Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 514

[514] Questions Left Behind (4)

Find Ankera.

Gando realized the meaning of the words.

Judging from Uorin’s reaction, Ra tried to reset now.

In other words, it means that Satan has been annihilated in one way or another.

It also meant that Ra could not find an answer to the question left behind.

“Even if the parts change, the whole is perfect. But the whole would not be the whole before the parts changed. However, through the ability of erasure called Anke, only one concept can be completely erased.”

“How is that possible?”

“The Balance of the Whole.”

Wurin put both hands on her knees in lotus position and made a circle with her fingers.

“A new concept takes the place where one concept is obliterated. Since it was decided that way from the beginning, the whole does not change. Therefore, even if Ra has been erased, a new concept to replace him must have already entered the world. I will find it from now on.”

That’s right.

After thinking for a while, Gando had a new question.

“Then Guffin Expungement… … .”

“okay. A new concept must have been inserted in the place where the guffin was obliterated.”

Several possibilities passed through Gando’s mind.

“Anyway, that’s not the point. As Mitochondrial Eve, I have the clearest underlying event, but even those with some foresight must have felt a strong sense of déjà vu. We must first find Ra before they can figure it out.”

Gando understood.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Guard me.”

“I am… … You mean?”

Why is it only you?

Even outside the door right now, the world’s strongest swordsman group, Poongjang, was waiting to die.

“From now on, I look for a new incarnation of Ankera through History Search. It is a complex and vast task that requires searching through all of human history.”

Gando did not dare to imagine the scale of the work.

“History search is when Theraze becomes most helpless. If anything happens, take me here.”

Uorin handed the note to Gando.

After looking at the place for a while, he put the paper in his mouth and swallowed it, nodding his head.

‘Is that so… … .’

The Empress of Kashan is one of the most important people in the world.

She also has the ability to defend herself, but falls completely defenseless when the history search begins.

Force is not important in cutting the girl’s throat.

Trust is the top priority.

This was the reason Mystra’s biological son, Gando, was entrusted with this mission.

‘Besides, if I play nonsense… … .’

Then Crouch will cut his own throat.

In the end, the three groups of Fengzhang, Crouch, and Gando had to keep each other in check and protect the Empress.

“All right. Please trust me.”

Woorin wasn’t particularly worried.

With all the records from the early days of mankind, Thera’s insight into humans is as accurate as a machine.

Gando, who had already given his heart to Theraze, would never betray himself.

“Then let’s begin.”

Hearing the sound of the door closing behind Jiandao, Wurin took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

History search.

A huge sea of ​​information that seemed to contain the entire history of mankind flooded into my head.

Uorin’s eyes trembled when all kinds of languages, cultures, and records were transmitted.

It felt like I was listening to a murmur in the center of a cave where hundreds of thousands of people were imprisoned.

Gando took a seat in the corner without leaving the carpet and watched Uorin.

After a while, her eyes glowed like they were on fire.

The light penetrated the eyelids even though the eyes were closed, and it looked as if two gold coins were embedded in it.

‘It will take longer than expected.’

All the events of the Guffin Eradication became the base event, and the events after the third reset were overlaid on top of it.

Out of an infinite number of events, only one would be different.

‘I have to find it.’

Uorin’s brow furrowed as she accelerated the processing of information.

‘I have to find it first.’

* * *

Zebul’s Underground Zion.

Kinetic energy with a whopping 2,190,000 kilobusters was struck in the form of a flash in the black sphere floating in the center of the munitions factory in heaven.

The moment the mass collided with the object, ultra-high heat was generated, and the munitions factory itself was burned without a trace, and the ignorant gas exploded, dilating the inner pupil.


The ground of Jebul swelled in a hemispherical shape, then cracked like a tortoise’s shell, and red lava was created through the cracks.

In the next moment, the ground, which had risen to a height of several tens of meters, collapsed and a shock wave spread around the impact point.

The ground rocked like waves, and the structures on it collapsed.

A seismic wave that spread throughout Heaven swept Arabot.

Until then, countless people were fighting faithfully for their own desires, but starting from a certain starting point, everyone stopped their actions and looked at one place.

“ah… … .”

The spire of Arabot slowly leaned over and began to crumble, snapping from the waist down.

Both angels and humans knew what it meant.

death of god.

In other words, the extinction of the myth.

The eternal and only being that reigned over humans and controlled and dominated their lives had disappeared.

“You did it, Sirone.”

Shiina looked at Arabot, who was dissolving into dust.

The light from Area 73 destroyed Arabot.

After all, one day Sirone will be recorded in history as the one who killed the gods.

“Anke Rashi… … .”

Yuriel retracted the goon of paradise and looked back in the direction where Arabot was.

The fact that Ra has been erased has been conveyed through the empty sense of deprivation left in the mental body.

However, on the contrary, like the intaglio of a print, the rest of the concepts other than Ra were proving that Ra existed.

It was for this reason that even though the Guffin was erased, those who had strong memories of him still knew that the Guffin existed.

In any case, Aravoth collapsed and Ra disappeared.

Dominating humans and conquering mankind in the final war, in the end, is Ankera’s will.

For the members of Heaven, it was a situation where the compass was lost in the open sea.

‘What should we do now?’

