Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 527

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[527] Helper (3)

Transactions in off-regulation depreciation.

Fermi extracts magic from those who sell magic and offers it to those who buy magic in the form of chips and receives a fee for it.

Also, the price of magic is subject to depreciation, which is a constant decrease in value over time.

Basically, the buyer pays the seller and Fermi takes only a certain fee, so no capital is needed to operate the capacity.

However, if Fermi himself became a buyer and traded with a seller, there was a restriction, which was that he could only sign a contract with the profits he had earned from the transaction of depreciation.

Currently, the total amount of commissions Fermi has earned from eating out is approximately 600 million gold.

Of course, Fermi also had to constantly buy chips for school life and broker activities.

For example, the chip used to get a perfect score on all 20 items in the main skill test was called ‘Air Basics’, and it was purchased from a retired certified wizard and the price was about 10 million gold for a 3-month contract.

In this way, the funds currently available for management are about 300 million gold, which is half of the net profit, but it was far short of the amount Fermi was seeking.

In such a situation, a transaction came in that could earn 600 times more money than the operating funds earned so far.

Fermi, who doesn’t show emotion often, had no choice but to lose to Miro this time.

“I extract magic safely with depreciation. And with the proceeds from it, the magic is strengthened. Depending on how you use it, it’s a very effective ability. The only problem is the fee. I don’t know how much you’ve earned so far, or what kind of magic you’ve developed to buy these abilities, but if you’re still not graduating from school, that means you haven’t reached your goal.”

Fermi’s eyes went cold.

“But I proposed a deal worth 190 billion gold. Even with 99% commission. In other words, 188.1 billion gold will be in your hands in 3 years. Are you really going to miss the chance to buy something different from the magic you’ve bought so far?”

“ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Fermi shook his head and smiled.

Even the maze did not know the emotion contained in the smile.

Suddenly, the sound stopped, and Fermi said with a smile on his face.

“answer. After all, you can’t lie to your aunt.”

“of course. So it’s better not to play trivial tricks. Again, the reason I came to you is not because of magic extraction. If there is no way to lift Sirone’s moratorium, you have no choice but to find another regular outsider. Of course, 190 billion gold is floating in the air.”

“Okay, I got it. I understand, so listen.”

Having said that, his mouth did not open for a long time.

Fermi, who was hunched over and leaning on his chin, confessed in passing words.

“There is no way, not at all.”

“I knew it would. What?”

Fermi scratched his head with a troubled expression.

“But it is extremely difficult. I tried to pretend I didn’t know, not because I wanted to gain something more, but because I didn’t even have to think about it. Dangerous aside, it’s very inefficient.”

“Hearing words like that makes Adrias’ blood boil.”

“Sometimes magic moneylenders try. Most of the time when the person is dead. In that case, there is only one option left.”

Fermi snatched the contract from the table and pointed to the signature line.

“Forge a sign.”


Miro let out a soulless exclamation.

“But how? If it’s a magical contract, the target’s will must enter, right?”

“So we need an illegal method. If the current incarnation of Sirone is in a moratorium, we’re going to have the replica of the incarnation sign it.”

“How do you duplicate an incarnation? Even if it’s eating out, it’s something you can’t do when the incarnation of Sirone is asleep.”

“It is not a copy. It’s already copied ‘somewhere’.”

Arius suddenly raised his head.

“no way?”

Miro looked back at Arius.

“Do you know?”

“It is the same principle that I discovered Miro’s trauma in Dremo. The human mind flows into Dremo through dreams. Then what happens to the mind of the dead?”

Miro blinked.

“Since the mind of the deceased is no longer capable of productive activity, it fragments and combines with other information. In the process, the remnants of information that cannot be combined are deposited in the lowest layer. Mental wizards call this information ‘minority conception’.”

Fermi continued.

“Minority conception is unnecessary information to construct the world. It’s so common that it doesn’t even need to be combined with other information, it’s so individual that it’s isolated, it’s so bizarre that it’s ostracized, it’s all here. The world created by depositing this information at the bottom is called ‘The Abyss’.”

Arius answered.

“So it’s serious. Information does not have meaning independently and is combined with numerous information. For example, if only ‘apple’ exists, I don’t know what it is. ‘Red’, ‘fruit’, ‘tree’, ‘sunshine’ and so on refer to each other, and finally we can know what an ‘apple’ is. On the other hand, minority concepts are those excluded from this union. Because most of the information that makes up this world rejects it. Things like ‘murder’ and ‘torture’ are accepted by the world at least, but information below that is the exclusive property of a few.”

“The combination of such information is called The Abyss.”

“yes. Of course, any information in this world will eventually become a minority concept. Over time, information entropy decreases, and new information takes its place. Therefore, the Abyss is like a tomb where information in this world reaches its end.”

Information is all the ingredients that make up this world.

Therefore, Miro could clearly understand what it means to be the final destination of information.

