Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 522

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[522] New Covenant (1)

There is an island that does not exist on the map on the sea 34 kilometers from Galliante Island.

This island called ‘Baekdo’, which only old fishermen who have been on a boat for over 40 years know about, was an island that was privatized long ago by an organization from the Galliante Autonomous District.

And currently, Keira, one of the caretakers of the Ivory Tower, was resting in the white island, waiting for an order from the superior.

The scenery of the Cheonhae was full of unknowns.

Numerous animals and plants that have evolved independently, and even cannibal birds that make beautiful sounds like flutes.

Keira was preparing an early morning in a cabin built near a small waterfall.

It was a simple meal, but it was a break after a long time for her who was always busy with work.

“It smells delicious. Is it rabbit stew?”

Keira’s hand stirring the ladle stopped abruptly.

I couldn’t even feel the presence, but the voice was enough.

Armin laughed.

“what? Could it be that you are at the doorstep?”

But, as if Keira hadn’t heard anything, she went back to stirring the ladle.

“… … I’ll come back when I’m offended.”

At the same time as Armin turned around, Keira nervously threw the ladle away.

The ladle rolled on the floor with a bang, and Keira, who was crying, ran with all her might and hugged Armin.

“You bastard! I thought you were dead! really… … I thought you were dead!”

Armin stroked Keira’s back.

“I’m back. As promised.”

Keira, covered in tears, asked with a bright expression.

“Are you completely back? sit down once Are you hungry?”

As busy as her hands preparing the meal, her mouth had no time to rest.

“I was punished for tearing up the pact. For now, stay here until you return. Still, it’s worth the wait. Oh, let’s go to the Ivory Tower right after breakfast. I have to report it.”

“No, Keira. I am not going back to the ivory tower.”

Keira turned around with a dazed expression.

“What are you talking about?”

“I have work to do. I think I will be active in a new team for a while. You will understand.”

“understanding? Maybe if you died, but since you came back alive, you can’t escape the Ivory Tower’s surveillance.”

“Of course it is. But maybe it will be fine. The Ivory Tower will have no choice but to accept my offer this time.”

“What happened? What about the new team?”

“First of all, let’s eat breakfast. I will explain.”

Armin took his time and sat down at the table.

It seemed like today was going to be a long day.

* * *

Basuka, the capital of the kingdom of Tormia.

Returning to the Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy, Kuan put all his luggage into one bag and changed his clothes.

Her eyes when choosing clothes were more cautious than usual, but she wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

‘Should I cut my sleeves? Or is it better to leave it as it is?’

Just then, the door slammed open and a piercing voice was heard.

“You madman!”

It was Kiyora Ellis, a surgeon at the swordsmanship academy.

“Are you here?”

Quan bowed briefly and looked back at the mirror.

“what? Are you here? Yes, here you go, you son of a bitch! The letter of resignation you handed in today. Do you know how much I struggled to get this back?”

Kuan, who was absent from school without permission, was naturally dismissed from the job, but Elise put her powers on hold.

Since she was such a woman, I couldn’t describe the feelings I felt when Kuan returned.

I’m back.

Not enough amputation, one arm is missing.

Especially since she was a surgeon in the field of neural junctions, I was devastated to see my dearest friend go through something like this every time.

Whether he knew this or not, Quan responded with a sense of relief as if he had thrown away old trash.

“Why are you withdrawing? I didn’t sleep at all and took the time to write it. Give it back and come.”

“Ah, sir!”

Elise slammed her resignation letter on the ground.

I’m not training my mutt, what’s the use of this if I’m leaving school anyway?

“What the hell are you doing? You can think while at school, even during vacation! Paid vacation!”

“I got a new job. And you can’t be a teacher anyway. My sword cannot reach the students. So find another teacher right now.”

Elise was also a teacher at a swordsmanship school, so she had a vague sense of what Quan got in return for giving up her arm.

Before leaving school and now, Quan had such a strange temperament that it was safe to say that he was a completely different person.

“You won’t tell me until the end, right? You don’t want to be friends with me, right?”

“I’m past the age of threatening you with something like that. anyway what do you think of this? Should I cut off the sleeves or should I leave them as is?”

“How do I know, man! A man who cut off his own arm, what do you know about sleeves! You’re making me nervous!”

“I guess I should just leave it alone.”

It would be cumbersome in a combat situation, but apparently this side was much better.

Only then did Ellis realize that Quan had changed deep inside.

He paid attention to his clothes, and his attitude towards people was much calmer than before.

He made up his mind to go out into the world after overcoming a long nightmare.

“You really won’t regret it, will you?”


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Quan turned to Ellis and said.

“are you okay.”

Alice couldn’t say anything.

How could you stop him from going in front of his beloved friend’s smile for the first time in 10 years?

“Thank you. I’ll contact you.”

After tapping Ellis on the shoulder and leaving the room, Quan passed through the hallway he always passed through and caught his eyes on the training ground where countless students were tricked.

I missed the boring scenery as much as today.

‘Come to think of it, is he okay?’

Lian dropped out of school to leave for knight training.

After thinking about the result like this, he was one step behind Lian.

‘Maybe we can meet someday.’

Because that is the prosecutor’s destiny.

Kuan got into the carriage he had reserved in advance and told the coachman to go to the city of Kentra.

Tormia is a famous pastoral area, and it was the area where Shiina and I had lunch before going to heaven.

And today, I meet her again.

