Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 520

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[520] Unknown Swordsman (4)

Arriving at the beginning of Mount Arch, Lian was lost in thought.

‘I can’t save everyone in the world.’

Also, even if you wanted to save someone, if you didn’t have the ability to do so, it was the same as committing suicide.

“I know, Sirone.”

That this is not like you.

It’s not like me to rush into the enemy camp and die bravely even though I know I’m going to die.

“Yeah, it’s not like that.”

Ryan laughed.

“You just have to go where your heart points.”

The scenery was beautiful, and the clear birdsong embroidered the valley coolly and spread out.

However, the aura of death awaiting him halfway up distorted the whole landscape to the point of dizziness.

The more he did, the faster he walked through the bush.

I didn’t want to waste time if I was going to make a decision.

Just because I lived 5 more minutes didn’t change the history I’ve lived so far.

As we approached the thieves’ sanctuary, two thieves who were patrolling the outskirts drew their swords and blocked our way.

“What are you? Do you know where this is?”

Lian continued moving forward without slowing down.

The eyes of the thieves, who confirmed the trained body and even the long sword behind them, were filled with life.

“stop. if you don’t want to die Who are you?”

Instead of answering, Lian reached over and grabbed the handle of the long sword.

“This child… … !”

Not to be outdone, two thieves ran downhill with their swords pointed.

“I am Lian.”

Lian’s face crumpled as he gritted his teeth, and hot air leaked out between his teeth.

“It’s Sirone’s sword.”

The thieves’ eyes shook in shock.

A huge flash of light was rolling in like a rising tidal wave just off the horizon.

* * *

Silvia was seized with a strange fear, and felt compelled to say anything.

“But why are you looking for him?”

Ramdas leaned back in his chair and twisted his mustache.

“Hmm, according to rumors, he has reached divine transcendence.”

“Divine Transcendence?”

“You move your body with the power of your will. Of course, it is unclear whether this is actually possible, but it is true that it is an interesting topic for prosecutors. The reason why I left knight training at this age was to confirm the reality of divine transcendence. That’s why I want to meet you. Will Mach’s knight really be able to cut me to pieces?”

Liz looked up and asked.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Chuck! It’s unknown, little lady. Kill or die, you have to stick around to know. If he really is a yaksha from mythology, my black iron armor would be nothing more than a sheet of paper.”

After saying that, Ramdas aimed his gaze at Sylvia.

“Now, stop talking. Knight of Maha, where are you?”

I don’t think he’s the type to harass women.

However, his more eccentric temperament suggested that he would surely kill if he kept his mouth shut.

“He is the benefactor of our family. He did kill Fox, but he didn’t look very strong. He might be someone else.”

The reason Sylvia turned around was that she really didn’t know where Lian was.

“yes. That’s good enough for a rationalization. You did your best. Where are you?”

Sylvia cried and said.

“I don’t know. I also asked for help last night, but I refused and left in the morning.”

“Oh, how pitiful it is. If true, that’s really sad. The fact that Macha’s knight was just a coward.”

Contrary to what he said, Liz shouted at Ramdas’ cold face.

“It’s real! My brother abandoned us and left!”

“Chuck! Then, is it a lie that you cut down a man named Fox yesterday?”

“Well, it’s not… … .”

Ramdas, who had been boggling his upper body back and forth in thought, asked again.

“Tell me then. You know, because you were there. Didn’t you notice something strange when the prosecutor cut Fox?”

Liz’s face hardened as if she had been stabbed.

I don’t remember the scene at the time.

Not because I was surprised or scared, but at that moment, it felt like the world was distorting.

Ramdas thought that Liz’s expression was the clear proof.

“You saw it too, Deny.”

“I don’t know. I didn’t see anything.”

“It wasn’t that I didn’t see it, it was that I was shocked. It’s like a kind of shockwave that destroys human common sense.”

Ramdas started to get excited.

“Among swordsman practitioners, it is called axing. Among them, the axing used by the knights of Maha is Denai.”

Liz said while pulling Sylvia by the collar at the murderous spirit rising from Ramdas.

“I have no idea what you mean! And it has nothing to do with us!”

“okay. But it doesn’t matter to me. So you should also know what kind of knight Macha is.”

Ramdas slowly got up and pushed his upper body out.

“His sword denies the world’s logic.”


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* * *

“Stop! The enemy is only one! Archers hold your ground!”

The 120 members of the Red Spear Bandits moved in perfect order.

Perhaps because the leader was a soldier, the system was different from other thieves.

Arrows rained down from 16 watchtowers, and foot soldiers armed with swords and spears gathered and scattered repeatedly, aiming for Lian’s life.

The swords were menacing, the spears too far, and the arrows falling out of sight.


Swinging his greatsword in an X-shape, Lian dispersed the troops and struck the pillar of the watchtower made of thick logs.

As the place where the greatsword passed was sniped, the watchtower tilted slowly and quickly fell.


Finding the archer in the ruins of the watchtower, Lian plunged his greatsword into his back.

At the same time, eight spears stabbed in from different directions.


Rian, who evaded by rolling on the floor, looked around.

No matter where you looked, you could only see enemies.

