Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 528

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[528] Helper (4)

Northern Eymond Republic.

The Republic of North Eymond, ruled by the iron man Igor, is famous for its reign of terror.

The society is extremely closed, the people are belligerent, and because of the propensity to commit suicide attacks in matters directly related to their own interests, they can be said to be troublemakers in the world that cannot be easily occupied even by powerful countries.

They have a strong legal means of cutting off their wrists if they steal, but the crime continues.

In the Republic itself, it is not uncommon to see even street children wearing small knives, as the people’s first requirement is fighting power.

Dormica, the only port city allowed to be opened to other countries, was a time bomb in the West Continent where all kinds of war weapons were traded.

Mercenaries, pirates, and ex-soldiers have settled here, and security is not known.

The reason why even Igor’s powerful power cannot sweep away the forces of darkness is that the security forces are no different from other forces.

They usually receive money on the condition that they allow other organizations to trade arms, and in some cases, large-scale wars between the security forces and other organizations take place.

Most of the trade ships entering the port were loaded with weapons, and tourists could not be seen even after washing their eyes.

So it was only natural that everyone’s eyes would be focused on a blue-haired woman who had just landed at the port.

“Hey, this is North Eymond.”

Miro was a tourist no matter who saw it.

Her long hair was braided and wrapped like a scarf, and she wore light makeup.

She was dressed in accessories perfect for targeting, wore a long sweater with sleeves that fell below her wrists, and the skirt was short enough to expose her thighs, giving her a lively impression overall.

In Dormica, the only women dressed like this would be idiots who sold their bodies or sold their minds.

“Whee! Miss, do you have any guts? Are you saying that if you go around exposing your skin like that in a place full of hungry wolves, you want to be eaten?”

Workers who work to deliver fish approached.

The waterproof overalls smelled fishy, ​​and he had a bunch of kitchen knives hanging from his belt.

The bald man hugged Miro by the shoulders and pressed his face closer.

“How about playing with us? I know some really awesome fun places.”

“Oh, I was just looking for a similar place. Where is it?”

“Where are you? right here.”

The man brought Miro’s hand to his groin.

“Puhaha! how is it? Do you look like a blue whale? I will never catch a fish once… … Aaaaagh!”

The man’s eyes widened as if they were going to pop out, then he grabbed him and knelt down.

“My, my… … !”

The workers, who had been staring blankly at her unable to speak in pain, took out kitchen knives and surrounded the maze.

“Is this crazy! do you know who we are If you catch James fish by mistake, you’ll be eating fish that day!”

Miro wiped his hands on his clothes as if they were stained with dirt and held them out.

“Ah, done. Do you guys know where the Ostoth Tavern is?”

The steps of the men who were approaching as if they were going to strike at any moment stopped abruptly.

The Ostos Tavern was one of the three forces that enforced its own laws in the lawless area of ​​Dormica.

“what is your identity? If you’re trying to figure out how to get out of here, don’t leave it to your imagination what you’re going to do right here.”

Sometimes that is the case.

The fact that those who had no money and no strength mentioned the Ostoth bar to save their lives.

It was to use the rule established there, ‘no attack on outsiders’.

“Because I don’t know the geography of this place. They say it’s at the Ostoth Bar.”

As the maze approached, looking left and right without showing the slightest sign of fear, the worker also felt the need to check.

“Who are you looking for there?”

Miro, who was looking around the mall, turned around and smiled.

“The Fallen Virgin.”

Miro arrived in front of the Ostos pub by following the road he had heard from the worker, and looked up at the 4-story building.

The first and second floors were taverns, the third floor was an accommodation, and the fourth floor was a gambling hall.

However, the place Miro was heading to was a place not open to the general public but known to everyone, deep underground in the Ostos pub.

When I went down to the second basement floor, there were two prosecutors guarding the large door.

I felt the energy of vigilance on the ground, but from here on, the temperament of living was different.

“Hmm, as expected, you’re resourceful.”

