pressure, but honestly, I didn’t even know what a lucid dream was.

“shit! Do I have to struggle to dream now?”

So the four of them fell into a dream again.

The dream he entered under the control of Arius was a slum with intricately connected alleys.

Miro, Fermi, and Marsha quickly found each other, but Lian was nowhere to be seen this time either.

The place where the three found Lian was an empty lot with scrap materials at the end of the alley.

Miro shook his head as he watched him wielding a rotten piece of wood and muttering something.

“I fell for Lilpin.”

Reelpin is the opposite concept of awareness, meaning a state of complete loss of focus in a dream.

“You shouldn’t cut it this way, but maybe that way is okay, and if you still have to do it… … .”

said Fermi.

“It’s a meaningless murmur.”

“hey! Ryan! Wake! This is a dream!”

Marsha made a horn and shouted, but Lian couldn’t hear it anymore.

Frustrated, she asked Fermi.

“What must I do to get out of Reel Pin?”

“It just needs to be shocking enough to be aware of. But you will wake up from your dream.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Marsha strode forward and hit Lian on the back of the head with all her might.


The moment I heard a boom, the real Lian jumped up.


I had been beaten in my dream, but I was touching the place where I had been hit with a tingling sensation when the door slammed open.

Marsha stood with her shoulders raised and strong.

“However, until you need to hit… … .”

Marsha quickly walked in and raised her hand to hit Lian in the back of the head.


However, it was different from the dream, and this time Marsha’s hands were tingling.

“Why are you hitting me?”

“wanna die? Are you doing this on purpose? They say that even ordinary people can do it with the help of experts!”

“I’m dreaming, how do I know it’s a dream?”

Marsha let out a long sigh.

“Listen. If you fail, Sirone will never come back here again. Are you still okay?”

Ryan’s face hardened with tension.

‘Yes, I have to save Sirone. But what should I do… … .’

Marsha, knowing that the person she was most upset with was Rihanna, corrected her expression and read it.

“If technology doesn’t work, try it with guts. It’s unconditionally awakening in a dream. Think of Sirone.”

“I will try again. Let’s start right now.”

And exactly 24 hours later, all four of them finally gathered in a dream in a lucid dream state.

When I asked for a job in search of Mongin Louver, he suggested three jobs related to love, power, and honor.

And when Miro and his party all refused, he made a playful face and opened a door in his dream.

“Go in. Dream whatever you want.”

The party who entered through the door opened their eyes wide at the scenery that had changed in an instant.

The door that came out had already disappeared, and in a world covered in light fog, buildings of impossibly tall heights rose through the sky.

“It is very high. It cannot be compared to Heaven.”

“It is not a building that actually exists.”

I lowered my head at Arius’ voice, and a dog with fluffy blue hair sat there.

Arius’s desire to become a labyrinth dog was projected in the form of an incarnation.

“What do you mean by not really?”

“It’s just information about the scenery. The specific condition of the building would not have been made.”

“It is for ornamental purposes. Like a background prop in a play.”

Then the ground shook with a thud.

The faces of the party who reflexively looked at the sky all turned pale.

“cotton candy?”

Marsha said in a trembling voice.

“who… … Did you want to eat cotton candy? then don’t speak I would have bought it for you.”

“no. It’s not just our thoughts. This is also why Drimo is dangerous.”

said Fermi.

“Sorry, but there are more serious things than that. It’s time for the capsule to dissolve. The drug effect of the Dream Star will be activated soon.”

As predicted, the bodies of the four people lying side by side in reality trembled lightly.

As the Dream Star awakened the brain and conveyed the sense of reality to the brain, the landscape of Drimo began to vibrate wildly.


At the same time, the color of the cotton candy turned cloudy, as if it had been soaked in dirty water, and then released like smoke and hit the party.

“It’s a start! Pay attention to the focus and run!”

As Fermi led the way, Miro followed and asked.

“Why are you here all of a sudden? Was it bad food?”

“It is because of the medicinal effect. We have become alien beings that we shouldn’t be in Dremo.”

Lian chin towards the front.

“Then is that normal too?”

Amidst the shaking of the world, all visible structures were falling apart like fragments.

The dream was about to collapse.

“Come this way!”

As Fermi turned sharply and opened the door to the building, the remaining four men jumped toward the door.

The scenery changed again, and the four of them were devastated when they found the endless expanse of the sea outside the deck.


They were in a boat, and no matter where they looked, there was no exit.

“What do we do? This place will soon collapse too.”

“You can’t get out of Drimo just by changing dimensions like this. We must somehow get to the edge of the sea or find an exit to a new dimension.”

“for a moment! Something is wrong!”

The waterway swayed as if the ground was shaking, and the seawater began to rise high.

As if there was a fire under the sea, all kinds of sea creatures jumped out of the water and dived in an arch.

“I guess I can’t make it on time.”

It may be the end of the information that only 10 meters ahead is the sea.

However, if you believed in it and rowed and made a mistake in your judgment, you would be completely submerged here.

“I-over there… … !”

Marsha paused and pointed at the sky, and everyone turned around.

A giant white pillar the size of a planet descended obliquely from the sky and was submerged in the distant sea.