“I hope it’s not too late.”

Twenty minutes late, Kuan opened the carriage door roughly and entered the restaurant.


It was still a comfortable atmosphere as before, and most of the customers were dressed in simple clothes.

But to them, Quan was an unusual guest.

Since he was wearing a sword and even had a stern look, the restaurant became quiet and his eyes focused.

Then Shiina got up from the table in the corner.

“Here it is, sir.”

Kuan was stunned for a moment and looked at Shiina.

With her glasses off and her hair down, she was a completely different person.

When a beautiful woman greeted Quan, the guests looked at the two in bewilderment.

Even if you don’t want to pay attention to it, you can’t help but have an intrusive gait.

At the restaurant, only Shiina was looking at Kuan with sincere eyes.

“Forgive me for being late.”

“are you okay. Baska is a long way away. How have you been?”

“yes. what… … .”

The first person to contact was Shiina. It must have been that the promise he had made in heaven was on his mind.

Kuan ordered a lamb steak.

Not long after he lost his arm, everything was unfamiliar to him, but he suddenly thought there was no need to order something else.

But that thought soon turned to regret.

The meat was tougher than expected, so it didn’t cut well, and that didn’t mean you couldn’t use a kitchen knife to practice swordsmanship.


Quan’s cutting stopped at the sound of laughter from the table next to him.

When I turned my head, a woman belatedly covered her mouth and lowered her head, and the man on the other side avoided her fidgety gaze.

“Never mind.”

Shiina said.

“I know how strong Mr. Quan is. The stronger she is, the more relaxed she is.”

Realizing her own weakness in Heaven, Shiina also learned what the strong carry on their shoulders.

“I will cut it for you.”

Before Kuan could say anything, Shiina took the plate and took it and cut the steak.

As if it had worked, the eyes of the guests were much warmer than before.

Of course, it was probably a reaction that came from a ridiculous illusion that Shiina was helping the weak.

Kuan just stared at it as if possessed by a ghost.

Come to think of it, my attitude towards myself was quite different from before.

“Sensei Shiina.”

Shiina asked back while focusing on cutting.


“You don’t have to do this. I appreciate your kindness, but if you think you owe me… … .”

Quan stopped talking when he saw a piece of steak suddenly thrust out in front of his eyes.

In terms of swordsmanship, it’s an excellent stab.

When Kuan raised his gaze, Shiina, whose face was as red as a carrot, could not find a place to rest her eyes and spoke.

“Do you want to eat?”

If you’re being chased by a torrent of emotions, there are times when you lose your focus and do crazy things, but now Shiina was like that.

It is true that he had a crush on Kuan, but he had no intention of going so far.

Customers who sensed the atmosphere were excitedly waiting for the man’s choice.

Quan, who had been watching for a long time, smiled softly and put the meat she gave her into his mouth.

“ah… … .”

Then, after politely handing over the fork, he ignored it.

“thank you.”

If Alice had seen this scene, she would have come to the tomb and teased her, but Quan thought that was enough.

No one will criticize me for taking at least one pleasant memory with me before going on a long trip.

After the meal was over, Shiina hesitated for a while in front of the moving carriage.

“I don’t think we will be able to meet often when school starts.”

“yes. You probably do. Never mind.”

Shiina tilted her head, but she was also obsessed with relationships with men anyway, so she was busy trying to say something.

“If it’s okay… … Would you like to write a letter?”

“A letter?”

Kuan, who blinked at the sudden suggestion, nodded after thinking for a while.

“I see. I’ll be waiting for you.”

I could see that Shiina’s face suddenly brightened, probably because she was nervous.

“yes. Then I will send you to the swordsmanship academy.”

“Swordsmanship school… … . Ah yes. I guess that will work.”

“Then, Sensei Kuan, please go home carefully.”

Shiina bowed politely and climbed into the carriage.

Her face was quite flushed as she closed the door.

They get to know each other by exchanging letters with a man they didn’t even know existed until recently.

It was a thrill that he had never felt since he was in debt to Armin as a child.

Quan watched the carriage for a long time before turning to the entrance of the city.

When I entered the forest, the party that had already arrived and was waiting for me appeared.

Armin of Gwangan asked.

“Did you enjoy your meal?”

“I just settled my previous promise, I didn’t go there to enjoy it.”

Kuan said honestly.

Shiina is a good person, but in the position of knowing the secrets of the world, Kuan chose to protect her rather than immediate happiness.

‘I can’t do this. I have to become stronger.’

“Hey, what’s so serious? Like someone who had a last supper.”

Miro and Arius walked out of the bushes on the other side.

Sirone, still wearing Armand’s robe, fell asleep with Arius on his back.

Miro patted Sirone on the head and said.

“Anyway, since we’re all gathered, shall we start soon? You have to wake up this kid first so you can do the next thing.”

After returning from Heaven, Miro asked Armin and Quan to help him with his work.

Armin and Kuan are rivals in a sense, but to her, both were precious talents that she could not give up.

In particular, Quan’s unique swordsmanship, which he realized in heaven, was powerful enough to change the system of swordsmanship spread throughout the world.

“Since I agreed to cooperate, I will go anywhere. Wherever my sword is needed.”

Armin asked.

“So how are you going to wake up Sirone?”

“Nothing has been decided yet. Once I talk to her and her, the answer will come out one way or another.”


Miro said with a smile.

“Theraze, Empress of Kashan.”


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