“Is this the last future that this world can reach?”

Arius nodded.

“Apocalypse. Simply put, it is a fictional world that is embodying the end of the world.”

Fermi added.

“When the present changes, the Abyss also changes. But the fact that it is an apocalyptic world remains unchanged. It is a combination of discarded information.”

“And there… … You mean that information about Sirone might be sunk?”

Fermi went back to square one.

“it’s possible. The reason why the Abyss is called hell is that the information of the dead is also accumulated there as a minority concept. However, in the case of a moratorium like Sirone, it is unknown what part was caught as a minority concept. It may be intact, but it may also be significantly damaged.”

“If we restore that information and conclude a contract, will it have the same effect as the one signed by the real Sirone?”

“It is possible if it is properly restored. After all, it’s information no different from the real Sirone.”

Arius was skeptical.

“But how? As productive information, even if we enter Dremo, we will not fall into The Abyss. If you want to go, you have no choice but to die or destroy your mind through severe shock. But then I wouldn’t be able to carry out the operation.”

Fermi gave a meaningful smile.

“I can go, unharmed.”

Miro and Arius looked back at him at the same time.


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“You can go? how?”

“Information that goes into Drimo is combined with other information. The pattern of entangled combinations of extreme numbers is infinite. But even odd by human standards, the information is perfectly intertwined to form a vast world. And only the information rejected from there bounces outside of Dremo and accumulates in The Abyss. thus… … .”

Fermi’s conclusion was simple.

“We can bounce off too. It’s going outside of Dremo. The people who play on this floor call the area this. <The Undercoder>.”

It was the first word that even maze said.

“Those who deal with minority concepts are extremely closed. Reality doesn’t matter to them. Even aunts may be unfamiliar with it because they create and play in their own world in Under Coder. You will probably be surprised when you visit. There are a lot of really interesting worlds.”

“In a word, perversion. Well, I won’t bother asking about your taste. Then how do I get into <Under Coder>?”

“I can’t tell you yet. It’s useless to go to The Abyss now. To restore Sirone’s incarnation, it takes those with whom he shares a close bond. But we… … Isn’t it?”

“Hmm, then how about asking your friends at the magic school?”

Fermi held out his hand.

“That doesn’t work. School is my lifeline. Find someone who has a close relationship with Sirone outside of the magic school. They must also have some level of ability to carry out their duties. These are the two conditions I propose.”

“Is it time for you to set conditions? Do you want to earn money?”

Fermi also shook his head without bending this time.

The fact that the school could not be yielded even before a transaction of 190 billion gold was telling us that Fermi’s final goal was not simply money.

However, since it was important to wake Sirone right away, it was useless to argue now.

‘Anyway, if you want to bypass the moratorium, you’ll have no choice but to get Fermi’s help.’

At that time, the lady-in-waiting called from outside the door.

“Brother, the meal is ready.”

Fermi got up from his seat.

“Let’s eat first. We can spend today here and leave tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I will finish preparing to go to <Under Coder>.”

“The deal is done.”

When I went down to the first floor, the smell of meat pies was overwhelming.

It was a doner coated with tomato sauce, topped with bacon and vegetables, then sprinkled with cheese and baked in the oven.

Miro opened his mouth wide and took a piece of the cheese-strewn pie, then put on an ecstatic expression.

“Oh, it is so delicious. How hard was it to want to eat this?”

“If anyone sees it, they’ll think they’ve starved for a few days.”

At Enrique’s words, Miro spread two fingers.

“20 years.”

While imprisoned in the dimensional wall, he was completely free from physiological phenomena, but when he returned to the world, his metabolism returned to its original place.

An unknown secret given by Guffin.

Also, this must have been the reason Sirone was able to borrow the results of 127 years.

‘Writing a forged contract. To find out what Sirone’s collateral is.’

In order to resolve these two issues, it was necessary to bring in someone who had a deep connection with Sirone.

‘I must go to Kashan. I have to get an autograph anyway.’

Enrique asked openly.

“So, when are you going to leave this house?”

Miro was lost in thought and didn’t answer, so Fermi spoke instead.

“I will be visiting often for the time being. I have something to discuss. Right, aunt?”

“huh? Oh, yes. I’m going to teach you a little bit because you don’t graduate and seem to be fooling around.”

“I look forward to it. To learn from the world’s best wizard.”

Enrique looked at the two suspiciously.

Keeping quiet even to your family means that some kind of deal has already been exchanged.

Also, given that the trade partner was a maze, it was clear that he was caught up in something beyond common sense.

‘After torturing me like that, now they bring their children in?’

Enrique sighed and resigned himself.

I went through a lot of ridiculous things while getting entangled with the maze, but on the other hand, I had never felt that much fun in my life.

‘Okay, let’s leave it alone. Could it be that I will drag you to hell?’

It was a very friendly dining spot.


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