If it is enough to have a prosecutor of this level as a gatekeeper, it is safe to say that the almost ruined organization has been raised to a level comparable to its heyday.

Above all, it gave me more confidence in that it was an achievement achieved in just one year.

“What are you? Who let you in?”

“Have you ever let anyone in?”

The gatekeepers turned to each other and immediately drew their swords.

“Reveal your identity. This is not a place where puns work.”

“oh? I am real.”

After striding forward, Miro held out both hands in front of the gatekeeper.

Banya’s Quan Yin field rushed in like the wind, pushing away the gatekeeper and knocking the door open.

About 10 people were randomly scattered in a 40-pyeong room, doing their own chores.

The room surrounded by stone walls was gloomy like an underground tomb, but the most impressive thing was that none of them were shaken by the appearance of uninvited guests.

The three men sitting at the table, smoking and playing cards, didn’t even look to the door.

“Keugh! It’s a raid.”

The gatekeeper crawled in belatedly and called out, but there was still no response.

A man lying in a hammock blowing on a bottle of alcohol burped and turned his head.

“I know, child. We have brains too! Who is the guest this time? Snide, is that you?”

A tall man with a thick cigar said as he pulled out a deck of cards.

“I don’t know. There aren’t any girls around here who look like that.”

A moment of silence ensued.


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The man lying in the hammock exclaimed in annoyance.

“Oh really! Anyone step in and do something! It’s an attack!”

“Then you can do it.”


Miro just watched as the executives played separately.

At that moment, a woman’s voice was heard from behind the large man.

“Okay, who are you?”

When the man opened his eyes, he saw a woman with bobbed hair resembling a cat sitting at a table and bouncing an abacus.

Standing beside him was a pale man with no eyebrows, expressionless enough to make him look like a wax figure.

“Are you the Fallen Mother?”

“Some idiots call it that. But who are you?”

Miro groaned and moved on.

“I thought I had come to my senses after being treated like that at Galliant. I still haven’t escaped the thieves.”

Clap! Clap!

The moment the words ended, everyone in the room aimed their weapons at the maze.

The action was so swift that it felt as if two pictures had been swapped in an instant.

Miro glanced to the right.

Suddenly, a man without eyebrows approached and held a gun equipped with magic bullets to his temple.

“This is your last chance. Reveal your identity.”

“well. Who is it?”

The woman spoke at the same time as her finger on the magic bullet’s trigger was bent.

“Stop it, Freeman.”

The maze gave it a passing grade.

If you can’t even measure the opponent’s ability, you don’t even deserve to enter the Abyss.

“Does the fact that you bring up the word Galliant mean that you know who I am?”

“of course. The leader of the parrot thieves, Clay Marsha.”

The leader of the bandits who were defeated after a fierce battle with Sirone and the others on Galliant Island the other day.

According to Theraje’s intelligence, he is an excellent scammer and an outsider.

He used the ability to extract other people’s magic due to the trauma of his adoptive father, but it was possible that he was replaced with another ability due to ‘catharsis’ from Sirone.

After putting away the papers, Marsha turned to the maze and crossed her legs.

He pulled out a long smoking pipe, put it in his mouth, and Freeman quickly returned and lit it.

“Yes, I am Clay Marsha. Then, did you think that even an angel with wings could sit there?”

“Oh, Sirone will be sad to hear it.”

At the word sirone, Marsha’s eyebrows moved subtly, but she asked again for the smoking pipe with a calm expression.

“Oh, that kid? I don’t know how you know Sirone, but the reality isn’t that easy. What I learned is stealing.”

Some strength can be demonstrated by letting go of something precious.

Realizing that she was a formidable woman, Miro went straight to the point.

“Sirone has a little problem. If you come, I think it will be of great help in solving the problem.”

Marsha didn’t even show signs of worrying.

“sorry. I’m busy these days. Find someone else.”

“Actually, it is a very serious matter. Maybe I’ll never wake up.”

Even without knowing everything, Marsha was drawn in her eyes.

Perhaps this time, he would have thrown everything for someone other than himself.