Uriel looked back at Ikael.

Now that Ra has disappeared, and now that even the White Watch is unable to operate due to the loss of the archangels, she is the only one he can rely on.

“Uriel, withdraw your fighting spirit. Any further fight is pointless.”

“But, Archangel… … .”

“My words are the will of Anchera.”

Only then did Uriel reap the blessings of paradise.

Ichael wrote the words Ankera’s will.

In other words, it means that Ra’s will is not over, so it was better to quietly obey Ikael’s command for now.

“Listen, humans.”

Ikael, who spread his wings of light and soared into the sky, made his mental body vibrate and proclaimed to everyone.

Those close by and those far away all lowered their weapons and looked up at the sky.

“The war is over. It is your victory.”

There was not even a murmur, and the silence was so clean that it gave goosebumps.

“Ra has disappeared and there is nothing to control you guys.”

When the reaction was lukewarm, Ikael hit a wedge.

“From this moment on, man is free.”

“ah… … !”


Rebel survivors erupted in cheers from all corners of Heaven.

Humans brought God down.

It’s a war that I jumped into with a desperate resolution, but the fear of divinity that I can’t help but harbor vaguely because I’m human.

The joy of overcoming it and finally regaining freedom made me forget even the sorrow of losing a comrade for a while.

“Win! We won!”

“Aaaaaaaa! free! Humans never give in!”

Ikael calmly accepted the shouts of people coming from all directions, then looked down at Sirone and his friends from all over the heavens.

Unlike the rebels who were intoxicated with the victor’s joy, no one was laughing.

Then Miro came over and asked.

“What do you mean?”

Ikael lowered his altitude and looked down at the maze.

“Your intention?”

“Why did you surrender? Would you be able to punish humans now?”

If Anchera chose to erase from the moment the world opened, the angels he gave names to would not exist either.

However, he chose to erase 23 seconds before the destruction of Heaven, right after Satan was destroyed, and thanks to this, the angels were able to safely erase Ankera.

Ikael turned his gaze to the horizon of ruins.

“There is no particular reason. As long as the will that moved us is gone, war is meaningless.”

“… … What do you plan to do next?”

“You have to wait. Judgment comes next.”

Ikael turned his gaze back to Miro.

“Nothing is over yet. Humans have gained freedom, but it will only take a moment for that freedom to turn into self-indulgence.”

“Are you talking about Satan? But that is also a matter of human choice. God or devil, man judges only for man.”

A being that can be altruistic because it is selfish.

that’s human.

“Please Sirone.”

Ikael spread his wings and soared into the sky.

Then all the angels remaining in Jebul turned into flashes of light and chased after her.

Miro, who had licked his lips while looking up at the spectacular view in broad daylight, scratched his head and murmured.


From the place where the spire of Arabot collapsed, he saw Fleur walking with Sirone on his back.

* * *


Gangnan stopped crying.

The war is over, and the person you love has gone to hell.

Gaold’s calm face rather tore her heart apart.

How many times does Gaold scream in a deep hell where he can’t even say he’s sick?

“I will never give up. like uncle.”

As Gangnan turned around, Gaold’s body put all the weight on her back.

However, with a broken and wobbly wrist, she couldn’t carry a man taller than her.

“Can I help you?”

Gangnan turned his head at the voice he heard next to him, and life flashed in his eyes.

The survivors of Cage Team B were approaching.

“stop. Just one step closer… … .”

Gangnan’s speculation spread like thorns.

The task Cage Team B received from the Magic Association was to eliminate Gaold, and now was the best time to achieve that goal.

While everyone stopped, Tarvan, who led the team as the interim representative, stepped forward.

“don’t worry. I’m really here to help.”

“Do you think I will trust you?”

In fact, Cage Team B, who lost team leader Rose and assistant team leader Horkin, was overcome with anger.

Furthermore, Tarvan had to send away his childhood friend Roche.

But to a professional mage, there was something more important than personal feelings.

Scattered across the heavens, the information they collect will become a world secret.

If they could return to their original world, the kingdom of Tormia would have a great advantage in espionage warfare, and that was a far more important task than eliminating Gaold.

“Of course, Gaold and you will not be able to set foot in the Association. But since we are in a situation, I think we need some help.”

As long as the coordinates of Metagate are wrong, the only way they can return is to borrow Miro’s ability.

Kang Nan, who knew that fact better than anyone else because he was the former chief of staff of the Magic Association, finally gave up Gaold.

However, the gaze of Tarvan, who was walking away with Gaold on his back, was not kind.

‘You can’t stick your feet in the association? you’re welcome. Gaold will definitely return.’

It was Gangnan who gnashed his teeth while waiting for that time.

“Is it over now?”

Armin, who found Quan in the ruins, approached Miro and asked.

Shiina ran over and checked Kuan’s condition.

He was unconscious, but was barely breathing.

After confirming that Shiina let out a sigh of relief, Miro looked back this time to the other side.

Cage Team B was bringing Gaold and Gangnan.

Finally, all the team members of the project gathered.

Fortunately, no one died, but all they got was a wound and glory.

said Miro, looking at the sun setting over the horizon.

“no. It starts now.”

Thus, Anke Ra was obliterated.

Leaving the world with one question still unanswered.


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