Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 512

[512] Questions Left Behind (2)

The distortion that started from the fingertips spread to the whole body.

seesaw of the law.

A shock so strong that the balance created after annihilating the archangels and eliminating numerous angels tilted in an instant was being applied to Satan’s body.

The 180,000,000 hand gestures that the incarnation of Guanyin inflicted on Satan became the law of good, destroying the law of Satan.


Satan’s body twisted like lightning.

It felt like someone was squeezing her body like laundry, and regardless of her will, an expression of astonishment and fear was engraved on her face.

“Big uh… … .”

Shaking his body, Satan looked down into the labyrinth, barely remaining in shape.

The incarnation of Avalokiteshvara disappeared and Miro, who was putting his palms together in the trance of fear, came to his senses and stumbled.

His face was pale and sweaty, as if he had run a long way.

“Are you done?”

Sein looked at Satan’s condition with a nervous expression.

Avalokiteshvara of Kannon is the totality of laws that a human being, the strongest prajna in history, can embody.

If it could not be destroyed even with this, it could be affirmed that no human being would be able to stop Satan.


Satan stumbled as if running away from something, and knocked over the structure of the jebul and moved on.


Then, as if surprised, he raised his eyes and vomited black things.

Black smoke poured from his huge throat like a waterfall and colored the ground with a muddy aura.


It’s not material, but just touching it made me feel like my bones were rotting.

“Kaak! Kaak!”

After pouring out everything contained inside, Satan took a rough breath and examined his condition.


He was still at the edge of the sky, and the earth seemed far away.

“Ha ha ha ha!”


Even he, a perfect chaos, felt fear in front of the incarnation of Kannon, but in the end even 180,000 laws could not extinguish himself.

“I am the horror! I am evil!”


Arius hugged the maze as the huge fist slammed down and cast flicker magic.

However, Satan no longer cared about her, and went to the Spire of Arabot, destroying Heaven without any roughness.

Every time I hit it with my feet and hit it with my fist, the scenery of heaven turned into ruins.

“I-what is that?”

The rebels who entered Arabot screamed and looked up at Satan.

Woo woo woo woo!

Everyone trapped inside was turned into a bloodbath as their feet were slammed.

“at last… … Will it be like this?”

The archangels, who had watched the blow of Guanyin in shock, were also in a situation where they couldn’t help but feel despair.

-Ethella, you must believe.

Except for one person.

-You have to believe it, Ethella.

Ethella rushed at Satan who was overturning the world.


The world seems to be tainted with evil.

-If everyone was evil, we would have already perished.

Even if you can’t help but be swayed by the power of evil.

– One good keeps a hundred evils at bay.

desire to be good.

A human heart that is ashamed of evil and proud of good.


Ethella shed hot tears.

It would be difficult for this world to be filled with only goodness as much as evil could not rule it, but she believed.

that humans can choose.

That one day we can all overcome the fear of chaos and rise to the highest level.

Even if it takes thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of millions of years, if you fight, fight, fight again.

-As long as we keep the good until the end, evil can never dominate humans. So believe me.

‘I believe, Master!’

Ethella stopped and clenched her fists.

Wood Deuk!

Broken bones protruded through the flesh, but the full emotion ignored the pain and awakened the good will.

– The realization that awakens the world!

‘Enlightenment awakening the world!’

It comes with a roar.

The strongest swordsman of the Karsis Monastery – the shout of destruction.

“ah… … !”

The moment Ethella opens her mouth.


A great will of goodness rode with a roar and attacked Satan.


As Satan walked to the spire of Aravoth, he arched his body and screamed.

The law of evil, which had been cohesive while being hit by the labyrinth of paradise, was broken into fragments.

As the new will of good pushed in there, the body began to split into pieces in the form of fragments.

His skin turned red like lava, and parts of his body were distorted and burned like ashes.

“Hey, heck heck!”

Realizing he couldn’t hold on, Satan looked down at Ethella, baring his vile fangs.

“That’s quite right, human.”

As the hot air rose, as if standing on firewood, Satan’s body began to tear up into the sky.

“This is not your victory. I do not perish. It will come back one day and stain this world with evil.”

oooh oh oh oh!

Satan roared, infusing his upper body with power as if he were burning himself.

As the huge column of heat ascended to heaven, the body that had been disintegrated into powder fluttered.

“Satan… … disappeared.”

Satiel, who was watching from the sky of Jebul, murmured.

The Archangel of Light, Rayel, also looked back at the spire of Arabot with a serious expression.

The fact that the huge barrier blocking Ra’s will has disappeared means that you have the opportunity to reset the Akashic Records.

“Let’s go, Satiel. Sooner or later the world will reset.”

Once the reset is triggered, the world restarts from the off state.

However, most beings who do not know that they have been reset simply repeat the same process over time.

Therefore, the events that occurred before the Reset will be repeated in the world after the Reset.

Archangels will perish, Satan will fall to humans, and most of the angels will be defeated by Garas.

‘Which event to save?’

The two archangels threw themselves into the ruins of Jebul again.

What they chose was to save as many angels as possible.

* * *

‘Satan has been annihilated!’

