Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 529

[529] Helper (5)

People in the restaurant turned to Lian.

The hottest topic in the neighborhood was Macha’s knight, so it’s no wonder that he was surprised, but it was because he intuited something from the great sword Lian was wearing or the characteristics of his blue hair.

“Could it be that they are both impersonators? Or maybe one side is real.”

It wasn’t too far from Raffne Village, so it wasn’t outrageous that there was a real one among them.

“But that young man himself said, he is not a knight of Macha.”

The man who claimed to be a knight of Macha was embarrassed when people’s reactions were lukewarm unlike usual.

Then, realizing that the cause was a young man with luckily blue hair who was wearing a greatsword, he approached.

“Hey, you. Is it funny that I’m a knight of Mach? Why are you spitting out what you ate and making a mess?”

“A knight of Macha?”

When Rian asked, the man raised his voice and shouted as if this was an opportunity.

“Yes, I am Rian, the Rising Divine, Knight of Mach!”

‘Something like that.’

Rian also knew how prevalent fake names could be as she wandered the world.

Of course, I didn’t even imagine that someone would impersonate his name, which is only anonymous.

“You are Lian. Then what’s your last name?”

Rumors abounded, but Macha’s knight’s family was hidden behind a veil, so people’s eyes shone with curiosity.

“Do you want to know that? good night! I’ll give you a special light today! I’m Ryan of the Ryan family! It’s Ryan Lian!”

One of the guests pretended to know.

“It was too. Well, at least Ryan deserves the title of Mach’s knight.”

The Ryan family is one of the 7 sects called the 7 swords of the Kingdom of Baiden, and was characterized by exciting swordsmanship like the Ogent family.

‘It’s the Ryan family… … .’

Ryan put down the tableware and stood up.

There was no way a swordsman from such a great family would pretend to be someone else’s name, but even if it were true, it was unacceptable for someone else to use one of the names that represented the family.

“You are not Ryan. The swordsman named Lian is nineteen years old with blue hair, and uses a straight sword rather than a saw blade. And the last name is Ogent. One of the oldest swordsmanship families in Tormia Kingdom.”

When Lian made a strange noise, the man staggered.

‘What is this bastard?’

His real name is Alf.

A member of a bandit group, he was betrayed by his subordinates while leading a small mountain village, and dreamed of gaining fame by training as a knight.

“Stop talking nonsense! Do you think you will be deceived if you mention the name of another country? And how do you know that?”

Rian approached, scratching the blue-haired head.

“Because I am Lian.”

“haha! Are you Ryan? what? Ryan!”

Alf’s eyes widened.

“Yes, Lian. I don’t know if it’s Macha’s knight or what, but I’m Lian anyway. So, if you want to get your name known, either fight it yourself or find out someone else’s name.”

Cold sweat flowed down the back of Alf, who never knew he would meet the real person in a place like this.

‘No, I’m not sure yet. I go around cheating too, so what’s not to say that this guy isn’t a cheater? All you have to do is dye your hair, and that sword… … .’

Alf couldn’t lie to the true value of <Idea> because he had been wielding a sword in his own way.

It intuitively felt the ideality of the objet, which had no brilliance in its rough form, but could not have even a small scratch, let alone teeth.

“Hey guys, so who is the real Lian?”

“Aren’t they both fake? That would be really funny! Fuhahaha!”

The situation in which they both claimed to be Lian was ridiculous regardless of whether it was true or not, and the atmosphere in the restaurant turned into a circus.

‘Damn it… … .’

It could be the same impostor, but it could also be real, and more than anything, I felt like this guy was real.

‘Do not be ridiculous. Give up here?’

The events of the past few days passed in Alf’s mind like a kaleidoscope.

The rising god of swordsmanship, Macha Knight Lian.

The awe-inspiring gazes from people he hadn’t received when he was a mere bandit, the unknown swordsmen who came to him with all their might to build friendships, and especially the hospitality in the entertainment district were the best.

‘How did I come up here?’

The fact that I realized while living as a knight of Mach is that in the end, the world is all about name value.