“It’s hard. But, as you probably already guessed, sirone is not my taste.”

He left Galliant and wandered around the world, growing his power.

He placed powerful subordinates under his command, settled in the port city of North Eymond, and fought fiercely while gradually forgetting the memory of Sirone.

“good. I’m in the wrong place. Sorry for taking up your busy time.”

Miro, who turned around without regret, patted the gatekeeper on the shoulder, who was grinding his teeth, and left the door.

Fermi wanted someone who had a deep emotional connection with Sirone, and Marsha, who experienced ‘catharsis’, was the first target, but if he had already left his heart, there was no need to waste any more time.

“for a moment.”

At Marsha’s call, Miro turned around again.

“Why me? If it’s enough for a master like you to go around looking for helpers, there won’t be many without me, right?”

“well. I don’t know too much about that… … .”

Miro shrugged.

“Isn’t it because Sirone hugged her with her heart?”

“… … .”

Marsha narrowly opened her eyes and let out a long puff of smoke.

“Everyone is out.”

All the executives passed through the maze like a waterway and disappeared out the door in an instant.

* * *

A restaurant in the kingdom of Baiden.

Leaving Raffne Village and finally arriving at a place that could be called a city, Lian was madly chewing meat as if to compensate for his hunger.

Despite his strong body and the great sword on his back, his voracious appetite caught the attention of the people in the restaurant at a glance.

“Mister, give me another steak!”

The restaurant owner grilled the meat and placed it in front of Lian with a terrified expression.

It’s already the fourth steak.

Looking at his outfit, he never seemed to have a lot of money, but the aura he exuded was seriously heavy, and he was suffering only inwardly.

“Hey, there, guest.”


“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry… … .”

The restaurant owner was almost in tears.

“Will you give me the money?”

Lian, who was staring at it with a blink of an eye, finally realized it and put the tableware down.

“Oh, sorry. It’s the way it’s going, so you might be suspicious. I’ll pay you in advance.”

When Lian robbed him of his travel expenses and paid for it, the owner finally looked relieved.

He mustered up the courage to ask if the guest’s favor had relieved his tension.

“But maybe… … Isn’t your guest the famous Macha knight?”

“A knight of Macha?”

Ramdas’s squire quickly spread rumors about Lian, but Lian, who had just arrived in the city, was a stranger.

Above all, he did not even know the name of Ramdas, the opponent he had cut down.

“Yes, Mach’s knight. Rumor has it that he is as big as a guest and possesses the strength to wield an enormous sword with one hand.”


Ryan thought for a moment and then waved his hand.

“I am just an unknown prosecutor. Macha’s knight seems to be someone else.”

Some of the guests grumbled annoyedly when Lian was honest.

Rumors tend to be exaggerated, but after seeing Lian’s prayers, he was on his own.

“Sheesh, what is it? Wasn’t it fake?”

“I know. Confusingly, he wears a greatsword. I mean, that’s ridiculously big. I don’t think I can even swing it.”

“Are there only one or two people like that on this floor? When someone raises their reputation, you and I impersonate each other and get a free ride.”

“Still, how do I follow Mach’s knight? They say that he single-handedly cut down an entire group of bandits that numbered over 100.”

Amidst all the talk, Lian’s whole mind was only focused on food.

Just then, the restaurant door burst open and a furry man a head taller than Rian entered.

On his back he wore a huge sword with saw blades on both sides.

“Hey, where is the owner of this restaurant? Serve the highest quality steak and alcohol to the knights of Maha.”

“Eh, Mach’s knight?”

All eyes were focused.

Rian also watched the man while chewing the meat, as he had heard it now.

‘That person is a knight of Maha. It’s definitely oversized. Did you learn a swordsmanship similar to mine?’

Satisfied with everyone’s attention, the man raised his chin arrogantly and pointed at himself.

“Yes, this body is the future great swordsman who cut down all the Red Spear bandits, the knight of Macha!”


Everything he was chewing on ran out of Ryan’s mouth.


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