The four of them stared at the empty space, devastated.

A child’s face, lacking a few chromosomes, floated across the sky, and a white pillar was held in the child’s mouth.

“Another dimension is starting to interfere.”

“Run away! Get off the boat!”

Miro buoyed the party up with air magic and flung herself out of the deck.

As soon as he desperately climbed up into the sky, the child’s cheeks dug a hollow, and the water level of the sea water instantly fell and was sucked into the white pillar as if evaporating.

The sight of the planet’s seawater being sucked in all at once was beyond common sense, shocking me just to see it.

Arius, who was riding on Miro’s back, shouted.

“I found it!”

“where are you?”

“That pillar, no, it’s in the straw!”

I found the only passage to another dimension, but I didn’t even have to use a child.

When the sea disappeared, air began to be sucked in, and four humans and a dog also entered it.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

When the child blew out the air, beautiful soap bubbles were born and flung along with the wind.

Five soap bubbles burst, and Miro and the others looked around with surprised expressions.

Pretty children were playing with soap bubbles.

However, the aftermath of the collapse came immediately, without time to savor the lingering aftertaste of escape.

The children burst into frightened weeping as the darkness began to creep in from far outside the meadow.

As if in response, the ground shook, and at last countless slime-like forms descended from the darkness that covered the sky.

“Nightmare! Never touch! If you touch it, this world will turn into a nightmare!”


Sharp-looking darkness rushed towards Miro and the others.

Rian, who was about to swing his sword reflexively, remembered Arius’ advice and immediately denied it.

As the upper body twisted as if the space was distorted, Nightmare passed by narrowly passing his chest.

“Too many numbers!”

Although the speed itself was not very fast, each movement without inertia seemed to use axing.

Miro sent two Nightmares between his flanks and shouted at Fermi.

“Can’t we escape by moving through space?”

“Can you keep the focus?”

“Have you forgotten who I am?”

“Then do it quickly!”

As soon as Fermi’s words were finished, Miro took everyone and cast space movement, and immediately darkness descended like the sky collapsing and crushed the earth.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

The great darkness endlessly pursued the flashes of space movement, like the leg of an elephant stepping on an ant.

“Where the hell is the end!”

Arius shouted.

“It’s expanding because of Nightmare! You will never get out of here!”

“Oh, really!”

When the maze stopped moving in space and set the party down, a huge Nightmare pushed forward from the horizon in a shape resembling a human hand.

“Let’s do this until the end!”

Glaring at the Nightmare that was flooding in and covering the world, Miro held out her hands with her palms together in front of her.

Mind transcendence Banya-Sunshujang.

A huge incarnation of Kannon was born from the halo of the labyrinth and pierced Nightmare’s heart with the joined hands.

When Miro spread his arms, Hwasin took the same action and tore Nightmare’s body from side to side.

“it’s okay! let’s go!”

Ignoring Rian and Marsha’s absurd expressions, Miro immediately casts a spatial shift and escapes everyone outside of Nightmare’s realm.

“What’s left now?”

Fermi said with an embarrassed expression.

“It’s a nightmare.”

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The meadow rocked as if floating on the sea, and then an explosion occurred in the ground.

The maze and the others spread themselves out and zigzag as much as possible, but time slowly started to slow down.

‘shit! It’s nightmare time.’

Explosive noises were heard from all sides, and pillars of fire shot up from beneath the ground.

And finally, a gigantic explosion that was incomparable to before exploded at the halfway point connecting the party with a line.


In the slowed time, they all rose into the sky, and were spun freely by the impact.

Marsha could clearly see the slowly moving party as if they were floating.

As I passed Arius, who was pathetically turned upside down and his tongue was sticking out, and my gaze moved back to the flames of the explosion, a thrill I had never experienced in my life filled up.

A huge flame filled with hot heat spread out and became a single flower in full bloom.

Fire flowers are blooming everywhere.

The surface of the flower was shiny as if it had been oiled, and as it burned like gold, it lit up the world like daylight.

“ah… … .”

Marsha looked at it with hazy eyes.

‘It’s a really awesome nightmare.’

At the same time, time returned.


Just before losing focus, Miro wrapped Marsha’s waist and flew toward the horizon.

Everyone was already gathered around her.

The biggest explosion spread a shock wave, blowing the bodies of Miro and his party hundreds of meters away, and just before falling into the floating reel fin, Miro fell and rolled on the floor.

“Whoa, whoa.”

Marsha couldn’t calm down her excitement, as if the fierce scene she had just seen was still vivid, and Lian also had a depressed expression.

“You have arrived.”

Fermi smiled and pointed forward.

“This is the end of the mind.”

No explanation was needed.

It was because the sunset I saw in the meadow far away was right in front of me.

Like a picture painted on a wall, there was no error in size when viewed from a distance.

“Information is no longer being generated. If you cross this boundary, it becomes the domain of undercoders.”

Miro courageously rolled up her sleeves and moved on.

“Okay, then shall we begin in earnest?”

Miro, who paused in front of the setting sun, pushed her body as if she had made up her mind, and her body disappeared inside like an illusionary curtain.


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