It was the logic of the world that a person with the same skill but with a reputation would teach his subordinates in a safe place, and an unknown swordsman would be decapitated by a general’s sword while wandering around the battlefield.

“shut up! I am Mach’s knight! I am Lian!”

Alf decided to risk the adventure of a lifetime.

Here, you will defeat the blue kid and become a true Mach knight.

“calm down. I’m not trying to fight you. You don’t even have to apologize. I’m just going to go back like this and tell you not to use the name Lian from now on. Isn’t that the end?”

Alf couldn’t accept it.

When it comes out like this, doesn’t it seem as if the real and the fake have been decided?

“no! I’m real! If you want to use the name Ryan, you’ll have to kill me. Why are you not confident? Avoiding a fight must be proof that you are fake!”

A few people nodded their heads proudly.

They had their own reasons, and they regretted trying to finish with words what could have been done with fists.

200 meters away from the restaurant where Ryan is.

Miro was eating spicy chicken skewers, a specialty of Weiden, at a stall selling local produce.

Every time she crossed the border several times, her outfit was also evolving.

Her braided hair was pulled up like a sheep, revealing her entire neckline, and she was wearing a robe much larger than her body size, with red letters written on both arms.

“Oh wow, it’s spicy. But this is really delicious.”

“… … Where the hell did you come from?”

It was a strange outfit to the owner of the stall, but I just thought it was strange because of his outstanding appearance.

“I went all over the place. Oh, give me one more.”

The stall owner handed over freshly grilled chicken skewers.

“Eat slowly. If you eat too much, you might feel sick to your stomach.”

“are you okay. I even ate snakes in the desert.”

“It’s a fight! It’s a fight in the restaurant alley!”

Then a man ran behind the maze and shouted.

“The knight of Mach has appeared! Gather quickly before you miss a good viewing!”

The owner of the stall looked at the crowd and said,

“Awesome. Mach’s knight came here. If it’s not the store, I’m going to look around.”

“You know, too, the knight of Macha?”

“Everyone knows. Wasn’t he the swordsman who not only destroyed the gang of bandits but also defeated Ramdas? Rumors have already spread to the capital of Weiden. What’s his name, like Lian?”


Turning her head toward the restaurant alley, Miro put the remaining half of the chicken skewers in her mouth at once and munched.

“Swing there! I’ll scrape it off with a saw blade! Ai, in that case, you should wrestle! Close the gap!”

When Miro arrived in front of the restaurant, an arena had already been built out of crowds.

When the guards arrived, they disbanded on their own, so they seemed to be enjoying the moment by burning their souls.

When I squeezed in and looked at it, the aspect of the battle was quite bizarre.

While the hairy giant wielded a vicious weapon, the blue-haired young man showed no will to fight back even with a sword.

“Hey, what are you doing! fight! Are you scared? If this happens, the saw blade greatsword will be confirmed as Lian!”

The onlookers tried to provoke them, but Lian refused to listen.

While destroying the Red Spear Bandits, Shimma completely disappeared, and only you could decide whether to cut or not.

‘Why are you so eager to fight? Do I even need to use a sword for something like this?’

Until now, Lian had been able to wield a sword without hesitation against people who aimed at him, but he did not become a particularly good person.

‘It doesn’t seem like they’re fighting.’

that’s the key.

It was because he did not feel any threat from the sword his opponent wielded.

‘It’s changed since I killed 100 people.’

I can afford to not be nervous, so I can see properly.

‘You’ve become stronger.’

Lian, who finally realized his change, tasted a brief bliss even at the moment of battle.

“You bastard!”

Alf, feeling that as a mockery, charged forward raising his serrated greatsword into the sky.

When Lian, who had been thinking about something else, came to his senses, the saw blade was already 30 centimeters in front.

If it had been before, his heart would have been pounding, but now Lian was seeing it properly.

‘It’s still okay. There is about a span of margin.’

Lian, whose inertia had been denied, twisted his upper body as if bouncing, and bang! And the serrated greatsword struck the ground.