‘Yes, this is 100 people.’

Anyone who has experienced war for a long time knows how big the gap is between the 100 people in your head and the 100 people in reality.

It eliminated 3 people in 10 minutes, but this meant that it could never be annihilated.

Even if you eliminate one person every 3 minutes, it will take 300 minutes to annihilate.

In other words, you have to fight for your life for five hours, harder than sprinting.

Of course, this was just an ideal minimum figure.

“Besieged! Don’t give me a break!”

Enemies know that fact, so rather than recklessly attacking, they drove Lian into a corner and only spread the grass when a decisive opportunity came.

‘I can’t win anyway.’

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Enemies who saw through Lian’s strategy widened their distance.

But even faster than that, Lian jumped like a beast.

‘what… … ?’

The thieves’ eyes widened as the world suddenly shook as if it were distorted around Lian.

A movement that destroys common sense of inertia.

How could you land faster than you jumped up?


When he swung his great sword, the bodies of three people were cut off.

An attack that cannot be blocked even with a shield.

The bandits were frightened, but they took courage and advanced again due to the huge difference in numbers.

“Kill! With fewer troops, we only become more dangerous!”

The words of the lieutenant commander caused a great sensation, and the thieves raised their resolve as if they were dealing with a monster that had attacked the village.

“shit! You weren’t just a kid!”

In the eyes of the thieves, Lian’s balance was excellent.

However, there were as many as 200 eyes watching him, and some of them dug into the gaps precisely and hurt them.


Two arrows were lodged in the shoulder and back, and the spear cut through the side.

‘There is no end.’

The number of enemies he has cut so far is 40, but Lian did not feel the difference between 120 and 80.

‘This isn’t it.’

As fatigue piled up, the thirst that could not be satisfied no matter how much he swung harassed him again.

The central axis of thinking has already tilted, so I feel like I’m writing the wrong answer no matter what I do.

‘It’s okay to die. but… … .’

Born as a swordsman, I want to feel the perfect cut even just once.


Lian screamed and charged.

If you don’t have a head to realize, you have no choice but to accumulate numerous failures through your body.

‘… … what?;

how much time has passed

Lian was puzzled when he realized that the number of enemies had decreased considerably.

‘How many times have I swung it?’

I don’t remember the battle.

no, it wasn’t conscious.

The moment I felt the sharp, sharp cut, a shiver ran up my spine.

‘This is it!’

The perfect slash I entered while conscious for the first time.

And the conclusion that Lian reached after accepting the cut into the cells of his whole body… … .

‘It wasn’t slanted.’

Nothing was wrong from the start.

The sword just goes anywhere.

That’s why it wasn’t the sword that was leaning… … .

‘It’s me.’

Swordsmanship doesn’t save the world.

The sword does not cut people.

Saving the world and killing people are human beings in the end.

Therefore, the sword is simply a human being who can wield it as he pleases.

‘Go only for me!’

In the place where the greatsword had passed, blood fountains protruding from the five necks gushed out one after another.

“The taste of cutting has become sharper.”

Facon, who was watching the battle from the living platform, spoke.

The stone chair was so large that it felt cramped, and a spear reddened with real human blood leaned against the armrest.

“It could be a fluke. Enlightenment does not come easily.”

Breeze, one of the thieves’ vice-captains and the only wizard, said.

It was an old man in his mid-sixties with a beard that grew roughly as if scrawled with a brush.

“There is no luck. Especially black.”

Facon was clearly aware of Lian’s change.

“If it is genius to realize before swinging, it would be dunjae to realize after swinging 10,000 times. But that 10,000 times is scary. It’s a matter of who wins and comes back, between a brilliant gambler with 1 gold and a stupid gambler with 100 million gold. Being able to swing 10,000 times must be another asset that a genius cannot possess.”

Breeze said, brushing her beard.

“Then I will have to step in.”

Since the momentum of the sword is at its peak, it is difficult to deal with infantry alone.

Faken, who agreed with the idea, gestured as if to step in.

“Give me a blow and come. If you’re that skilled, you’ll have to accept the loss of troops.”

When Breeze stepped forward from the podium and raised her hands, red flames gathered and roared above her head.

If he blows up the radius like this, his subordinates will also be sacrificed, but if he can’t stop Lian, who has turned into a beast, the future will be more difficult.

“At such a young age, the skills are quite good… … .”

Breeze casts a giant fireball while performing a magical action by putting both hands forward.

“I found the wrong water to play with.”

“It’s a fireball!”

At the same time as the thieves shouted, Lian bent over and turned her head.

My eyes widened the moment I saw a huge fire burning through the air.

Divine Transcendence – Yaksha.

As the air expands, the afterimage of the incarnation manifests, and Breeze, who was watching Lian, felt her hair stand on end.


Crumpling his face and twisting his waist with all his might, Lian swung his greatsword at the flying fireball.


A strong wind roared and the fireball lost momentum and split in half.

Breeze looked at it and put on a dazed expression.

“My, my magic… … .”

Facon, who was watching, also showed his face with an expression of incomprehension.

“… … Did you see the magic?”

It was a sight that even he, who had lived on the battlefield for decades, had never heard of, let alone seen.


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