Ankera, who was on the top floor of the spire of Araboth, opened her eyes in a flash.

The only entity beyond the control of the Akashic Records has just disappeared.

Therefore, if we reset the world from now on, we can create a new future while maintaining the extinction of Satan.

But what Ra chose was not a reset.

‘You have to listen.’

The large eyes protruding from the leather shook quickly from side to side.

As the pupils moving at electrical speed caused afterimages and drew something, something with wings of light was summoned.

She was the incarnation of Sirone, who was paying the price for the Valhalla action.

Ankera, who was looking at Sirone, who was kneeling and bowing her head, rubbed the ganglion sticking to the wall and delivered a voice.

“Do you remember your promise? You promised to bring me the answer, risking the life and death of mankind.”

“… … .”

“You have the right and the duty to answer the questions Guffin leaves behind.”

“… … .”

Sirone still didn’t answer.

* * *

A massive flash of light fell from the sky.


The archangel of destruction, Yuriel, is in a mounted posture while burning fragments of the earth.

Compressing his strength in the same position he landed on, the next moment he bounced toward the maze.


The goon of paradise rotated at a terrifying speed, scorching the air.

It was no coincidence that he had finally appeared.

The extinction of Satan means that the will of Ra will be activated sooner or later.

The world will be reset, and Ra will conquer humanity again in one way or another.

‘Previously… … .’

The maze must be removed.

It is not an exaggeration to say that although Etella was the one who decided on the annihilation of Satan, Miro played 90% of the role to reach that result.

As the final victory or defeat could depend on whether or not she existed, it was Uriel’s judgment that the maze should be erased before resetting.

“Whoa! Krrrr!”

Arius rushed towards Yuriel, who was rushing forward with the energy of a god of war.

It was the appearance of a faithful servant who made maze his faith, but as a grave robber, he had no way to stop the archangel of destruction.

“Keep it!”

Arius’s body landed on the ground in one hit and bounced like rubber.

Uriel didn’t care and rushed at the maze.

By giving Satan a blow, his strength would have been extremely low, but he was not an opponent to be caught off guard.

Ragnarok – Coercion.


Yuriel, who had been hit by the maze with her judicial halo spread, came to a standstill.

‘… … Is it a maze after all?’

Is there another scale wizard in the human world other than her that is powerful enough to stop the coercion of Ragnarok?

Miro, who was pressing Uriel’s forehead with the hand that sealed the hand, gave a troubled smile.

“It’s difficult to hit it like this. Are the men waiting in line right now?”


Uriel’s body, which raised the energy of destruction, emitted light as if it would explode at any moment.

The moment the maze of smiling faces hurriedly widened the distance, Yuriel, who had turned into a flash of light, charged.

Cheolryunan – Sun Moon Hwangryun.

Sein controlled Yuriel’s power, but it was only possible to prevent instant death.


Red blood gushed out of Miro’s mouth, which had been tackled in the abdomen, and it ricocheted and rolled on the floor.

“Whoa, this is a bit difficult.”

Wiping her reddened lips with blood, she raised her head to see Yuriel, who was stabbing her forehead as if she were about to shatter her forehead.

Sein screamed and ran.


Uriel, who suddenly felt his power draining away, looked down.

Sein was biting his ankle with his teeth.

“Huh! Whoa!”

The sum of the factors controlled by the solar halo is always the same.

Therefore, Sein was controlling Yuriel’s power by reducing the Spirit Zone to the borderline of the body.

“How pitiful.”

Yuriel shook her leg, but Sein didn’t fall like a leech.


Then, as if he was annoyed, he stomped his foot down, and Sein’s face hit the ground as it was.

“Big uh… … .”

His jaw, which was still biting his leg, trembled.

‘okay. You were right, Gaold. You were right.’

Face and dignity don’t matter.

The value of the name that was called the strongest magician in the spirit world in the black line was not important.

What really matters is to throw your whole heart into it and protect it.


have to endure

If only the maze could be saved, I could do anything.

‘Damn it! If you’re going to do it, do it quickly!’

When will the alternate reset happen?

No, maybe we are living in a world that has already been reset?

Even if it was reset, not knowing when that point was was the last homework left to Sein.

“There is nothing more to be expected of man.”

Sain, whose jaw was broken, rolled on the floor as Yuriel, who had spread her wings and flew up several meters, fell down with all her might.


Realizing that control of the halo of the sun and moon had disappeared, Uriel walked back to the maze.

Then, he aimed the gong of paradise between her eyebrows, who kept her mouth shut with a tired expression.

“This is all over, maze. It is our victory.”

“Stop it, Uriel.”

Yuriel turned her head and saw Ikael approaching with a terribly disheveled appearance.

He returned his gaze to the maze as if turning away.

“Even you can’t stop me right now. We will clear the maze before it resets.”

“No, it’s already too late. Look at the sky.”

Uriel raised his head to the sky.

At a distance that is not yet visible to human eyes but can be felt by the archangel, a great deal of energy is being directed at Arabot.

‘Is that so… … .’

Even if Satan is gone, when God’s punishment falls, Anke Ra cannot escape extinction.

After all, there was a time limit on the reset.

Time left until the destruction of Heaven.

23 seconds.


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