“what? Wasn’t that just weird?”

The onlookers murmured.

It was because the moment Lian dodged the attack, he felt as if the scenery around him was distorted.

Miro’s eyes twinkled.

‘It’s a yaksha.’

With that, the judgment was over.

“You child… … !”

Alf bared his teeth like a wolf, but his legs were slowly drawing back.

Axing, which changes the laws of the body, betrays the future situation that humans expect through learning.

The sense of distance caused the illusion of the eyes, but people who didn’t know couldn’t help but feel possessed by magic.

“I found it, Lian.”

At that time, when Miro entered the confrontation area, Alf frowned and said in displeasure.

“What are you? If you want to go out with the knight of Macha, come later. The confrontation is not over yet.”

“No, it’s over. I’ll tell you who’s pretending.”

“what? As little as four… … .”

I said so, but I was secretly looking forward to it, so I couldn’t stop it openly.

Anyway, if it’s a half-and-half chance, isn’t it possible to point to yourself?

But unlike the wind, Miro pointed at Alf’s face as if he didn’t even have to think.

“You are the fake.”

As much as he was stabbed by his conscience, Alf went into a rage.

“what! Stop talking nonsense! Do you have any proof that I’m fake?”

“Of course it is. From what I heard, the knight of Macha destroyed the bandits to save the threatened woman. There’s no way that such a wonderful person could have looked like you, right? So you are not No, it shouldn’t be you.”

Reason disappeared from Alf’s eyes.

“You damn girl!”

And the moment the serrated greatsword was thrust down vertically, Lian hugged Miro and swung the sword.

“Oh my goodness.”

bang! As the swords of the two swords collided for the first time, Alf was stunned by the strength beyond common sense.

“crazy… … !”

To bounce a greatsword down with two hands with one hand.

“Are you okay?”

Rian looked back at the maze and asked.

“Yes, Thanks. As expected, the knight of Macha is kind.”

“Go outside. For a third party to enter the venue of the showdown is to damage the reputation of the prosecutor.”

The smile of Miro, who pretended to be a young lady, disappeared.

“You are Sirone’s friend Lian. You must go with me now.”

Ryan’s face turned pale as if he had been struck by lightning.

“Do you know Sirone? What happened?”

“I need your help. Are you going or not?”

As if there was no need to worry, Lian mounted a greatsword behind his back and announced that he was ready to leave.

“I will go. Where are you now?”

‘Phew, it’s much easier than Marsha.’

Even now, thinking about the conversation I had with the suspicious Marsha all day long under the guise of interrogation made my bones tingle.

“This damn girl is ignoring me!”

Alf aimed for Miro’s back and charged.

He was the leader of a gang of bandits, so he wasn’t the type to discriminate between a child and a girl if he was wrong.

“I’ll sharpen your face with a saw!”

Miro’s eyes, which felt alive, cooled coldly.

The moment she gently pushed Lian’s chest away and turned around, a figure of Kannon appeared in her halo.

As the relativity of time activates as if separated from the world, Alf has a strange experience.

In the scale wizard’s thoughts, time and space were split to the limit, and the palms were coming down like a fan, following the trajectory of the arm’s movement.

The serrated greatsword engaged Miro’s palms precisely, and then countless Kannon’s palms pushed in succession, compressing the power.

Deed deed deed!

Just by squeezing it from both sides, the thick blade swayed like rubber, and the iron handle shattered like glass, spreading a shockwave.


Alf, who collapsed with a scream, looked blank when he noticed the smoke rising from between Miro’s palms.

As she untied her palms, the red-hot iron plate in the shape of a palm fell with a snapping sound.

“This, this… … .”

It was in a completely compressed state like a thin film, and the iron that had escaped the heat was burning black.

Rian lightly shook his hands and looked at the approaching maze with an absurd expression.

“What the hell are you… … .”

Miro smiled and pushed Lian’s back as if he had never done that before.

“let’s go. I’ll explain as I go.”

Thus, the final puzzle for the journey to hell was completed.


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